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Audio: Blue Martinez - "Left Her Alone" (@blue_martinez)

Audio: Blue Martinez - "Left Her Alone"

Courtesy BM.

I would appreciate it if you could put my new song called, "Left Her Alone" (Produced By Greg Trakkz & James Maury) on to your blog site. Thank you.

@ArianoMusic "We Will Be" Feat. Thoughtsarizen + Prod. By Kelly Dean

Ariano Releases "We Will Be" Feat. Thoughtsarizen + Prod. By Kelly Dean

Courtesy Ballin PR.

LA emcee + singer Ariano is releasing the second single "We Will Be," featuring rapper ThoughtsArizen and Smong Records producer Kelly Dean. The track is off his forthcoming release, The Collection Vol 1 on Technicali Sound,, a collection of released and new material.

Video: @Supastition - "Best Worst Day" (@DJ_Sav_One)

Video: Supastition - "Best Worst Day"

Courtesy Sav.

The story begins as Supastition starts his day, feeling refreshed and motivated. Little does he know that this could possibly be the worst day of his life...

Video: @AdsAntalik @AFRome @PalermoStone - "Coming Right Back" (@RareNation)

Video: Ads Antalik f/ AF Rome, Palermo Stone - "Coming Right Back"

Courtesy R.A.R.E. Nation.

The lively, exciting Ads Antalik recruits label-mates Palermo Stone and AF Rome for crisp visuals to "Coming Right Back." The song, produced by Samuel Whitney, finds the three talented emcees in a reflective yet celebratory mood. Ads Antalik is currently preparing his debut project as a R.A.R.E. Nation artist.

Video: A-1 - "Retinas" (@adamraps)

Video: A-1 - "Retinas"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

You may know A-1 from his internet-famous debut mixtape After School Special or his equally well-received 2011 follow-up The Book Of Adam. After releasing his latest mixtape The Thurl Tape last fall, A-1 is back with a new video. The video for "Retinas," featuring singer Xiomara, tells a narrative of a relationship's gradual descent and eventual collapse with A-1 rapping all the verses but speaking from the point of view of himself for the first half of the song and from her side for the hook and final verse.

Free Mixtape: @DizzyWright - The Golden Age

Free Mixtape: Dizzy Wright - The Golden Age

Courtesy Audible Treats.

The mixtape draws inspiration from the storytelling element of the 90's, an era to which the title of the tape refers. "I wanted to bring back the 90s," says Dizzy, "I feel like people appreciated music a little more in the past. In 2013 our flow should be developed and mixed with substance. We should be talking about something, not wasting any bars. The most important thing is substance." Some of this substantive content comes directly from Dizzy's notorious "smoked-out" conversations with fans and friends around him but sometimes he simply lets the mood and feel of a beat draw out subject matter. His artistic process is continually evolving and growing.

Video: D.Focis - "Born Loser" (@dfocis @IStillLoveHER)

Video: D.Focis - "Born Loser"

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Born Loser is the new single by Detroit Artist/Producer D.Focis. We are invited on a trip down memory lane, as D.Focis reveals some of his life growing up in Detroit, MI. Attending a dozen public schools led to constant issues with fighting and being bullied as the "new kid", which created deep feelings of inadequacy, but this is no sad song. This is a celebration of all those who were born without a path to success, and respond by creating one of their own. Produced by D.Focis, the song is musically rich with emotion, and even manages to tastefully add a Country/Western feel towards the end…..very artfully done. This video is also D.Focis' debut as a director.

Video: Grammy Winning Poet J. Ivy on the Ethos of I Don't Camouflage (@AikoAikoAiko)

Video: Grammy Winning Poet J. Ivy on the Ethos of I Don't Camouflage

Courtesy IDCN.

"I love using my art to paint my collage" Grammy winning poet J. Ivy broke down the ethos of I Don't Camouflage thorough his captivating poetry piece at the rooftop of Flux Studios in Lower East Side. J. Ivy is known as the first African American poet to represent Chicago on Russell Simmons "HBO Def Poetry" and being featured on Kanye West's song "Never Let Me Down" from his debut album "College Dropout" along with Jay-Z.

Video: @Wordsmith - "Traffic Jammin'"

Video: Wordsmith - "Traffic Jammin'"

Courtesy NU Revolution.

The Average citizen drives 13,476 miles per year or 37 miles a day. We spend more than twice as much time in traffic congestion complaining. Throwing statistics aside, there is only one solution to the days of pure gridlock on the roads; turn your Radio up to extreme levels & do what Wordsmith calls "Traffic Jammin'."

@EndemicNoCure, "High Society" f. Tragedy Khadafi, Afu Ra, Ruste Juxx (@DunnDealPR)

Audio: Endemic, "High Society" f. Tragedy Khadafi, Afu Ra, Ruste Juxx

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

UK producer Endemic presents "High Society", his new single featuring Queens rapper Tragedy Khadafi and Brooklyn emcees Afu Ra and Ruste Juxx. A native of the United Kingdom regarded as one of the country's foremost hiphop producers, Endemic recently moved to New York City via a USA O-1 artist visa for “persons of extraordinary ability”. "High Society" is the first single from his forthcoming album Terminal Illness 2.

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