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The Top 10 "We Are Number One" Videos

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[courtesy @stefanssonkarl]Who would have thought that a meme could actually save someone's life? For Stefan Karl Stefansson though the popularity of "We Are Number One" remix videos may actually make the difference between him getting the treatment he needs or not being able to afford it.

It couldn't have happened to a more "Rotten" guy, but if you don't get the joke, indulge me for a minute while I explain.

LazyTown is a TV show that has been the center of the meme world for a while now. Given that it's a children's show which aired on NickJr in the early 2000's it didn't "go viral" the way memes did in a post-YouTube era where any funny idea is quickly imitated, remixed, and duplicated. It was a natural source of humor though given the way the show interchangeably intermixes live action, puppetry, special effects and the never-ending war between physical fitness and laziness. Yes if you've never seen it, that's honest to God the premise. A super hero named Sportacus (Magnus Scheving) tries to keep the residents of LazyTown healthy and fit, while his arch-nemesis Robbie Rotten (Stefansson) tries to both defeat Sportacus and encourage the townsfolk to be as lazy as possible. The irony/humor is that Rotten works so hard to achieve this goal he might actually be the most fit and active resident in town!

Earlier memes tended to focus on a friend of Sportacus, the niece of the town's Mayor Milford, a sassy girl named Stephanie (Julianna Rose Mauriello/Chloe Lang). One of the best examples is when she sings a song about baking a perfect cake, but thanks to the internet and a little help from Lil' Jon, that cake is even MORE perfect. If you have kids you may want to avoid them hearing this remix.

In a cruel twist of fate Stefansson developed pancreatic cancer, and the cost of treatment vastly exceeded the money he made from starring on the show. In an amazing show of love, nearly every meme video that remixes his campy song "We Are Number One" from the TV show now includes his GoFundMe link in the description. So far over $100,000 has been raised to help him out. That really IS number one, so the collective internet should take a bow, because in this case a meme actually did some good for a pretty decent "Rotten" guy. Let's celebrate that with this top ten.

For reference I'm including the original version at the top of the list. Also the titles I'm putting with each video are almost entirely my own - my own "remix" of sorts.

0.) The original "We Are Number One" from LazyTown.

1.) "We Are Number One" by The Living Tombstone.

2.) "We Are Dank" Remix by Flater.

3.) "We Are Dubstep" by MadRats and DubstepGutter.

4.) "We Are SPARTANS" remix by Grandayy.

5.) "We Are Borked by Gabe the Dog" also by Grandayy.

6.) "We Are Filthy Frank" by Crafting Vegeto.

7.) "We Are the Number One Compilation" by TwinkieMan.

8.) "We Are Poorly Animated in CGI" by Ashie.

9.) "We Are Swing Music" by The Musical Ghost.

10.) "We Are Constantly Zooming In" by MrMrMANGOHEAD.

Editorial: The New Normal in America Is Anything But

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Cavapoo puppy courtesy Wikimedia Commons]From now on when I write anything about POTUS Trump, I'm going to choose a happy image to go alongside the post instead of his awful scowling orange face and ridiculous fake hair. For example - look at this adorable puppy! Don't you want to play fetch with this pup, give it dog treats to chew on, and scratch it behind the ears? I'm smiling now looking at it. I learned today that this is a "Cavapoo," which is something I had never heard of before. For those like me who were uninformed that's a cross between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. That is one adorable dog. All the treats puppy - you can have them all. I don't own a dog but I'd be happy to give one like that a home.

Now that we've at least gotten off to a lovely start, let's let the reality of the awful new America we now live in sink in a little deeper. POTUS Trump has only been in office for four days and he's already had four egregious sins we can attribute to him and his administration. Not exactly what I'd call a stellar record. Here's what's happened so far.

1.) Trump is "hugely popular" at his inauguration. False.

Press secretary Sean Spicer called a press conference to rip on the media even though a non-partisan camera from the top of the Washington Monument snapped both of the photos seen here. The Trump administration tried to claim he was "hugely popular" and had a "record turnout" for his inauguration, but when the media coverage highlighted these photos, Spicer went ballistic, and then took no questions from the media who tried to correct him. Trump went on to say that journalists are "the most dishonest human beings on Earth." Welcome to the new normal.

2.) The Trump administration embraces "alternative facts."

Trump can lie all he wants, but the facts don't lie, so his spokeswoman and counselor Kellyanne Conway cited "alternative facts" instead. Thankfully Chuck Todd from Meet the Press called her on that BS given that "alternative facts" are nothing but LIES. Let's look at the cute puppy again for a moment. That's a good puppy. Aww. Now just remember that the leader of the free world is accusing journalists of being unethical, while simultaneously ordering everybody who works for him to lie on his behalf, and call it "alternative facts" to try and get away with it. What a load.

