Right now, today when you read this is the best time for hip-hop ever.

I lived through the beginning when there was that uncertainty whether hip-hop would last because the powers that be were so against it.

I was there in the Golden Era, when things were so great but we knew it could not last forever.

We had the serious emergence of the south and the west. We’ve had legends die. And here we are NOW.

Why is this time so great? Because we have all those memories. We have our own history. We are STILL getting little known facts from the Old School and the Golden Era.

Now we have the present. Right now love it or hate it, the world is arguing the importance and the quality of a hip-hop album!!!! I never thought that would happen.

That brings me to my point, because of the present and the past I feel good about the future. I’m happy there is so much bad hip-hop that we have to complain about!

Back in the day we put it all on Hammer. (Happy birthday Stanley Kirk Burrell – born March 30, 1962.) Now we can complain about hundreds of rappers! Isn’t that great?!?! There is so much bad hip-hop there are artists to share the hatred!

And – there are amazing new artists that come out every week. That makes me feel GREAT about the future!!

So because we have a past good and bad, and memories good and bad; because there will be a future whether good or bad, right now whenever you’re reading this is the best time for hip-hop ever.