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The Top 10 "Zero Punctuation" Videos by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

[Yahtzee Croshaw (center) courtesy Wikimedia Commons]Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

I'm going to warn you in advance that Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's video game reviews are as funny as they are offensive. To put it another way if you think Chino XL's punchlines go too far then this probably isn't the game reviewer for you. In a world of mind-numbing politeness though his unapologetically rude "this game is s--te" crassness not only sticks out like a sore thumb, it sticks that thumb straight up your ass until you're either laughing or crying. I found myself mostly laughing which is why I thought I'd share my ten favorites with the rest of you lot.

1.) Halo Wars

2.) Nier Automata

3.) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

4.) Fallout: New Vegas

5.) Dark Souls

6.) Deadpool

7.) Ride to Hell: Retribution

8.) Minecraft

9.) Grand Theft Auto V

10.) Five Nights & Freddys +and+ This War of Mine

Editorial: What Should We Do if Trump Fires Robert Mueller?

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Sauron POTUS courtesy Wikimedia Commons]I can think of at least five things to do if Trump fires Robert Mueller.

1.) Celebrate the beginning of President Cheetohead's demise.

2.) Call your House and/or Senate representative and demand they hold him accountable. We need more than six Democrats this time, including all those Republicans who warned Trump not to cross this "red line." Both sides of the aisle need to get on board this train.

3.) Protest! Protest because the same man who vowed to "drain the swamp" has instead taken all that swamp water and built a moat around the White House, using his own racist bile to refill it regularly.

4.) Call everyone you know - even your Trump loving friends (if you still have any). Remind them of what happened the last time a sitting President tried to fire every single person looking into his misdeeds. Tell them it's time to get rid of the unstable mental midget at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

5.) Pop some champagne. The long nightmare is finally coming to its inexorable end.

"Who Sampled It Better?" #23 - Creative Source's "Wild Flower"

[courtesy Wikimedia Commons]"Who Sampled It Better?" #23 - Creative Source's "Wild Flower"

As written by Steve 'Flash' Juon, and voted on by THE PEOPLE who read RapReviews.com!

This week's WSIB was inspired by March Madness, that wonderful time of year with a gigantic bracket of 64 teams (or in more recent years 64 + a "First Four" of play-in teams) playing college basketball at the highest levels. For those with basketball dreams but lame jump shots like me, it's a vicarious thrill to watch Jordan Poole hit an incredibly long three with time expiring to save his team from the "lose one and you're done" elimination format. As I watched this and other miraculous victories over the weekend, I was reminded of a now obscure hip-hop track about balling wit'cha sneaks on that had a sweet "Wild Flower" sample by the group Creative Source. You can hear the original track in the player below.

The b-ball song that I like may not be the one that you like though - it's just one of several different songs that flip it up, switch it up, and smack it around to get that hip-hop sound. Check out these "Wild Flower" contenders and then scroll down to pick which one you like better!

1.) Akrobatik f/ Chuck D - "Kindred"

2.) Saigon f/ Dead Prez - "Nobody Cares"

3.) Wu All-Stars - "Soul in the Hole"

Here's your chance to vote! Pick one of the three on Twitter. Only one can advance.
We'll have the results for you next week right here on WSIB!
Video: @NickCannon on Recent Collaborations w/ @OGMitchySlick

Video: Nick Cannon on Recent Collaborations with Mitchy Slick

C.M.: Mitchy Slick launched his newest album: PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Diego on CONUREMusic. This 619 grown project drops knowledge to his fans with singles like: 'Stressed OUT', an ode to street soldiers and war veterans and the upcoming mega release with Mr. Ncredible, Nick Cannon entitled: 'Brain Food'. PTSD features cameos from King Trub, Eddie Mack, Adonis, Nick Cannon, King Triv, Don Elway and others.

Audio: @CoreyStRose - "No Time" (@EiPR_Tweets)

Audio: Corey St.Rose - "No Time"

R.C.: Corey's swaggering persona is reminiscent of celebrated Brooklyn emcees Big Daddy Kane and Bobby Shmurda. On "No Time" Corey acknowledges his growth as an independent artist. When he repeatedly raps, "I got the bag" listeners are intrigued by his unwavering poise. Hip-hop tastemakers are beginning to recognize his hard-work off the strength of his breakout project Vibes which dropped last Fall. "No Time" personifies New York City rap music. From Corey's slang usage to his distinctive "New Yawk" accent, "No Time" is a quality rap song.

Audio: @GreenHipHop @WestsideGunn "Part Deux" (@NatureSounds)

Audio: Mr. Green & Westside Gunn - "Part Deux"

N.S.: Buffalo, NY rapper Westside Gunn is one of hip-hop’s most exciting new stars, attracting fans and acclaim for his unique voice, exquisitely gritty wordplay, and minimalist, soul-drenched production. Mr. Green is a renowned hip-hop producer who worked with the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks, A$AP Ferg, Snoop Dogg, The Roots, Freddie Gibbs, KRS-One, Bodega Bamz, Deniro Farrar, and many more. The New Jersey native is also known for his popular show "Live From The Streets" on VICE's Noisey network. Now, Mr. Green and Westside Gunn are announcing FLYGOD Is Good... All The Time, a new collaborative EP available 3/23.

