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Video: Star Love - "9th Law Kings" (@chopardnino)

Video: Star Love - "9th Law Kings"

Courtesy A.S.

Star Love just released new visuals for "9th Law Kings" brought to you by 9TH L A W K I N G S.

Introducing JSB + Hit List Single (prod. ID Labs) @JSBUK

Introducing JSB + Hit List Single (prod. ID Labs)

Courtesy Allan S.

Jonathan Samuel Baker better known by his stage name JSB is a British Hip Hop artist. JSB was born in Liberia but was raised in East London. JSB had an avid interest in music since the tender age of 12. Progressively over time, JSB would freestyle over instrumentals using a tape recorder. After much practice and hard work, JSB embarked on writing his first ever track entitled ‘’ Let me be free’’. JSB recalled the moment as extremely fulfilling.

To date JSB has performed in Liberia [United Against Aids Concert] where he supported 2Face, Tony Tetula Aki, Paw Paw [Nollywood Actors]. Subsequently JSB reached Number 1 in the Liberian National Charts. In the United Kingdom, JSB has performed at Camden Rock, Bar Rumba, Sound Bar and Proud Galleries to name a few. JSB has been featured in Fire in The Phone Booth [Charlie Sloth],, Jump Off TV, DJ Gone TV, Channel AKA and BEN TV.
Audio: Cappo - "Dean's List" (@BluntedAstro)

Audio: Cappo - "Dean's List" (Blunted Astronaut Records)

Courtesy B.A.

Notts Finest! The IRON CONDOR dropping on Blunted Astronaut soon. Here's a little teaser we couldn't resist sharing with you from this 12" vinyl. GUSTO!

Audio: @TheGeorgeYoung - "Astroworld" (prod. George Young)

Audio: George Young - "Astroworld" (prod. George Young)

Courtesy G.Y.

Until today, George Young's most recent release had been We Talkin Bout Practice Vol. 1. That project was released July 24, 2008. Over five years later, George presents Astroworld to loyal fans, as well as those ready to get a solid prospective of music from the native Texan. Astroworld was a staple in Houston for dozens of years until gentrification took it's toll on the city. The critically acclaimed artist, producer, and engineer George Young is set to release his project Ventage later this month.

Video: @ShabaamSahdeeq f/ General DV "U Dont Want None" (@PRDean)

Video: Shabaam Sahdeeq f/ General DV "U Dont Want None"

Courtesy PR Dean.

Another new joint from the up coming album "Keepers of the lost art" due out 2014. produced by Alterbeats and directed by Alterprod.

"AIN'T BOUT DAT LIFE" - Co-Still x Bo Deal feat. Mike D & John Jon (@costill8nine)

"AIN'T BOUT DAT LIFE" - Co-Still x Bo Deal feat. Mike D & John Jon (prod. Oj Beats)

Courtesy W.E.

We are Wicked Entertainment, we are a Chicago based Indie label established in 1993. We recognize your site for playing a major role in artists' careers, indie or major. So we are reaching out for your support and welcoming music and video's from our artist to your site.

The Hip-Hop Shop #237 Interview w/ J-Zone!

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #237 is our new interview with rap and production legend J-Zone! His new album "Peter Pan Syndrome" is available now, but before you buy it hear J-Zone talk about WHY he came back to rap again after a long hiatus, and his passion for making GRIMY rap music. Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* J-Zone - Gadget Ho
* J-Zone - Black Weirdo

Hear more at J-Zone's Bandcamp and buy the album in your choice of formats there!

Marrying the Game Season 2 Ep. 7 Recap by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Tiffney Cambridge called off her wedding to Jayceon 'The Game' Taylor two weeks before it was scheduled to take place. What's complicated about that is that they already have kids together. What's even MORE complicated about that is that she was filming a reality show about marrying Jayceon for VH1 at the time! Now they've got a second chance to make it right on "Marrying the Game" - a second season of their reality show which continues tonight on VH1! A recap of what happened on the show follows.

Full review of everything that happened so far - co-parenting, Tiff giving the ring back, dating all over again, and then a preview of this week's drama - house shopping and going on vacation. Let's get it started!

