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Audio: @ShabaamSahdeeq - "U Don't Want None" (prod. @Alterbeats) @PRDean

Audio: Shabaam Sahdeeq - "U Don't Want None" (prod. Alterbeats)

Courtesy PR Dean.


@DJ_Dister - Roll Wit Dis (ft A.G., KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Kool Keith, Jeru)

DJ Dister - Roll Wit Dis (ft A.G., KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Kool Keith, Jeru)

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Dj Dister from Germany releases his full length album "Roll Wit Dis" featuring countless Hip Hop legends such as KRS-One, Lords of the Underground, Masta Ace and many more.

Dister was bitten by the hip-hop bug in the late Eighties, when he saw his first painted S-Bahn train roll past in previously inaccessible West Berlin.

This inspired him to pick up his own spray cans and he spent the Nineties lacing trains with bold, full-colour pieces – and the tag Dister was born.

From painting trains, Dister began to collect records by the likes of Public Enemy, NWA and LL Cool J and played them out at a night that would run for eight years. Called ‘Born 2 Roll’, it was Berlin’s premier hip-hop event and brought talent like Masta Ace, Lords of the Underground, KRS One and the Beatnuts to the Cassiopeia club - one of Friedrichshain's finest music spots.

Continually innovating, Dister has now turned his hand to production and his debut album, ‘Roll Wit Dis’, charts his rich cultural history and features musical luminaries who rocked his Berlin parties. He brings KRS One, Kool G Rap and Greg Nice together for the first time ever on a beat that's made for the dance floor and showcases new rap talent Maffew Ragazino, Torae or Skyzoo together with legends like Jeru the Damaja, Kool Keith or Masta Ace.

It’s a distinctly personal journey that celebrates hip-hop’s history with a firm nod towards the future.
Video: @MizMAF - Minute Of Ya Time (@streetspittas)

Video: Miz MAF - Minute Of Ya Time - Dir. by Quest


The Hip-Hop Shop #235 - Back From Temporary Vacation

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #235 is entitled Back From Temporary Vacation. I took a week off to cover UFC fights but now I'm back with new music from Shabaam Sahdeeq, Rapper Big Pooh, Japhia Life and Damon Lamar among others. Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on!

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Tracks featured this week:

* Shabaam Sahdeeq f/ DV - U Don't Want None
* Rapper Big Pooh - Happy Birthday
* Japhia Life - Temporary Vacation
* Thesis43 & Digerati f/ Sir Manley - 1%
* Armani of York - Sigh of Relief
* Damon Lamar - Footprints
* Revelation f/ Joe Scudda, Mayhem - Up Against

Marrying the Game Season 2 Ep. 5 Recap by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Tiffney Cambridge called off her wedding to Jayceon 'The Game' Taylor two weeks before it was scheduled to take place. What's complicated about that is that they already have kids together. What's even MORE complicated about that is that she was filming a reality show about marrying Jayceon for VH1 at the time! Now they've got a second chance to make it right on "Marrying the Game" - a second season of their reality show which continues tonight on VH1! A recap of what happened on the show follows.

We're at the "City of Refuge" which is a church Jayceon belongs to. He talks about how it's the place he can go when he needs to find himself. The pastor is a very charismatic and excitable man named Noel Jones. He goes to talk to Noel about the fact Tiffney gave him the ring back. Noel talks about the differences between compatibility and compromise. "In the same way you go with everything you have toward your music, you have to say to yourself I love this woman, and I'm going to fight for this relationship. You need to talk about carving time out from each other." Noel seems like a wise dude, pastor or not, and whether it's staged for reality TV or not it's still nice to see Jayceon praying with him in his office.

Tiffney and her girlfriends are doing "Breakfast at Tiffney's" which means they all have orange juice & champagne and catch up on each other's lives. She talks about having just come back from Houston, and they all want to know what it meant that she was looking at houses out there. She says it just inspired her to try even harder to make things between her and Jayceon work out. To that end they all go to the beach as a family to enjoy the sun and the sand together.

Tiffney turns building a sand castle into a metaphor for their relationship, saying you need to start with the right blueprint first, and he agrees and says you need a solid foundation before you add the family. Tiff is also pleasantly surprised Jay went to church and talked to the bishop. "I feel like he sharpened my tools, y'know?" Jay offers to take her back to where they had their first date as a couple. Cali says it's okay to take her on a date too, and Tiffney says it sounds like a plan - she'll see him at 5 o'clock. That sends us to a commercial break with a tease of shopping for flowers and chocolate - and Game throws a DX crotch chop and says HE HAS ALL THE CHOCOLATE.

Game and his assistant Lolo are discussing his second "first date" with Tiffney. She points out that he needs to be romantic and have a gift. "Girls love flowers!" Jay: "I don't know about chocolates and flowers - seems a little bit corny to me." He also says "I never knew picking flowers was so hard." It might just be my imagination but the flower coolers seem to be rattling - maybe the flower shop needs to tune up. Lolo has to keep giving him advice throughout, including how to present the flowers and chocolate to her in the passenger seat - Jay is (reasonably) worried she might end up sitting on them.

Tiff's nanny/friend Lulu is here to sit the kids while they're on their date. Justice is confused by Tiff drinking ginger ale because he wants some, and she tells him it's "adult" ginger ale. He shows up with roses and chocolate and hands them to her. Tiffney calls Jay "a little charmer" and she's clearly smitten, but the teaser for the commercial break suggests drama to come - saying that she "built him up" and him saying he's not a "Build-a-Bear."

