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The Top 10 MC Ren Videos (Starring or Featuring)

[MC Ren courtesy Wikimedia Commons]Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

"Me and DJ Train dropping bombs like a B2
So you should get the picture or if not, you get a preview
That we don't take no s---
Cause MC Ren ain't a nigga
that you wanna try and f--- with
Kick a little ass in my spare time
to keep myself occupied when I'm not bustin up a rhyme
Writin that s--- that ya love to hear
cause MC Ren is the final frontier"

1.) MC Ren - "The Final Frontier"

2.) MC Ren - "Mayday On the Frontline"

3.) MC Ren - "Ruthless For Life"

4.) MC Ren - "Mad Scientist"

5.) MC Ren - "Keep It Real"

6.) Eazy-E f/ Dr. Dre, MC Ren - "We Want Eazy"

7.) MC Ren f/ DJ Train, Tootie - "Same Ol' S---"

8.) CPO f/ MC Ren - "Ballad of a Menace"

9.) The West Coast Rap All-Stars - "We're All In the Same Gang"

10.) MC Ren - "Forget What Ya Heard"

Editorial: A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still a Racist

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Donald Trump courtesy Wikimedia Commons]We have reached the point in civic discourse about POTUS 45 where polite euphemisms simply won't do any more. In Shakespeare's famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet protagonist Juliet Capulet said "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet." Lately though what we're all smelling is not so sweet, and no matter how politely people describe that smell, substituting polite words for "racist" doesn't make the man who said them smell any less like a pit full of dung.

Let's stop mincing words and state the obvious -- POTUS 45 is a racist. He's not recently racist either -- he's been a card carrying racist for a very long time. I'm going to show you five obvious example of Donald Trump being the very same man he is now long before a minority of the voting electorate made him a resident of the White House.

1.) Trump paid for ads trying to get the "Central Park 5" the death penalty. All five were ultimately exonerated when the real perpetrator was found.

2.) Trump tried to convince people President Barack Obama's birth certificate was fake.

3.) Trump campaigned on the platform of Mexicans being criminals and rapists.

4.) Trump insulted the family and Muslim religion of the parents of a fallen American soldier.

5.) Trump insinuated that a judge ruled against him in court because of his Mexican heritage.

Do we really need any further evidence at this point? There is no reason to throw around polite euphemisms like "vulgar language" or "strongly worded opinions." To be honest once Trump claimed there were "good people on both sides" in Charlottesville he lost all credibility on any matters of race -- not that he even had any to begin with given his long track record. When he referred to other sovereign nations as shitholes we saw the clearest and most unrepentant example of exactly who this man is and what we're dealing with. He is an unconscionable and indefensible racist. Call him what he is.
EP feat. Kastle, B.Bravo, Yung Bae, SMBD of Lafa Taylor & Aabo's "Think of You"

EP feat. Kastle, B.Bravo, Yung Bae, SMBD of Lafa Taylor & Aabo's "Think of You"

Cam: For the last holiday release I'd like to pass along in case you missed it, Aabo & Lafa Taylor's "Think Of You," a cut off their virally successful FEEL album, has received its own remix package featuring a handpicked team of revered young producers including Kastle, Yung Bae, B.Bravo, and SMBD.
Video: @QuavoStuntin @NickiMinaj - "She For Keeps" (@Biz3)

Video: Quavo & Nicki Minaj - "She For Keeps"

Biz 3: In the new video for their standout cut on the Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol 1 compilation, Quavo and Nicki Minaj take us back in the new video for "She For Keeps." A fanny pack, flip cellular and touch tone phones complete with diner cheeseburgers for two all on the menu.

Audio: @NefThePharaoh - "Big Boss Chang" (@AudibleTreats)

Audio: Nef The Pharaoh - "Big Boss Chang"

A.T.: The Vallejo, CA Rapper Announces His Ambitions in a Menacing New Single.

Audio: KXNG Crooked - "A Party Going On" (@CrookedIntriago)

Audio: KXNG Crooked - "A Party Going On"

Matt: KXNG Crooked is a dynamic emcee who shows off his versatile range by jumping on a jazz album and rapping in different time signatures. The Shady Records/Slaughterhouse brethren KXNG Crooked is featured on the new LP Jazz [Deluxe] with his frequent producers Smith and Hay.

Video: Corey St.Rose - "Get It Back" (@coreyst.rose @EiPR_Tweets)

Video: Corey St.Rose - "Get It Back"

R.C.: The dpoftheyear directed visual showcases Corey's elaborate fashion sense and suave rhyming style. "Get It Back" gives hip-hop fans a sample of what they can expect from the emerging rapper in 2018.

PR: @PostMalone's "rockstar" Shatters Record For The Longest #1 Run On Spotify Global Chart

PR: Post Malone's "rockstar" Shatters Record For The Longest #1 Run On Spotify Global Chart

RM: Igniting 2018, Post Malone shatters the record for "Longest #1 Run on the Spotify Global Chart" with "rockstar" [feat. 21 Savage]. The RIAA double-platinum smash now holds the top spot on the chart for an unprecedented and unmatched 108 days and counting with no signs of slowing or stopping either. It's the perfect milestone for "the 21st century's biggest rockstar" to kick off the new year.

The song's achievements continue mounting at a rapid pace. Quickly achieving a RIAA double-Platinum certification, it has spent eight consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the longest stay atop the chart for a rap song in 2017. It also made history as "The first U.S. Hip-Hop Song to be #1 for Consecutive Weeks in the UK since Run D.M.C.'s 'It's Like That' in 1998" and set Canada's record for "All Time Streams in One Week." With over 650+ million worldwide streams, global consumption exceeds 6 million and it currently clinched the #1 on the Global Spotify Chart for 108 days in a row and counting.

His full-length debut, Stoney [Republic Records], simultaneously dominated the charts for 365 days and counting. Within one year since its December 9, 2016 release, the record earned a RIAA double-Platinum certification and spawned an unbreakable string of six Platinum hits—namely "Congratulations" [feat. Quavo] (6x-Platinum) and named #1 Watched Video on Vevo in the U.S., "White Iverson" (5x-Platinum), "Go Flex" (2x-Platinum), "Déjà vu" [feat. Justin Bieber] (Platinum), "I Fall Apart" (Platinum), "Too Young" (Platinum), and "No Option" (Gold). For eleven straight weeks and a total of 18 weeks, it held a spot in the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 200, peaking at #4. So far, it's staked out a spot on the Top 200 for 52 total weeks. With cumulative global streams exceeding 4.6 billion with global consumption at 3.4 million (70% in the U.S.), Stoney proves its status as the "#1 Debut Hip-Hop Artist of 2016". As reported by Billboard, it also completed the "longest climb ever to #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart" in history, breaking the previous record set in 1989, and topping the chart in its 51st week of release. In addition, Stoney was "the #3 Overall Streaming Album of 2017."

Post Malone ft. 21 Savage "rockstar" Links:
Apple Music:
Google Play:
Video: Young Trap - "Dance With You" (@YoungTrapMuzic @MsRiverCity)

Video: Young Trap - "Dance With You"

Ms. RC: Debonaire Music Group presents the new visual by Memphis rapper Young Trap featuring Izzy Lacy - "Dance With You." The song has over 280k plays on Spotify and over 1 million views on Worldstar.

Audio: @GainesFM f/ Baby Shel - "RUSH"

Audio: GainesFM f/ Baby Shel - "RUSH"

RUSH ft. Baby Shel

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