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Monday September 01, 2014
Feature of the Week

[There Is Only Now] Returning from Montezuma with revenge on their minds!

Souls of Mischief Review

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MP3: Joe Budden f/ Emanny - "Dreamerz" (prod. J. Cardim)

From Zack Einhorn:

MP3: Joe Budden f/ Emanny - "Dreamerz" (prod. J. Cardim)

* *

Video: Scheme & DJ Scend - TTAAM: No I.D. Series

From Scheme773:

Video: Scheme & DJ Scend - Two Turntables And A Mic: No I.D. Series

MP3: Mohammad Dangerfield - "The BBQ Joint"

From Semp Rok:

MP3: Mohammad Dangerfield - "The BBQ Joint"

* *

Video: Random's "Life After Lesson Plans" Episode 5

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

Video: Random's "Life After Lesson Plans" Episode 5

Danny B's sister is caught with her pants down (for real), and I go to San Diego for some good times.

PR: Random & K-Murdock Need Your Help to Reach the UK

From Random a/k/a Mega Ran:

Random & K-Murdock Need Your Help to Reach the UK

Random, K-Murdock and Lost Perception are Kickstarting all the way to the UK! Your help is always appreciated.

From Kyle:


Well party people, here we are again!  This time myself and Random (bka Mega Ran) are back and need your help as we are trying to take our "Bits & Rhymes" live show to Europe as we were recently invited to perform at the famed London Anime Con which goes down THIS  coming July 30h & 31st!  The caveat was we had to raise the money to get over to Europe ourselves which is why we are back on Kickstarter ;)

Ironically, both Ran & I have passports that have never been stamped ;(  If we beat the requested amount, we can even work on professionally mixing and mastering the next projects, in addition to Ran being able to continue living the dream and making music for you guys.

VERY IMPORTANT to note that if we don't raise enough money to meet the stated goal ($2500), then any and all money WILL NOT be withdrawn from your account!

So it's London or bust yall!

K (& Ran)

To check out more of our music, visit:


RIP Macho Man Randy Savage :-(

To donate:

MP3: Dolla Boy f/ Ludacris - "Keep It On the Low"

From Rap Star Promo:

MP3: Dolla Boy f/ Ludacris - "Keep It On the Low"

* *

Video: M-Dot - "The Difference" (prod. Soulslicers)

From Chris Figueroa:

Video: M-Dot - "The Difference" (prod. Soulslicers)

MP3: Mr. Smith f/ Malcolm Young - "Another Level"

From Mr. Smith:

MP3: Mr. Smith f/ Malcolm Young - "Another Level"







PR: MMG Recommends Castle's "Ditch Effort"

From Mello Music Group:

MMG Recommends Castle's "Ditch Effort"

Okay, we don't normally do this, but I caught myself listening to this project from Castle that he just released on his Bandcamp page and felt like I ought to tell some people about it.  This isn't an MMG album, simply something we were listneing to that was dope. Ditch Effort is not a project of bangers, it is a project with a lot of introspective joints for laid back relaxation.  So, if you're into checking out new independent artists, this one's worth your time.
A little background on how we came about hearing the project: Castle is the guy who did the graphic design and artwork for Has-Lo's "In Case I Don't Make It".  So, when I heard he had created a new project,  I went to listen. Turns out, he's a dope musician.  The album was written and produced entirely by Castle.  Here's what his Bandcamp page says about his new project:
""Ditch Effort" is a loose-concept album about me leaving planet Earth behind and venturing off into space. It's very existential, moody, and self-indulgent. I actually had no intention of releasing this album, but it didn't feel right bidding everyone farewell with another instrumental album.

This is the last solo project I'll be releasing for a while. After performing for almost 20 years (since I was five), I've grown tired of seeking a record deal or independent recognition. Giving up music is not my intention. I don't think I ever could. I can, however, give up the "grind."

I don't plan to leave the grind behind forever either, but I have no idea when I'll return to it. To those who've paid attention to me over the years, I appreciate your love and support."

I got the sense after reading the description that Castle just needed an audience with open ears.  I know MMG fans are some real music connoisseurs, so I figured a lot of you might appreciate this one.  If you have some time this weekend and dig homegrown, quality Hiphop, take a listen.  Peace.
Castle "Ditch Effort" .

MP3: Drake - "Dreams Money Can Buy"

From RMG:

MP3: Drake - "Dreams Money Can Buy"

This is new music from Drake, as he said on his site: "A song that I felt the need to share. Not my single. Just a piece of my story. Hear me out though..."

Download: Mediafire: .

Stream: Soundcloud: .

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