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Tuesday September 02, 2014
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[There Is Only Now] Returning from Montezuma with revenge on their minds!

Souls of Mischief Review

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MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Mary J. Blige - "Feel Inside"

From M3W:

MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Mary J. Blige - "Feel Inside"

* *

Video: DJ Vadim f/ The Electric - "Toot Toot"

From Mulatto Patriot:

Video: DJ Vadim f/ The Electric - "Toot Toot"

Video: Skillz - "Crazy World" Live @ Shaggfest

From Chris @ E1 Music:

Video: Skillz - "Crazy World" Live @ Shaggfest

SKILLZ | CRAZY WORLD | SHAGGFEST from Cristopher Schafer.

C-Rayz Walz Exclusive: "Blvck Red & Black" x "All Blvck Everything"

From DubMD84:

C-Rayz Walz Exclusive // "Blvck Red & Black" x "All Blvck Everything"

"Let's just say, I had a lot of "TIME" to really focus on my bars &
re-evaluate myself in every aspect of my existence". - Walz
The inimitable NYC-mainstay C-Rayz Walz is lauded as one of the most versatile and dexterous freestyle MC's on the planet with superlative work ethic to match his sagacity.
Here is two exclusives taken from the Dub MD presented concept album, first entitled "Blvck Red + Blvck" over some incredible 9th Wonder production with cuts by DJ True Justice, second is the title leak "All Blvck Everything" over the Tine Tempah smash hit "Pass Out!"
* *

Video: J Rawls f/ Casual - "Find a New"

From Intelligent Muzik:

Video: J Rawls f/ Casual - "Find a New"

Video: Diva Jonez f/ Sha Doe, Shaft D.A. - "Polo Anthem"

From Shaft D.A.:

Video: Diva Jonez f/ Sha Doe, Shaft D.A. - "Polo Anthem"

MP3: Tyler, the Creator - AmpLive X Jazz Mafia Remixes

From Nora Ritchie:

MP3: Tyler, the Creator - AmpLive X Jazz Mafia Remixes

Producer Amplive, best known as half of the hip-hop duo Zion-I teamed up with the Bay-area based Jazz Mafia collective to remix tracks from Tyler the Creator's Goblin.

The project, according to Pitchfork where it premiered yesterday, is a batch of "appropriately eerie remixes of "Yonkers", "Radicals", and "Goblin." The remixes feature an orchestral cinematic spin on the originals that highlights the sinister dynamism of Tyler, the Creator.

Amplive previously released the Rainydayz Remixes of Radiohead's In Rainbows without proper approval. After building an internet movement via YouTube, Stereogum and Pitchfork, a settlement was reached an Amplive was allowed to release the album for free.


For more info:

Mugen Swords x Jazz Meditation 3: The Final Installment

From Digi Crates:

Mugen Swords x Jazz Meditation 3: The Final Installment

Brooklyn, NYC producer, DJ Ezasscul, releases his series finale "Jazz Meditation 3 : The Final Installment", the follow up to his previous Japan release via Libyus Music.

*The exclusive Jazz Meditation 3 CD is now @ Shop Digi Crates

French producer Kyo Itachi, also releases the CD version of his RZA-like, Wu-Tang instrumental project "Mugen Swords".

*The exclusive Mugen Swords CD is Now available @ Shop Digi Crates


Cory Atkins
Digi Crates Records
MP3: Dorrough Music f/ 2Chainz, Yo Gotti - "Preach"

From Dove @ Tygereye:

MP3: Dorrough Music f/ 2Chainz, Yo Gotti - "Preach"

Dorrough Music "PREACH" ft. Yo Gotti & 2Chainz (a.k.a. Tity Boi from Playaz Circle)

Produced by Nitti

* *

Audio: Prince Aries Stops In At Soul Assassins Radio

From Audible Treats:

Audio: Prince Aries Stops In At Soul Assassins Radio

Prince Aries Takes A Pit-Stop While Tearing Up The Party Scene On His Clean Ass Whip Tour

Critical Praise for Prince Aries:

"San Francisco's very own Prince Aries has made one of the finest mixtapes of its type we've EVER heard. No BS." - Southern Hospitality

(June 22, 2011 – Brooklyn, NY) A third of the way through his Clean Ass Whip Tour, Prince Aries has spent the past couple of weeks DJ'ing parties all throughout the West Coast. With a string of successful shows in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego, the Hip-Hop Renaissance Man is now set to throw down in Portland and Seattle before returning to the Golden State for his final six shows. But before taking off to the Northwest, Prince Aries found time to stop in at DJ Muggs' Sirius XM show, Soul Assassins Radio, in LA where the two chop it up over the DJ's latest mixtape, Clean Ass Whip. "I was raised off this music when I moved to the Bay Area from New York" Prince Aries recalls, "The homies at SWTBRD, Al Jieh, wanted to put out a mixtape so the choice was kind of obvious. At first it was just going to be a regular mixtape but as I was going through the music I realized ‘This is all music you can ride to!'"

In addition to his latest mixtape, Prince Aries and DJ Muggs' go over what's really good with the hottest clubs and residencies in the Bay Area. And speaking of which after the show, while Aries was in LA, he wound up playing a set at one of the biggest parties in the city, Do Over, which frequently sees the biggest DJ names such as A-Trak, Jazzy Jeff, ?uestlove, Craze, and many others.

You can listen to the full episode of Soul Assassins Radio featuring the Prince Aries interview here: .

Download Prince Aries' Clean Ass Whip mixtape for free here: .

Alternative link (tracked version): .

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