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MP3: Filip Filipi x Ariana Dvornik - "Dance On The World"

MP3: Filip Filipi x Ariana Dvornik - "Dance On The World"

Courtesy FMG.

I've been wanting to knock out a euro dance track for a while now and young singer/actress/model Ariana Dvornik has had a lot of buzz lately so it was only right we hooked up. Ariana's fam (she's the niece of legendary Croatian singer Dino Dvornik) is actually from Dalmatia like my pops so I'd go as far as calling this a 'homie collab.' The production is again handled by the brilliant Jonathan Lee who recorded me, mixed the track and got locked out of his house and car all in the last 3 hours. The cover art was whipped up the genius some know as Marko Šejat.


Follow me on Twitter, 'Like' my Facebook page and if you like Russian hats check out my official site!

Press Release: 360 Takes Off With Crucial Music

Press Release: 360 Takes Off With Crucial Music

Courtesy Crucial Music.

Crucial Music is very proud to announce that they are now working with Melbourne artist 360 - one of Australia’s most promising and talked about up and comers. Manager ‘Rae Harvey’s Melbourne based company (home of Children Collide, Daniel Lee Kendall, Gyroscope, Hunting Grounds & The Living End) will begin representation of 360 effective immediately.

Says 360 of the new relationship: "Feeling great about working with Crucial Music and having a strong team behind me to take my career to the next level. The most important thing was having like-minded people with the same aspirations and outlook on music as me. I’m fuckin’ stoked"

Sixty has come in swinging off the back of new album ‘Falling & Flying’, which was rocketed to a #4 debut by his army of loyal and vocal followers (courtesy of Sixty’s unique reign as the king of constant social networking.) ‘Falling & Flying’ transcends the sometimes-stuffy confines of conventional hip-hop, taking cues from indie, dubstep, pop and reggae. With this record the candid but downright affable twenty-something has on his hands one of the most diverse and confident releases of 2011.

Most recent cut from the record, ‘Boys Like You’ is ostensibly a song about being dumped, but parades an overcharged dub vibe tied up by a unique hook courtesy of indie-darling Gossling. This is the kind of addictive tune that defines a summer.  

Recently mobilising his army for a sold out fifteen date album tour, Sixty’s cheeky and contentious live show will command crowds at Homebake Festival, followed by the Falls Festival and on into the new year. Charging into 2012 with the same heavy-handed urgency as always, this summer is going to be a hot one for 360.  Get on board or get gone.


Sat Dec 03 – Homebake, Sydney NSW
Sat Dec 31 – Falls Festival, Lorne VIC
Wed Jan 18 – Telstra Icon Store (Competition winners only)
Thu Jan 19 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA
Fri Feb 10 – Ferntree Gully Hotel, Ferntree Gully VIC
Sat Feb 11 – Chelsea Heights Hotel, Chelsea VIC
Sun Mar 11 – Breath of Life Festival, Launceston TAS
Mon Mar 12 – Pushover, Melbourne VIC (All Ages)

360 – new album ‘Falling & Flying’ out now, featuring ‘Boys Like You’, ‘Killer’ & ‘Throw It Away’

* www.360music.com.au / www.facebook.com/3ree6ixty *

Video: Perfeck Strangers - "Ghetto"

Video: Perfeck Strangers - "Ghetto"

Courtesy URBNET Records.

- Veteran Toronto emcees Dan-e-o and Promise team up as Perfeck Strangers.
- Video directed by Andre Rehal, the "Ghetto" music video captures Dan-e-o and Promise as a musical tag-team for the first time
- Debut album "Series Premiere" will be relased worldwide in 2012 with distribution via URBNET Records.

Mega Ran: Holidays, Japan Next Week, and What's Next

Mega Ran: Holidays, Japan Next Week, and What's Next

Happy Holidays peeps. Ran here, just checking in.

Click to stream, download (free or donation of any amount) or order "A Very Random Christmas." http://megaranmusic.com/album/a-very-random-christmas .

Also check out the first review of "A Very Random Christmas," By Rap Reviews. http://rapreviews.com/archive/2011_11_veryrandomchristmas.html .

Next week actually marks a HUGE milestone in my career, we're going to Japan baby!! 

we have 5 shows set up in 7 days, and it shoud be epic. check out morebarktour.com for more. 

But, I'm violating one rule that my mom always told me. She said to never go out of town without any money. Well, between ordering CD digipacks and vinyl, I forgot to heed that rule. So, if you can, if you have a few bucks laying around, feel free to donate to our HELP JAPAN fundraiser. just click on this image to help out. We'll even get you a souvenir.


Now if you know me, I just can't bring myself to keep asking for things and not give things away for free.... so, tell ya what, here's a FREE song. Since Lost Perception came through and got my PC running better than ever, I found some old Random songs that I thought were dead and gone.. I think I'll drop one of these occasionally in these email blasts. Here's one of those, a track called "Numbers Game" featuring JonBap. He and I recorded this at Lab Addicts in 2004, and I really didn't know what I was doing on the engineering side of things then, but we did have a lot of fun. Enjoy. (right click it to save it)


Okay, that's enough advertising and soliciting for one email, dont ya think? Stay tuned for more info on upcoming shows, including the MIRANDOM release party in Phoenix, some Writers Guild music and events,  and a Pre-Christmas eve show in Oakland with MC Lars and MC Frontalot. Click those blue words for more info. See you guys really soon..

And if i don't talk to you before I hit the road for Japan next Wednesday, then domo arigato, and Mata atode amashou!*

Peace and hair grease, 

Random aka Mega Ran

*i dont really know Japanese, but I have a really good app.

