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Editorial: There Are Not "Many Sides" - Just One Wrong Side

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Donald Trump courtesy Wikimedia Commons]Despite what POTUS 45 would have you believe, there are not "many sides" to what happened in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend. There's one side. That side marched on a peaceful city with the intention to cause disruption, create mayhem, incite violence and draw attention to their deplorable cause. Unfortunately it's fair to say they succeeded.

The Unite the Right rally directly resulted in the tragic death of Heather Heyer, a civil rights activist who was protesting UTR's conglomerate of fascists, neo-Nazis, alt-right and pro-confederate white supremacists. They were brought together by Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer among others, who were upset that Charlottesville had decided to proceed with the removal of a statue dedicated to General Robert E. Lee from a local park, a park which had also been renamed Emancipation Park as the city looked to shed ties to the failed Confederate secession and its pro-slavery platform. In their view this was the ultimate insult to white people and affirmed their incorrect belief that white men and women are now an "endangered species" in the United States.

The reality is that's anything but the case. As POTUS 45's reckless statement has already affirmed, white people with ties to the alt-right movement like White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon are part and parcel of the current administration, and are doing their best to ensure that the white and alt-right are not only inheritors of a dominant franchise in politics, but that they must limit access to the polls which could remove them from power and keep that franchise secure for future generations. It's clearly as crooked as a three dollar bill, but that should hardly come as any surprise considering that Trump's unlikely ascent to power came as he lost the popular vote yet won the electoral college.

Trump's victory came by playing to base of people in the alt-right by promising to ban Muslims, build a wall between the United States and Mexico, and "Make America Great Again." He is the voice of Unite the Right and for all intents and purposes his "many sides" condemnation of violence in Charlottesville is exactly what they wanted. They get free reign to cause civil unrest in any city they roll up in, and when counter protestors push back, it's the people who despise the neo-Nazis who get blamed instead of the neo-Nazis themselves. That's why "many sides" is a load of crap that smells on first sight. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone anywhere that people wearing hoods and swastikas while carrying torches and shields with white power symbols would cause anger and violence. They're symbols of hate that are designed to promote fear and in doing so they provoke anger among a populace who resents that fear-mongering and racism being brought to their city.

In short I can sum up my response like this: "many sides" my f--king ass. One side did this, one side is responsible, and that one side feels no shame about it because they got exactly the publicity they wanted. If they fulfill Kessler's promise to return in even greater numbers, even greater violence will result. This is an inevitable fact and every city where Unite the Right plans to rally needs to be aware of it and prepare for it right now.
Video: @HunnyMadu @Radio3000 - "Get Money" (@itsTOPE)

Video: Hunny Madu & Radio3000 - "Get Money"

A.R.: From Malaysia to LA, hip hop singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, Hunny Madu teams up with rising star Radio3000 for the hustler's anthem “Get Money.”

Video: @MegaRan - "The Defenders Promo"

Video: Mega Ran - "The Defenders Promo"

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! The latest and second to last project by Arizona MC Thaahum. He was a HUGE comic book fan and even more, a lover of HIP HOP. May his music live on forever and his legacy shared by all of us that knew him. #RIPTHAAHUM

.@ApathyDGZ @therealocizzle Announce Collab 'Perestroika', Debut Visuals For "Soviet Official"

Apathy & O.C. Announce Collab 'Perestroika', Debut Visuals For "Soviet Official"

Apathy & O.C. - "Soviet Official" (Official Video)

One of underground Hip-Hop's most anticipated albums is about to finally see the light of day when Apathy & O.C. release Perestroika next month. And to bring the excitement to even higher levels, the duo deliver their slick black-and-white visuals for the project's lead single, "Soviet Official.”

As you might expect, the track itself is an absolute bruiser. It's fueled not only by Ap and O.C.'s raw and bravado-laced bars, but also boasts hard-hitting production supplied by Moss. The veteran producer put together intricately layered pitch-shifted vocals, horns, and of course some neck-snapping drums to complement the the rhyme schemes of A and O.

It's their rhymes that drive the SuaveSki-directed visuals for "Soviet Official,” as we get a first-person view of what it's like to be on the receiving end of their punchlines. From Ap threatening to knock you out your Nikes if your laces aren't tied, to O.C. taking on the role of John Hobbes from Fallen, this is exactly what you'd want from these two Hip-Hop kingpins.

Check out the visuals and mark your calendars for the September 22nd release of Perestroika, which is available for pre-order via download, as well as CD, vinyl and cassette formats. Head over to the Demigodz online store for pre-order options, and various bundle packages.


01. Live from the Iron Curtain
02. Tomorrow Is Gone (feat. Slaine & Kappa Gamma)
03. Soviet Official
04. Winter Winds (feat. Marvalyss)
05. Covey Leader to Raven
06. No More Soft Shit
07. Gorbachev
08. The Broadcast
09. Perestroika
10. STOMKILLCRUSHMODE (feat. Celph Titled)
11. What It's All About
12. Globetrotters (feat. Jus Cuz)
Video: @StylznWells f/ Symphony Green - "Involved"

Video: Stylz & Wells f/ Symphony Green - "Involved"

Matt: Multi-Platinum record producer J Wells and Styliztik Jones of the Likwit Crew team up to form new group Stylz & Wells. Stylz and Wells have excelled in music, television and film during the last several years.

Video: @XXXTentacion - "Look At Me" (@88Rising)

Video: XXXTentacion - "Look At Me" (LIVE FROM ROLLING LOUD 17)

ATBM: 88rising and Rolling Loud team up for an extraordinary experiential collaboration, immortalizing this year’s hottest rap festival in never been seen footage. Today, they release the exclusive, official performance video of XXXTentacion’s “Look At Me” and announce their forthcoming live video series.

Video: Yung Ruler f/ Money Man - "Shooter" (@MsRiverCity @yungrulerdsd1 @bcfmoneyman)

Video: Yung Ruler f/ Money Man - "Shooter"

Ms. RC: 1501 Certified Ent. and DSD1 present the visuals for "Shooter" by Houston rap star Yung Ruler featuring Money Man.

Audio: Nine - "Fiyah" (@Snowgoons @NineDoubleMM)

Audio: Nine - "Fiyah"

Snowgoons: Nine is back! Bronx representative Double M better known as Nine is in the game since 1993 when his first single produced and pushed by Funkmaster Flex hit the scene. The raspy voice and the harsh flow are Nine's trademark and delievers the blueprint for many other MC's after like DMX, Ludacris and so on.

Audio: Damiacci - "Intoxicated" (@DamiacciDaGreat @rRAPpromo)

Audio: Damiacci - "Intoxicated"

RRP: Damiacci is an up and coming singer, songwriter, and producer from Charlotte, NC. Today, we're sending you his newly released track, "Intoxicated," which is produced by Adot The God.

Audio: Anjali World - "Wolf Queen" (@AnjaliWorld)

Audio: Anjali World - "Wolf Queen"

LG: After 4 years of being in the music industry, working with the likes of French Montana, Tyga, Casey Veggies, Kalin White and countless other mainstream artists, Anjali World has officially released her debut album entitled "Wolf Queen".

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