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Vince Staples "Big Fish Theory" review

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@staHHr Celebrates Molotov Season Year Anniversary w/ FREE DL

Stahhr Celebrates Molotov Season Year Anniversary w/ FREE DL

Courtesy John Robinson.

When I embarked on this creative journey, I was writing as catharsis. My entire world, way of life had been flipped upside down, uprooted and I was getting my "phoenix from the flame" on in grand fashion. The writing came fairly easily for me, typically I work against myself by editing and re-editing, then starting over before I even complete a song.

This chamber, Mother Nature with a Molotov, was freeing, light, uninhibited. I wrote free of fear, judgement, I let my hair down, I wrote more candidly, openly and honestly than I ever allowed self to before. There was so much transformation and change going on with Mother Nature during the writing process, everything synchronized itself in a very magical way. It felt good, and that feeling permeates every track on Molotov Season. On the eve of the one year anniversary of it's release, I'm humbled as I reflect on how the album has been received so far. I took a chance and self released, relying only on a small, self funded promo budget and word of mouth. I just had to get the project out at that time, it was needed. I feel like Molotov Season speaks to who I am fully as an artist/mc. It shows the multiple dimensions, the growth, balance and the element of surprise, which is one of the many symbolic meanings of the molotov. Over the course of this year, the album drew to me a feature on Southern California Public Radio ( thank you Christopher M. Johnson), a four star review in Creative Loafing (thank you Rodney Carmichael), inclusion on the Hip Hop Digest Show's Top Ten Albums of 2012 and a feature in Courtney Brown's "Plight of the Female MC" article in The Source Magazine. I grew up reading The Source, to see my words, my name in it.. that feeling alone was just humbling. Somebody IS always listening, so keep pressing forward no matter what. These are just some of the highlights. I was slightly taken aback by the reception received, again in this day and time of hip hop music, specifically indie music, it's like EVERYBODY and their mama is rapping. We are constantly swamped with content from every angle, Molotov Season could very easily have just gotten lost in the shuffle with the 1000's of other releases in 2012.

Thank you to everyone that reviewed the album, all the djs and radio show hosts that continue to include me in their regular rotation globally, my fambase that invested their hard earned currency and purchased cds and downloads, every producer, mc, vocalist, graphic designer, photographer that donated their energy, time and talent, my friends and family that have been there at every turn through the highs and lows. I feel like I really just got started here and I want the world to hear this album. If it flew under your radar, now is the perfect time to tap in and get some of this Golden Era Future on you. Molotov Season is in full effect, let's keep it moving forward.
Peace, Love and Balance,
Video: Conflict - "Forever" (@Conflict_TBM)

Video: Conflict - "Forever"

Courtesy Street Goddess.

Check out this New Video from Conflict!!

Video: Josh P - "Get It" (@TeamJoshP)

Video: Josh P - "Get It"

Courtesy X Management.

Video got released last week and is up to 200.000+ Views. He will be going on tour end of May to support the single.

Video: Oscar O'Maliey - "Ques an Chârdé" (@DiamondMedia360)

Video: Oscar O'Maliey - "Ques an Chârdé"

Courtesy DM360.

Hungry for some "real 16's"? New York's Oscar O'Malley has got you covered. The debonair rapper takes us shopping after hours for some frames at a store most guys wouldn't mind shopping at, while kicking them dope rhymes. The first music video from one of Hot 97's Who's Next featured rappers showcases more flows than wardrobe changes in your average Hip-Hop video. Step into the NYC nightlife state of mind with Oscar's posse over a smooth, refined beat that will have your whole family nostalgic over that "certain look."

Video: @EaratikStatik - "Big Fire" (@IStillLoveHER)

Video: Earatik Statik - "Big Fire"

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

After a nearly four year hiatus, Earatik is now back with "Big Fire", a genuine Hip Hop banger produced by Phil Absurd and full length video shot and directed by Seth Savoy, that will remind fans what they've been missing over the past few years.

Video: @HarnSOLO Live on Frenchmen Street (@JaySkillz)

Video: Harn SOLO Live on Frenchmen Street

Courtesy H.S.

New Orleans hip-hop artist @harnSOLO performs with DJ @JaySkillz at music hot spot - Frenchmen Street during French Quarter Festival (2013).

Video: Bobby Brackins - Clyde Carson - Ty$ - Too $hort Trailer (@mzlimari2u)

Video: Bobby Brackins - Clyde Carson - Ty$ - Too $hort Trailer

Courtesy L.G.

Here’s a sneak peak trailer for Bobby Brackins upcoming video Big Body featuring Clyde Carson and Ty$. The Bay Area native has made quite a name for himself both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Coming off of an intense two week media blitz handling all of the controversy surrounding the “I Hit it First” record, Bobby Is ready to truly function and re focus on his highly under privileged and over shadowed rap artist and fashion connoisseur career!

Video: @ThaioneDavis "Everything Is Everything" (prod. @RashidHadee)

Video: Thaione Davis "Everything Is Everything" (prod. Rashid Hadee)

Courtesy Max B.

Everything is Everything (Promo)
produced by Rashid Hadee
filmed + edited by Dave Galaxie for Justanothercanvas
*taken from the album "The Joys of Life & Pain"
release date: 5 | 14 | 2013

Audio: Brian Ashton - "Fiya" (prod. Mega)

Audio: Brian Ashton - "Fiya" (prod. Mega)

Courtesy Palmside Ent.

Produced by Palmside’s own, MEGA, "Fiya" exhibits a smooth production married to a wholly appropriate flow from Brian Ashton. With its relaxing production and lyrics that have a mix of marijuana references and aspirations of the good life, this song is a stoners dream. Providing airy, spaced productions and bars revolving around that good, "FIYA" is the latest ode to rolling up and kicking back.

PR: DJ I Rock Jesus & CYclone Mixtape to Be Released May 5th

PR: DJ I Rock Jesus & CYclone Mixtape to Be Released May 5th

Courtesy CYclone.

DJ I Rock Jesus Presents CYclone, "In Between The Rhyme Lines Mixtape to be released May 5'th 2013. Includes Remixes from CYclone's latest album High Wire Act by DJ G-Bless, DJ Zorro, with guest appearances by DJ I Rock Jesus, Von Won, Young Joshua, R-Swift, J.Johnson, 7vnSeal, Leona Daniels Marsh, Tony Stone, Footloose, Sivion, Scott Floyd, Zeeda, DJ Zorro, DJ G-Bless, Sev Statik, Icece, JPI, FireJaws, Kent & Shelle Coley.

CYclone states, "This is a collection of verses and songs recorded that not everyone has heard and my goal for this mixtape is just to give the people something new, somethings old and something fun".

Be sure to visit and receive a free download and hear a 2 minute demo audio reel of High Wire Act.

CYclone’s recent solo album has something for everyone! High Wire Act employed a gloomier carnival sound and creativity. Each song was painstakingly crafted to embody a singular theme where both the music and lyrics meld together to transport audiences to a specific time and place. A perfect example is the song “Ice Cream Truck” which takes the listener back to the youthful days of chasing after their neighborhood’s mobile, sweet treat shop. Here, CYclone is handing out a variety of lyrical ice cream bars.

Hear More from CYclone at
Hear More from DJ I Rock Jesus at

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