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Audio: Kensaye - "Dish Up" (@Kensaye1)

Audio: Kensaye - "Dish Up"

Courtesy K.R.

"Dish up" contains samples from "Daily Cooks", a UK television show. The person sampled is Taiwanese/British chef Ching-He Huang, who is a respected figure in the UK.

Video: Kero One - RIP ft. Suhn (@KeroOne)

Video: Kero One - RIP ft. Suhn

Courtesy Kero One.

You may know Californian rapper/producer Kero One for his consistently warm jazzy tracks but this winter as the cold breeze rushes in and the snow gently falls, Kero One gives us a look into the colder side of his sound with the official music video for “R.I.P.”.

From the release of Kero One’s latest album Color Theory, Kero One brings us his third music video off the album artfully telling non-fiction tales of love triangles, death and betrayal. With the help of the soulful vocals from Suhn, Kero One paints pictures about losing loved ones while floating over the melancholy strings of a DJ Green Tea produced beat. Visually, the video is as literary as it is abstract, depicting Kero One rapping in his imaginary living room as feathers slowly fall from the sky. In the end, the camera pans out to find that Kero One isn’t even where it appears but in a whole other world all together.
Video: Just One Record #20 - @Eklips_Officiel

Video: Just One Record #20 - EKLIPS

Courtesy Effiscienz.

Place the beatbox for this 20th episode of Just One Record inviting this time EKLIPS, who speaks to us about a new album and also the next concert to the New Casino on February 15th, 2013.

Video: @Doc_Waffles - Specificity of Tiny Lights (@EddieLogix)

Video: Doc Waffles - Specificity of Tiny Lights

Courtesy D. Allie.

Doc Waffles is one of the most creative hip hop artists our beautiful city of Detroit has to offer. His music lets you into a world that hip hop doesn't often shine light on. He and Eddie Logix have also proved to be quite a prolific pairing, working on numerous projects throughout the last couple years. In addition to producing the track, Eddie Logix also took to directing this video which was shot entirely on iPhones. As you are watching, the beautiful scenery you're seeing is Eastern Market in Detroit and also the #CoOwnaz Penthouse aka the Ping Pong Palace where Eddie and Doc both live.

Video: Brother Jones f/ DJ 12 - "Keep It Funky" (@ICJONEZ @DocJonesMusic_ @12twlv)

Video: Brother Jones f/ DJ 12 - "Keep It Funky"

Courtesy Doc Jones.

Brother Jones is the Las Vegas rap duo made up of IC Jonez and Doc Jones. They recently dropped their first album titled "The Brother Jones Show" featuring DJ 12. This album is a fusion of hip hop classics revamped with fresh beats and witty lyrics from Doc and IC. Wether you are a lover of the 90's era or you were born in 2001 you will find a track on this album that hits your heart.

Video: TommyGunn f/ Ca$ - "Bomba Clyde" (@Kid_Kush_WB)

Video: TommyGunn f/ Ca$ - "Bomba Clyde"

Courtesy T. Sherry.

First OFFICIAL video from TommyGunn and Ca$ Reppin Wake&Bake Records. Shout to all my dudes at the party who was TURNTUP. TommyGunn is coming from Hammond Indiana and Ca$ from Cal City Illinois. Check out the latest mixtape from Ca$ here:

Audio: @Scheme773 - Vista Del Mar (produced by The Analyst)

Audio: Scheme - Vista Del Mar (produced by The Analyst)

Courtesy SRNC.

Scheme decides to let loose a brand new version of Vista Del Mar which is produced by SRNC's own The Analyst. As Scheme continues to prep for his upcoming projects, Pocket Full of Pesos (Mixtape) and Pesos Turn to Dollars LP, he and Analyst will make sure to keep releasing music to keep you in tune with what's coming up next. You may even see an EP from the two in the near future.

Mixtape Submission: @TiZofSpade - No Hobby (@RealMclov)

Mixtape Submission: Tiz - No Hobby

Courtesy Winners Circle Entertainment.

After much anticipation and a lot of hard work, North Carolina’s own Tiz is finally ready to unleash his debut mixtape No Hobby. As the title suggests this project is Tiz’s resume for why he deserves to be a professional rapper and once you listen I think you’ll agree he presents a damn good case.

Tiz - No Hobby via Google Play: .

Fight Song f. Lotta (Single): .

Twitter: .
Video: D.Focis "The Herman Gardens Project" (@dfocis)

Video: D.Focis "The Herman Gardens Project"

Courtesy D.Focis.

D.Focis "The Herman Gardens Project" Dec 7 @
All music by J.Dilla.

MP3: Reese El Don - "Don't Go" (@LumNati)

MP3: Reese El Don - "Don't Go"

Courtesy M3W.

Link below!

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