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Mixtape: @RedMcfly - "TakeFlight" (@EvilEmpireMusic)

Mixtape: Red Mcfly - "TakeFlight"

Courtesy Cokeboyz.

Red Mcfly Releases his highly anticipated project "TakeFlight" Presented By Evil Empire. This project is too dope to be called a mixtape. Red stays in his own lane throughout this project with his hard hitting production and powerful lyrics. This project also has features from Chinx Drugz (Coke Boys), GLC, Vera F Kennedy, John. (Finally Famous) and More.

Audio: @DamonLamar - "Footprints"

Audio: Damon Lamar - "Footprints"

Courtesy D.R.

There’s truth to the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and hip-hop artist Damon Lamar is that truth. He learned early on, that regardless of how (painting or rapping), HIS PURPOSE, was to inspire. Damon often says, “I paint raps and I rap paintings.” After moving to Chicago to attend The School of the Art Institute, Lamar cut his first demo (ala Kanye West production, whom he met at an ACT-SO competition). During this time he improved his delivery while solidifying his foundation of faith.

Video: @RamiOdaini - "Ridin"

Video: Rami Odaini - "Ridin"

Courtesy R.O.M.

Rami Odaini— a 20-year-old upcoming artist. Uses striking deliveries combined with relentless ambition gaining him over 35 thousand fans in less than a year. It’s hard to consider him an underdog anymore. His video “Ridin” is out on YouTube gaining him over 115k views. Check it out to support an ambitious rising star.

Video: @SinattiPop - "Living Rooms (Swimming Pools Reboot)"

Video: Sinatti Pop - "Living Rooms (Swimming Pools Reboot)"

Courtesy C.G.

"Living Rooms" is Sinatti Pop's own re-imagining of Kendrick Lamar's hit single "Swimming Pools". Sinatti Pop's version of "Living Rooms" plays on typical idea of what a party should be for every guy; booze, women, and sex. While there are similarities between the two tracks, Sinatti Pop brings an adventurous yet playful attitude that contrasts Lamar's more solemn aspect of drinking.

Audio: @TwoineyLo - Not Guilty (Prod. HansSOLO)

Audio: TwoineyLo - Not Guilty (Prod. HansSOLO)

Courtesy A.O.

Twoiney says "Whats the word everyone?! I'm currently working on an EP entitled "Black Diary, White America". Y'all will get further info soon! All I can tell you now is that this track is going to be included on the EP so just sit back , listen , like , comment , & enjoy some dope music! - TwoineyLo"

Mixtape: @BambuDePistola - "Sun of a Gun" (@BeatrockMusic)

Mixtape: Bambu - "Sun of a Gun"

Courtesy Beatrock Music.

babu beatrock music brother ali d-styles hip hop/rap odessa kane qbert rhettmatic soul assassins hiphop Los Angeles

Audio: Explizit - "Go Harder" (@ImExplizit)

Audio: Explizit - "Go Harder"

Courtesy ImExplizit.

Explizit is a man of many talents and much experience. Hailing from the streets of Louisiana life was anything but simple for Exlizit growing up. Adobted by his aunt at the age of 2 he knew life wouldn't be easy, but he embraced it. His experience comes crashing through in his music that represents everything from hood anthems to glossy joints for the clubs and the ladies.

Video: @IGrizzly215 "Back That Thing On Up (Remix)"

Video: I. Grizzly "Back That Thing On Up (Remix)"

Courtesy Cheyenne Agency.

Genre: Hip Hop
Recommended Song: Back That Thing On Up

Video: @Nadwuar vs. @Madchild57 - Help Incredible Ease

Video: Nadwuar vs. Madchild - Help Incredible Ease

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

Nardwuar interviews Madchild at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, BC Canada!

Audio: @Lumpz One - "SLIC005F"

Audio: Lumpz One - "SLIC005F"

Courtesy G.H.

The very first single, "SLIC005F", is a cartoon-like mix up of heavy Hip Hop drums, and a melodically complicated orchestra string section that will remind you of the coyote & roadrunner films. Completely sample free rhythms and leads, harmoniously brought together to give you a vision of musical madness, this preview of the album is a small glance at the thoughts of a musician pushed over the edge of sanity. Expect to be dragged along the way once the album releases this fall.

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