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Famed West Coast Producer, @SirJinx, Unleashes The West Wing!

Famed West Coast Producer, Sir Jinx, Unleashes The West Wing!

Courtesy Todd Davis.

As an integral member of not one, but two pioneering Left Coast Hip-Hop collectives; N.W.A. and the Posse, as well as a pre-Ni99az Wit Attitudes Ice Cube led C.I.A. [Cru’ in Action!], triple threat – rapper/deejay/producer - Sir Jinx is a self-professed “West Wing Legend” – And, rightfully so!

Over the course of a 25-plus year career, the renowned multi-platinum South Central Los Angeles native has logged in countless hours of studio time crafting classic hit records for a multitude of rap and R&B luminaries such as Ice Cube, Dr. Dre (who also happens to be his cousin) Kool G. Rap, Xzibit, Kurupt, Too $hort, Jayo Felony, Yo-Yo, WC and the Maad Circle, Coolio, as well as the late, great icons Teena Marie & Gerald Levert.

In July 2011, Sir Jinx released the exceedingly overdue and stellar collection, General Population, with contributions from the aforementioned Jayo Felony [“Rime Scene”], Roscoe/DPGC [“Bump Bump” & “In My Footsteps”], Devin the Dude [“Gather My Thoughts”], Butch Cassidy [“I Don't Take You Serious” & “That Type of Girl”], Ras Kass, Rodney-O & Bone Crusher [“The Time Is Now”] and protégés Tri Star & Dat Boi Hop, with outside production courtesy of The Futuristiks (Eminem, Redman), Thayod Ausar (50 Cent, Xzibit) Jesse West (Bad Boy, KRS-1) and Trevor Lawrence (Dr. Dre, Eminem).

And now, Sir Jinx, in association with his Coastal Contra Music Group venture, has returned with his brand new, soon-to-be unleashed, star-studded musical extravaganza, …Presents The West Wing. This stellar release is chock-full of some of the biggest names in the music industry including Dogg Pound member Kurupt, Jayo Felony, MC Eiht of Compton’s Most Wanted, King T, Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav, Kid Frost, Mr. MayLay, Crooked I of Slaughterhouse, Ya Boy, Yo-Yo, Medusa, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, Xzibit, Skillz, Fabolous, Dru Down, and comedians Dave Chappelle, Mike Epps & Joe Torry round it out. Along with, of course, Sir Jinx, other producers on board to lend a hand are Pockets, Rush, Dae One, Rocko, Thayod Ausar, Jesse West, Battlecat, The Futuristiks, Josef Leimberg, Track Team, Big Foot, Choir Boi and Vito.

In addition to his forthcoming release, Sir Jinx’ Coastal Contra Music Group will be supporting a string of individual high-profile projects from the likes of Animal Channel featuring Deadly Threatz & LA Zu, Boomer Didit, King T, Jusin Time, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Stacee Adams, The Sweat Hoggs, X-Clan and 2nd II None.
Sir Jinx Presents The West Wing is slated for release on December 11th 2012...

Official Twitter: .
West Wing link: .
Video: @Illmaculate - "Walk On Water (Fear Of God)"

Video: Illmaculate - "Walk On Water (Fear Of God)"

Courtesy Sandpeople Music.

"Walk On Water (Fear Of God)" is the first single and video from the upcoming project. Artistic Outlet Media captured the cinematic feel that has defined both CHRON albums, providing the perfect visuals to accompany Illmaculate's heavy examination.

Audio: @Scheme773 "Vista Del Mar (Remake)"

Audio: Scheme "Vista Del Mar (Remake)"

Scheme has some new music from his upcoming project "Pesos Turn to Dollars." It will be a collection of remakes Scheme has put together throughout this last year and it will included music in both English and Spanish; in order to get everyone in tune with the direction of the upcoming LP. Follow Scheme on Twitter @Scheme773.

@YonasMichael Releases @MickBoogie Mixtape: Before Blvck Swan Theory

Yonas Michael Releases the Mick Boogie Mixtape: Before Blvck Swan Theory

Courtesy Helio PR.

Breaking onto the music scene in 2006 as the MTV Awarded Los Angeles hip-hop duo U-N-I, rapper/singer Yonas Michael is branching out on his own with the release of the Mixtape Before Blvck Swan Theory featuring unique interpretation remixes over tunes by the likes of Toro Y Moi, N.E.R.D., Brazilian Girls, Kavisnky, Alexander Ebert and Poolside - to precede his 2013 album Blvck Swan Theory.

* *
@YoungindaSP "Deep in a Cup" feat. Lamborghini Dee & Tone

Youngin da SP "Deep in a Cup" feat. Lamborghini Dee & Tone

Courtesy YDSP.

Youngin da SP has some new music from the HomeTeam featuring Lamborghini Dee & Tone. Don't forget his new mixtape "Swaggin & BackPackin Pt. 2" will be out in early 2013!

@MTVPress and @GhostfaceKillah Team Up to Release E-Book

MTV and Ghostface Killah Team Up to Release Interactive E-Book "The World According to Pretty Toney"

Courtesy Mariana A.

MTV released its first interactive e-book today featuring Ghostface Killah reprising his most famous character - Pretty Toney - to dish out advice on all of life's most important topics in a way that only P-Tone himself can do.

* *
@TheDJHurricane's New Series - #SexTapeMixtape2

DJ Hurricane's New Series - #SexTapeMixtape2

Courtesy Hurricane.

APPEARANCES FROM LoveRance, Damar Jackson, Ponce De'lioun, Marvelous, Booth, Luey V Da Man, Joe Budden & MORE!