We're at The Westin in Cabo - and Game says he brought the ring with him. They're on the beach and the waiter brings them drinks. Game shows off his Spanglish then gets semi-serious and says "Me llamo El Juego!" They tease each other about how they both changed since they first started dating as they sip their alcoholic (or otherwise) beverages. Tiff: "How can we get back to where they were with the kids?" Jay: "We never ever been on a vacation alone - that might be half the problem." Tiff says ever since she gave the ring back their relationship has actually blossomed.

Their suite at the Westin is pretty deluxe, and to make it even better, Jay got somebody to fill up a bathtub with bubbles and flower petals. On top of that there's champagne on ice and chocolate strawberries. She leans over to check out the tub, and Jay leans over to check out her booty. He says she's still as fine as the day they met. Tiff: "He's brought me to Cabo. He has this romantic evening set up, These are the kind of things I fell in love with." She gets in the tub and he gets in there with him. They have to blur out his privates. She says leave it to Jay to take it from romantic to X-rated, but she's not even mad about that. They start kissing and we cut to a commercial break.

Day two in Cabo. They go to a spot for a meal that the concierge told Tiff about. Jay: "Before there was a ring we was just kickin' it. With that all the family and other stuff comes into it. This year we've been kickin' it, feels like a fresh start, so are you ready to take that leap of faith from here to there? Whatever your answer is it's going to be." Tiff: "I don't know. I just feel like we're in a good place right now." In the cutaway she says she still loves Jay, but is The Game ready to get married? She's not sure.

Jay takes her from the morning spot to a dolphin spot. He starts making jokes about how dolphins have noses "like the D." She gets in with a life vest on and lets the dolphins carry her around in the water. Tiff: "You missed out Jay!" She's clearly having the time of her life. We cut from there to a restaurant - and every now and then to make her laugh he stops whatever he's doing and says "pause for the turn up" and dances. He's been on that the whole episode. They sit at the table and discuss their qualities. He tells her that she's a great mother and knows how to take care of the family. She tries to stroke his ego as well but when he says he's "perfect" for her she takes a step back. In the cutaway she says Jayceon left and Game stepped in. Jay: "I knew it was only a matter of time before she asked me to change into something else." Commercial.

Jay: "Everything gotta be about you." Tiff: "I think that you're disrespectful." Now they're arguing about things that happened over a year ago. Tiff: "You don't give a fuck about what makes me feel good." Cutaway: "Unbelievable." Jay: "You complain too fucking much, that's the problem." She says he can't show her the class she deserves. His rebuttal is that she's smart enough after 8 years to know she's being disrespected, and if she felt that way she'd get up and walk away instead of sitting there drinking her water. That's where we leave off as we go to commercial.

Tiffney is walking alone at the beach when we come back. She says it's tough to see they can't even be on their own for three days without arguing. "I know our children will always keep us tied but it's clear there are cracks in our foundation." Jay: "She's the love of my life. And when she's on her A game she's something to see. I've been ready to marry her since the day I met her." Tiff: "Today would have been our first anniversary and it's a shame we're not celebrating it. It's one thing to forgive and a whole other to forget." Jay: "I don't know if I can show my love in any way other than I already have. I just don't know how to fix it." Tiff: "He's kind, a good father, an excellent provider. He's Jayceon to me but he's still The Game. I need to decide if that's something I can deal with or not." Jay: "I really thought this trip would bring us back to that first moment. It's time for me to make a decision." Tiff: "So I have to ask myself - can I marry, The Game?"

Audio: Dr.eamz - "Move Higher" (prod. choco.bear) (@eamzfbc)

Audio: Dr.eamz - "Move Higher" (prod. choco.bear)

Courtesy Akomplicce.

this is my art not my hobby. i truly mean every thing i say and i feel thats how rap is supossed to be.

Audio: @FoodMobJoie 13 - "Ouija Board"

Audio: Joie 13 - "Ouija Board"

Courtesy Langston S.

On Friday the 13th, Joie 13 channels Tupac on his "Ouija Board." Blasphemy by Joie 13 dropping soon.

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