3.) Trump removes the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

If it feels like everything POTUS Trump does is designed to flip a middle finger to President Obama, including his pledge to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act (which he and other critics call "Obamacare), you'd be hard pressed to use Trump abandoning the Trans-Pacific Partnership as proof of the opposite. The deal was one of many chapters in President Obama's legacy that would have been good for America in the long term. Protectionism, tariffs, embargoes and hostility toward Asian countries are not. Trump calls it a "bad deal" without even knowing what a "good deal" is, which some might argue is the exact same way he ran his USFL franchise and the upstart football league itself into the ground. Why should a man who has gone bankrupt multiple times be trusted to call anything a "bad deal" simply on the basis of it happening on his predecessor's watch?

4.) Trump signed an unnecessary anti-abortion executive order.

Even if you don't agree with abortion, the "Mexico City policy" or so called "global gag rule" is useless. It was first created by Ronald Reagan in 1984 was reinstated by Trump, and it bars the U.S. from donating to international nongovernmental organizations that offer or advise on a wide range of family planning and reproductive health options if they include abortion. The thing is that this has already been U.S. policy since 1973, but despite Trump telling Congress to stop wasting time, he just wasted our time with an executive order that serves no purpose except to put a global chill on women in poor countries who are already under-served and discriminated against when accessing health care. He did it to send a message, and considering he was surrounded by conservative white men when he signed it, I don't think anybody could have missed the intent of that message.

Good puppy. Here's a treat. Bad POTUS. No treats for you.
The Hip-Hop Shop #410 - No More Games

It's time for another edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #410 is called No More Games. We have new material from SuKuFrE, Vincent Sole, Jorai and more! Follow us @RapReviews so you never miss a new podsafe free show.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Tejai Moore - Kickin' Back (Mila J. Remix)
* SuKuFrE - Can't Take it No More
* Time f/ Giuseppe - About November
* Vincent Sole - The Game
* Cee Jay f/ Breana - Solo
* K.tothe.A.Y. f/ SpaceBoy Pola - Do It!
* Milwaukee Monstaz f/ Timbo King - Soldiers of Words
* PR Dean - Wild Germanz
* Jorai - Find a Way

Audio: @Sosamann @21Savage @Sancho_Saucy - "Sauce Savage"

Audio: Sosamann f/ 21 Savage, Sancho Saucy - "Sauce Savage"

A.T.: The Outsized Energy of the Sauce Factory Rapper Infects 21 Savage, Who Breaks Out of His Usual Monotone in This FADER-Premiered Track.

Audio: James Gardin & Terem - "Promise Land" (@illect)

Audio: James Gardin & Terem - "Promise Land"

Illect: Michigan rapper James Gardin dances over Terem's soulful production on his new single "Promise Land".

Audio: @EWDistant Drops New Banger "Drippin" (@rRAPpromo)

Audio: Distant Drops New Banger "Drippin"

RRP: Distant is an up and coming hip hop artist from Coeur d'Alene, ID. Check out his new trap banger, "Drippin," and let us know what you think. Make sure to follow Distant on the links below.

Video: @IAmSubstantial - "The Sub Way" (@HiPNOTT)

Video: Substantial - "The Sub Way"


Video: @Migos Talk 'Culture', Golden Globes, and More (@DJSCREAM @MsRiverCity)

Video: Migos Talk 'Culture', Golden Globes, and More

Ms. RC: Watch as Migos stop by Hoodrich Radio to chop it up with DJ Scream about everything from the Golden Globes shout out heard around the world, and the massive success of their hit single "Bad and Boujee". Migos new album, 'Culture' hits the streets January 27!

Audio: TruthCity f/ Brittany Campbell - "A Matter of Time" (@MrTruthCity @BrittanySparty @RicandThadeus)

Audio: TruthCity f/ Brittany Campbell - "A Matter of Time"

Matt: 7 years ago TruthCity moved to New York City homeless with nothing but a dream and a vision. That vision was written on the floors and couches of friends. The Virginia emcee revisits the tales of his past and picks up where his last album ‘The Prologue’ left off.

Audio: TiZ f/ M Rose - "How It Goes" (@TizOfficial)

Audio: TiZ f/ M Rose - "How It Goes"

SM - Artist: TiZ
Hometown: Forest City, NC
Producer: DJ Proe
Song: How It Goes ft. M Rose
Genre: Hip Hop
Upcoming Project: Leap Of Faith
Label: Soundtrak Music Group
Twitter: @TizOfficial
Website: tizofficial.com

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