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@MacMiller Collapses While Performing "Watching Movies" In Phoenix (@MissDimplez)

Mac Miller Collapses While Performing "Watching Movies" In Phoenix

Courtesy Miss Dimplez.

Over the weekend, Mac Miller took to Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix as the second to last stop on the Space Migration tour. While performing the title track to his latest album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, Mac collapsed. Miller started to get faint around the 1:28-mark, but later goes all the way down to the ground at the 2:05-mark. To mask his fall, the venue lights quickly dimmed, and returned once he was back on his feet. Not sure if it was sheer breathlessness from rapping verses that seemed like they would never end, asthma, or dehydration. Either way Mac Miller quickly rebounded and went on to finish his extended set seamlessly.

J-Zone Announces His New Album (@jzonedonttweet)

J-Zone Announces His New Album

Courtesy J-Zone.

What inspired my return to music? Reality! Ever try getting on Linked In or going to a job fair with a Gumby haircut and your primary experience being running around a stage in a rabbit fur coat? I did. Ever enter the work force for the very first time in your mid-30s and try to "behave," "assimilate," "move up" and "grow up," only to go broke, become a misanthrope and go postal after 7 months, write a book and become even less willing to grow up? I did.

Audio: @ApolloBrown - "Skilled Trade" (@MelloMusicGroup)

Audio: Apollo Brown - "Skilled Trade"

Courtesy MMG.

This is a collection of instrumentals Apollo Brown made in 2008 before winning the Red Bull Big Tune Championship in Detroit and then signing to Mello Music Group. The collection has been such a popular record around the office for the past few years that we decided to make it available to everyone here.

Audio: @Goldenofrbd @JayQuest - "Soul For Sale"

Audio: Golden & Kidd Called Quest - "Soul For Sale"

Courtesy L.J.

Young, Black And Gifted is a Emcee & Producer Duo from upstate NY. After letting the public hear a couple of leaks "Looking At The City" and the excellent "Ready For Me," Golden & Kidd Called Quest prove that their previous joints together wasn't just a fluke or even a one time thing.

Video: @Wordsmith "Traffic Jammin'" (prod. JS aka The Best)

Video: Wordsmith "Traffic Jammin'" (prod. JS aka The Best)

Courtesy WS.

The Average citizen drives 13,476 miles per year or 37 miles a day. We spend more than twice as much time in traffic congestion complaining.

Mixtape: GQ Marley - "Dream" (@GQMarley420)

Mixtape: GQ Marley - "Dream"

Courtesy GQ.

gQ Marley is a self driven artist born and raised from the city of San Antonio, Texas. Known for his witty metaphors, clever wordplay, and sarcastic humor, this artist plans to leave a mark on the music industry by becoming one of the first as well as headlining artist to come from his hometown.

gQ Marley started a movement known as DREAMER$NATION which motivates individuals to chase after there dreams and goals. His saying will one day be popular "Roll up your DREAMS and get HIGH off Success."

Video: King Ttop f/ Dream & Lexi Vee - "Like You" (@JeremiahDream @GoCrazy4Ttop)

Video: King Ttop f/ Dream & Lexi Vee - "Like You"

Courtesy AJ.

Wild Pack, young music group based out of the Bay Area.

Audio: @TrelMack - "Fill It Up" (@SKERecords)

Audio: Trel Mack - "Fill It Up"

Courtesy M.A.P.

Trel Mack has been making his way into the music industry for a while now this time he comes with his new track "Fill It Up" which is an energetic track that everyone can relate too. Trel Mack has alot of projects in the works right now there is alot in store for him and the whole SKE Records camp. This track was also produced by Epik The Dawn.

Video: Edgar Sosa - "Gratitude" (@EdgarSosa909)

Video: Edgar Sosa - "Gratitude"

Courtesy Gabriel H.

Edgar Sosa, a 21 year old recording artist based out of Fontana/Rialto California, began making music at the age of 12. Sosa rapidly developed a strong content in his ability to write music thanks to the inspiration brewed up from his older brothers Celphi [self-Eye] and Lz$. Together the 3 brothers form as BM$ (Beautiful Music Society).

Audio: @_MarkMorrison @CrookedIntriago, Shonie - "N.A.N.G. 2.0"

Audio: Mark Morrison f/ Crooked I, Shonie - "N.A.N.G. 2.0"

Courtesy 2SPR.

"N.A.N.G. 2.0. shines a spotlight on women suffering due to domestic abuse. Inspired by Morrison's cousin, who was housed by UK national charity REFUGE during an abusive relationship. The single will be released digitally worldwide on October 1st, 2013, which is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) in the US.

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