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Album: Laelo - "Lifers Never Die" (@Dub_MD)

Album: Laelo - "Lifers Never Die"

Courtesy Dub MD.

After an almost two year layoff 'Mr. High Definition' is back with his brand new album, 'Lifers Never Die.' Once again Laelo masterfully displays his unique versatility over eleven impeccable pieces of production. Album features include, Uptown XO, Black Boo, Gods’illa, Awthentik, Alison Carney, Violet Rocker & Precious Joubert. Production credits go to Str8 Beatz (The High Definition Society), Matcy P, Sergio Cortez, Awthentik, DCypher, Nowah Beats & Hec Dolo.

Audio: D-Mic & J-Rod f/ @RazFresco - "Give A F*ck"

Audio: D-Mic & J-Rod f/ Raz Fresco - "Give A F*ck"

Courtesy Breaking Ground.

Toronto MCs, D-Mic and J-Rod, want to blow up worldwide. With rhyming talent and audio production skills, this duo has the know-how and the drive to do just that. D-Mic & J-Rod are two artists and producers who love their home city of Toronto, but that doesn't mean they don't want to break out to a worldwide audience. Through their self-produced songs and videos, these guys are looking to increase their exposure and expand their reach!

Video: @ImAlexAffMayne - "More Reasons" (@streetliteNC)

Video: Alex Aff - "More Reasons"

Courtesy Grinders Up Next.

Video Description - "More Reasons" entails a deep invitation into the shoes of a local kid with dreams far beyond what the eye can measure. Using a flow and delivery that's smooth and original, Alex Aff casually breaks down the world in his vision, creating a perspective that not too many emcees mention. Ironically he goes on to explain his purpose and his dreams, but follows that by saying "you wouldn't get it". In hopes of connecting with people that share the same feelings, Alex Aff brings you his thoughts in their most naked form. The song is produced by @streetliteNC, and the video is shot and edited by Hood-Crucial. This track is Off his debut studio project entitled "Who Knows Who Cares" which is available on Datpiff.com.

Video: EDF - "Yep Yep Yep (Screw Phunk)"

Video: EDF - "Yep Yep Yep (Screw Phunk)"

Courtesy Fresh Class.

New music video from EDF, Yep Yep Yep (Screw Phunk).
Directed Bless The Fresh Films
Produced By Mike Red

Video: @ReyResurreccion - "Swishers & Coffee"

Video: Rey Resurreccion - "Swishers & Coffee"

Courtesy RR.

West Coast artist Rey Resurreccion drops a verse over a Statik Selektah beat for a song called “Swishers & Coffee”, then teams up with Alex Knowbody & Sweet Tooth Tony for nice one-take video.

Future Rapper Summons Asthmatic Kitty for Five Volume Box Set

Future Rapper Summons Asthmatic Kitty for Five Volume Box Set

Courtesy Terrorbird.

A project of epic proportions with a multi-volume release and accompanying novella Zero Seed, the sci-fi hip-hop deconstructions of Future Rapper and company collide with a time-traveling synthesis of jazz, krautrock, psych, punk, and much more. Land of a Thousand Rappers out September 24th.

Hip-hop is time travel. A kaleidoscopic-collage adventure for the ear and the mind via the craft of cutting up, arranging, and layering audio and words. Each slice is a fully-loaded time-capsule of its respective milieu, a series of sonic snapshots capturing the cultural culminations of all that preceded these moments in music. Histories become simultaneous, and new histories emerge by way of juxtaposition and collision. It is the invention of the future, and future (as we know it) is always our next now.

And, sometimes, hip-hop knows exactly what it is doing. The multi-volume Land of a Thousand Rappers knows.

Seven being a magic number, it took that many years to build this particular time-machine. Michael Kaufmann, Wayne Feldman, Ero Gray, and friends channel a cast of characters, projected archetypes, to transmit tales, myths, jokes, rants, lists, codes, spells, and formulas that both pull and propel the listener through something that is much more than a narrative to a fantastic sci-fi soundscape; it is a means to understanding who we are, have been, and can be.

The magical number seven, minus two: five volumes make up this adventure so far.

Volume One: Future Rapper and the Battle for Zero

The stark black and white image adorning the album you see is Mount Meru, the mystical center, approached by our star, the oft-tentacled Future Rapper, a time-hopping Aztec warrior, seeking to preserve the sanctity of the eternal.

Volume Two: Warhol Buck$ (Courtesy of First World International-Inc.)

A Koonsian balloon-dog with an assault rifle emerging from either end, surrounded by a ring of chain, emblemizes the villain Warhol Buck$. Slick pimp, art and arms dealer, celebrator of the sordid, who under the control of the spectral StaggerLee seeks to end time itself.

Volume Three: Holy Fool and the Dawn of Distant Moons

An ancient anchor, tilted slightly, capped with a sunlike anemone is the icon of the Holy Fool, sailor and saint, water-warring monk covered in living, prophetic tattoos. He is anchored to no time.

