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Audio: Kid Cannibal - SHARKS! (@CannibalMusic)

Audio: Kid Cannibal - SHARKS!

Courtesy DJ Doc Rok.

With Shark Week in full swing (new shows at 9|8c) and the internet going nuts over the soon to be film classic "Sharknado" (Sharknado II: The Sharkening in the works), I figured now would be a good time to release my song "SHARKS!"

Audio: @AkirOne @ImmortalTech "Future"

Audio: Akir f/ Immortal Technique "Future"

Courtesy Matt B.

For Akir, words aren’t just words—they’re credos, rallying cries; a way of life. His name, for example, is an acronym for “Always Keep It Real” has zero to do with tired rap clichés, or a small-minded view of what rap is and can be.

Video: Pumas Gold Chain & Puma Clyde's Anniversary Event (@FollowMyFresh @God_Sha @Puma)

Video: Pumas Gold Chain & Puma Clyde's Anniversary Event

Courtesy FRESH.

Celebrating the upcoming release of Rob Fresh's "Pumas Gold Chain" & Puma Clyde's 40th Anniversary, this event was one not to be missed. The night was filled with the real NYC, and the true Puma heads. Merging lifestyle and music with a few surprises, we bring to you the new Puma Life!!!

@XXL & RED Distribution Reveal Latest Special Edition Mini-Mag

XXL & RED Distribution Reveal Latest Special Edition Mini-Mag

Courtesy 'Stache Media.

Featuring Fabolous Cover & Two Free Bonus CD Samplers Inside

XXL & RED Distribution is excited to announce the XXL Special Edition #2 mini-mag available exclusively at Best Buy stores nationwide starting August 6th. This $5.99 limited edition mini-mag will be positioned in the music section of all Best Buy locations and available on

The XXL mini-mag features Grammy-nominated and Def Jam Recordings artist Fabolous on the cover, and inside readers will find exclusive interviews from 2 Chainz, Chance The Rapper, Ace Hood, Macklemore, Juicy J, The RZA, Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era, and more.

The XXL mini-mag comes with two free bonus CDs, including a times, rhymes & beats sampler featuring Joey Bada$$, Ghostface Killah, Prodigy, Tony Touch and more, as well as SaLaAm ReMI presents Summer Jams '13 sampler featuring various artists from Louder Than Life, ReMiFa Music, Flying Buddha Records, and more.


RED, an award-winning division of Sony Music Entertainment, headquartered in New York City, is widely recognized as the industry leader in music distribution and artist development. RED specializes in digital and physical sales, marketing, D2C, radio promotion and product development for more than 60 independent record labels, as well as select artists from Sony owned labels. RED's marketing outreach is unsurpassed in generating consumer awareness for artists, labels and brand partners. In 2009, RED launched 'stache media, a full service marketing agency specializing in music. 'stache media's expert staff provides marketing services in online marketing & publicity, college lifestyle marketing, advertising & consumer research, brand & partnership marketing, radio, video promotion and creative production. Sony Music Entertainment's merger/acquisition of IODA and The Orchard has expanded RED's reach into international as well as domestic markets.
Video: @TheRealEternia - "Final Offering" (@DJ_SAV_ONE)

Video: Eternia - "Final Offering"

Courtesy Sav.

Eternia returns after a two year 'hiatus' with an epic verse. Unloading a hailstorm of questions pointed at herself, God, her family, her friends, and her very purpose, 'Final Offering' tackles the lows of life, a topic most people avoid with repression and distractions. Eternia dives in, unafraid to reveal her insecurities and self doubt while challenging the very tenets of faith and foundation of family that she was raised on. She is joined by pHoenix Pagliacci, a burgeoning triple-threat in the Canadian music scene, who soars on this track with a poignant reminder to Eternia, and anyone else who is experiencing similar lows, of what "Hii Power" really is.

@JimJonesCapo Recalls Intimidating Louis Farrakhan Encounter (@CiphaSounds)

Video: Jim Jones Recalls Intimidating Louis Farrakhan Encounter

Courtesy #teamLegion.

Jim Jones Recalls Intimidating Louis Farrakhan Encounter @ Cipha Sounds' TAKE IT PERSONAL - THE Hip Hop Improv Show

Jim Jones Story About Almost Dying Because He Dissed Farrakahn @ Cipha Sounds' Take It Personal 8.2.13 from J. Aire on Vimeo.

Video: @DecaMusic - "Breadcrumbs" (@BallinPR)

Video: Deca - "Breadcrumbs"

Courtesy Ballin PR.

New York city hip-hop artist Deca drops “Breadcrumbs,” the first video release off his forthcoming LP, The Ocean. The highly-stylized stop-motion video begins as Deca and his sidekick, Tibo, answer a distress call from a space station under siege by the forces of evil. After the duo save the space station, the video pan's out to deep space where two light beings are playing a game of cosmic chess, conveying the message that there are higher forces at work beyond the world that we know.

New Documentary On How To Make It In The Music Industry (@BatmanVAPromotr @RebelSociety1)

New Documentary On How To Make It In The Music Industry

Courtesy TRS.

This is Shod Harris with The Rebel Society, I hope all is well with you this morning. I wanted to contact you real quick just to get your eyes on a mini-documentary that I have put together called, How To Make It In The Music Industry. It features a marketing representative for Def Jam, Charles 'Batman' Brown. He has worked with artists just as Travis Porter, Verse Simmonds, Rock City and now 2 Chainz on helping them grow their brands.

How To Make It In The Music Industry (Mini Documentary) from The Rebel Society on Vimeo.

New Album: The Coup Kids (@ProhibitionRecs)

New Album: The Coup Kids

Courtesy Prohibition Records.

Dutifully, yet creatively infusing alternative rock and hip hop together, The Coup Kids make their way onto the indie stage with their eponymous debut LP.

"This album started to become more of a focused effort after Coup Eric sent me two guitar tracks that he named “The Combine” and “Shower Room Control Panel.” He had written these guitar pieces after reading Ken Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” We framed this record around that novel/movie, and many of our songs revolve around isolation, solitude, mental health, and trying to break free from those dark places." - Goose
Album: @FatniceMC "It's Nice to Meet You" (@maxbastinpromo)

Album: Fatnice - "It's Nice to Meet You"

Courtesy Max B.

All tracks produced by Fatnice for Write On Brotha (ASCAP) excpet 3, 8, and 13 produced Blaak the 9th Man, 6 produced by Luke Raws and 14 by Kush Shalimar All tracks written by Fatnice for Write On Brotha (ASCAP) except 6 and 14 co written by Charlie K and 8 with Soultastic Cuts on Track 5 by DJ Statik aka Mr Sonny James and Track 10 by DJ Panek Lift and Ev'ry Voice and Sing sung by K. Jackson Photo Credits: Fatnice and Snapkracker Liner Notes: Karas Lamb

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