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Thursday November 27, 2014
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[Dettwork SouthEast] Speakin' with a SouthEast twang.

Blak Twang review

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Reveal, the Original Poisonous Poet Returns to the UK Scene

PR: Reveal, the Original Poisonous Poet Returns to the UK Scene

Courtesy Park Street PR.

After spending a few years touring the world and performing in places such as Malaysia, L.A, Canada, Holland, Sweden and Germany, Reveal returns to claim his UK throne with his 7 track solo EP entitled " Seven Shades". Born in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war but raised in inner city London, Reveal has always been an MC with a different perspective. It is this diversity of life experience that has fashioned Reveal into the complex and unique artist that he is today, his work could be described as a mix of hardcore underground Hip-Hop with an urban London vibe coupled with furious social commentary and spiritual musings.

In his own words, Reveal describes the free release as "an experimental musical project, this is what happens when I don't try to edit myself, this is really whats in the deep, dark depths of my mind. The concept of 7's being a significant number was something that I came across while I was studying Religions and it kept coming up in other areas. I learnt that we perceive the world through 7 colours or shades. Our eyes see in 3 primary colours, 3 secondary colours and White, so 7 in total. With these mix of 7 colours, our eyes are able to mix and blend the shades to make the wide range that we see with our eyes."

"Our bodies cells regenerate every 7 years, our hair, skin etc. So the 7 also represents change. I wrote down 7 "shades" or elements that I felt made up my music and they were: Darkness, Infinity, Terror, Change, Truth, Survival, Freedom. The idea started from there, when I was researching all of these things and originally came up with the idea, I also realized that it had been 7 years since my father had passed away. He was a Journalist who was killed when he stepped on a landmine while working as a cameraman in Kurdistan. I decided to start recording based on the vibe I had at the time. The result was "Seven Shades" the EP."

The EP is 7 tracks of original Hip-Hop produced by Iranian Hip-Hop producer, film score composer and Cannes Film Festival Special Jury Award winner Mahdyar Aghajani. It is not your average Hip-Hop release, whether it is the furious face paced anger and fury of "Alone", the chilling, laid back realism of "West London" or the touching, vivid and cinematic tragedy of "Malika (Lost Ones)", each track is a world apart and yet connected. The sonic soundscape created by Mahdyar is a rich tapestry of eclectic musical vibes, mixing a vast array of instruments and production techniques, mixing Hip-Hop, classical Persian music and even using Didgeridoo on one track!

However Reveal is keen to stress that the project is "not some happy hippy, lets all hold hands and sing Koombaya, kind of project, its about real life, MY real life. And first and foremost , I'm a Hardcore MC so I just do what I do normally but with a twist"

Reveal - Seven Shades Tracklisting:

01. Reveal - 7ntro
02. Reveal - Alone
03. Reveal - West London
04. Reveal - Warning
05. Reveal - Melika (Lost Ones)
06. Reveal - Science Of Breath
07. Reveal - Seven Shades

(Includes TWO bonus tracks!!!)

Download link: .

Video: Nametag - "Nowhere But Up"

Video: Nametag - "Nowhere But Up"

Courtesy Nametag.

Nametag wants to thank you the fans and/or supporters for spreading the word about his current video "Nowhere But Up" featuring Crystal Ariel (prod. by Black Milk), shot/edited by The Goodlife Co. The video is currently at 4,000 views plus. Nametag is asking you as a fan and/or supporter to spread the word about the video to help reach a starting goal of 6,000 to 10,000 views or more.

Video: Aaron Evans - "I've Been Blessed"

Video: Aaron Evans - "I've Been Blessed"

Courtesy Aaron & Dove Ink Records.

Aaron Evans has finally chose to let his gift shine and is asking the world to shine along with him on his debut single and video, "I've Been Blessed".  After ten years making moves as a producer, DJ, label head and author, Aaron is aiming to set a new tone in Hip Hop with a powerful yet beautiful ballad, reminding his listeners that in these trying times, each and every one of us are blessed in our own unique way.  "I've Been Blessed" isn't your average rap song, in fact in today's current marketplace some people would say it's not a rap song at all.

Video: Duddy Mouf - "Mean Hustle"

Video: Duddy Mouf - "Mean Hustle"

Courtesy Papa Smirf.

Nubreed Ent. Presents..The New Single and Video:
Produced by Jrum
Directed by Legit Looks
Follow us @Nubreedent @DuddyMouf

MP3: Tyrese f/ Big Sean, T.I., Busta Rhymes - "Fireworkz"

MP3: Tyrese f/ Big Sean, T.I., Busta Rhymes - "Fireworkz"

Courtesy Captiol.


PR: Moonshine Bandits Continue To Get Loose

PR: Moonshine Bandits Continue To Get Loose As They Surpass 1 Million Views Online

Courtesy Kerosene Media.

Moonshine Bandits Continue To Get Loose As They Surpass 1 Million Views Online; Direct Support To Rehab On The Gullible's Travels Tour In March & Premiere New Video On CMT Pure Country TV On February 20th

California based country/hip-hop misfits the Moonshine Bandits continue to add new members to the “Shiner Nation”, a term used to describe their growing fanbase, as new recruits continue to get drunk off the group’s intoxicating new album “Whiskey and Women". This week the group’s video for “Get Loose” surpassed the one million views online and officially became a viral sensation. The video can be seen online at .

