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The Top 10 "Zero Punctuation" Videos by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

[Yahtzee Croshaw (center) courtesy Wikimedia Commons]Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

I'm going to warn you in advance that Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's video game reviews are as funny as they are offensive. To put it another way if you think Chino XL's punchlines go too far then this probably isn't the game reviewer for you. In a world of mind-numbing politeness though his unapologetically rude "this game is s--te" crassness not only sticks out like a sore thumb, it sticks that thumb straight up your ass until you're either laughing or crying. I found myself mostly laughing which is why I thought I'd share my ten favorites with the rest of you lot.

1.) Halo Wars

2.) Nier Automata

3.) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

4.) Fallout: New Vegas

5.) Dark Souls

6.) Deadpool

7.) Ride to Hell: Retribution

8.) Minecraft

9.) Grand Theft Auto V

10.) Five Nights & Freddys +and+ This War of Mine

Editorial: What Should We Do if Trump Fires Robert Mueller?

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Sauron POTUS courtesy Wikimedia Commons]I can think of at least five things to do if Trump fires Robert Mueller.

1.) Celebrate the beginning of President Cheetohead's demise.

2.) Call your House and/or Senate representative and demand they hold him accountable. We need more than six Democrats this time, including all those Republicans who warned Trump not to cross this "red line." Both sides of the aisle need to get on board this train.

3.) Protest! Protest because the same man who vowed to "drain the swamp" has instead taken all that swamp water and built a moat around the White House, using his own racist bile to refill it regularly.

4.) Call everyone you know - even your Trump loving friends (if you still have any). Remind them of what happened the last time a sitting President tried to fire every single person looking into his misdeeds. Tell them it's time to get rid of the unstable mental midget at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

5.) Pop some champagne. The long nightmare is finally coming to its inexorable end.

"Who Sampled It Better?" #23 - Creative Source's "Wild Flower"

[courtesy Wikimedia Commons]"Who Sampled It Better?" #23 - Creative Source's "Wild Flower"

As written by Steve 'Flash' Juon, and voted on by THE PEOPLE who read!

This week's WSIB was inspired by March Madness, that wonderful time of year with a gigantic bracket of 64 teams (or in more recent years 64 + a "First Four" of play-in teams) playing college basketball at the highest levels. For those with basketball dreams but lame jump shots like me, it's a vicarious thrill to watch Jordan Poole hit an incredibly long three with time expiring to save his team from the "lose one and you're done" elimination format. As I watched this and other miraculous victories over the weekend, I was reminded of a now obscure hip-hop track about balling wit'cha sneaks on that had a sweet "Wild Flower" sample by the group Creative Source. You can hear the original track in the player below.

The b-ball song that I like may not be the one that you like though - it's just one of several different songs that flip it up, switch it up, and smack it around to get that hip-hop sound. Check out these "Wild Flower" contenders and then scroll down to pick which one you like better!

1.) Akrobatik f/ Chuck D - "Kindred"

2.) Saigon f/ Dead Prez - "Nobody Cares"

3.) Wu All-Stars - "Soul in the Hole"

Here's your chance to vote! Pick one of the three on Twitter. Only one can advance.
We'll have the results for you next week right here on WSIB!
Video: M-Dot - "Ricochet" (@MDotBoston @RevOfEMS)

Video: M-Dot - "Ricochet"

Chris: On "Ricochet" Boston emcee M-Dot (Of EMS) travels abroad (to Deutschland) and fires a verbal reprisal at lackluster "spitters." German producer Whatson handles the boards, providing a soul screeching backdrop with DJ Access on scratch duties. Look for the single to appear on Whatson’s upcoming album (TBA) with appearances from Conway, Big Twins, M-Dot, Journalist 103 (of The Left), Nutso & more.

PR: @ASAPFerg @TheThreadShop Announce New Merchandise Collection!

PR: A$AP Ferg & The Thread Shop Announce New Merchandise Collection!


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Sony Music's innovative merchandising company The Thread Shop is excited to announce continued partnership with A$AP Ferg to design and fulfill the artist's merchandise for his current Mad Men Tour.

Ferg is excited to debut this new merch while on tour now.

"Headlining my Mad Man Tour was aligned with my creative juices flowing for merch. Working with the amazing team at The Thread Shop, we created products I'm really proud off and excited to share with my fans" - Says A$AP Ferg of the collection.

"The Thread Shop is thrilled to be working with A$AP Ferg on merchandising for his Mad Men Tour and across all retail channels. We proudly feel that our latest collection really captures the spirit and creativity of this amazing and cutting edge hip-hop artist." – says Howard Lau, the recently appointed Head of The Thread Shop.

