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Video: @OGDutchMaster - "Paper"

Video: OG Dutch Master - "Paper"

Courtesy OGDM.

While waiting on an release date for Baltimore's own OG Dutch Master new EP entitled "Dirty Diamonds" Dutchy releases the highly anticipated music video for the song "Paper" which is also featured on Dirty Diamonds.

Audio: @Bramzwig - "2 Minute Drill"

Audio: Bramzwig - "2 Minute Drill"

Courtesy Bramzwig.

Earlier in the week, Bramzwig released a new track titled, "2 Minute Drill." The song is the second single from his soon to be released 3rd mixtape, "Concrete Playground." On his new track, the New York Native offers fans an abbreviated summary of his career in music thus far. "2 Minute Drill" acts as an excellent way for fans to connect with Bramz on a more personal level, as they now know a bit more about him as a person.

Video: @Audubon_ @ASAPferg - Smoke Signals (Studio Session)

Video: Audubon Ft. A$AP Ferg - Smoke Signals (Studio Session)

Courtesy #teamLegion.

Check out the new studio session visual of Audubon's "Smoke Signals" feat ASAP Ferg. The track was produced by Frankie P. "Smoke Signals" is off his newly released ep Hotel Audubon. Audubon and Ferg give us the perfect mixture of sounds with this track, definitely something to kick back and vibe out to.

Video: Wiley - "Flying" (@BigDadaRecords @WileyUpdates)

Video: Wiley - "Flying"

Courtesy Trevor @ Score.

Wiley returns to Big Dada and to Grime - the genre he invented and loves above all else - with a blistering new single. If you wanted evidence that Wiley's hunger and fire are undiminished, Flying is it. In fact, Wiley might be the first MC whose hunger is never diminished by considerable commercial success.

DMX Arrested YET AGAIN - This Time in South Carolina (@TMZ)

DMX Arrested YET AGAIN - This Time in South Carolina

Courtesy TMZ.

"DMX was arrested in South Carolina last night -- but immediately called BS on the cops -- screaming out allegations that he was set up ... and it was all caught on tape."

Video: @DSisive - "Friend of Mine" (@URBNET)

Video: D-Sisive - "Friend of Mine"

Courtesy URBNET.

I would write her name for hours. On foolscap paper. Construction paper. On binder covers. I’d use anything that left a trail. Pencils, pens, markers and crayons. I’d write it in bubble letters. Cursive, and printing. I’d write it upside down. In reverse. I’d write it with my last name. And beside my last name was when it was truly perfect.

Sophie Christoff.

She was Greek. I was Macedonian. A small obstacle to get around, but I could win over her parents. I didn’t even know why Greeks and Macedonians hated each other. I just knew they did. Something to do with Alexander The Great, I think? I didn’t know and didn’t care. Alexander The Great wouldn’t care either if he met Sophie. And if he did, I’m sure he too would…ummm…They didn’t have crayons back then, so…carve? Yeah. He’d carve her name in anything that could be carved. And with his last name. ‘Sophie The Great.’ But ‘The Great’ wasn’t ‘Christoff’. And Sophie would never be with him.

It was movie time. We were studying insects. Mrs. Nasimok fired up the film projector. The entire class sat in silence. Only I wasn’t watching the grasshoppers on the screen. I was watching Sophie. Today was the day I was going to make my move. The night prior, I had a long conversation with my ALF plush about Sophie. He told me I should consider eating kittens. And for Sophie, he told me I had to act fast. Move in before someone else does. ALF gave me the courage I needed. And here we were. In the dark. I slowly inched towards her, wrapped my right arm around her shoulders, and gripped her upper arm with my right hand. It was a cinematic moment. That is until she screamed…


Her reaction startled the class. They all looked back and laughed. Laughed at me. Sophie stood up and ran out of the classroom. My chin slammed into my chest. Head down. Staring at the ground. Swimming in laughter. Drowning in embarrassment. Mrs. Nasimok yelled, “Derek! Get in the corner! NOW!” For the next three days, I spent both morning and afternoon recesses in that corner, replaying that moment over and over again in my head. Hearing the laughter in slow motion. I was a reject. The subject of many sandbox stories. A dickweed. A chubby, loser, dickweed.

On the bright side... I was a dickweed who touched Sophie’s shoulder skin. Fuck you, Alexander The Great!
Video: @WizKhalifa Exclusive @FlatFitty Interview!

Video: Wiz Khalifa Exclusive Flat Fitty Interview!

