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Free Download: B-iLLa - "Brothers In Bars" (Host Tricksta)

From Park Street PR:

Free Download: B-iLLa - "Brothers In Bars" (Host Tricksta)

After the underground success of 'Illa Tapes Volume One', the Cambridge brothers Mistah Biggz and Dillahman a.k.a B-iLLA drop their much anticipated release with UK mixtape giants UK Runnings, the mixtape series that have released official mixtapes with the likes of Big Narstie, M9, Big Dutty Deeze, Supar Novar, LATE, Iron Braydz, Big Cakes, Skriblah from Terra Firma and many more. Talking on their own personal experiences and struggles on life as well as paying homage to life in their home town, B-iLLA are a duo that have a lot to say. Where other acts are too busy just constantly rapping hard bars choosing to push a negative vibe, B-iLLA switch the vibe and create real music with a unique substance, depth and style. 

Download link: .

01 - Tricksta - Intro
02 - B-iLLA - Home Sweet Home (Prod. by ShowNProve)
03 - B-iLLA - Beanz Freestyle
04 - B-iLLA - Still Scheming
05 - B-iLLA - Ballistic Affairs (Prod. by ShowNProve)
06 - B-iLLA - Black & White
07 - Dillahman Feat. Trickady - Let Me Tell You Bout
08 - Mistah Biggz - Wu Banga Freestyle (Prod. by Big F)
09 - B-iLLA Feat. Trickady - Do U Feel Like Me
10 - B-iLLA Feat. Big Dutty Deeze - Paper Thugz (Prod. by Tricksta)
11 - Dillahman - Smooth Freestyle
12 - Mistah Biggz - Film Freestyle
13 - B-iLLA - Hold Ya B'z Up (Prod. by Rediculus)
14 - B-iLLA Feat. Brinkworth & Lewi LDN - Comeback (Prod. by Inspecta Morze)
15 - Dillahman - Accapella
16 - B-iLLA - Step Into Our World (Prod. by Rediculus)
17 - B-iLLA - Quitter (Prod. by Inspecta Morze)
18 - Mistah Biggz - Accapella
19 - B-iLLA - To;dad. (Our Final Goodbye) (Prod. by Inspecta Morze)

Video: Timothy Rhyme x My Vintage Voyage on Kanye West

From Arab @ First Dirt:

Video: Timothy Rhyme x My Vintage Voyage on Kanye West

First Dirt has teamed up with accredited videographer, Mark Gallegos (M1Media), and the world renown shoe company, Vlado Footwear, to release a series of short interviews with recording artist, Timothy Rhyme, about the top hip hop albums of all time that influenced him to make his next album release with producer Phil The Pain, Vintage. This release will coincide with his 1st ever US tour so stay tuned for dates.

Video: Akir in Norway May 2012 (@akirone)

From AKIRmusic:

Video: Akir in Norway May 2012

Akir is in Norway performing at different venues and collaborating with different artists like: Faith SFX, DJ Gone, Sheepy & WAC.

Video by: ForShow Video Productions

MP3: DJ Drama f/ Drake & Future - "We In This Bitch Remix"

MP3: DJ Drama f/ Drake & Future - "We In This Bitch Remix"

From BF Blasts.

DJ DRAMA  ft  DRAKE  FUTURE  "We In This Bitch"

Download Clean & Dirty

Video: Nems - "N.E.M.S./F.Y.L. (Prezident's Day)" (@NemsFYL)

From Creative Juices:

Video: Nems - "N.E.M.S./F.Y.L. (Prezident's Day)"

Nems Coney Soprano Out Now!   New project from Nems with 20 gutter tracks featuring Iron Solomon, Jedi Mind Tricks, Torae, Block McCloud, Shaz Illyork, Poison Pen, Slaine and many more.  5 bonus songs will be exclusively available on iTunes.

Video: El-P - "Moon" (Official Trailer) & Tour Link

From Clay @ Biz3:

Video: El-P - "Moon" (Official Trailer) & Tour Link

El-P is going on tour with Killer Mike, Despot, and Mr. Motherfucking eXquire. "Into The Wild Tour" poster below if you want to get it up with the album stream and the trailer we pushed out today.

* *

MP3: @TheDayLaborers & Rain - "On the Side"

From DM360:

MP3: The Day Laborers & Rain - "On the Side"

While other rappers are all about the rat race for more, L.I. natives The Day Laborers take the game to the left with their new track “On The Side,” the first single off their upcoming LP Deep Space Soul, produced entirely by Rain.  Stay tuned for the visuals for "On The Side," coming soon.

* *

MP3: Juicy J - "Bands a Make Her Dance" (@therealjuicyj)

From Future Star:

MP3: Juicy J - "Bands a Make Her Dance"




Video Trailer: Canibus vs Dizaster Battle Royale June 9th

From Matt B:

Video Trailer: Canibus vs Dizaster Battle Royale June 9th

--- “You better come with some f*cking bars! I don’t want to hear no f*cking excuses when this sh*t ‘s f*cking over; no excuses! This is your chance to prove yourself homey. That’s the great thing about Hip-Hop. That if you get blackballed, that if any stupid sh*t happens to you in Hip-Hop, no matter what somebody says to you at the end of the day the power of the word is what remains. So you can save yourself, because aint nothing going to hold me back from doing what I gotta f*cking do to you bro. That’s it, aint nothing going to save you. Nothing—see you in Disneyland bro!” Dizaster

Video: Black Lips Bring Notorious B.I.G. to Coachella

From TDB @ Biz3:

Video: Black Lips Bring Notorious B.I.G. to Coachella

As you may be aware Black Lips once again proved their place at the forefront of cutting edge music culture at Coachella last month when they were joined by a "physical illusion" of Notorious B.I.G. for an unprecedented onstage collaboration, quickly bypassing the Tupac "hologram" (read: "non-physical illusion") standard set by Dre and Snoop the week before.

Luckily Noisy was there to document the event and interview the Black Lips shortly afterward about this trendsetting leap in music performance technology (among those following suit are TLC, Queen, and surely many more to come).

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