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@Chox_Mak910 @IAmDJYRSJerzy - Mak Matics (Prod. By Ty Beats)

Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy - Mak Matics (Prod. By Ty Beats)

Courtesy AIDYJ.

The rise of Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy is moving at a rapid rate with everything they have planned they will definitely be on top of the game soon. Remixing Asap Nast's latest release "Trillmatic" which also featured Method Man it was only right for Chox-Mak to go off of the single just off the old school sound of the beat. Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy's movement "90's Flow" is all about the good vibes and music surrounding the 1990's era of hip hop.

Video: @Kid_Ink "Iz U Down" (ft. @Tyga)

Video: Kid Ink "Iz U Down" (ft. Tyga)

Courtesy NextStar.

Kid Ink is definitely an artist on the rise. His major debut album, Almost Home, debuted at number 27 on Billboard 200. His second album, My Own Lane, debuted at number 3 on Billboard 200. Kid Ink just released his latest music video, “Iz U Down,” and it has been viewed by more than 800,000 people in just 3 days. The video features Tyga. Check it out below to see what the hype is about.



Less than 24 hours after it all went down at The Opera House in Toronto, the FULL King Of The Dot "Blackout 4" event will be available via PPV this afternoon. Enjoy classic battles between some of the biggest names in battle rap, including the KOTD Title Match between the champion Pat Stay and the #1 contender Dizaster.

Be the first to watch the event in its entirety (Day 1 available now) and order the PPV via to get full access to the 2 day mega-event which drew fans and media from across the globe!


By all accounts, Blackout 4 is the best lineup of battles King of the Dot has ever put together. We’re not exaggerating when we say the two-day battle rap event, whose previous incarnations have drawn such hip-hop luminaries as Drake, Maestro Fresh Wes and Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon as crowd members, has potential to be the best of all time. The card features more than 30 MCs at the top of their game, including a title match between two of KOTD’s most popular heavyweights: Pat Stay and Dizaster. But there’s a catch. Ahead of the event, KOTD is only announcing the battlers and not the matchups. Other than the main events, the crowd won’t know which MCs are facing off against each other until they take the stage. The unprecedented move has changed the pre-event speculation from “which battler will win?” to “which battlers will face off?” It’s a gambit, but one that intends to infuse some innovation in a culture that has become largely homogenized. Order the PPV via now and watch history unfold!
Video: @Buckshot Believes Hollow Will Beat Loaded Lux (@DuckDownMusic)

Video: Buckshot Believes Hollow Will Beat Loaded Lux - Boot Camp Clik's Buckshot sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, where he discussed the upcoming and highly anticipated battle between Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don, and his general interest in Battle Rap. Buckshot believes that Hollow's style of rapping is enough to dethrone Loaded Lux. He greatly respects Lux's lyricism, however he believes that Lux has outgrown Battle Rap.

Video: Bobo Norco f/ Kenyatta - "Bad Guys" (@NatiCelebs @Sean_Sauce)

Video: Bobo Norco f/ Kenyatta - "Bad Guys"

Courtesy D. Nati.

Although Bobo Norco is currently being praised what he can do in the studio, his real claim to fame is the talent and intensity he delivers as a live performer. Bobo has spent the last several years touring, headlining concerts, and even sharing the stage with other hip hop greats such as; Philthy Rich, AP.9, and E-40.

@SikaiMusic "Still On D.R.U.G.S." Off "Painkilling" Mixtape (JoeBayer)

Sikai "Still On D.R.U.G.S." Off "Painkilling" Mixtape

Courtesy Joe Bayer.

I'm back with the latest release off Sikai's Painkilling: Summertime Sick project. This is actually one of the more personal records off the tape. The extremely talented Scott Foley was enlisted to provide the full visual representation of the different emotions and psychological states that come from the drug use and the effects he uses hit it right on the nose. Sikai has had demons in the past, just like most of us, and he says that this perfectly describes his personal thoughts on the continuous fight against them.



Courtesy Trevor @ Score.

Hellfyre club released a free joint album entitled Dorner vs. Tookie last November. While keeping pockets of the internet abuzz with their individual endeavors all through 2013, this was the first project that this line-up worked on together with solo and collaborative songs from primary members of HFC, Busdriver, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, milo and more.

Since releasing Hellfyre cult favorites like Flash Bang Grenada’s “10 Haters”, Open Mike Eagle’s “Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes”, milo’s “things that happen at day//things that happen at night” and “Cavalcade”, Hellfyre has been cementing itself as formidable force in the indie rap world. The forward thinking bass music sounds of Low End Theory (Nocando being the host of the weekly) are a large component of HFC’s sound as is the Project Blowed backround that most of the rappers share.

Dorner Vs. Tookie is meant to act like as a pre-cursor to upcoming solo efforts from everyone in Hellfyre and a benchmark in their ever-evolving sound.

Valley View: Too Violent For YouTube?!? (@DTR45 @MadDukez)

Valley View: Too Violent For YouTube?!?

Courtesy DTR45.

After an amazing first two weeks (over 15,000 views), either YouTube's watchdogs or a few sensitive viewers flagged the VALLEY VIEW video as containing overly violent imagery - enough to be deemed a violation of YouTube's terms of service - and the video was removed in the wink of an eye.

Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils - Valley View [Official Music Visual] from Deep Thinka on Vimeo.

Slick Talk & Eric Dingus - "deathbeDreams" Ft. Reggie Coby (@LOEGz)

Slick Talk & Eric Dingus - "deathbeDreams" Ft. Reggie Coby

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Today, League of Extraordinary Gz member Slick Talk's releases the title song for his upcoming deathbeDreams EP produced entirely by Eric Dingus (currently known for a remix of Drake's "Worst Behavior," which the rapper subsequently posted to his October's Very Own blog). The track, featuring fellow leaguer Reggie Coby on the hook, preserves the overall theme of the upcoming EP tackling the subject of death and violence. "This was the last song recorded for the album," Slick explained. "We felt the album needed a strong intro to really set the mood for the rest of the experience, which is very cohesive and has a few clear themes running throughout."

Audio: Clouded Slum - "Starburst Artifact" (@HiPNOTT)

Audio: Clouded Slum - "Starburst Artifact"

Courtesy HiPNOTT.

Influenced by the style of producers such as Flying Lotus and Blue Sky Black Death, Atlas Grammar takes the listener’s ears on a journey through space and sound. With production that is dreamy and eccentric, Atlas Grammar will allow your mind to escape the focus of reality and target your inner Zen.

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