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

In this exclusive interview feature, Wiz Khalifa discusses partnering with Flat Fitty Luxury Headwear to create his new Wiz Khalifa Collection. Wiz also shares his thoughts on style and fashion inspiration; and speaks on how his life has become a real life Blacc Hollywood!

Wiz Khalifa Talks Partnership with Flat Fitty, Style Influence, Living Blacc Hollywood and More! from Flat Fitty on Vimeo.

Video: Futuristic Mob (@TheJacka & Dubble-OO) f/ T-Wayne "100 100's"

Video: Futuristic Mob (The Jacka & Dubble-OO) f/ T-Wayne "100 100's"

Courtesy Matt B.

Bay Area icon, The Jacka, and Space Age Entertainment's Dubble-OO team up for the release of their collaborative project, “Futuristic Mob” which promises to have the perfect mixture of The Jacka’s signature Mob sound that his fans have grown to love and Dubble-OO’s spaced out-futuristic style which speaks to the younger generation that just wants to have fun. The two blend the generational and musical styles perfectly.

Video: Just P - "Change of Scenery" (@JustPUK)

Video: Just P - "Change of Scenery"

Courtesy JP PR.

London based Hip Hop artist, Just P, has released the official music video to his latest track, Change of Scenery. The track features a soft, key based instrumental which, was produced by talented producer Smiley Smuggler, and P uses to make a track about going on holiday to escape his stresses. The cinematic video was directed by talented UK emcee Ruthless and was partly shot by P in Stuttgart, Germany.

Complex Premieres New J-Zone Track "Gadget Ho" (@jzonedonttweet)

Complex Premieres New J-Zone Track "Gadget Ho"

Courtesy Matt B.

“Inspiration always knocks on the door when you’re trying to get some sleep. That’s the only explanation I’ve got for returning to being a recording artist after my well-documented and firm retirement from the music business in 2009. I didn’t think there was a snowball’s chance under Paula Deen's ass that I’d ever make music again. I’m returning to an uphill climb: bloggers and tastemakers half my age, general relevance that has gone from minimal to nearly non-existent and the viral phenomenon has replaced the slow burn method I’ve become accustomed to. But every Jay-Z needs a broke cousin counterpart like J-Zone to return to a (much) more modest rap arena after sworn retirement.

Like my turbulent ups and downs in the music biz inspired my book (Root For the Villain), the rollercoaster ride of life-altering decisions and expectations that have come with post-rap life (and one’s 30s in general) have inspired my first J-Zone solo album in nine years, Peter Pan Syndrome. Of course it’s somewhat of a concept album; I had to ask myself (and the general public) “Do rap artists ever have to ‘grow up?’” If so, what does that entail?

As a rap artist who at one point was able to survive on modest earnings, but not big enough to really stack money and become a household name, I’ve landed in an odd position. I never formally entered the workforce until my mid-30s and my lack of “real world” experience has made a career search a grim, albeit hilarious ride. Bringing home $50 a day after taxes and expenses with no room to advance (and eventually working a total of 80 hours per week to make it $150!) was hardly ideal, but that was my reality for a good while and if I couldn’t produce something entertaining out of that quicksand jog, I’d be wasting both the experience and my sense of humor. It was also pretty funny to literally be laughed out of an employment agency earlier this year for my “unverifiable” work history in the rap game. Then all this talk about lacking “experience” and my peers saying I can’t be walking around with a retro haircut if I’m serious about finding a nice, secure, dead end job. The nerve!

So how did I respond? In the most un-adult manner possible: I eschewed grad school and instead spent my money on old drum kits and learned how to play a little bit, giving a different edge to my production. I turned every blog I was preparing to post on my platform at Ego Trip into a rap song and gave select moments from my book got the same treatment. I called up some old friends (rappers Al-Shid, Celph Titled and Breeze Brewin and cameo-makers Prince Paul, R.A. the Rugged Man and Oxygen), some new ones (rapper Has-Lo and multi-instrumentalist Hot Sugar) and my alter egos (unemployed shit-talkers Chief Chinchilla and Swagmaster Bacon) to help me create the most honest record of my career, yet still by far the most vulgar, lowbrow and juvenile, considering my age. Wish me luck, because if this doesn’t work, I’m gonna start doing slip-and falls in different Whole Foods locations across America for money. Anything to never join a site like again, and keep getting e-mails for shit I’m not qualified for.”

J-Zone’s “Peter Pan Syndrome” will be released in Digital, CD & Cassette (limited to 200 total in 2 different tape shell colors) formats; and Vinyl coming later in the year; you can pre-order the LP now at premiere link:

Soundcloud Link:

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