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Sunday November 23, 2014
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[Ruane Maurice] Dark and grimy!

Ruane Maurice review

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Video: Esko - "Greet the Morning"

Video: Esko - "Greet the Morning"

Courtesy Park Street PR.

Raised in New Jersey, Esko is a talented emcee, dedicated to the culture of Hip-Hop. Esko is known for his unorthodox lyrics, delivery, creative themes, and energetic stage performances. Driven by a charismatic love of life, Hip-Hop culture, and art, Esko loves to make music that documents his life and improves the lives of people with the same struggles. Recently Esko set the Hip-Hop world alight with 'The Floor Model EP' which was well received by media and fans on a global level.

Devo Spice Update - 1/17/2012: Friday the 13th, Doctor Who

Devo Spice Update - 1/17/2012: Friday the 13th, Doctor Who, and MarsCon

Hey everyone!

I just came up with the dumbest idea ever!  All you people who call yourselves Devo Spice fans... you can be known as Devotees!  Get it?  Devotees!  Because, you know... ah forget it.  I told you it was dumb.

Anyway, here are some things:

--== MARSCON INFO ==--

Speaking of dumb ideas, a little while ago I decided I wanted to parody Rebecca Black’s infamous song “Friday” and make it about the classic Friday the 13th movies.  So I did just that and released it on the FuMP this past Friday, which was in fact, the 13th.

“Friday (the 13th)” features Vivian Ramone of ShiSho on vocals taking the part of Rebecca Black on the song.  I just appear on that godawful rap bridge in the middle of the song.  And several fans... er, Devotees... make cameos on the song in the background doing various screams and other horror-like sound effects.

People seem to be liking it so far.  Go listen to it and/or download it for free here:

Last month I released a new song about Doctor Who called “I Am The Doctor.”  Well since then a guy by the name of Doctor Don (who is not a Time Lord, unfortunately) made a rather amazing video for the song using clips from the show.  If you’re a Doctor Who fan you owe it to yourself to watch this video.  Go check it out.  Go now.  I’ll wait.

--== MARSCON INFO ==--
The great and powerful Luke Ski has finally released information about the biggest comedy-music event of the year.  MARSCON!

MarsCon is taking place March 9-11 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bloomington, MN.  Check out this line-up:

Consorium of Genius
The Boobles
Spaff (not performing, just proving he exists)
TV’s Kyle
the great Luke Ski
Devo Spice
Worm Quartet
Power Salad
Cirque du So What?
The Gothsicles
Possible Oscar

If you pre-register now your admission will only run you $45.  After January 31st admission is $60 at the door, so get your tickets now.

To help offset the cost of bringing all these awesome acts to the con Luke has put together a 3 CD fund-raiser album.  Nearly FOUR HOURS OF MUSIC that was recorded at MarsCon last year, both from the main stage and from the Party Bus.

The compilation is available for $20 as an MP3 download, or $30 on 3 CDs (which also includes an instant download).  Go to to order your copy.

The New York Comedy Club is doing a show on the 25th with a college booker who will be there screening new talent.  I want to get in to the college market so I want to perform at this show.  However, I need to bring 4 audience members with me in order to get stage time.  (I hate doing these and normally I wouldn’t, but this is a chance to get on the college circuit.)

I have 1 confirmed and 3 maybes so far.  If you think you can make it to the show please email me.  The more people I bring the more stage time I will get.

Thanks guys!


PR: First Dirt x 2 Racks Rap Contest

PR: First Dirt x 2 Racks Rap Contest

Courtesy First Dirt.

First Dirt is proud to announce our friends at In House Talent are now booking in 10 U.S. cities.  They have created a platform for artists to display their talent as well as an opportunity to make $2,000 in the process.

The 2Racks Rap Contest is Booking Hip Hop Artists in a city near you.
Booking now for San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin (during SXSW), Seattle, Orlando, Berkeley (all ages!) and Honolulu.
Check the Site and Call the Hotline to Register!
* *
415 484 5704

Video: "Freedom" A Tribute to MLK, The Troops, & All Legends

Video: "Freedom" A Tribute to MLK, The Troops, & All Legends

Courtesy Timeless Entertainment.

A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr, Our U.S Troops, and All the Legends that paved the way
sam hook -
Sam Hook - "Freedom" (video)
Produced By: Symbolyc One "S1"

Video: L.I.F.E. Long x Big Ape - "Sativa"

Video: L.I.F.E. Long x Big Ape - "Sativa"

Courtesy DubMD84.


MP3: Al Gator f/ Marsha Ambrosius - "Like This" (prod. Focus)

MP3: Al Gator f/ Marsha Ambrosius - "Like This" (prod. Focus...)

Courtesy Ty Cannon.

* *

Video: Auxiliary Arms (Masai Bey & Life L.O.N.G.) - "Open Arms"

Video: Auxiliary Arms (Masai Bey & Life L.O.N.G.) - "Open Arms"

Courtesy Life L.O.N.G.

Here is the brand new video by Armalitia Music's own Auxiliary Arms.
The video and single is "Open Arms" produced by Core Rhythm.

Video: Splitta Squad f/ Lil Kee - "Superstar Remix"

Video: Splitta Squad f/ Famous Kid Brick, Lil Kee - "Superstar Remix"

Courtesy Urban Addiction PR.

Official Remix Video to Superstar by Splitta Squad - featuring Lil Kee, Famous Kid Brick and Eaze [on the hook]

Produced by M.Rell
Directed by Jeff Osborne

MP3: Nametag - "Feelin Good+Feelin Great"

MP3: Nametag - "Feelin Good+Feelin Great"

Courtesy Nametag.

Today Detroit emcee, Nametag drops off this new buzz joint "Feelin Good+Feelin Great" (prod. by Nameless). Word is, the "For Namesake" project by both 'Tag and Nameless is complete. Y'all ready for that? Listen/download the track.

"FEELIN GOOD+FEELIN GREAT" (prod. by Nameless)

* *

Video: I Am Many - "Posers"

Video: I Am Many - "Posers"

Courtesy Creative Juices Music.

I Am Many - Posers
(produced by Logik Proof)
Off I Am Many - S.I.N. (Drops March 6th)
Label: Creative Juices Music

Video By I Am Many, Edited by Jimmy Swag, Shot by Gee Notes for "Maven Multimedia" and Serringe for "Element-Tree"

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