* *
PR: Substance Abuse Ready "Background Music" LP

PR: Substance Abuse Ready "Background Music" LP

Courtesy Ballin PR.

Los Angeles hip-hop duo Substance Abuse return to hip-hop with their sophomore LP, Background Music. Consisting of emcee Eso Tre and Subz, Substance Abuse pull no punches on their latest offering: The 18 track collection is a hard-hitting, funky rap album that feels distinctly LA. The LP features MC Eiht, Tash of Alkaholiks, Percee P, Max Julien (The Mack), Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Myka 9, and KRS-One.

Substance Abuse stick to their trade mark style of socially conscious content. On the track “Flossin”, Substance Abuse and MC Eiht address the valorization of the affluent lifestyle that dominates today’s hip hop. The track “Rear View” featuring KRS-One, tackles the futility of trying to embrace a time period that is gone and never will be again, while still affirming some of the timeless values that people cherished during that era.

“When we came up with the title we had a few things in mind,” explains Eso, who grew up in the southland with Subz. “First, we’re talking about the era that we came up in, the early 90’s graffiti scene. It was a time when tagging crews in Los Angeles had members hailing from different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, where you’d have kids from West LA in the same crews as kids from South Central and there was a certain sense of unity in that. “The umbrella provided by graffiti and hip hop,” adds Eso, “represented something positive.”

On the negative side, graff culture had also become increasingly violent, mimicking gang culture in Los Angeles. The cross-pollination within these tagging crews, where kids from the hood were closely associated with the kids from suburbia, also allowed for members of L.A.’s more well known gangs to become involved in tagging crews. Suddenly the lines between “crews” and “gangs” were blurred.

“Background Music also refers to the state of hip hop today, explains Eso “where the music seems deracinated of the personality and edge that it once had,” explains Eso. It also refers to how our music is construed by the masses, people who generally seem to favor the popular over the obscure. Real hip-hop has been forced to play the “background” to club and dance music that seems devoid of any message or staying power.

After gaining much acclaim for their collaboration with MF Doom on the infectious single "Profitless Thoughts," Substance Abuse released their debut LP Overproof in 2006. The LP featured Saafir, Kool Keith, Motion Man, Kutmasta Kurt, Rasco, Thes-One, and MF Doom and received critical acclaim from outlets such as YRB, URB, platform8470, and XLR8R.

What looms in the background of today’s music scene are people who are fed up with the current state of affairs and want change. If you’re one of them, check out Background Music.

1. Intro
2. How Many...
3. Don't Get Us Wrong feat. Tash
4. Paper Tigers feat. Myka Nyne and Percee P
5. Goon Hand
6. Young Hollywood feat. Erik Solo and Hanif Hobbs
7. West Los
8. Burnouts
9. What it Takes
10. Rear View feat. KRS-One
11. Crews vs. Gangs feat. Mawnstr
12. Flossin' feat. MC Eiht
13. Bitches 2
14. Three Sheets to the Wind feat. Sadat X
15. Frontrow
16. Background Music feat. Waes One
17. The Pretend Man feat. Max Julien
18. Slow Ya Roll
Video: @SadatX - Love, Hell or Right Album Trailer

Video: Sadat X - Love, Hell or Right Album Trailer

Courtesy DM360.

Love, Hell or Right shows Sadat's observations as a socially-conscious and pragmatic lyricist. “I speak from experience, Love, Hell or Right, is about just that", Sadat said. "You have to go through hell in order to do right. It's dedicated to the hardworking people and not about fame and glory. Hip Hop spans the globe, its universal. It's an art - it doesn't imitate, it creates.”

With over two decades of experience, Sadat has been herald and regarded for his nostalgic sound a melodious voice filled with passion and sentiment; and remains one of the most distinctive voices of the '90s Hip Hop Golden Era and continues to garner an overwhelming response from fans.

PR: Music Fans Are Giving Back to Artists at HumanFankind

PR: Music Fans Are Giving Back to Artists at HumanFankind

Courtesy J Silverman.

The music industry is forever changed for music fans, and this time it’s positive. HumanFankind, a new service that allows music lovers to give back to the artists that they have stolen from through music piracy, has opened it’s internet doors to the public. Since HumanFankind’s creation in early 2012 it has already accepted donations for popular bands including Fun., Muse, The Temper Trap, Alex Clare, Silversun Pickups, and The Dirty Heads.

Not only is HumanFankind a donation accepting and distributing service, but also it allows fans to send a message along with their donation, and stay informed about new music and news within their favorite genres. Giving back from guilt of piracy is not always cited as the reason for donations. In many cases fans feel as if they should support those who bring them entertainment, being a famous rock star, a local band member, or even their friends that are trying to “make it”.

Giving back to artists via is as simple as clicking their name and deciding how much to give. All payments are done securely via Paypal.

Similar to Radiohead, (band) who released their album “In Rainbows” with voluntary donation options, HumanFankind recognizes that listeners no longer want to pay for all of the music that they download, but given the option to give back, fans will. Donations received in HumanFankind’s first quarter indicate that the vast majority of donations go to artists performing in the “Rock” or “Alternative” genre. Reasons are unknown, even as rapper David Banner recently asked two millions fans to donate $1 to “The Movement”.

HumanFankind is currently seeking music blogs and file sharing networks to promote the act of giving back by informing their viewers of the service, and by linking to it.

There is a loss of over $12.5 billion dollars a year due to music piracy (RIAA) and HumanFankind tries to bridge that gap to make artists’ hard work pay off. “If you give a little, it will sound better!”

For More Information Go To .

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