It’s a year of new and wondrous developments for the Atari 7800, not the least of which is my friend Bob (PacManPlus) creating the first ever home console version of Baby Pac-Man! If you remember the clip I filmed in Fix-It Phil’s garage, Baby Pac-Man is a hybrid video/pinball game that’s notoriously hard to find AND maintain given the number of things that can go wrong and parts you need. Many people will never play it as a result.

his however is a great homebrew version that ANYONE can play if they have an Atari 7800 and a TV to hook it up to! Perhaps Bob will port it to other consoles in the future as well? Who knows! Subscribe to mmf187 for more retro video game content and to be one of the Mega Maniacs. A new episode of Genesis Does drops every Thursday at 8 PM ET!