We're back and we're on Sepulveda Boulevard at Kate Mantilini's - their first date. They joke about whether or not he was nervous the first time, and he claims his legs shaking was hereditary. He claims he had a .45 on him the first time they met, but now he's not running the streets like a fool. Tiffney says her whole life is centered around building people, in both her career and her personal life. Jay says he doesn't want her to not be structured, he just wants to be who he is. "When are you going to be satisfied with who I am?" Commercial.

We pick up where we left off before break. He compares their relationship to him teaching his son how to ride a bike, and says at some point the training wheels have to come off, "and at 33 - I got it." Tiffney: "My hands are off - and I'm just going to let you ride and be the observer. That was the perfect metaphor. I think you should ride your bike. And if you want me on the handlebars, or a seat in the back, I can dig it." Jay: "I'm with that." They are both emotional, but they aren't shouting at each other - they are quietly sitting together and enjoying each other's company.

Next week - Tiffney hangs out in the studio with Jay, the kids practice rapping, and Jayceon is trying the workout studio with her to make an effort too. Tune in then!
Video: Scotty ATL Performs "Clarity" at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta (@Str8OutDaDen)

Video: Scotty ATL Performs "Clarity" at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta

Courtesy Str8OutDaDen.

Now this was a good way to kick off Labor Day weekend. I happened to find myself at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta last night and caught the homie Scotty ATL perform Clarity off of his F.A.I.T.H. mixtape.

Video: "Blu America Za Village - Tsunami" (@OfficialBAZV @JaaeKash)

Video: "Blu America Za Village - Tsunami"

Courtesy Arkeli J.

Few months back, we released our first music video "Laser Beams" and gave the masses something they've never seen before. Now, Urban Square Incorporated is proud to present another successful music video "Tsunami", shot by A2, produced by music producer and recording artist Jaae Kash.

Audio: KENO - Ms. Bad News ft. Haz Solo (Prod. @MotelEola1st)

Audio: KENO - Ms. Bad News ft. Haz Solo (Prod. Motel Eola)

Courtesy M M-A.

"KENO's Ms. Bad News ft. Haz Solo produced by Motel Eola, is the bold hip hop record about the infamous "heart breaker" we all encounter when times are hard. Laced with manic sample chops and slices, and equally matching sharp lyrics from both rappers."

Audio: Royal-Tee "Better Than Yesterday" (@iamroyaltee1 @jenovaseven)

Audio: Royal-Tee "Better Than Yesterday"

Courtesy R-T.

Royal-Tee has been working on his upcoming project "Reality Rap" and decided to release a new track "Better Than Yesterday" produced by Jenova 7. No hype, no gimmicks, just music with substance.

Jay Z Wanted To 'F--- With People's Heads' With 'Holy Grail' Video, Director Says (@positivnegativ)

Jay Z Wanted To 'F--- With People's Heads' With 'Holy Grail' Video, Director Says

Courtesy E.W.D.

'Jay's committed to turning the rules upside down,' director Anthony Mandler tells MTV News.

By James Montgomery (@positivnegativ)

From the opening frames of Jay Z's "Holy Grail" video, you notice something is amiss.

Rather than seeing Justin Timberlake belt out his A cappella intro, the viewer instead gets Hov delivering a verse. His performance plays out over a series of nightmarish images — serpents, shadows, silhouettes shafts of light — that make the viewer feel cold, claustrophobic. Jay looks pensive, weary, almost trapped by the, uh, trappings of his success. And then, without notice, the entire video slows down, sags beneath its visual heft, then stops completely. The screen goes black.

Needless to say, it's unlike anything Jay or JT have done before. And it's all courtesy of director Anthony Mandler, who took Jay's #newrules mantra to heart, and set out to reinvent the very idea of a big-budget music video ... beginning with the music itself.

"Jay's committed to turning the rules upside down. He's willing to push the boundaries, flip the concepts, and allowed me the ability to be really disrespectful to the track, to re-cut it and change the order," Mandler told MTV News. "When we started the video, the idea wasn't to re-arrange the track; that came along the process of discovery, during the edit, when we had this idea of 'How do we turn the medium again?'

"Yes, I could craft a nine-minute, cinematic video, or Jay and I could step back, put some footage on the chopping block, put a chorus on the chopping block, surprise people and make this an experience," he continued. "It's a revision of the song ... I loved the long Justin intro, but it was like 'Let's fool 'em a little bit, give 'em an abstract video, then jump right in.' It was a way to f-- with people's heads, in a time when people don't do that anymore."

And that idea extended to the video itself, which is decidedly dark: Rather than celebrate the excesses of fame, Mandler and Jay were determined to explore the limitations it imposes. They discussed the legacies of fallen icons like Howard Hughes, the wealthy entrepreneur who became a recluse, and boxing great Mike Tyson, who squandered a fortune and lost his way following a shocking 1990 loss to underdog Buster Douglas (footage of the infamous KO is included in the video).

"We talked a lot about that. How do you become trapped by that which you worked so hard to build? Just when you think you have everything, the universe can take it all back in just one second," Mandler explained. "There was definitely a connection between his own life, and Howard Hughes and Mike Tyson. Tyson was a hero to many, he was almost invincible, and then, he gets knocked down by a guy like Buster Douglas. Jay definitely felt the connection there."

So the two set out to create a video that, literally, destroyed the things that success brings: a limousine is set ablaze. A pyramid of champagne glasses comes tumbling down. There are fleeting references to Icarus, who flew to the sun, and shots of money, untouched, forever spoiled by a hissing serpent. In short, nothing was sacred ... not the music, or the medium. Which, again, was precisely the point.

"I think it's one of his most personal songs," Mandler said. "It admits a certain prisoner mentality, that even at this point in his life; you just find another set of walls, with a better view. And he was willing to go there with me on that idea, and this project. To push the medium forward."

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