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Friday September 19, 2014
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[Dark Horse] Never coming in last.

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R.I.P. Earl Patrick McNease a/k/a Praverb the Wyse

[Praverb]Long-time friend of RapReviews, rapper/artist/blogger Earl Patrick McNease, better known to some as Praverb or @PTheWyse has unexpectedly and suddenly passed away. This news has hit me hard and knocked me to the ground as just weeks ago he and I were discussing bringing him on board RR as a contributing writer and editor. He was more than an artist or a publicist - he was a genuinely good guy who will be missed more than he could have ever imagined.

Earl's wife shared the following information on Facebook, and in her words when it comes to social media "Patrick wouldn't have had it any other way." As you read her thoughts below feel free to reach out and offer you condolences to her and his entire family. A fundraiser has been established to help his family pay for their funeral expenses as well.


"To all of Patricks friends and family , it is with great sadness I share that we have unexpectedly lost our beloved friend, husband, father, and son , Earl Patrick McNease this morning. We are still unsure of what happened that took my love from us, but appreciate all of the support shown. I'm sorry to share such news via social media, but Patrick wouldn't have had it any other way. Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers as we grieve and uplift us as we try and pick up the pieces of our lives and raise our beautiful son Matthew. He was everything to his daddy, and so was his music.

The best way to honor my husband would be to continue to share his love of hip hop and the word of God through his websites, this was his aspiration.

Praverb the Wyse, Patrick, hubby, daddy patty, patty cakes, Earl P.... I will share and honor your life baby as best I can!


His wife,

Vanessa McNease, Matthew, and Patricks family"
A Message from Run The Jewels (El-P and Killer Mike)

RUN THE JEWELSPR: A Message from Run The Jewels

To Our Jewel Runners Worldwide,

Last year we gave you Run The Jewels and in exchange we asked for an email. Since then we haven’t been in touch unless you’ve seen us at a show, talked to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, bumped in to us at a bar, sold us weed, etc etc. Truth be told our intention was to mercilessly sell your email information to literally anyone who would pay in a desperate attempt to raise enough money to buy 2 giant 36", 14 K yellow-gold dookie rope chains or 4 bit coins.

While we still yearn for those, we (regrettably) forgot to do the whole “betraying your privacy” thing, mostly due to the amount of marijuana we smoke on a daily basis. In fact, we completely forgot we even had these emails until yesterday. S#%@ happens.

We are writing you today to thank you, and to tell you that you are the first people in the world we are inviting to check out our exclusive preorder packages for the new record we made called “RUN THE JEWELS 2” (or #RTJ2). First to the thank you part:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING RUN THE JEWELS A SUCCESS. We are humbled that you have supported us and our music. All of you. Those who bought it, those who got it for free and came to a show… all of you. Truly. You turned a free record with little to no promotion in to something bigger than we ever expected. The shows have been amazing, the interactions with all of our supporters just as great. It's because of this that we can honestly promise to keep giving you that raw shit as long as we can. Thank you thank you thank you.

As you may know, #RTJ2 is dropping October 27th. We are very excited about this. Once again we are giving you this record FOR FREE. We want anyone who wants it to have it, especially those who don't feel like they can afford to spend cash on that type of thing or maybe even aren't sure we are worthy of it. Take it, test it out. Enjoy.

For those of you who DO want to pay for it we have many glorious options for you which we will list below. Many of these are limited and you are getting the first crack at copping them. We think you'll be as pleased with what we are presenting as we are.

Again, thank you for everything. We can't wait to give you this music and play it for you at our shows.
Editorial: Adrian Peterson and Ray McDonald Give the NFL Another Black Eye

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Adrian Peterson courtesy Wikimedia]The NFL can't seem to dig its way out of the hole they've put themselves in. The Ray Rice fiasco was just the tip of a much bigger iceberg, lurking beneath the surface all along, waiting to cause a Titanic PR disaster for the most popular and lucrative of all professional sports. San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald is being investigated for an August 31st incident where he beat up his pregnant fiancee, and Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson turned himself in to authorities in Texas after being charged with "recklessly or by criminal negligence cause bodily injury" - in effect beating his son with a switch badly enough to cause cuts and bruises.

It would be too easy to say the NFL has a problem with entitlement for their athletes - millionaires who think they are above the law - given that not every player has a lucrative contract with a lot of incentive clauses. Not every player gets the kind of endorsement deals a star running back like Adrian Peterson does either. A lot of NFL athletes are hard working journeymen, paid better than your average blue collar or white collar employee, but also incurring a lot more medical bills during and AFTER their playing days than said same lower or middle class workers will. It has always been a tricky proposition to make a living as a professional athlete, not just during your playing days but providing for your retirement given how short the average NFL career can be. Those who don't go broke have long hard roads ahead.

In short not every NFL player is the bad guy. Many of them simply show up every week and do their job - quietly and without controversy. They take their weekly salary and provide a nice home for themselves and their family, and maybe a few toys they can enjoy. Any running back gets beat up week after week by six foot, three hundred pound plus lineman probably SHOULD have a hot tub at home and a comfortable luxury car with reclining leather seats. The same goes for the defensive lineman who feels the pain from delivering hit after hit. Any editorial you read about the NFL's woes, including this one, you should keep in mind that this is not a league full of spousal abuser and child beaters. The Ray Rices and Ray McDonalds of the sport should correctly be viewed as the exception and not the rule. It's not a league full of sadists and thugs.

