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Wednesday October 01, 2014
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[Neverlove] Juno what I'm sayin'?

Buck 65 Review

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Video/Audio: Game - "Uncle Otis" (Disses Jay-Z, Kreayshawn & More)

Video/Audio: Game - "Uncle Otis" (Disses Jay-Z, Kreayshawn & More)

Courtesy SuperiorHipHop.

Video: Thank You - Ernie Paniccioli

Video: Thank You - Ernie Paniccioli

A famed hip-hop photographer has something important to say!

MP3: Hollywood FLOSS - "Attack Of Hollywood"

MP3: Hollywood FLOSS - "Attack Of Hollywood"

Courtesy of Audible Treats.

At some point in life, in between touching random objects and eating things that we probably shouldn’t eat, we're usually taught a thing or two about not judging a book by its cover. Some remember the lesson, most forget, and even less learn to use it to their advantage. Houston, Texas rapper Hollywood FLOSS falls into the small percentage; loving to shock people with his intricate word play, FLOSS feels most comfortable residing behind the element of surprise, for bringing something different with his music than his name – or his hometown – might suggest. And no where is that more evident than on his forthcoming album, One Fan At A Time, which will be released on September 20th and offered to fans for free download

Before giving fans a glimpse of the new album, though, FLOSS is getting fans a few non-album tracks, the first of which is "Attack Of Hollywood." Following the example of label mate Dustin Prestige, FLOSS tackles production from go-to-guy Chris Rockaway, producer who, as FLOSS explains it, "is not afraid to push his creative limits." "I wanted to make a song that played off of my stage name and that has more than one layer,” says FLOSS. “The song takes place in a movie theater, and it puts me inside a story as I tell the story.” Playing off the track's title, FLOSS incorporates flips wordplay-filled verses that name-check a variety of Hollywood actors and entertainers in rewind-worthy fashion. "Looking for Sharon’s Stone, I fell down Brad’s Pitt," raps FLOSS. "Couldn’t move, so I Ben Stilled for a minute.”

Download "Attack Of Hollywood" here: .

Video: Game Talks "Otis" Diss Record & Beef w/ Big Sean

Video: Game Talks "Otis" Doss Record & Beef w/ Big Sean

Courtesy of DJ Vlad.

Video: Jessie Maguire Interview w/ Diggy Simmons

Video: Jessie Maguire Interview w/ Diggy Simmons

From Jessie Maguire.

I sat down with Diggy when he was in Orlando to promote his new single "Copy,Paste" off of his debut album. Diggy hints at possible collaborations and giving out some free music while he fills us in on his clothing line and if he experiences any pressure to succeed because of his family.

Diggy's official first single Copy, Paste is available on itunes here.

MP3: Tyrese f/ Ludacris - "Too Easy"

MP3: Tyrese f/ Ludacris - "Too Easy"

Courtesy of BF Blasts.

(Clean/Dirty/Instru) .

Video: Prano & Salemme Perform Live @ Flocka Show

Video: Prano & Salemme Perform Live @ Flocka Show

From Major Music.

BBMMG artist @Pranobbm and up and coming artist @YoungSalemme recently opened for **Waka Flocka Flame* at a show in Hyannis, Massachusetts. The Boston area emcee's recorded their pre-show activities and performances.

Video: 2 Chainz (a/k/a Tity Boi) - "Pimp C Back"

Video: 2 Chainz (a/k/a Tity Boi) - "Pimp C Back"

Courtesy: Rap Star Promo.

MP3: K.I. - "Fresh Out the E.R." (Clean)

MP3: K.I. - "Fresh Out the E.R." (Clean)

Courtesy Music Unlimited NYC.

* *

Music Unlimited recording artist K.I. drops a smoking new track "Fresh Out The E.R.", which is based on a true story.

On the way to the studio one night K.I. fell ill. He was rushed to the hospital with severe chest and back pains. After spending the majority of the evening in a Bridgeport, CT emergency room K.I. continued on to the studio and this song is the result.

MP3: Paul White - "Evasive Action"

MP3: Paul White - "Evasive Action"

From Nora Ritchie.

Diplo: "I'm his biggest fan."

The Guardian: "a 21st century DJ Shadow"

Fader: "conjures a hallucinatory world which owes as much to guitarists dressed as wizards and epic songs about Stonehenge as it does to turntables and microphones." (on White's previous release, The Strange Dreams of Paul White)

Sandwiched somewhere in between straight-ahead hip-hop bangers, waltzing drum machines, and ethereal electronic soundscapes lies one of UK's most promising producers; Paul White. His new upcoming hip-hop album Rapping With Paul White , a playful and exuberantly experimental smorgasboard of sounds, features a host of hip-hop heavyweights including Guilty Simpson, Homeboy Sandman, Danny Brown, Marv Won and others. Rapping With Paul White is out on August 23rd via One-Handed Music.

To drum up anticipation for his new album, One-Handed Music and Paul White are releasing the instrumental track "Evasive Action" today, an escapade of layered rhythms, guitar riffs, and a children's choir.

(MP3) Paul White - "Evasive Action" : .

Pre-Order Rapping With Paul White on iTunes: .

Best Of The Rest:
(MP3) Paul White - "Trust" ft. Guilty Simpson: .
(Video) Paul White - "Trust" ft. Guilty Simpson: .
(Mixtape) Rapping With Paul White- The DJ House Shoes Mixtape: .

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