“Seeing one of our videos break is a huge accolade for us and our Shiner Nation,” said Tex from Moonshine Bandits. “We did this without a huge ad campaign or a huge radio campaign behind the song, everything we’ve done so far has been with an independent ‘do it yourself’ mindset.  Our sound doesn’t conform to the typical country music standards, and our continued success just validates how big the whole outlaw country
movement has become and shows the industry that it is a force to be reckoned with. We owe everything to our loyal our fans who continue to wave the flag for the Shiner Nation and for outlaws everywhere.”
Moonshine Bandits will hit the road throughout March as direct support to Rehab on the group’s “The Gullible's Travels Tour”. The group is touring in support of their new album “Whiskey and Women" which was released through Suburban Noize Records and is available online at . Country Chart praised the group’s new album proclaiming, “"If the country music industry decided to hire some of their own to act as bouncers with the goal of keeping out the scourge of pop country, the first and only name on the list would probably be the hard-working, talented and extraordinarily intimidating Moonshine Bandits.”
The Moonshine Bandits' new video for "My Kind of Country" is set to premiere on CMT Pure Country television on Monday February 20th at 10:00am EST.

Mar 06 - Little Rock, AR @ Juanita's
Mar 07 - New Orleans, LA @ Parish at House of Blues
Mar 09 - Lake Charles, LA @ OB's Bar & Grill
Mar 10 - San Antonio, TX @ Josabi's
Mar 11 - Dallas, TX @ Trees
Mar 15 - Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room
Mar 16 - San Diego, CA @ SOMA
Mar 17 - San Miguel, CA @ The Ranch
Mar 18 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst
Mar 19 - Redding, CA @ Johnny's Cathouse
Mar 20 - Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
Mar 21 - Bend, OR @ Maverick's
Mar 22 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
Mar 23 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Mar 24 - Coeur D'Alene, ID @ The Grail
Mar 26 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
Mar 28 - Avon, CO @ Agave
Mar 29 - Breckendridge, CO @ Three20South
Mar 30 - Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep
Mar 31 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
Apr 01 - Fort Collins, CO @ Aggie Theater
Apr 07 - Crosby, TX @ Down South Offroad Park
Apr 14 - Modesto, CA @ Copper Rhino
Apr 28 - Bakersfield, CA @ Fishlips
Jun 22 - Jackson, MI @ Racetrack Speedway
Jun 24 - Rogers, OH @ Rogers Music Festival

Video: The Archerville Cartel @ Krush Groove Sundays

Video: The Archerville Cartel @ Krush Groove Sundays

Courtesy RMG.

For episode two of No Hand Outs, The Archerville Cartel blesses the stage at Krush Groove Sundays. These guys bring a stage pressence that hasn't been seen in quite some time. Powered by Revo Media.

Video: Kali Raps f/ Greg Cahn - "Don't Let Me Down"

Video: Kali Raps f/ Greg Cahn - "Don't Let Me Down"

Courtesy Nancy B.

In this latest project, On Schedule, Kali Raps shares some introspective view with fans.  He reflects on childhood memories  All Grown Up, encourages you to seize the moment Above the Clouds, tells you to go after bigger and better dreams on What I Want and Why I Came to Kalifornia, with production from DJ Green Lantern and Statik Selektah.

Video: M.O. - "Chosen One"

Video: M.O. - "Chosen One"

Courtesy M dot O dot.

This is just a little public service announcement to let you know that my video Chosen One has reached and surpassed the 100,000 view goal that I been aiming for.

Thanks for your support.

And if you haven't seen it watch it HERE and share it with your friends.

A Letter From D-Sisive - Juno Nomination

A Letter From D-Sisive - Juno Nomination

Courtesy URBNET Records.

I'm the happiest boy in the world!  Tuesday morning I was given a wonderful present. The Juno Award Nominations were announced and I was fortunate to get my third. Best Rap Recording for Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye.

I spent the day in celebration mode. Congratulation texts/e-mails. Sneaky Dees. Heroin. Disco dancing. Bar room brawling. Giving my self stitches, fixing up my gash courtesy of Bruce Cockburn's butterfly knife...

*advice. never pronounce his surname the way it's spelt. he doesn't find it funny. ask my scar.*

...and that was the day. The night was spent with the posse in the studio, creating a few presents for my faithful supporters. Presents in the form of song. Wonderful song. Glorious song. Two song. Songs. Whatever. Victory Parade and Ghetto Bastard [NaughtyByNature:Hijacked], both produced by Muneshine, were written, recorded and mixed in one night. Well, I didn't write Ghetto Bastard. Treach did. You get what I'm talking about!

Victory Parade is straight monster. As the kids say...I went in! And maybe there's a little clue in the last line. Clue for what? Find out!

Ghetto Bastard is one of my favourite songs of all time. Naughty By Nature is one of my favourite groups. They're also the reason I wear my pants the way I do. "Hey! Derek pooped his pants!" Or... "You should buy a belt!" Idiot. I'm wearing a belt. How else would they sag so perfectly, goof? All pants aside, recording this song brought me back to my bedroom mirror. Hat on backwards, rapping into my brush. I couldn't keep up. Twenty years later, I still can't. Hence the slower beat. Treach...This one's for you!! Why stop there? Why get two gifts when you can have three? I'm proud to present my newest rap music video for The Invisible Man, featured on my newest album, Run With The Creeps. The video was directed by Alex Colthart for Raw Footage. It's D-Sisive in raw, performance mode. I even sweat a little. It was warm in the boiler room!

And if you've go nothing to do, head over to and check out my new Podcast, The Unknown.

Listen. Watch. Love. Hopefully in April I'll have a new trophy for my china cabinet. Of course I have a china cabinet. Where else would I put my china?

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