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Rappers Expose Human Trafficking in New York City

Rappers Expose Human Trafficking in New York City

Courtesy Chad Horton.

'King Kulture: Stop The Traffic' - The All-Star Compilation Album Helps NYC Organization

ip Hop is exposing human trafficking in New York City and assisting the New York Urban City Project to continue their ongoing fight. Premier Hip Hop music web site in conjunction with Syntax Distribution, New York City Urban Project, and InterVarsity, is releasing a compilation album entitled 'King Kulture: Stop The Traffic' on August 27th, 2013. Proceeds from the album are donated to New York City Urban Project, a non-profit organization based in and serving New York City.

King Kulture: Stop The Traffic is a project full of artists that are passionate about raising awareness and fighting human trafficking. The title track was done by Washington Heights resident, Andy Mineo who's album 'Heroes For Sale' is one of the highest selling independent Hip Hop albums of the year with over 30,000 sold in the first week alone. The Reach Records artist and label mate to the Grammy Award nominated artist Lecrae, connected Rapzilla with the New York City Urban Project and assisted in making their vision a reality. The project features MC Jin, another New York City resident and a rapper that is known for winning BET's Freestyle Friday a record breaking 7 consecutive times, landing him in their Hall of Fame. MC Jin went on to sign with Ruff Ryders alongside DMX and Eve at the label's peak. MC Jin changed things up and moved to Hong Kong where he reached celebrity status as a model, actor and rapper, before relocating back to the U.S. recently. The compilation features several Grammy, Dove and Stellar Award nominated artists and producers such as Flame, Sho Baraka, Wit, Canton Jones, and Propaganda.

Child Trafficking is the recruitment, smuggling, transporting, harboring, buying or selling of a child through force, threats, fraud, deception, or coercion for the purposes of exploitation, prostitution, pornography, migrant work, sweatshops, domestic servitude, forced labor, bondage, peonage or involuntary servitude. Child trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. UNICEF values the global market of child trafficking at over $12 billion a year with over 2 million child victims. Men, women and children are all victims but, the most vulnerable groups, those with limited rights or protections, have been the hardest hit… especially children.
Joe Mazzilli, Executive Director of A&E's Runaway Squad served 15 years with the NYPD, nine of those years with the Organized Crime Control Bureau, where he infiltrated the mob. During his years of deep undercover, Mazzilli’s work led to major mob arrests for murder, drug trafficking, hijacking, and human trafficking. In an exclusive interview with Mazzilli stated, "1.6 million kids run away a year. 50 percent of them get exploited and many of them die."

"It's hard to get video of anyone actually being trafficked because obviously it's not done in the open, but obviously if you see a 24 hour massage parlor - people aren't getting back massages at 3 o'clock in the morning." says Rapzilla co-owner and editor-in-chief, Chad Horton during his recent trip to New York.

The idea for King Kulture came about when founder Philip Rood and his team were looking for ways to expand the web site’s charitable impact. “We wanted to give proceeds from a project to a charity in Africa,” Rood says. He adds, “We partnered with several artists and producers that donated their talents and time to make it happen. From the sales of the first King Kulture project, ' Presents... King Kulture', we donated $10,000 to the school Ecole de la Borne in Kinshasa, Congo.”

'King Kulture: Stop The Traffic' is available for pre-order on iTunes. Physical copies and deluxe packages are available for pre-order on Rapzilla's Official Store at

1. KIDD - First World Problems - produced by by Tyshane
2. FLAME - Cashews - produced by DeeOnTheTrack & post prod. by SPEC
3. Alert312 - Murmurs - produced by Alert312
4. Skrip - Show Them - produced by Skrip
5. Rhema Soul - We Win - produced by Wit
6. MC Jin - Over The Edge ft. Dawen - produced by Jay Wonda
7. Gowe - First Date - produced by Tee-Wyla
8. Janette...ikz - What Will It Take?
10. Andy Mineo - Stop The Traffic ft. Co Campbell - produced by GAWVI
11. Butta P - Rescue Me ft. V.Rose - produced by Tee-Wyla
12. Sho Baraka - Tomorrow ft. ALi - produced by ALi
13. Json - Rejuvenated ft. Future & Derek Minor - by DeeOnTheTrack & SPEC
14. Young Chozen - Royalty - produced by Tee-Wyla
15. Canton Jones - Runway - produced by Canton Jones
16. HillaryJane - Not For Sale - produced by Skrip
17. Propaganda - Healthy Don’t Need Doctors - produced by Wit
Arise King David - Free Music (Free Download) @AriseKingDavid @ParkStreetPR

Arise King David - Free Music (Free Download)

Courtesy Park Street PR.

An artist for Hip Hop purists, Arise King David has served the UK Hip Hop scene for over a decade with versatile flows, conscious content and some of the hardest beats out there. Born in London to Ghanaian parents, Arise King David has been steadily building his repertoire over the years, known as an Executive Producer at the former Hip Hop label Strictly Bizzness. Under the names Flawless and then Darknight, his MC'ing talents have seen him share stages with Akon, The Game and more as well being championed by DJ 279 on Choice FM and Tim Westwood on his BBC Radio 1 show.

