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DEMOS Documentary To Be Screened Online Tuesday Night! (@KevinNottingham @DemosDocFilm)

DEMOS Documentary To Be Screened Online Tuesday Night!

Courtesy K dot N.

On September 10, 2013, Reem Docs will celebrate the release of its debut project DEMOS: An Independent Artist’s Guide To Success with a free, one-night online screening of the film. The screening will be presented at 7:00pm EST in partnership with leading video-sharing site and will be made available through some of the most popular online destinations for Hip-Hop content.

In addition to the Daily Motion site, which will host the screening as part of their Motion Makers content, the DEMOS digital release will be simulcast at,,,,,, and The screening will be promptly followed by a video chat allowing fans to discuss the film with director Kareem Fort and the film’s narrator Skyzoo, along with other artists featured in the film. Additional information regarding the live discussion will be announced on the morning of September 10 via the film’s official Twitter feed, and, where the film will be available for purchase, along with a list of retail sale locations.

Crafted around the personal tale of critically acclaimed artist Skyzoo’s journey, DEMOS was created to educate and inspire aspiring and emerging independent Hip-Hop artists by providing insight on the myriad ways to establish and further a successful independent music career. Director Kareem Fort achieved that objective by masterfully weaving together interviews with a wide range of artists, from the likes of Rapper Big Pooh, Talib Kweli, Black Thought and Naughty By Nature, who have seen both sides of the “indie vs. major” debate, to established indie Hip-Hop veterans like Torae and Planet Asia, and even newcomers like Hopsin and Nitty Scott MC who serve to prove that the independent Hip-Hop scene continues to grow today. In addition to the unique viewpoint provided by the featured artists, DEMOS also draws from the expertise of producers including NO I.D. and !LLMIND, as well as a cross-section of industry professionals, including writer/comedian Tony Rock.

Over the course of the two years Fort has spent creating this insightful film, DEMOS has acquired quite a buzz within the independent urban music community. That anticipation has grown in the past few months, as the film’s release approached and was further boasted through the release of exclusive outtakes from the film, presented earlier this year in partnership with The discussion has grown stronger through a series of special screenings at SXSW, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles and most recently at MIST Harlem in New York over the summer.
Video: Jonezen, "If I Die Young" | Father MC Protege (@DunnDealPR @jonezenmusic)

Video: Jonezen, "If I Die Young" | Father MC Protege

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

Los Angeles rapper/songwriter/guitarist/producer Chris Jones a.k.a. Jonezen presents the music video for "If I Die Young", the Sombatts Productions-produced single from his album Live From Rehab. Told by doctors after an arrest that he may not live another year due to excessive drinking, Jonezen refused to go to rehab unless he could bring his recording studio.

Video: Poni - "Memories" (@RideWithPoni @StickyToffeePR)

Video: Poni - "Memories"

Courtesy ST PR.

Marsha Bryant, professionally known as ‘Poni’, is an outgoing good-humoured artist who is enthusiastic with a real passion and love for music. Poni has worked with some of Hip-Hop’s finest, having recorded four Songs in Detroit, USA, produced by Denaun Porter and ‘Kon Artis’ of D12 (Eminem & 50Cent producer). She has also had the pleasure of working with the likes of Darius Harrison ‘Deezle’, who has also produced for Lil Wayne (including ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Mrs Officer’), E Bass, Kookie from Norway, UK’s Taz (who produced for Dizzee Rascal) plus many more. Her major collaborations include a song called “Easy Money” with Lil Wayne released on his Public Enemy mixtape, Chopper (from P.Diddys ‘Making the Band’), 4ize and Kanye West & Kylie Minogue Producer Tommy D on BBC 3 TV show called ‘Singing With The Enemy’.

The Rumspringa Album Sampler by @KdotGaines & @2HungryBros

The Rumspringa Album Sampler by K.Gaines & 2 Hungry Bros

Courtesy Deep.

Rumspringa Album Sampler! AlbumAvailable September 10th 2013 by K.gaines,featuring, UG, Ciphy Diggy, M Tri, Johnny Voltik.

@MightyMonolith - "Return To The Classics" (Vol 1.5) Prod. By @Lancecape

Monolith - "Return To The Classics" (Vol 1.5) Prod. By Lancecape

Courtesy K.D.

The Monolith, hailing from Toronto, is probably the largest and most talented crew north of the border. With over 20 years experience recording, performing and touring they make their long awaited comeback. They are best known for slaughtering mics and producing beats that match anything the industry has to offer. Lancecape hand picked each MC in the crew to shine on his choice of beat. From start to finish, this (free) project will keep listeners craving for more. Lancecape, in conjunction with Solid Water & Whole Wheat Brothers, proudly presents Monolith "Return To The Classics (Vol 1.5)".

Audio: Diabolic, Calligraphist - "GMO"

Audio: Diabolic, Calligraphist - "GMO"

Courtesy Calli.

Description - A surrealistic political piece touching upon the somewhat sensitive contemporary social topic of genetically modified organisms.

