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Marrying the Game Season 2 Ep. 1 Recap by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Tiffney Cambridge called off her wedding to Jayceon 'The Game' Taylor two weeks before it was scheduled to take place. What's complicated about that is that they already have kids together. What's even MORE complicated about that is that she was filming a reality show about marrying Jayceon for VH1 at the time! Now they've got a second chance to make it right on "Marrying the Game" - a second season of their reality show which debuted last night on VH1. A recap of what happened on the show follows.

Right from the start "Miss Cambridge" is laying down the law with her kids, who all try to talk to her at one as they're driving home, and refuse to eat their vegetables at dinner - typical for youngsters. The next day we see The Game driving his son Harlem to taekwondo practice. Tiffney shows up at practice and he admits there's a little tension still between the two of them. Their daughter Cali runs back and forth between them and they make jokes - that seems to ease up the tension a bit. Harlem and Cali have fun playing music and eating pizza at his house after. He promises that some day Cali will be bigger than Alicia Keys and he says it's hard when he wakes up in the morning and his kids aren't there. That sends us to commercial.

The third of Game's kids King Justice shows up at his house, and Harlem and King end up playing video games on the couch together. (Only Harlem and Cali are Tiffney's kids together - King Justice is from a different relationship.) Game affectionately calls him "Bam Bam." Cali makes a stink in the bathroom and it's SUPER DAD TO THE RESCUE (he even mimes tearing his shirt off). Next up Cali is taken by her mom to ballet practice. She talks about not having evaluated the life of a rapper's wife well when they first talked about getting married - not knowing what all would be involved. Cali bounces around and talks about how much she likes wearing her ballet outfit.

Next up is a scene of The Game at Runyon Canyon Park with his friends. They bust his boy Jeff's balls for getting kicked out by his wife, going from "sleeping on the couch" to "out the door." In the cutaway video Game says that his friends might think marriage and family is easy, but he says that nobody knows how hard making it work can be. They want to know if he can keep co-parenting the way he is now forever. We go to another commercial.

When we come back Tiffney is talking to one of her friends at poolside about the issues of co-parenting and calling off their wedding. There's not a lot to this short segment before we go back to commercial break - they discuss their sex lives (and the fact Jayceon's "gonna want some") and she encourages Tiffney to work it out and not just co-parent forever. Co-parenting is definitely the buzzword for this episode - in fact when I looked up the episode on VH1's website "Co-Parents" was the title. Back to break!

After commercial she sends him a text message and invites him to come over so they can talk it out and possibly work it out. Jayceon already has plans for the evening - he's hosting an event at a club and being paid big bucks to show up and party there. Tiffney lays around on her bed waiting for him to get back to her and is clearly frustrated that he never does. That's how this week's show ends.

The teaser for episode two is that "it's one thing to co-parent for a year, it's another to do it for a lifetime" and a shot of her crying and giving him back the ring he gave her. OUCH. More to come next time on Marrying the Game! First though - my thoughts on the show.

Up until now I had never watched "Marrying the Game." I'm not a huge fan of the reality show format in general - I think the word "reality" is a myth for most of them - and most of them are more scripted and coordinated than pro wrestling or soap operas. The relationship issues between Jayceon and Tiffney seem genuine and deep rooted though, and you can't fake or script them having two kids together. You also can script that she'd like him to settle down and be a role model for his kids, although without the rap life that he's living, he wouldn't be able to PROVIDE for said same kids. I'm intrigued now to see if they can make it work, scripted or otherwise. I think I'll stay tuned.
Adam B's Homeboy Sandman, Random, Open Mike Eagle, Cesci Photo Gallery

Adam B's Homeboy Sandman, Random, Open Mike Eagle, Cesci Photo Gallery

Courtesy Adam Bernard! (@AdamsWorldBlog)

August 3rd, 2013
Cafe 9, New Haven, CT

Random aka Mega Ran, Open Mike Eagle, Ceschi, Homeboy Sandman
The Hip-Hop Shop #232 - A Penny For Your Thoughts

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #232 is entitled A Penny For Your Thoughts. Enjoy AWKWORD, Silver Synth, Qualmes and CuzOH! Black among others. Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* AWKWORD - Penny
* Qualmes - Chenin Blanc
* Silver Synth - Nothing Amazes Me
* Black Dangerfield - Bleachers + Fireworks
* Centric f/ Jeanius, Trife - Epidemic
* Sullee J f/ K-Rino - Rulers of the Universe
* CuzOH! Black f/ Wordsmith - Center Stage
* Chris Crack - Pillow Talk
* The Extremities - Recreation (Instrumental)

Audio: Grilly x Block Beattaz "My Business" (@O_3rd_Ent)

Audio: Grilly x Block Beattaz "My Business"

Courtesy R3D.