The problem for the NFL is that even the perception of a sports league that bends over backward to protect its athletes when they are accused of horrible crimes is not the public image the league wants to project. In doing so they brand even the innocent as guilty - leaving the public wondering what other skeletons in the closet have yet to be publicly revealed. The indefinite suspension of Ray Rice was already too little, too late (and it should have been a permanent ban anyway) and now two more NFL players currently on active rosters are accused of doing bodily harm - to not only their children but their UNBORN children. Adrian Peterson can try (and fail) to excuse whipping his son with a switch by saying it's how he was raised, but Ray McDonald can offer no such defense for beating up a woman pregnant with his child. If the allegations are true it's horrible, despicable, and unforgivable.

As we turn on the sonar and look deeper beneath the cresting waves, one has to ultimately wonder if the sport itself does deserve some of the blame. Concussion research is ongoing and even small contusions which don't result in a player getting dizzy or blacking out can lead to big problems in the future - memory loss, muscle tremors, violent behavioral changes, and so on. Every big hit affects not just the receiver but the giver, and as a fan of both combat sports and NFL football I wonder if there may come a day where we as a society decide that too many good men have been turned bad by being hit too hard. Some athletes are undoubtedly at greater risk for brain trauma than others - they may have slightly thicker skulls, or they may play with a style less prone to injury, but the NFL's black eye this week may be reflected in the black eyes of their athletes, long before a select few give those same black eyes to their wives and children.
The Hip-Hop Shop #291 - It's the Real or It's Whatever Man

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #291 lets you decide for yourself - It's the Real or It's Whatever Man. You'll hear new material this week from CuzOH Black, MC Bravado, Black COAL and MidaZ the Beast among others! Follow us @RapReviews so you never miss a new show.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Clif W.E.R.D. - Lousen Up
* MidaZ the Beast, Jamall Bufford & Dynasty - Collapse
* Rob Stashiz - Walk a Mile In My Shoes
* CuzOH Black - The Real
* MC Bravado f/ C-Nature, Soul Khan - Infinite/Finite (Man Comes Around)
* P.A.T. Jr. f/ Jeremiah Bligen, Church - Whatever
* Black COAL f/ C Dot Castro - Gold Gated Villa
* False Ego - Ethics

Video: Compton's AV "Run Me My Money" (@AvLMKR @torohfilms @JoeBayer @BugsyOnThaBeat)

Compton's AV Premieres Official "Run Me My Money" Visuals On Revolt TV

Joe: Produced by Bugsy On Tha Beat, "Run Me My Money" comes to life thanks to Hector Toro and James Bahman of Toroh Films. The visuals start off with a business meeting where AV demands to be paid and the businessmen have no choice but to run him his money. After getting the cash, AV is off to the streets of Compton to link up with his homies, eventually finding himself at a packed pool party where boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. makes a cameo.

Hudson Mohawke Live Video Feat. @BustaRhymes @EricWareheim and @FlyingLotus

Hudson Mohawke Live Video Feat. Busta Rhymes, Eric Wareheim and Flying Lotus

CC: On August 22 in Los Angeles, Ray-Ban and Boiler Room partnered for a warehouse spectacular presented by Hudson Mohawke. Created in collaboration with Warp Records and art directed by LuckyMe Studio, with a line up at the forefront of breaking electronic music, the event was broadcasted live around the globe.

Video: "I Love Princess Superstar" Episode 1 (@PSuperstar)

Video: "I Love Princess Superstar" Episode 1

Zach: Princess Superstar has premiered the first episode from her new show, I Love Princess Superstar, on her YouTube channel. Co-starring her husband Miguel and their 3-year-old daughter Siren, the three-part web series chronicles the life of the pop culture trailblazer as she makes her grand return to the world of hip hop while balancing family life in the Upper East Side.

Audio: @FamosoHTR @BlockMcCloud - "Broken Wings"

Audio: Famoso f/ Block McCloud - "Broken Wings"

Dean: Another record from Brooklyn, New York artist Famoso titled "Broken Wings" where he places himself on the battlefield and brings you a soldiers point of view of what it must be like at war and away from friends and family. Hip Hop conceptuality at it's best. A riveting musical analogy guaranteed to place listeners on the front line.

Audio: Quilly - "Rodney King" (@TheRealQuilly @mzlimari2u)

Audio: Quilly - "Rodney King"

L.G.: Philly rapper Quilly (formerly known as Quilly Millz) unveils a gritty new single titled “Rodney King,” following the summer success of his radio friendly hit single “Real One.” In the thought-provoking record, the Philly native belts out “can we all just get along, Rodney King…I had a dream, I had a dream, Martin Luther King” on the intense hook, accompanied by his clever lyricism. Already stirring up buzz, Quilly’s “Rodney King” is yet another catchy, trap music, street banger to add to his growing collection of underground hits.

Video - @DAYLYT2k: I'm the Most Viewed Battler of All Time

Video - Daylyt: I'm the Most Viewed Battler of All Time - Daylyt spoke with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about Snoop Dogg's upcoming Gladiator School battle event in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV. Snoop will be hosting his first battle event the day before the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, and the card features loads of talented combative lyricists from Smack/URL, KOTD, and QOTR. Daylyt has also been featured on the card in some way, but fans will have to stay tuned to find out what his exact involvement with Gladiator School was.

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