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@AdamsWorldBlog Weekly 7/30 - Shots, Streams & Hippies

Welcome to the new week everyone. This past weekend was the annual Pequot Library fundraiser sale. Tents upon tents were filled with books, albums, and movies, at dirt cheap prices. This means that in addition to my normal work stack of CDs, I now have nearly a dozen other albums to go through, as well. Truthfully, most of what I picked up are what I call "hole fillers." They're albums friends/rommates have had that I never picked up, or albums that I had in another format that I wanted on CD.

Some music you might want to check out is included in my review of Warped Tour, which features streams of songs from three bands, and leads off this week's update. I also have an interview with Klokwize in this week's update, a Vid Pick from longtime B-Lister Homeboy Sandman, and, of course, a brand new Pop Shots to get your week started right!

If you dig any of these features please feel free to forward this email to a friend. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, and enjoy!

Warped Tour 2012 - A Tour For Discovery  

A unique aspect of Warped Tour is that they don’t post artist set times until the doors open. When I spoke with Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman about this last year he stated “I still think it’s important for kids to come and learn, so we always have to manage it so that kids come early and wander around and run into a band they might like. We want to try to keep some sense of adventure to shows.” With this year’s lineup he’s accomplished that goal in spades.

Read the full story at:

Pop Shots - New Additions

Welcome to your weekly dose of pop world musings. Covering all things pop culture, this week Pop Shots is hitting you with thoughts on everything from Mariah Carey joining American Idol, to Rob Thomas and Billie Joe Armstrong joining The Voice, to Lady Gaga joining the cast of Machete Killer, and since it’s Pop Shots you know everything is seasoned with a little bit of attitude.
Read all the shots at:

Klokwize - Bringing The Hood & The Hippies Together

What a person listens to says a lot about them. According to Klokwize, when a person picks up his album, “it’s saying that people can color outside the lines.” Klokwize has been coloring outside the lines for years, crossing genres until he came up with his perfect sound. That sound is something he calls Hood Hippie, which can be loosely described as A Tribe Called Quest meets Sublime meets Shwayze, led by a gravelly voiced emcee. Hood Hippie also happens to be the name of Klokwize’s official debut album.

This week I caught up with Klokwize to discuss what Hood Hippie is all about, the very personal nature of his music, and why he decided he needed a band. Klokwize also revealed a career affirming moment that took place in, of all places, his mother’s attic.

Read the full interview at:

Vid Pick: Homeboy Sandman - Hold Your Head

See the video at:

As always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic week.

- Adam B

David E Beats - Strange Skys (Kanye West x Florence) @IamPRagency

From I Am PR:

David E Beats - Strange Skys Demo (Kanye West x Florence + The Machine Mash Up!)

Ever wanted to know what a Kanye West and Florence + The Machine collab would sound like?

David E Beats of the White House Band just dropped a demo of his mash up of these two artists via his FB after his fans asked for it! They gave 20+ likes for him to post this demo!

He mixes "Touch The Sky" with "Strangeness and Charm!"

* *

McNastee "Pity Party" Album Pushed Back (@Mcnastee @DJBlessNSD)

PR: McNastee "Pity Party" Album Pushed Back

Courtesy Never So Deep.

**New 6 Track EP**
McNastee & Sutter Kain
"Pity Party Rockers"
***Pre Order Your Copy Today**

Release Date August 28th

* *

Twitter: @Mcnastee
Twitter: @DJBlessNSD

Video: MidaZ The Beast - "Loops" (@FlyDefinition)

Video: MidaZ The Beast - "Loops"

Courtesy Fly Def Music.

MidaZ the Beast takes a break from murdering tracks to sit down and explain the concept behind his upcoming album LOOPS that drops on August 2 at In this short documentary directed by Varras Tower, the Doxside Music Group emcee (joined by album co-producer SHARP) talk about why this project is unlike any other entry in his catalog. And to give you a taste for what's in store, the whole thing is preceded by a clip for LOOPS song "Speech Impediment."

MidaZ The Beast "Loops" Documentary - .

Be sure to download LOOPS this Thursday!

Video: Mysonne - "Success"

Video: Mysonne - "Success" - Mysonne drops a video for his new song "Success"

MP3: New Music From Sutter Kain feat. Persia & Donnie Darko

MP3: New Music From Sutter Kain feat. Persia & Donnie Darko

Courtesy Never So Deep.

Sutter Kain

Feat. Donnie Darko & Persia

"Yall Aint Kill Me Yet"

Produced By Sutter Kain

1. Clean
2. Dirty
3. Instrumental
4. Vocals

Preview // Download
* *

Video: Diamond Shares Her Thoughts on "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta"

Video: Diamond Shares Her Thoughts on "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta" - The Atlanta femcee details her thoughts when she heard that she was brought up on Vh1's newest spin-off, "Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta," which stars her ex-boyfriend, Lil Scrappy. Diamond also reveals whether she would ever be associated with the show and how it would affect her hard work at this stage in her career.

Video: Rick Ross - "Hold Me Back"

Video: Rick Ross - "Hold Me Back"

Courtesy Papa Smirf.

We are just a day away from Rick Ross' new album release God Forgives I Don't - available everywhere on July 31st. Next week, join the boss himself plus special invited guests at the official autograph signing for #GFID in your city.

Video: Rich Boy Weighs in on How Police View Rappers

Video: Rich Boy Weighs in on How Police View Rappers - The Alabama rapper speaks on how hip-hop beefs like Chris Brown and Drake's haven't changed the way that police officers view rappers, because he believes that they've always been targets due to the subject matter in their songs."

MP3: Chris Brown f/ Kardinal Offishall - "Bassline (Remix)"

MP3: Chris Brown f/ Kardinal Offishall - "Bassline (Remix)"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

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