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MP3: @TheBlackOpera - Balcony (@MelloMusicGroup)

MP3: The Black Opera - Balcony

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

In the world of opera, a libretto is the blueprint, a written text that anchors the performance. In the same vein, The Black Opera’s upcoming album Libretto: Of King Legend will prove to anchor the sound and message of The Black Opera. Libretto: of King Legend is a detailed tale, told from the perspectives of both the incredible King and his loyal statesmen.

Free Download: The Black Opera "Balcony" .

As an aperitif to The Black Opera’s upcoming album “Libretto: Of King Legend”, MMG is offering the first leak from the project: “Balcony.” A deep, warbling bass line and 80’s coke cinema synths (courtesy of producer Astronote) grace the tracks sonic backdrop. The mysterious vocalists with “black hoodies on no matter what the forecast” fill the pocket nicely with the double entendres and charisma that has garnered them a faithful following.

Libretto is the third and final installment of the three part introduction: THE BLACK OP: ERA I. Libretto creates a musical umbrella which encompasses the [r]evolutionary theme of their first installment Overture and the charismatic spirit of their second installment EnterMission., all while delving into the mind, heart and bloodline of The Black Opera.

Whether the low-end or the lyrics draw you in, The Black Opera is ready to introduce its newest installment: Libretto: Of King Legend. Available from Mello Music Group October 30th.
Video: @M_Trife & Nonsense - Faith Right Now f/ Andre DePriest

Video: Mega Trife & Nonsense - Faith Right Now f/ Andre DePriest




Audio: @BigStat - "Elevators Freestyle"

Audio: BigStat - "Elevators Freestyle"

Courtesy C.L.

Stat's Latest Freestyle off Paid My Dues 10/23. I'll be sending you more material from the mixtape this coming week, including a new Video and a song with Method Man.

@DSisive: Jonestown 3 Info

Save The Date:

AllMyFriendsAreDead: The Video Shoot
We Need You THIS Saturday [October 20]. High Park, Toronto: Noon – Four pm.
FacebookEvent: .

Saturday.November.17. @The Rivoli. Toronto.
FacebookEvent: .

D-Sisive|Jonestown 3.The Dream Is Over
Available Sunday.November.18.2012: .



A few weeks ago, bored at work, I found myself creepily doodling Justin Bieber's name for an instagram [@dsisive] pic I thought would be funny. I outlined the bubble letters and added hearts and balloons. Sprinkled it with a TLA and snapped away. Once uploaded, and impressed with my inner 13 year old girl, I decided to take my bubble letter game to the people. Via Facebook, I offered my listeners a bubble lettered version of their names, in exchange for their email addresses. Before I knew it, I was working on 433 names. I'm still finishing them, actually. I will finish them. Promise.

Amongst the 'thank you' replies from my satisfied customers, I received an interesting email. I won't include the name, but here's the message, copy and pasted from the original...

"I didn't think you would really do this and thought it was a joke. You must really love your fans or be really really bored. Do you ever listen to Mac Miller? You two would be good on a song.

You should really try to not put so much blasphemy in your songs. Your rapping is better when you don't do it. It isn't good for later on and I asked my grandmother to pray for you once and she did. I hope it helps. I don't think you should be scared but you should prepare to be safe because it's never too late.

When is the new Jonestown coming out? My girlfriend told me to ask you if 1974 is a real story?

Thanks alot for the name."

This email stayed with me. No offense to its author, but it's definitely... interesting. It resonated with me. It made me nervous. It was just as confused and confusing as I am. I'm fully aware of my content and what I put out. I stand by the choices I make, even though I may not agree with them over time. This person wants me to tone down the 'blasphemy', but wants Jonestown. This person wants me to prepare for the afterlife. This person wants me to work with Mac Miller. This person isn't sure if 1974, an innocent song about my father's dislike for Frank Sinatra [featured on the first Jonestown], is fictitious or not. This person asked her grandmother to pray for me, yet, this person wants Jonestown. This is not the first email I've received of this tone, but it is the most confusing.

To answer, Jonestown 3.The Dream Is Over, will be released on Sunday.November.18th [ ]. The 34th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre. To put it bluntly, this will be the end. I've been hinting at it for a while, and it's only right I make it concrete. It's the end of the Jonestown series, as well as the end of the D-Sisive chapter I started 5 years ago.

In 2007, and inspired by Warren Zevon's final months, I ran full speed. Making up for lost time by releasing as much music as possible, as fast as I could. I was/am afraid of dying and not doing what I should have while alive. I tried speaking with as many people as I could, and met a lot of amazing personalities. It's incredible what recording words and sounds can bring you. I also feel like I've double-lapped that lost time.

This isn't a Master-P-Retirement publicity stunt. I'm not retiring. I'm just exploring. Finding new roads to walk. I just feel like I need to find that dirty dish again. The plates I was washing when I wrote Brian Wilson. I need to plant a garden. I need to learn Macedonian. I need to learn how to cook. I need to watch Boardwalk Empire. I need to visit Paris. I need to work on my novel at Starbucks. I need to learn how to play the accordion. I need to sharpen my bubble letter skills.

I need to prepare.

See you in November.


"Worldwide" f/ M-Dot (EMS) & Armageddon (@RevOfEMS)

"Worldwide" f/ M-Dot (EMS) & Armageddon (formerly Terror Squad)

Courtesy Chris Figueroa.

Belgium's DJ Grazzhoppa remixes "Worldwide" featuring M-Dot (EMS) & Armageddon (formally of Terror Squad). Originally laced by DJ Brans.

* *
Video: Eugenicz - Now Is The Time (@Eugen1cz)

Video: Eugenicz - Now Is The Time

Courtesy Underground Warlords.

You in to hear some real rap, instead of all the gangsta and car bullshit? I'm an underground rapper myself and I want to share my music with you and the rest of the world.

Audio: Michael Barber "Ruthless (Asher Roth Diss)" @TheIrishJesus

Audio: Michael Barber "Ruthless (Asher Roth & Mac Miller Diss)"

Courtesy Doctor Ray.

Michael Barber's new single Ruthless takes funny shots at Asher Roth, Mac Miller, Wax and Kirko Bangz. It was self produced and Michael uses an Eazy-E type of flow and some lyrics from Eric Wright, his favorite rapper.

Grant Parks REMIX: Pimp C - Pourin' Up ft Mike Jones & Bun B

Grant Parks REMIX: Pimp C - Pourin' Up ft Mike Jones & Bun B

Courtesy DM360.

R.I.P. Pimp C
12/29/73 - 12/4/07

Video: @ArkansasRodD "Real Talk Pt. 2"

Video: Rod-D "Real Talk Pt. 2"

Courtesy DJ Scrill.

Smart Moves Ent. & Kickdoe Ent. Presents Rod-D "Real Talk Pt. 2" Official Video

9th Wonder and Buckshot 'The Solution' Music Video (@MacMediaPromo)

9th Wonder and Buckshot 'The Solution' Music Video

Courtesy Matt B.

New music from 9th Wonder & Buckshot's third album, 'The Solution,' available Nov. 13th on Jamla/Duck Down Music.

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