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Saturday April 19, 2014
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Pharoahe Monch Review

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RR Contributor Arrested On Possession Charges


Dear Reader, 

If you're wondering why you haven't seen too much of me lately here on RapReviews, there's a good reason for it. Simply put. I was wrongly accused of cocaine possession a few weeks back and it has taken a bit of a mental toll on me. Of course I plan to fight this as best as I can until my good name is cleared. Well, my name...I'm not sure as to how "good" it really is. For any of you who were concerned and wanted to reach out to me, I thank you for that support. It really means a lot to me and I'll use that as fuel to keep on pushing [no pun intended]. I managed to get a picture of the news clipping and they really tried to drag me through the mud...I guess that's the media for you though. 

Take care, 


Free Album: Cam Capone - "Controversy"

From J. Melo:

Free Album: Cam Capone - "Controversy"

West Coast rapper Cam Capone releases his new street album "Controversy" for free hosted by DJ Nik Bean. With all original production and guest appearances from G. Malone, Kokane, Knoc-turn'al, Sly Boogy and more, the project is loaded with west coast anthems. Track list below and cover art attached.

Download link.

1. Gang Raid News
2. DJ Nik Bean Intro
3. Watching Me (f. C-Doll)
4. G'd Up (f. Troublesome)
5. You Know Me (f. G. Malone & Out West)
6. All The Way To The Top (f. C-Doll)
7. Summertime Everyday (f. LaLa, Troublesome & Mr. Crazy)
8. Nasty (f. Troublesome)
9. Hustler Music (f. Troublesome & Bigg June Bugg)
10. Back It Up (f. Knoc-turn'al & Sly Boogy)
11. Next on the West
12. I'm a Hustler (f. Marlon)
13. Bartender (f. Out West)
14. Cruz' Wit' Me (f. Kokane)
15. IxE Bangin'
16. Getting It All (f. Stage & Marlon)
17. DJ Nik Bean Outro
PR: Shaft D.A. Releases "Rise, Puff, & Grind" Mixtape

From Boss Up Family:

PR: Shaft D.A. Releases "Rise, Puff, & Grind" Mixtape




     Coming from Brooklyn, New York, emerging Hip-Hop artist Shaft D.A has no other choice but to grind, hustle and go hard or go home. To prove that he is here to stay, Shaft D.A released his fifth and long awaited mixtape "Rise, Puff & Grind", hosted by DJ WhiteOwl and DJ Don P.

     "Rise, Puff & Grind" is 27-tracks deep and showcases the Brooklyn's Rappers hypnotizing, hard hitting Rap skills and top-notch lyricism .  Shaft also showcases his engineering and production skills as he recorded, mixed, engineered and even produced a couple tracks him self on his new mixtape from his own home studio in Brooklyn. The songs on "Rise, Puff & Grind" are inspired by real moments and experiences in the life of the Brooklyn rapper.

     Born of Haitian American parentage, SHAFT credits his musical career and his relentless hustle mentality to make it as a recording artist to his childhood years growing up in poverty and without a father figure. Growing up in Brooklyn and being the son of a Hustler naturally made SHAFT the independently entrepreneur minded emcee that he is today. When it comes to hustling and grindin’ it’s obvious that SHAFT got that from Brooklyn.
     It’s a fact that Shaft D.A is the hottest upcoming artist in HIP HOP, PERIOD!!! His intelligent rhymes mixed with animation and jaw dropping punchlines is sure to capture the world by storm. His ambitious mind set lead him to form his own label called BOSS UP RECORDS INC. Shaft D.A is the CEO of his own record company and leader of the new Hip Hop Generation.
1. Intro
2. Lethal Poison -  Feat. M.I.A (Prod. By Blackout)
3. Look At Me -  (Prod. By Chemical Beats)
4. Piff - Feat. Flert D Con
5. Why You Mad - (Prod. By Blackout)
6. Grind & Hustle
7. Getting Twisted - (Prod. By Sky Carter)
8. That’s Right -  (Prod. By Shaft D.A)
9. Nothing In The Hood
10. Damn Girl
11.The Block
12. Im Ill Freestyle
13. BMF Freestyle - Feat. Sha Doe
14. Pop Bottles - Feat. Mims (Prod. By Blackout)
15. Shorty Got A Body
16. Top Down
17. Im Sorry
18. Soon Come - Feat. Sha Doe
19. What, What  -Feat. Diva Jonez
20. Take It To The Top  - Feat. Ava Mae (Prod. By Blackout)
21. Make It Hot (Prod. By GQ Beats)
22. Diesel, Kush or Purple
23. Bring Back Your Love Feat. Deep (Prod. By DJ Ron G)
24. Its Over FreestyleBy
25. Obama for MommaBy
26. Forever Freestyle
27. Outro
All Songs Mixed By Shaft D.A

