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Audio: Sareem Poems & Imperial "God Bless the Child" @illect

Audio: Sareem Poems & Imperial "God Bless the Child"

Courtesy Josh @ Illect.

With the year winding down and the holiday approaching, we wanted to share our last new single of the year with you a bit early. This new one features emcee Sareem Poems (L.A. Symphony) over a beat by UK hip-hop producer Imperial.

@DTR45 Announces Deal With NYC Emcee @PlanetPremRock

DTR Announces Deal With NYC Emcee PremRock

Courtesy DTR45.

Hey folks,

DTR is proud to announce the newest addition to our ever growing roster of hip hop talent, NYC-based artist, PremRock.

PremRock (aka Mark Debuque) originally hails from outside of Philadelphia, and has an impressive resume that rivals most established artists. The diversity in his music draws inspiration from legends in the game such as Kool G Rap and Kerouac, to Gangstarr and Tom Waits, and has been featured on popular hip hop media outlets such as This is 50, DJ Booth, Rap Reviews, as well as mainstream magazines like Zouch Magazine and a look behind the microphone with Business Insider.

As focused as Prem is in the studio, his live performances are intimate and interactive events; an opportunity for fans to witness the personality that gives credence to his lyrical wordplay. A globetrotter in every sense, PremRock has played over 50 cities and 11 countries and consistently looks to bring his stage show to new markets in faraway lands.

His most recent release, Mark’s Wild Years, is available directly on his Bandcamp page, and his previous record, Splendid, is an international release available through Czech label, Everyday.

“Handing the keys to DTR to become my sole booking agency and presence was a very easy decision for me and an honor to work with such a professional and hardworking outfit,” PremRock said. “I'm setting my sights on higher goals and smashing all kinds of new markets in 2014 and I know this partnership is the next step toward that.”

With past successes at hand, the coming year will indeed shape up to be an explosive year for the worldwide grinder.

For more information, check out
Haitian Fresh pres. Eargasm! 11 Major Mixtape incl. Lil @FameMOP (@dawhizzkid)

Haitian Fresh pres. Eargasm! 11 Major Mixtape incl. Lil Fame

Courtesy WhizzKid.

Another smashing major mixtape of the popular "Eargasm!" series hosted by Haitian Fresh + Noteface Kingpin feat. exclusives, unheard remixes, tracks and new heat by Asap Rocky, Nipsey Hussle, Plies, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross + many more! This WhizzKid Media Premium Mixtape is released in cooperation with Shadyville, Coast2Coast, Future Star Djs + more!
Press Release: UTK Releases 3 Singles w/ Fan Voting (@UniverseTheKing)

Press Release: UTK Releases 3 Singles w/ Fan Voting

Courtesy UTK.


Triple threat Producer/Emcee/Engineer UTK (Universe The King) releases 3 singles allowing listeners to vote for their favorite.

Leimert Park (Los Angeles), California 12/18/2013 - With an evolving industry, such as hip-hop, the listeners preferences have become distinctively wide ranged. This creates difficulty for the average artist when creating/releasing a "single." The idea of releasing 3 different tracks not only caters to multiple markets/sub-genres but also shows the versatility of UTK as a song writer and producer. In listening to the 3 tracks you will find it extremely difficult to pick a favorite which will either encourage the listener to hear more and/or satisfy their musical desires from multiple angles. The 3 tracks are available via,, &

UTK is an artist who thrives from being creative and innovative like all of the "greats" before him. Coming from Leimert Park (Los Angeles) his influences would be described as "dope beats with a message." The 3 tracks are an exact reflection of that statement and will be included on his upcoming mixtape "Feels Great To Be Dope" (2014). The mixtape will feature fellow Leimert Park natives Dom Kennedy, Raven Sorvino, BeFre$h, & Presidential Smoke along with phenom battle rapper from Watts, Daylyt.

All 3 tracks are located on along with a "vote now" section where listeners can vote for their favorite. This interaction gives listeners a choice rather than forcing them to enjoy a single release, or not. All three songs have become fan favorites to different groups of listeners whom have heard each track either on the website or at a live show.