Video: David Dallas f/ Tayyib Ali - "Feel Like Oasis (Live)"

Video: David Dallas f/ Tayyib Ali - "Feel Like Oasis (Live)"

Courtesy Matt B.

Performance of "Feel Like Oasis" from my NYC album release party at Mercury Lounge. Shouts to Tayyib Ali, Just Blaze, Peter Rosenberg & Buckshot. Shouts to Eli Makes Beats.

Video: J. Sands - "This Is Hip Hop #2"

Video: J. Sands - "This Is Hip Hop #2"

Courtesy BUKA Entertainment.

"Uploaded by Lonecatalysts on Nov 29, 2011.
 Hip Hop and Sports Entertainment at it's Finest @TheFakeJsands."

Press Release: New from G4 - Dreas 'Dreastronaut' CD

Press Release: New from G4 - Dreas 'Dreastronaut' CD

Courtesy of Galapagos4.

Here's a streaming and downloadable link to one of the tracks...

‘Dreastronaut’, the new album from Heardrums label owner & long-time G4 cohort extends out past the normal samples, production styles, and concepts and takes the listeners someplace otherworldly. Not taking the time to sit down and listen to the album in its entirety is a missed opportunity to experience an important component of this sound collage. The end result is a uniquely upbeat soundscape with vibrant scenes of varying emotion and movement surrounded by clouds of opiate laced mood music.

Standout tracks: “Love Strain”, which is somewhat reminiscent of Star Slinger’s more modern soul influenced hip-hop beats, “Time Out Of Joint” with Dreas’ crisp drum sounds alongside pitched down vocal samples a la Clams Casino, “Michiana Noise” which combines campfire sounds and lush orchestral samples to create a stimulating sonic environment, and “Island Grey” whose punchy drums, deep bass, and subtle sounds of the Atlantic Ocean form a chillwave winner.

Track list:
1. Floating
2. Physical Astronomy
3. Love Strain
4. Solo Capacity
5. Time Out Of Joint
6. Michiana Noise
7. Sky Is Smiling
8. Spacecase
9. Island Grey
10. Fly Wanderer
11. Final Countdown

Press Release: Goldini Bagwell (of Sandpeople) - "Chainsmoke"

Press Release: Goldini Bagwell (of Sandpeople) - "Chainsmoke"

Courtesy Heaven Noise Recordings.

Goldini Bagwell has long been a fixture of Portland Oregon's underground hip hop scene where his stand-out verses and featured appearances have gained him notoriety, whether it's been in collaboration with some of the city's best talent (Oldominion, Taco Neck, Liv Warfield, John Craig and the Weekend), or with his group Sandpeople.  For fans eagerly awaiting a solo album, the moment has arrived; On November 29th, Sandpeople Music proudly released Bagwell's much anticipated debut,Chainsmoke.

Produced entirely by Pmpee Beats out of Lahti, Finland, Chainsmoke is an international effort and a fitting introduction to the man and myth that is Goldini Bagwell (aka Gold).  True to its title, Chainsmoke is an unrelenting debut from an experienced artist, as Gold puts his vices, history, ambitions, and microphone-slaughtering skills on full display over Pmpee Beats’ hard-hitting drums and soulful melodies.  Features include fellow Sandpeople members illmaculate, IAME, OnlyOne, and DJ Spark, as well as Reva Devito, John Craig, Destro Destructo (of Oldominion), and Epp (of TxE).  Please take a deep breath and enjoy your secondhand Chainsmoke.  

Chainsmoke track list:  

1.   Intro (Unfiltered)
2.   Bagwell
3.   Let's Grow
4.   Tenure (feat. IAME)
5.   Wmn vs. Wrk
6.   More Than High (feat. OnlyOne & illmaculate)
7.   Chainsmoke (feat. John Craig)
8.   Speed of Life 
9.   Words to Live By (feat. illmaculate)
10.  For Nothing (feat. Reva Devito)
11.  No Sucka Revisited (feat. Epp, Destro Destructo & illmaculate)
12.  Prelude to AU (Aye You)
13.  Outro (Exhale)
14.  Bagwell (DaiN Remix) 

Chainsmoke available now @ 
CD Baby - http://www.cdbaby.com/goldinibagwell
Itunes - http://itunes.com/goldinibagwell

Follow Goldini Bagwell 
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/goldinibagwell
Video: DJ Khaled & Ace Hood Perform Live in Orlando!

Video: DJ Khaled & Ace Hood Perform Live in Orlando!

Courtesy Jessie Maguire.

J Khaled and Ace Hood shut down Orlando & Club Bliss during Classic Weekend. Shouts to DJ Nasty!

Audio: Bun B, Pill, Killa Kyleon & I-20 - "King Hustler" Remix

Audio: Bun B joins Pill, Killa Kyleon & I-20 on "King Hustler" Remix

Courtesy J Melo.

Just yesterday, Houston producer Trakksounds and ThaFixx.com released their new compilation, "Intervention" featuring the likes of Pill, Freddie Gibbs, Killer Mike and dozens of others. The Pill, I-20 & Killa Kyleon track "King Hustler" was released while Bun B was in the studio putting the finishing touches on his verse. Today, we release the remix with Bun B.

Artists: Bun B, Pill, Killa Kyleon & I-20
Song: King Hustler
Producer: Trakk Sounds
Mixtape: Intervention
Song Link: http://hulkshare.com/zo45ftapnd0w .

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