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TEDxUSC 2012: @MC_Lars - The Hip-Hop of Shakespeare

TEDxUSC 2012: MC Lars - The Hip-Hop of Shakespeare

Courtesy Horris Records.

I just did a TEDx talk at USC on hip-hop and its relationship to literature. You can now watch it here.

Mixtape: State of Mind - Redemption (@GetJerz)

Mixtape: State of Mind - Redemption

Courtesy Coast 2 Coast.

For more information visit:

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2.How We Came Up
3.Kush & Pain
4.Time Machine
6.What Would You Do
7.Breaking Down The Walls
8.Rock The Mic
9.Jerzee To Paris
11.Do It Alone
13.Two Sides
14.Touch The Sky
15.Truth Untold
16.No Hard Feelings
17.My Redemption
18.Living Legends

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Dec. 4th #SWURVE - DJ EVIL DEE at Blackbird Ordinary (@Swurvemia)

Tuesday Dec. 4th #SWURVE presents DJ EVIL DEE (Black Moon / Da Beatminerz) at Blackbird Ordinary [No Cover]

Courtesy CrazyHood.


[Black Moon / Da Beatminerz]

facebook events page: .

Hosted by Wrekonize & Bernz of ˇMayday!
w/ music by DJ Sharpsound & Louie Arson

Brought to you by
La Rue Management & Crazy Hood Productions




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New @TriggerTreach of Naughty by Nature Mixtape

New Treach of Naughty by Nature Mixtape

Courtesy DM360.

Treach of Naughty by Nature Presents: Tribal Mix Tape feat. the Trigga Tribe Venom Spitters: Prince AK, 050, Garden State Greats, Do It All, Shay, Vita, Big Dueja, Finsta, B Wells, Fam & Tribal Trax by Dub M & Jameik.

* *

Track List:

1. Body Krazy
2. Swag Back
3. Warning
4. My Way or the Highway
5. Land of the Lost
6. Daddy Don't Lie
7. Fuck That
8. Windows
9. Stand Up
10. This Part of Town
11. FuckYouTalkingBout
12. Roll
13. Reign
14. Trip to New Jersey
15. Trigga Tribe
16. Strange Thangs
17. Tribal Drums
Video: A Day in the Life for BBG - #FucYoBeat Mixtape (@phatpeazy @hazecarrera)

Video: A Day in the Life for BBG - #FucYoBeat Mixtape

Courtesy RRP.

This is the first look into a day in the life for BBG. A quick glimpse of what to expect in the near future. Download their iTunes release "The Rebuild" and go to Dat Piff to download the mixtape, #FucYoBeat.

Video: @AnthonyFlammia - "I Want You Back"

Video: Anthony Flammia - "I Want You Back"

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

Anthony was featured on Stalley's mixtape on 2 songs "Lovers Lane" & "Home To You" feat. Wale on Livemixtape.

Video: @C_RAYZ_WALZ "The Digi-Box (Ode to the Blogs)" (@Dub_MD)

Video: C-Rayz Walz "The Digi-Box (Ode to the Blogs)"

Courtesy DubMD84.

'THE DIGI-BOX' is an ode to the strongest internet blogs/websites that continue to show C-Rayz Walz respect and post videos and songs. 30 of these official sites were deservedly featured consecutive times in THE SOURCE "Power 30" issues (Oct. 2011+2012) sending love by incorporating every site that was mentioned (as well as a few sites that were not mentioned) into the lyrics of this classic dedication to blog life.

"THE DIGI-BOX" Produced by GoldHands, Filmed by Steve Tapia from C-Rayz Walz on Vimeo.

The Hip-Hop Shop #200 - We Wish You a Crustified Xmas

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop, and this week We Wish You a Crustified Xmas. In celebration of 200 episodes this one is commercial free and features Monk, Early, F.Y.I. and R.A. the Rugged Man among others! Send feedback to @RapReviews on this episode! Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on! Don't forget to subscribe to our RSS newsfeed and follow us on Twitter so you never miss a new episode. This show is co-sponsored by and can be found there every Thursday.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Monk - We In Da Streets
* Early f/ F.Y.I. - Other Side of the Moon
* The Weathermen - The Only Weathermen Song
* Wais P - Live My Bars
* Donnis - I Know Ya Type
* Sean Born - Flood & Drain
* R.A. the Rugged Man & Mac Lethal - Crustified Christmas

Pragmatic Theory - Summer In The City With Rhymes

Pragmatic Theory - Summer In The City With Rhymes

Courtesy JB Balboa.

Pragmatic Theory – Summer In The City "With Rhymes" Is a FREE DOWNLOAD available on bandcamp brought to you in conjunction with features tracks from: ill Sugi x Supreme Sol, Gamera x Stainless Steele, S.F.T x Rizván, Keith Price x Drug, DJ Sapien x Mez, Warren Xclnce x D A H L I & HaZoD Feat. Frankie Stew, Mononome x Ibn Hasan, Snubluck x Tayke One, Byrdversion1 x Cor Stidak, JP Balboa x Redi Brown, Prozak Morris. Handbook x The Paramedics, Artonius x Classick, Nextwon x B.Lowe, Grossbuster x Your Man Manic, ScaleZ x Gigio, MOTD & Afryx_Q x w.o.l.m(nrs) & Sev Seveer x AMS Nerd King.

Artist @ViZionofficial Drops His Latest Mixtape "#SolAR"

Artist Alert: ViZion Drops His Latest Mixtape "#SolAR"

Courtesy Coretta R.

December 1, 2012- - Oliver 'ViZion' Gale launches into the US market with his mixtape entitled "#SolAR". ViZion fuses reggae tones and melodies with Hip-Hop and R&B beats to create a unique sound that may be best described as Hip Hop/Reggae. His music videos collectively have reached over 251, 000 views.

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