The Thread Shop has established itself as one of the best in the artist merchandising business. The company brings a revolutionary perspective to pop culture branding and marketing, and are committed to providing the ultimate shopping experience – the highest quality of products – for music fans and devotees of popular culture alike. The company touts an impressive and growing roster including A Tribe Called Quest, Bob Dylan, NAS, Miles Davis, Camila Cabello and more. With a focus on quality and design, and with an "artist first" philosophy, The Thread Shop works hand-in-hand with the artists and brands they partner with to create beautiful, fashionable and elevated new merchandise and products designed to enhance every fan's lifestyle.

The Thread Shop:

The Thread Shop, a visionary merchandising company born from Sony Music, is bringing a revolutionary new perspective to pop culture branding and marketing through a variety of artist-specific product lines, innovative points-of-sale and licensing partners. From online direct-to-consumer (D2C) sites offering limited edition customized merchandise to full-scale on tour merchandising, to artists appearing live at pop-up real life retail stores, Thread Shop is committed to providing the ultimate shopping experience--and the highest quality products--for music fans and devotees of pop culture. The company works with artists and brands to create beautiful, fashionable and functional merchandise as well as products designed to enhance every lifestyle. With a focus on quality and design, The Thread Shop designs, manufactures and markets products inspired directly from the vision and aesthetic of the artist. Artists they've worked with include A Tribe Called Quest, Bob Dylan, A$AP Rocky, Camila Cabello, Johnny Cash's Estate and countless others.

Sony Music:

Sony Music Entertainment is a global recorded music company with a current roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. The company boasts a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. It is home to premier record labels representing music from every genre, including Arista Nashville, Bazmark Records, Beach Street Records, Black Butter Records, BPG Music, Bystorm Entertainment, Columbia Nashville, Columbia Records, Day 1, Descendant Records, Epic Records, Essential Records, Essential Worship, Flying Buddha, Fo Yo Soul Recordings, Insanity Records, Kemosabe Records, Latium Entertainment, Legacy Recordings, Louder Than Life, Masterworks, Masterworks Broadway, OKeh, Polo Ground Music, Portrait, RCA Inspiration, RCA Nashville, RCA Records, Relentless Records, Reunion Records, Sony Classical, Sony Music Latin, Star Time International, Syco Music, Vested in Culture and Volcano. Sony Music Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.
Video: Prof - "Criminal" (@ProfGampo @Rhymesayers)

Video: Prof - "Criminal"

RS: Today, Prof uncovers the music video for his new single “Criminal.” It’s the latest release from his forthcoming Pookie Baby LP, which arrives everywhere on April 13 via Rhymesayers Entertainment.

The clip highlights yet another side of the critically acclaimed Minneapolis rhymer and singer. After joining a raucous party in a limo, he quickly realizes the vibe isn’t right and he stops the limo to hop out. That’s where things begin to get a little crazy. Directed by Tomas Askimit, the stunning video paints a dark and surreal backdrop for a moody and introspective track, allowing Prof the room to flex some vocal range and raw emotion with his soulful and hypnotic delivery.
Video: CZARFACE & MF DOOM - "Bomb Thrown" (@MCEsoteric @INSpectahDECKWU @GrandstandHQ)

Video: CZARFACE & MF DOOM - "Bomb Thrown"

Grandstand: Rising from the wreckage of a war torn planet, Czarface joins forces with MF DOOM in the epic Czarface Meets Metal Face! The combo released a new track today by way of the Kendra Morris-directed video for "Bomb Thrown"!

Audio: @MookTBG - "Flexin" (@VirDiko @Plague3000)

Audio: Mook - "Flexin"

VirDiko: Mook drops the hottest single to start the new year off right "Flexin". Inspired by his late cousins Speaker Knockerz hit song "Flexin & Finessesin" This song is on its way to become a club anthem!

Video: @Fredro_Starr - "Firestarr 2 - The Movie" (@Onyx_HQ)

Video: Fredro Starr - "Firestarr 2 - The Movie"

BLPR: Fredro Starr from the legendary rap group ONYX has returned with his 4th solo album "Firestarr 2" the follow up to his 2001 classic "Firestarr". Fredro is usually known for his grimy rap style with ONYX, but "Firestarr 2" delivers a smooth and toned down flow. Check out the exclusive "Fire Starr 2" video movie introducing various tracks of the album in a visual form.

Video: Ami Miller f/ Z-Ro & K-Rino - "Spittin Rounds Remix" (@ZRoMoCityDon)

Video: Ami Miller f/ Z-Ro & K-Rino - "Spittin Rounds Remix"

VK: "Spittin Rounds Remix"
New Single
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