Following a hiatus in 2006 to focus on gaining a qualification in sound engineering and music tech, King David went on to co-found DM Sound Design Ltd a company specialising in audio post production, music composition and sound design for TV, film, radio and computer games. During this period King David worked on a number of projects including the Cannes Film Festival 'Short Film Corner' award nominated film 'I DO' and most recently 'ZION' a film by Sheila Nortley winner of the 'Best Film' and 'Best Screenplay' awards at the Spartan Lense Film Festival, Norfolk Virginia.

Now Arise King David drops his debut solo project, 'Free Music' a future UK classic that took a year and a half to craft and nurture it. This project stays true to Hip-Hop music and expresses itself freely without trying to fit into the mass market image of what Hip-Hop music is. This self produced project features gust beats from the acclaimed Kosyne of Eatgood Records, DJ Slademan and Chairman Maf. Cuts come from DJ SRG (Poland's finest!) and DJ279, plus guest artist appearances from Skriblah Dan Gogh (Terra Firma), Imam Thug, Phoenix Da Icefire (Triple Darkness) and Tommy Bunnz to name but a few. This is one to satisfy the appetite of Hip Hop lovers, not just in the UK but worldwide.

Arise King David - Nourishment (Produced by Kosyne) - Video

Arise King David - On This (Produced by King David) - Video

Arise King David Feat. Nightpro - These People (Produced by Chairman Maf) - Video

Arise King David - Free Music (Track-listing):

01. Free Music Intro (Produced by King David)
02. Who Knows? Feat. Otema (Produced by King David)
03. On This (Produced by King David)
04. Revolution Poem (Performed by The Poet)
05. Lamenting (Produced by King David)
06. Do What You Want (Produced by DJ SRG)
07. Call You Later Feat. Tommy Bunnz & Eunice (Produced by King David)
08. In Chains Poem (Performed by The Poet)
09. Free Music - Bustin Out (Produced by Young Soul)
10. Nourishment (Produced by Kosyne)
11. Nkrumah Salute (Produced by King David)
12. Broken Star (Produced by Mutos Da Beat Phantom)
13. Commonwealth Poem (Performed by The Poet)
14. These People Feat. Nightpro (Produced by Chairman Maf)
15. Crushed Ice (Produced by King David)
16. Trichotomy Feat. Phoenix Da Icefire & Skriblah Dangogh (Produced by DJ Slademan)
17. Man Dem Feat. Stealth MC & Manic (Produced by King David)
18. Simple - It's Not A Thing Feat. Imam Thug (Produced by King David / Cuts by DJ 279)
19. Comfort Zone Feat. Manic & Kayosoul (Produced by King David)
20. This Is The Day Outro (Produced by King David)

Download links:
Video: @KillaKyleon - "My Nigga"

Video: Killa Kyleon - "My Nigga"

Courtesy J.L.


PR: Magna Carta (District 78 Remixes)

PR: Magna Carta (District 78 Remixes)

Courtesy Biz 3.

Disctrict 78 remixed Jay Z's new album Magna Carta in its entirety in one feverish week. The remix album is available for sale using Legitmix's innovative technology, which seamlessly recreates District 78's remixes on your computer using your iTunes copies of the Jay Z tracks. Check it below, post and cop if you like it.


Audio: @RichMFNQuick f/ Jakk Frost - "Walk On Bye"

Audio: Rich Quick f/ Jakk Frost - "Walk On Bye"

Courtesy Ballin PR.

"Rich got his hip hop passport I stamped it, got a problem with him I'm pulling out the rachet." Jakk Frost

Video: @Hopsin - "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 6"

Video: Hopsin - "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 6"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Since beginning his "Ill Mind Of Hopsin" video series 4 years ago, Funk Volume Records co-founder Hopsin has already racked up nearly 120 million views to his YouTube channel, in addition to seeing his label thrust into the spotlight with the recent explosive success of artists Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton.

Audio: P. Kumlawdi - "TouchDown"

Audio: P. Kumlawdi - "TouchDown"

Courtesy UA PR.

New single produced by Trakman.

Video: @UptownXO - "Finding My Way" (@MelloMusicGroup)

Video: Uptown XO (of Diamond District) - "Finding My Way"

Courtesy MMG.

Diamond District emcee Uptown XO releases the video version of his first single "Finding My Way" from the album "Colour de Grey". A.B. The Pro produces the track adding a percussive funk loop to XO's introspective lyrical mood. Meanwhile, XO explores all he's been through in life - from childhood evictions and lost memories, to the battle for his soul.

Audio: @RayReed2 f/ Dizzy Wright - "Blessed"

Audio: Ray Reed f/ Dizzy Wright - "Blessed"

Courtesy P.M.

D-Town up comer Ray Reed recently dropped his latest mixtape Universes earlier this month. Serving as the first single is "Blessed" featuring Funk Volume's Dizzy Wright and is produced by K.O. Treezy. The song is about being "Blessed" by the struggles of coming up and not by having money and material things.

Audio: @TheStereoCrew - Swine Basket w/ Fries ft Cole Slaw

Audio: Stereo Crew - Swine Basket w/ Fries ft Cole Slaw

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

The first song "Swine Basket w/ Fries Ft Cole Slaw", recorded over The Roots' "A Piece Of Light" instrumental, is an uplifting song with a clear message: Be Positive and let Negativity go."

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