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Editorial: Who Sampled It Better? #3 (Two Entries This Time)

[DJ Premier courtesy Wikimedia]Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon: It's time for round three! With our second edition of "Who Sampled It Better?" I asked the audience to vote on the producer and/or rapper who made the best use of a loop in a song, and shared the results a week later.

This time to make it easier for everyone involved, both me as the writer and you as the reader, I've narrowed it down from four samples to vote on (with two examples per each) to just two samples. I've had a few good suggestions along the way and I'm going to put them to use in future editions, but there's one I have to do right away and it's going to be a little... quirky.

* Jay-Z vs. Biggie: The Isley Brothers - "Between the Sheets"

I realize we did this once before for Da Brat vs. Keith Murray but I decided this classic R&B sample needed to be done again with much HIGHER stakes this time. Unfortunately due to Shawn Carter being a stickler for not letting unauthorized copies of individual songs from his albums play on most streaming platforms, I had to find a REMAKE of the song in question, and it's an instrumental version only. Nevertheless I think you'll have enough to go on for voting purposes when you compare the two tracks at hand.

a.) Notorious B.I.G. - "Big Poppa"

b.) Jay-Z f/ Beanie Sigel - "Ignorant S--t"

* Redman vs. Schoolly D: Maceo & the Macks - "Soul Power 74"

I have a feeling this will be an easier choice for the voters than it was for me narrowing it down to just TWO examples of using this break, but in doing so I picked two all-time favorite hip-hop songs. These days Jesse Bonds Weaver Jr. may be better known for his cameos on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but before that Schoolly D was a hip-hop pioneer and some say the "original" gangster of rap. Either way Reggie Noble bodied the track just as hard as he did, which should make this vote really interesting!

a.) Redman - "Rated R"

b.) Schoolly D - "Am I Black Enough For You?"

Fifteen Videos Starring or Featuring Ras Kass

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Ras Kass courtesy @RasKass]A reader on our Facebook page recently asked why we hadn't reviewed Ras Kass' "Soul On Ice 2" yet. In fact I believe Ras was described as "under covered" compared to other artists. If that's the case it's certainly not out of any bias against Mr. John Austin IV. He's been one of my personal favorite emcees since the 1990's, to the degree that many of his bars and punchlines are etched permanently into my brain as if laser was cutting into stone. On the other hand looking at our review archive I count seven different projects under his name not to mention a compilation album and one with Apollo Brown so I respectfully submit "under covered" doesn't describe our attitude toward his work at all.

Rest assured readers that we will get to "Soul On Ice 2" in due course and give it a feature length review. It will also be completely unbiased which means it probably won't be written by me. I don't have to be unbiased at all about this top 15 of music videos either starring or featuring Ras Kass though, including what has to be one of the all-time best examples of beat recycling ever, as Stu-B-Doo took the ballroom outro from the extended version of Dr. Dre's "Been There, Done That" and looped it into a song all its own. Naturally if you're going to do that you have to feature Andre Young on the new song, and that plus Mack 10 on the chorus resulted in a song that was not only ghetto fabulous but CALI fabulous too. Even former top ten list recipient Ice-T has a cameo.

1.) Ras Kass - "Ghetto Fabulous"

2.) Apollo Brown & Ras Kass - "Deliver Us From Evil"

3.) Ahmad f/ Ras Kass, Saafir - "Come Widdit"

4.) Ras Kass - "Anything Goes"

5.) Ras Kass - "Kanye Moment"

6.) Ras Kass - "Soul on Ice"

7.) Ras Kass f/ DJ Rhettmatic - "Goldyn Chyld II"

8.) Ras Kass - "The Line"

9.) Ras Kass f/ Bumpy Knuckles, Onyx - "Downward Spiral"

10.) Ras Kass & Agallah - "Coke Lines"

11.) Ras Kass - "Miami Life"

12.) Ras Kass f/ Viva - "Salud"

13.) Ras Kass - "Sushi"

14.) MK Asante f/ Bishop Lamont, Ras Kass, Talib - "Godz N the Hood"

15.) Ras Kass f/ Doc Hollywood - "The Great Recession"

Video: @Jermiside @DannyDiggs - "Never" (@HiPNOTT)

Video: Jermiside & Danny Diggs - "Never"

HiPNOTT: Taking time out from promoting his group album, Lessondary member Jermiside turns in some more visuals to his 2013 album with producer Danny Diggs, Quiet As Kept.

Audio: FDZ - "Eviction" (@FinesseDis)

Audio: FDZ - "Eviction"

SF: This song, Eviction, features a beat from producer Epsom, who takes a banjo sample and some drums and makes it sound like it's straight out of Blade Runner.

Audio: J Lyric - "Justice" (@JasonLyric)

Audio: J Lyric - "Justice"

A.C.: J Lyric makes music for the masses, but he has never been one to shy away from taking a stance where important and relevant issues are concerned. His new song “Justice” addresses current events and the importance of taking a stand against the ills of this world.

Video: Keyzus - "Tell U" (@KeyzDaDon)

Video: Keyzus - "Tell U"

KO: Tell U" is the first single from Keyzus' latest release "Ankheart"(available @ The video matches the dark grit of the beat and lyrics as Keyzus recalls some past times. As you may have guessed, the track is produced by @KeyzDaDon.

Audio: @DJPaulKOM - "Made Me Start" #YOTS

Audio: DJ Paul KOM - "Made Me Start"

Dove: DJ Paul KOM is bringing out Part One of his long-awaited Year of the Six album on October 28, and today he unveils the single "Made Me Start (Dope Nicka)". This volume will feature appearances from Yelawolf, Jon Connor, Project Pat, Juicy J and the late, great Lord Infamous.

Kill At Will: The Final Chapter @JoellOrtiz @OnlyChrisRivers
@SnowThaProduct @BigDaddyKane Token

Kill At Will: The Final Chapter - Joell Ortiz, Token, Chris Rivers, Big Daddy Kane, Snow Tha Product

MF: Big Daddy Kane The Man, The legend has never lost a lyrical step and shows Hip Hop that he still never half steps when locking in on a song with other lyricists such as Joell Ortiz, Token, Chris Rivers & Snow Tha Product who all bring it in this amazing song!

Video: @PARTYNEXTDOOR - "Not Nice" (@Biz3)

Video: PARTYNEXTDOOR - "Not Nice"

Biz 3: Mississauga singer/songwriter/producer PARTYNEXTDOOR has announced his headline Summer's Over Tour in support of his second studio album, PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 (P3), out now on OVO Sound / Warner Bros. The 19-date tour will take him and collaborator Jeremih across the United States as well as a special stop in OVO's home city of Toronto.

Audio: Keyku f/ Celestial Sam - "All the Time" (@7keyku7 @iamshabantito)

Audio: Keyku f/ Celestial Sam - "All the Time"

DME: Coming from west African to northern Virginia at a young age, Keyku had a lot of problems adapting to the American society which the song lyrics explains. "All The Time" is very catchy and heart warming, crisp/quality music from a fun and phenomenal artist in our generation. "All The Time" is making its way to the mainstream media as it is quickly gaining music lovers attentions. Be on the lookout from more work from Keyku.

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