Mixtape: Young Gifted - "Jersey's Finest"

Mixtape: Young Gifted - "Jersey's Finest"

Coming from the means streets of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Group: Young Gifted
Artists: Love, Prime Order
Singer: BabyBoy
Producer: Total Kaos
Young Gifted Entertainment

The Hip-Hop Shop #236 - Metaphysics Ain't Rocket Science

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #236 is entitled Metaphysics Ain't Rocket Science. We're back with new music from B.E.N.E.F.I.T., Bambu, Maj Toure and Negrostotle among others. Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* B.E.N.E.F.I.T. f/ Blaq Poet, Dirty Bird, M-Dot, Rap P - Street Tales
* Bambu f/ D-Styles - Last Year
* Maj Toure - Metaphysics
* Negrostotle - Black Cloud
* Scolla - Roots
* Budo - Barcelona
* Bambu - Yayo
* Malek - Redemption (Instrumental)

Marrying the Game Season 2 Ep. 6 Recap by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Tiffney Cambridge called off her wedding to Jayceon 'The Game' Taylor two weeks before it was scheduled to take place. What's complicated about that is that they already have kids together. What's even MORE complicated about that is that she was filming a reality show about marrying Jayceon for VH1 at the time! Now they've got a second chance to make it right on "Marrying the Game" - a second season of their reality show which continues tonight on VH1! A recap of what happened on the show follows.

Recap of last week to open - with Game taking Tiff on a second "first date." This takes us to Tiff and her best friend Crystal going out for lunch to catch up on things. Crystal is shocked that Jayceon took her out but is pleased she's "trying to get that old thang back." Tiff says she just wants to go with the flow and "see what happens." Crystal tells her to try hanging out at the studio for a day with Jay - do the things he likes to do - not just expect him to make all the compromises for her.

Jayceon goes to get a juice with his homeboy Frank Duke, and he tells Jay that you need to settle down at some point and he was happy to do it. "The truth is when you get married, sex goes down, it do." Jay says Tiff has a "fire box" and if I need to explain to you what that means, then you're reading the wrong recap and/or watching the wrong show. Frank says when his girl closes the garage on the box, he takes it to the bathroom. Jay: "If that's how you last in a marriage, I want no part of that. I'm not shaking my soldier." Frank: "If you only loving the fire, that's not a good reason to get married." HE TELLS JAY TO INVITE HER TO THE STUDIO TOO - I SMELL REALITY SHOW SET-UP!! Nonetheless Jay says thanks for keeping it 100.

Tiff's sister Maya and Godmother Anita both come over to Tiffney's for a visit. Apparently Tiffney's mom's birthday would have been tomorrow in the timeline of the show - she died of breast cancer 8 years earlier. Anita presents the sisters with a photo scrapbook of when their mom was young and pretty. Tiff: "I just love her and miss her so much." They find pictures of Tiff dressing up in a wedding gown when she was a little girl. Tiff says she needs to sit Cali down and explain to her how much her mom means to the family as a whole. Next Tiff is working out and Jay is working on her in the bed - we'll see it when we come back from the commercial break!

Tiff decides to join Jay at a place called Don-a-Matrix for his regular workout. "If it's one step to bringing us closer I'm willing to do it. We're doing squats, we're jumping up and down, I don't know if I can take any more of this." She's jumping around though and laughing and having fun. Jay: "Working out - cool. Spending time with my woman - perfect. Ass shaking in workout pants - priceless!" They exchange a fist bump afterward as he says "teamwork make dreams work."

Tiffney's niece Milan is impressed by the flower bouquet that Jay sent her for her mom's 63rd birthday. Cali tries to make fun of grandma's hairstyle in the photo in the bouquet, calling it a "hot miggity mess." Tiff takes her into Lynda's room - apparently they did hospice care from home when she didn't want to be in the hospital any more. Tiff takes the children to the cemetery so they can show their respects to her. Tiff says she used to go to the grave and cry, but now she can go there and celebrate. Cali: "I wish I could remember Granny. She's up in the sky with Jesus." Tiff: "It reminds me that life is so precious - you can't sweat the small stuff." Up next after break - Cali gets her rap on at the studio!

Tiff is visiting Jay at the studio, and brought the kids along with her. Game's producer Stat is at the production board. They come in and give Jay hugs. Jay says he appreciates them showing support, and Tiff says she appreciates the flowers he sent for her momma. Game decides to bring his son in the studio for a rap session, and he says his rap name will be KID FRESH. Game says it was one of the best moments of his life. Tiffney says she enjoyed it and she'll "see him later." Jay: "See me later? I know what that means. I must be doing something right!" Commercial.

We come back with a few minutes left before the top of the hour. Tiff is already in Jay's bed wearing a nightie. "I come home tired - and all of a sudden I got energy." I bet! He says there's hope for them as a couple. Tiff says the more quality time they spend together, the better that their relationship becomes. Tiff says she's getting chilly, and she wants to snuggle up. He says he wants to "hit it." Jay: "Everybody has their own idea of what makes a marriage work. I'm catching a cab downtown - can't nobody stop me." Perhaps mercifully that's where this episode ends!

Next week - Tiff and Jay go house shopping - and the kids all go shopping for a birthday gift for Tiff. She seems shocked by it and not in a good way - but we'll see then!
Audio: @TroyRoyale - "Tight Up Skirt" (@SupaStahBeats)

Audio: Troy Royale - "Tight Up Skirt"

Courtesy T.R.

Director: Troy Royale
Website : TroyRoyaleMusic.Com
Social network: (Twitter - @TroyRoyale)

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