Volume Four: Queen of Soft in the Den of Whispers

A two-ended flower, the lower half blooming petals under a waning star, the upper end blooming skulls: this is the sign of the Queen of Soft, a sweet-voiced diva, the daughter of a burlesque dancer who came of age in an alternate WWI Italy, and fell in with the futurists. As lovely as she is deadly.

Volume Five: Papa Alabaster and His Conjuring Jars

A piece of ancient pottery centered under a sliver of moon, adorned in ornate, musical notation, represents one of Papa Alabaster’s two conjuring jars. Each capture and release the sounds of ages, sampling the many moments of mankind. Also sent with StaggerLee by demigods to contain humanity in the finite, but since StaggerLee’s time-murdering madness took hold, Papa Alabaster is assembling an army with the Future Rapper in the lead.

Others include Dr. Kipp Normand, Whiney Snivels, The Alchemist, Ghostbase, Mr. Self-Help Himself, and Zero Kelvin. All are portrayed and conveyed by Michael Kaufmann, Wayne Feldman, and Ero Gray, with the help of Liz Janes, Jeff Stern, Roberto Lange (of Helado Negro), Samuel Bing (of Fol Chen), Glen Galaxy (of Octa#grape, and Soul-Junk), Lord of the Yum Yum, Rafter Roberts, Nick Hennies, Tucker Dulin, Dan Jackson, William Ryan Fritch, and Raymond Raposa, with visuals by Jonathan Dueck.

A genuine epic, as well as an epic undertaking*, Land of a Thousand Rappers draws upon and synthesizes from every age of jazz: early New Orleans/Chicago, boogie-woogie, stride, on through swing, bop, hard bop, free, even into lounge and fusion, with no end of pop elements from around the world, psych, blues, soul, metal, kraut-rock, post-punk, nodding to and evoking far-thinking and far-feeling musical figures such as Harry Partch, Sun Ra, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Moondog, Sun City Girls, The Residents, and Ennio Morricone, as well as visionary writers such as Philip K. Dick, William Blake, Ray Bradbury, Thomas Pynchon, and William S. Burroughs.

Fans of Mike Ladd, Deltron, Madlib, Prince Paul, “FanDam” era EL-P, MF Doom, Dr. Oktagon, and even farther outside/inside artists such as Sensational and Subtitle, will be thrilled and rewarded by the grand, labyrinthine scope and generosity of this unique contribution to the future history of hip-hop.

The time is always now. This is for everyone. This is for you.

* An accompanying novella/prose-poem by Michael Kaufmann entitled Zero Seed is forthcoming. Portions have already been published in New Dead Families, and Specter Magazine.
Video: Nire + Jaq (of Nola Darling) @NatureSounds

Video: Nire + Jaq (of Nola Darling)

Courtesy Nature Sounds.

After unveiling her debut single "Call Back" earlier this summer, NYC producer Nire is back with her first official music video: "I Don't Give A", featuring vocals from Jaq of Nola Darling. The trippy scenes-cape of psychedelic vignettes in this breakthrough video offer the perfect accent to Nire's eclectic and electric production, while Jaq slays with her 3rd-eye caution-to-the-wind lyrics.

Audio: Summer Williams "Chasing You, Chasing Me" (@soulstressummer)

Audio: Summer Williams "Chasing You, Chasing Me"

Courtesy JOTO.

Summer Williams is back with all new music and a new EP. The Soulstress’ “Chasing You, Chasing Me” has that end of Summer BBQ classic boom bap sound. The song tells a very familiar tale. She describes the everyday BS (excuse the language) of a relationship that is filled with the ever so popular “chase.”

Video: @ItsLilRayPeople "One Up" Freestyle (@RapPublicist)

Video: Lil Ray (Boss Hogg Outlaws) "One Up" Freestyle

Courtesy Nancy B.

Houston's Lil Ray didn't take the demise of Slim Thug's Boss Hog Outlaws lying down. Instead, he kept on trucking as a solo artist, recently releasing the successful videos for both "Purple" and "Cali Texas" from his upcoming August 20th project, "The Purple Tape." All this is preparation for the fall release of Ray's debut album, "Lift Off." Today's offering is a freestyle video for those off-the-cuff fans.

Audio: @BuntyBeats @Chox_Mak910 - "Life After Def (EP)" @IAmDJYrsJerzy

Audio: Bunty Beats & Chox-Mak - "Life After Def (EP)"

Courtesy DJYJ.

Bunty Beats and Chox-Mak have been working together for a while now dropping classic projects such as "Boom Bap" and now they bring you "Life After Def" the EP. Many Chox-Mak fans say that this is one of his greatest projects. There are even people speculating that he will resurrect the Boom Bap era and even bring a bigger hip hop scene to North Carolina. You just have to keep looking for Chox-Mak he will defiantly go down in history one day.

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