Since the release of the 3 tracks (December 3rd, 2013), UTK has drastically climbed the charts on (currently ranked #2 on the Los Angeles hip-hop charts and #16 on the global hip-hop charts). With this momentum increasing daily, a higher anticipation is resonating within the listeners who have now become fans/supporters.

With the rise of the independent artist/label it is apparent that we are in the generation of innovation. There is no longer a "formula" as to how music should be released. UTK has written, produced, and engineered 3 quality tracks that all listeners will enjoy one way or another. In a nutshell, UTK is giving listeners exactly what they are asking for, GREAT MUSIC!!

UTK Bio:

UTK (Universe The King) is a triple-threat emcee/producer/engineer from Leimert Park, California. His works mainly focus on originality/versatility. As you listen, you will notice lyrical ability, performance, and "dope beats" are only a fraction of the total experience. Through short films/music videos you will understand that Universe The King is not just a rapper but a skilled entertainer. Just like the greats before him, it is extremely difficult to compare UTK to any current artist although his sound will always be considered relevant.. His sound defines his message and his message is "stay creative, love, and have fun."

UTK (Universe The King)
Audio: Slick Talk of the @LOEGz - "That Lower (Southside)"

Audio: Slick Talk of the LOEGz - "That Lower (Southside)"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Only the best songs truly make us feel as if we've been transported into the artist's world. In League of Extraordinary Gz member Slick Talk's track "That Lower (Southside)," he and producer Eric Dingus (who's gained a lot of buzz lately for a remix of "Worst Behavior" that Drake posted to his blog) kidnap us from our bedrooms, envelop us in oceans of haze, and drop us off in the streets of Austin, Texas's south side.

Audio: @Mayalino - "Real Rap Don't Sell"

Audio: Mayalino - "Real Rap Don't Sell"

Courtesy Gold Club.

While he puts the finishing touches on a new album featuring Pusha T, Scarface, N.O.R.E. & more, Houston's Mayalino drops off a brand new joint titled "Real Rap Don't Sell" to hold fans over! Check it out below and tune in for his "Son Of A Brick" project coming early next year!

Audio: Well$ - "State of Ecstasy Part 2" (@Wells_Fargo32)

Audio: Well$ - "State of Ecstasy Part 2"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

When Charlotte rapper Well$ recorded his single "State Ecstasy Pt. 2," he originally intended to include it on his forthcoming mixtape MTSYD: The Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher (the album name references the ethnic shaming Well$, the son of Congolese immigrants, experienced as a child). But when he heard the final product playing back to him on his studio monitors, he decided this old-school, North Villa-produced track was too good to hold back.

Video: Shape - "Moonrocks" (@ShapeOne)

Video: Shape - "Moonrocks"

Courtesy Jerry G.

“Moonrocks” was directed by long-time Shape fam, GDP and filmed/edited by Max Hliva (Future, Brick Squad). The song (produced by Shape and bass music producer extraordinaire Space Jesus) refers to the street name of a potent form of MDMA (AKA Ecstasy) and Shape’s vivid wordplay explores the yin and yang of party antics and light-hearted introspection.

Audio: @Potent_P f/ DJ 33 UK - "Superstition"

Audio: Potent P f/ DJ 33 UK - "Superstition"

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

"Superstition is three minutes and thirty five seconds of aggressive hip hop" says Potent P about his latest single, which was recorded in his home New Jersey in collaboration with UK based producer DJ UK 33.

Audio: @soFowL - "Gangsta Party" (@Bigdukeslab @RealMcLov)

Audio: FowL - "Gangsta Party" (prod. Big Duke)

Courtesy McLov.

While still promoting last month's Surprise project, Detroit's own FowL keeps the new music coming with this Big Duke-produced heater titled "Gangsta Party". FowL has some big things in the works for 2014 but until then enjoy the track and get ready for a collab with a certain buzzing Brooklyn emcee coming very soon.

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