Video: @Toure Details Suge Knight Getting Angry & Threatening Him (@VladTV)

Video: Toure Details Suge Knight Getting Angry & Threatening Him

Vlad: Toure recalled a story directly associated with the lawsuit when he interviewed Suge and asked him about it. He said at that point things changed for the worse as Suge got visibly perturbed by the question and commenced to physically intimidating Toure before finishing the interview and kicking Toure out of his home.

Video: @Bobby_XL - "Lost In My Way" (@EiPR_Tweets)

Video: BobbyXL - "Lost In My Way"

J: BobbyXL is a solo hip-hop/rap artist from New Jersey born in 1997. He started writing and recording in middle school when him and a friend found the program "mixcraft" on a desktop in the computer lab. They used to write raps and record them into the keyboard (where the mic was) at lunchtime. He produces/writes/mixes and masters almost all of his material.

.@21Savage-Cosigned SG Tip Mobs with Smokepurpp and Yung Bans on "Push Up," Announces Mixtape

21 Savage-Cosigned SG Tip Mobs with Smokepurpp and Yung Bans on "Push Up," Announces Mixtape

A.T.: Atlanta's SG Tip Announces Block Boy Tip Mixtape, Releasing March 28th

Affiliated with 21 Savage's Slaughter Gang, the Rising Rapper Shares "Push Up," a Vibey New Single with Yung Bans and Smokepurpp via Pigeons & Planes

The Announcement:

With a more energetic twist on his mentor 21 Savage's menacing nonchalance, ATL rapper SG Tip is making moves to the top of the game. Following up his surprise hit N*gga With Ambition (NWA), SG Tip announces Block Boy Tip, his upcoming mixtape. Packed with low-key, street-savvy bangers, Block Boy Tip is a cathy chronicle of Tip's lightning quick come-up. With production from Trellgotwings, Tre Trax, J Rich, DJ Marc B (21 Savage’s Official DJ), Block Boy Tip releases on March 28th.

Affiliated with the 21 Savage's Slaughter Gang since age 11, SG Tip's career hit a speed bump when legal problems landed him in juvenile hall for his last years of high school. Now 18, Tip is on the fast track to stardom, touring with 21 Savage within months of exiting juvie, working with superstar producers like Metro Boomin and Pi'erre Bourne, and earning over 1 million plays on his video "No Brain."

Today, SG Tip shares "Push Up," a hypnotic banger bursting with off-kilter charisma and infectious ad-libs. Featuring appearances from Smokepurpp, who supplies the hook, and Yung Bans, who lends the track an airy melody in his anchor verse, "Push Up" is a testament to SG Tip's songwriting ability and burgeoning influence on the ATL scene. Premiered by Pigeons & Planes, who praised the track saying, "Purpp comes through with an off-kilter earworm of a hook, and Bans closes things out with a breathy, barely-there verse that takes the track in a whole new direction," "Push Up" is a brilliant first look at Block Boy Tip.

Listen to "Push Up" ft. Yung Bans & Smokepurpp: https://soundcloud.com/sgtip/push-up-sg-tip-smokepurpp-yung-bans/
Check out the P&P premiere: https://pigeonsandplanes.com/discover/2018/03/sg-tip-push-up-smokepurpp-bans

The Background:

SG Tip is a new rapper that hails from East Atlanta, Georgia. He has very close ties to Slaughter Gang and PDE, dating back to when he was 11 to 12 years old. At the age of 15, Tip had several legal issues which landed him in juvenile hall and caused him to miss his latter years of high school. After his releaserelease from juvie, Tip hit the road with 21 Savage and started to soak up game from the rising rapper. Less than one year ago, after coming off tour with 21, Tip began his career as an artist and has since quickly gained a following with great expectations for his upcoming music. His debut mixtape, NWA, a collaboration project with Tip and Pierre Bourne, dropped in October 2017. Accompanying NWA were visuals "Looking For Me", "Gangland" and a single "No Brains" produced by Metro Boomin. NWA laid the foundation for Tip's career and his follow up Block Boy Tip is looking to make big waves upon its release March 2018.


"Push Up" ft. Yung Bans & Smokepurpp: https://soundcloud.com/sgtip/push-up-sg-tip-smokepurpp-yung-bans
"No Brain" (prod. by Metro Boomin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_DY-nNQuCQ
"Looking For Me" ft. BC (Prod. by Pi'erre Bourne): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCuBPsQONlA
Audio: @ErickLottary - "Ball Is Life"

Audio: Erick Lottary - "Ball Is Life"

HS: HomeSkool's Erick Lottary is back with a new record titled, Ball is Life. The Charlotte MC is pulling up from 40 with lyrics and wordplay worthy of a spot on the Dream Team. Serving as the debut single from his anticipated forthcoming project You Can Tell; Erick Lottary wastes no time unleashing bar after bar of ice cold verses that could double as life mantras. With lines such as “Play me close,/imma catch you reachin’”, and “you finally cookin/ I just finished dinner” Erick shows that even his trash talk has levels.

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