My Business is a strong track from Grilly, with excellent production from Huntsville's own Block Beattaz. The song starts with a powerful burst of energy stapled with Grilly's laid back southern drawl. As the track goes on it quickly solidifies itself as a great addition to any cruise CD and shows why Grilly is one of the more promising stars in Huntsville.

Video: @PetterJonesSKE "Fame (Teaser)" (@SKERecords) @QtheQuestion

Video: Petter Jones "Fame (Teaser)"

Courtesy Q.

SKE Records latest signee Petter Jones will release his video to "Fame" on August 9th. You have probably seen Petter Jones featured on records with SKE Records artist and co-founder Trel Mack. Currently Petter Jones is working on his new mixtape "Super Saiyan" that will be released under SKE Records coming soon!

Audio: Rowdy City "For the Ladies" (@RowdyCity @PrinceTushay)

Audio: Rowdy City "For the Ladies"

Courtesy DJ Williams.

Artist: Rowdy City

Song Title: For The Ladies (Prod by Tu$hay)

@TheGame's "Marrying The Game" TONIGHT on @VH1 Network at 9:30PM ET/PT

The Game's "Marrying The Game" TONIGHT on VH-1 Network at 9:30PM ET/PT

Courtesy Greg @ Big Hassle.

August 5, 2013 - Tonight, VH1's unlikely duo Tiffney Cambridge and Jayceon Taylor, better known as rapper "The Game," are simultaneously brought together and torn apart by love in the newest season of "Marrying The Game." The show airs at 9:30PM PT/ET.

In the months after Tiffney called off the wedding and moved out of their home, she has regained her independence but drama unfolds as she still longs for a normal relationship with Jayceon - but not until he is ready to leave rapper "The Game" behind and rededicate himself to his family and her. Now that they are in a state of transition within their relationship, they must navigate the twists and turns of co-parenting their two children, Cali Dream (2 yrs old) and King Justice (6 yrs old). Find out if Tiffney and The Game can start a new life together or if the problems from the past are bound to follow them into the future when "Marrying The Game" Season 2 premieres TONIGHT.

"Marrying The Game" is created and executive produced by 51 Minds' Cris Abrego, Christian Sarabia, Rabih Gholam and Ben Samek (CAPI). For VH1, the series is executive produced by Jill Holmes and Kristen Kelly.
Press Release: Righteous "Rise EP" (@JahLight Records)

Press Release: Righteous "Rise EP" (JahLight Records)

Courtesy JahLight.

We present to you the brand new EP release by newest member of the camp, JahLight Recording Artist, Righteous. It is called 'Rise' and it consists of five (5) brand new reggae tracks that was released on Itunes on July 30th 2013.

'Righteous is basically a chanter, but definitely not in the more standard application of the term. He is more of a singing chanter (somewhat in the manner that someone like a Fantan Mojah would be) and he uses this style to a great effect of blending styles and emotions, making for a powerful display'. ( Achis' Reggae Blog)

Artist: Righteous
Release: Rise (EP)
Genre: Reggae
Label: JahLight Records
Country: Trinidad
Release Date: 30th July 2013

Righteous - Rise (EP) Free Download

Righteous - Rise (EP) Itunes Link

Amazon Link

Righteous - Rise (EP) Review ( Achis ' Reggae Blog)
Video: @TeamPhlyte @TheRealThood - "Molly Cyrus"

Video: TeamPhlyte f/ T-Hood - "Molly Cyrus"

Courtesy TP.

Twitter : @TeamPhlyte / @TheRealThood
Instagram : @TeamPhlyte / @HatersHateThood

Audio: @WiseIntelligent "Top 50" (prod. Bigg Scott)

Audio: Wise Intelligent "Top 50" (prod. Bigg Scott)

Courtesy GRMG.

Top 50 is yet another straight up to the gut HIP HOP BANGER from Wise Intelligent off his NEW HIT album "Wise Intelligent IZ EL NEGRO GUERRERO (The Black Warrior) which is available RIGHT NOW on iTunes.

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