MP3: Blitz the Ambassador - "Dear Africa"

From Rachel D:

MP3: Blitz the Ambassador - "Dear Africa"

We're offering a free download today of his first single, Dear Africa, and invite you to post it to your sites and blogs...tweet it, Facebook it, help us get the word out!

Take me to my free Blitz download!

MP3: Mr. Miranda f/ Simone Hines - "Go James" (prod. Hexsagon)

From Mr. Miranda:

MP3: Mr. Miranda f/ Simone Hines - "Go James" (prod. Hexsagon)

Video: Supa Show - "Pressure"

From Amber - Urban Addiction PR:

Video: Supa Show - "Pressure"

Video: Warriors Weekly/Moe Green - "Lights, Camera, Action"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Warriors Weekly/Moe Green - "Lights, Camera, Action"

PR: Nefew to Join Euro Tour w/ Asher Roth & Nottz

From Melanie J. Cornish:

Nefew to Join European Tour w/ Asher Roth & Nottz

After two critically acclaimed mixtapes and countless mentions in the Hip-Hop media, Nefew are proud to announce that this Spring they will be embarking on a tour with Asher Roth and fellow collaborator Nottz throughout Europe.

Calling on Hip-Hop fans in France, Germany, Norway, England and their own native Switzerland, the timing of this tour just couldn't be better for the Hip-Hop double act who have never failed to impress with their prolific wordplay and intricate production on tracks.

"Going on tour with two of our favorite artists is a dream come true, and a great opportunity in today's stagnating music industry where in most of the cases artists have to rely on performing alone. As we’re a very live-oriented hip-hop duo I'm convinced that this tour will open up a lot more doors for us." - Polemikk

"Touring with Asher Roth and Nottz is definitely a privilege! We have been in the studio quite a while now that’s why I'm really excited to perform our new stuff and introduce our music to people that aren’t familiar with it yet." - PA Double





MP3: 2 Pistols f/ Jovi Rockwell - "I Love Myself"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: 2 Pistols f/ Jovi Rockwell - "I Love Myself"

* *

PR: New Albums By Jim Jones + Cam & Vado On Deck

From E1 Music:

PR: New Albums By Jim Jones + Cam & Vado On Deck

(New York, NY) --- Dipset is back!  Jim Jones and Cam’ron (with Vado) are both set to drop new albums in April.  Jones’ highly-anticipated new album, CAPO, drops on 4/5 and Cam’ron & Vado’s Gunz N’ Butta drops on 4/19, timed with a current U.S. tour of the reunited Diplomats.

Jim Jones’ 5th studio album, CAPO, includes the hit “Perfect Day,” which is climbing up the urban and crossover charts.  The video for “Perfect Day” was MTV2’s Jam of the Week last week with 108 spins.  Click here to listen to “Perfect Day” now: .

Hip hop legend and Dipset leader Cam’ron and his protégé Vado will release their long-awaited duet album, Gunz N’ Butta on April 19th.  The album includes the hits “Speaking in Tungs,” and “Hey Muma.”  The album includes 16 tracks written and featuring both Cam’ron and Vado.

Additionally, the Diplomats have reunited for a national tour that is hitting U.S. cities now.

Look for Jim Jones in the new VH1 8-part docu-soap series entitled “Love & Hip Hop” which premiered on March 14th, 2011. The new show features Jones while following his longtime girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin and three other dynamic women who are connected to the world of hip hop, whether it's through the men they love, or their struggle to be heard as an artist. The show provides a dramatic, funny and sometimes heartbreaking look into the female side of the New York hip hop life as these four women try to claim their own place in it.

For More Information: .

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