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Video: @Wrekonize (of ¡Mayday!) - Anxiety Attacks

Video: Wrekonize (of ¡Mayday!) - Anxiety Attacks

Courtesy CrazyHood.

First official visuals off Wrekonize's Strange Music debut album 'The War Within' In stores 06-25-13.

Video: @KiddUpstairs @Porfavorian - "Amanda Bynes"

Video: Kidd Upstairs & XO - "Amanda Bynes"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Los Angeles based songwriter, producer and rapper Kidd Upstairs and his collaborator, San Diego hip-hop artist XO, are fully aware of how their new single and video, "Amanda Bynes," could be construed by the media and the general public. The actress' new appearance, alleged strange behavior, and notorious tweets and video posts now provide nearly daily fodder for gossip and entertainment blogs, with some going so far as to suggest Bynes' is mentally ill and should be institutionalized. Some may find the music video, which mixes footage spanning Bynes' twenty-year career in television and film with numerous paparazzi videos chronicling her more recent "erratic" behavior, mocking or disparaging, however Kidd Upstairs intends just the opoosite.

Audio: @AntiLilly - Clarissa (Used 2 Love Her) Prod. LA Beatz

Audio: Anti-Lilly - Clarissa (Used 2 Love Her) Prod. LA Beatz

Courtesy Rahn James.

Houston's own, Anti-Lilly is back with the follow up to his recently release single "A Million Stories". Following in story-telling fashion, the LA Beatz produced Clarissa (I Used 2 Love Her) tell's the tale of a love gone wrong. Look for Anti's Memoirs & The 90s Project to be released at the end of the month.

@ElementRhymes - Who 2 Trust in LA (Produced by Bonobo)

Element Rhymes - Who 2 Trust in LA (Produced by Bonobo)

Courtesy Terry J.

Element teams up with popular British musician/producer Bonobo for a sensational remix collaboration. "Who 2 trust in LA". Self explanatory and to the point. Element tells us a personal Los Angeles tale over the melodic track produced by Bonobo.

The Stoned God Oscar O'Malley Visuals for "CoKo BaJio" (@DiamondMedia360 @Gomodacaveman)

The Stoned God Oscar O'Malley Visuals for "CoKo BaJio"

Courtesy DM360.

After releasing the audio this past Friday, NYC's Oscar O'Malley presents the visuals for "CoKo Bajio." By fusing ethereal imagery with the Stoned God's atmospheric production, your judgement of perception verse reality will surely be challenged. Seemingly paradoxical, you'll find O'Malley peacefully exhaling thick plumes of weed smoke into the clouds, while donning his uzi that weighs a ton, as he takes out whole villages with his lyrics. No use praying for mercy either… 'fu*k around, he'll turn this whole place villain.'

Video: @TomDelayBeats - "The Living Dead"

Video: Tom Delay Beats - "The Living Dead"

Courtesy TD.

Tom Delay Beats presents Sharks in the Sky, a 12 track collection of contemporary hip-hop instrumentals that has landed on Brake Fast Records. A dexterous producer, Tom Delay, showcases his skill with a myriad of beats that touch a number of hip-hop subgenres. Sharks in the Sky contains pure hip-hop head-nodders like “Dream Lab” and “The Living Dead”, quirky but hard hitting 8-bit-sounding beats like “Echelon” and “So Filthy”, and smooth joints like “Just”. Then there are tracks like “The Lives” and “Panoptic” that give off a triumphant indie/electro rock vibe, as Delay seems to toy with the effervescent boundaries of the genre.

Audio: @RockyDiamonds (MDMA/Zone 4) "Forgive Me"

Audio: Rocky Diamonds (MDMA/Zone 4) "Forgive Me"

Courtesy JM.

Rocky Diamonds, who is one of Polow Da Don's newest artists on his Zone 4 label and a member of the group MDMA has dropped his new mixtape, "Artofficial." Here goes one of the tracks, "Forgive Me" produced by Trakksounds & Chinky P.

02 - Forgive Me (Prod. by Chinky P & TrakkSounds).mp3
@FactorMusic's "Woke Up Alone" on @FakeFour Inc. July 23rd

Factor Announces "Woke Up Alone" on Fake Four Inc. July 23rd

Courtesy Trevor @ Score.

Swiss-American psychiatrist and author Elisabeth Kübler-Ross first hypothesized the five stages of grief in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying. When faced with death or its corporeal equivalent, an individual often moves through turbulent emotional stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Nearly a half-century after the theory’s introduction, Saskatonian super-producer Factor has assembled an all-star cast of Fake Four family and friends to explore the phenomenon through the tale of a man losing his wife and attempting to raise her from the dead. The album Woke Up Alone is set for release on July 23, 2013.

1. Woke Up Alone
2. The Empire Has Fallen (ft. Paranoid Castle)
3. After the Service
4. Raise the Dead ft. Ceschi
5. Alive Tomorrow (feat. Nomad)
6. Stone Cold ft. Open Mike Eagle
7. Long Hallways
8. In Sickness & In Health ft. Onry Ozzborn
9. Don’t Give Up ft. Paranoid Castles and Jeans Boots
10. Denied ft. Myka 9
11. Devil’s Call ft. Evil Ebeneezer
12. Carry Over ft. Jeans Boots
13. Let it Go ft. Astronautalis
14. Give Up ft. Gregory Pepper & Paranoid Castle
15. The Grave (Burial)
Girls Say By Tru Fam Music Video Submission

Girls Say By Tru Fam Music Video Submission

Courtesy Emily.

I manage a group called Tru Fam and they are a twin hip-hop duo from New Jersey. Below is their most recent video "Girls Say" off of their latest project "Thrill".

@GreenHipHop Runs a Subaru Forester Through the Beat Machine with Slaughter Rico

Mr. Green Runs a Subaru Forester Through the Beat Machine with Slaughter Rico

Courtesy Green Hip Hop.

"This episode was recorded entirely at the East Coast Gas Station in North Philadelphia. First we met up with Philly legend Slaughter Rico (look up "5 Dolla Nigga") and started grabbing sounds from the car. We got stuff from the trunk, the glove box, the keys, the horn, the ignition beep and a couple random other things from around the station. Then I loaded the sounds in the beat machine and chopped them up. Finally, Slaughter Rico dropped a crazy verse over the beat."

Mr. Green and crew inviting people to make their own beats from the car sounds. Download the sounds from this link:

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