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Video: REJ3CTZ - "Creez (Swag Is Dead)"

Video: REJ3CTZ - "Creez (Swag Is Dead)"

Courtesy J Melo.

SWAG IS DEAD!!! Follow the @REJ3CTZ (MOWII, PEE W33, and BOUNC3)
Directed By Mowii Madonna Shot by @Lev_DP
Music By @DJCarnage

Download: Ron Artiste (Chali 2na & Roc C) - "I Will"

Download: Ron Artiste (Chali 2na & Roc C) - "I Will"

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

Jurassic 5 alumnus Chali 2na and Oxnard spitter Roc C come together as a duo to bring us world premiere #19 in The DJBooth and Event Electronics’ 20/20 Music Series. A whip-ready motivational anthem with an underground twist, I Will finds G Koop blending keys, backing vocals and mid-tempo percussion into a driving backdrop for the emcees’ reflections on the hardships and triumphs of the hustle. While Roc focuses on depicting the harsh realities of his inner-city milieu in is opening bars, 2na brings the jam to an uplifting conclusion, expressing his determination to be more than a product of his environment.

listen/download "I Will" at
learn more about Event/'s 20/20BAS Studio Monitor Giveaway Competition
more information at

Video: Kasual - "Floyd Mayweather" #TheMoneyTeam

Video: Kasual - "Floyd Mayweather" #TheMoneyTeam

Courtesy DM360.

Kasual lets loose the visuals for his latest single "Floyd Mayweather" (#TheMoneyTeam), which first dropped a couple weeks back as a free download. Directed by Michael Chow, the video was shot on location in Miami.

MP3: Calvin (illah'd T) "Word To The Wise" (prod. DJ Low Cut)

MP3: Calvin (illah'd T) "Word To The Wise" (prod. DJ Low Cut)

Courtesy DJ Low Cut.

Free Download: .

Video: J. Keys - "Occupy Music"

Video: J. Keys - "Occupy Music"

Courtesy Early Earl.

J. Keys releases the Official Viral Video for his potent homage to the Occupy Wall Street movement entitled Occupy Music. Keys goes in with lyrical precision reflecting on today's economy and social structure in the climate of global protest.

Video: Dosage Speaks About Working With Lupe Fiasco

Video: Dosage Speaks About Working With Lupe Fiasco

Courtesy Music Hiccup.

Lupe Fiasco's protege Dosage speaks with Music Hiccup. Dosage talks about featuring on Lupe Fiasco's recent 'Friend of The People' mixtape, touring with Lupe Fiasco, being a part of The All City Chess Club with Lupe Fiasco, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, Cool Kids, Blu, Diggy Simmons, & B.o.B.

Video: Mikey Mo the MC - "Warrior's Soul"

Video: Mikey Mo the MC - "Warrior's Soul"

Courtesy Nik @ Ballin PR.

Bay Area based Mikey Mo The MC is readying his new album, Rule By Decree, a collaboration with producer Sanabria from Caracas, Venezuela. On Rule By Decree, Mikey Mo gets real and speaks out about the present conditions of society, the struggling economy, and the misappropriation of wealth.

"The track is a politically driven song about making it in this world,” explains Mikey. “Everything has a price—even freedom!" Mikey Mo has been putting it down for years and has made a name for himself by releasing numerous mixtapes, collaborated and appeared on many projects, rocking shows throughout the west coast and releasing underground albums.

In 2006 Mikey Mo got together with Abyss and Dap Daniel and released an album titled West Bound. Inspired by the West Bound Tour 2005, the album was an independent release but it gave Mikey Mo more recognition as an MC. Aside from the West Bound Tour in 2005 Mikey Mo also opened up for the GCM Tour that year, which featured Planet Asia, Casual, Rasco, and Cali Agents.

In 2007 Mikey Mo released his debut album titled Focused. Drawn from the struggles and sacrifices in his life, Focused is full of personal experiences with lyrics and beats that complements each other perfectly. The first single and video, “Mikey Mo’s Theme”, was featured on Also Urb Magazine’s website featured Mikey Mo and nominated him for “Urb’s Next 1000” and gave Focused 3 afros out of 5 saying, “Mikey Mo The MC is one of the most balanced rappers I’ve came across in quite a while”.

Venezuelan born beat maker Sanabria is one of Latin America’s hottest producers. Living in Miami now, Sanabria has worked with Guerrilla Seca, Onechot, Gabylonia, 4to Poder, Rekeson, El Prieto, Apache, NK Profeta, 0212, Lil Supa, Rotwaila, Niga Sibilino (From 3 Duenos), Manaure, Dj Kane & Ricky Rick, among others.

Mikey Mo sets himself apart by being himself and not conforming to the water-down hip-hop prevalent today. With 3sixty5 Records behind him, Mikey Mo The MC will continue to bring that raw hip-hop in 2011 and beyond!
MP3: 2Eleven f/ Freddie Gibbs - "On My Shit"

MP3: 2Eleven f/ Freddie Gibbs - "On My Shit"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Sellassie's "Stop Hatin' In The Bay" (prod. by Traxamillion)

Sellassie set to release; "Stop Hatin' In The Bay" with production by Traxamillion

Courtesy Gina Gallo.

* *
Song Download: .

San Francisco Hip Hop Artist Sellassie announces the release of Stop Hatin’ in the Bay Remix on January 1, 2012. You may ask yourself, what does Sellassie mean when he says “Stop Hatin’ in the Bay.” If you’re a native to the San Francisco bay area, you’ve seen the posters. They are on thousands of poles in your neighborhood and on hundreds of liquor store and smoke shop windows across the Bay Area. Stop Hatin’ in the Bay is Sellassie’s plea to independent artists to support each other’s music and movement, by first and foremost; LISTENING TO EACH OTHER.

Stop Hatin’ in the Bay is not just Sellassie’s new single, it’s a sincere message. As an independent artist and entrepreneur, Sellassie has created his place in the bay area scene and nationally from a stance of Peace and Love and Inclusion. Stop Hatin’ is a movement. Sellassie has built a name out of no name, a career from scratch as one of the most progressive and popular independent emcees in the Bay Area, while dealing with the same issues he describes in the song. As a testament to his message, Sellassie created and co-produces the 2Racks Rap Contest and We All We Got Independent Concert Series. He has booked over 90 events with over 1,000 independent artists from across the country since mid-2009, creating opportunities as a young entrepreneur. At these shows, he’s been exposed to upcoming, talented artists, some that can be easily be household names if the industry was more inviting and had the intentions of exposing new talent.

An aggressive and progressive lyricist, Sellassie’s message in Stop Hatin’ in the Bay is positive and inspirational. It puts you in the shoes of the struggling independent artist trying to make it in today’s unwelcoming and uninviting rap industry. But gives hope with the chorus mantra , “Stop hatin’ in the Bay, here’s my CD by the way, In your deck press play, Here what I gotta say.” Sellassie says, “I don’t speculate on someone’s music if I haven’t listen to it, I think that’s the fundamental problem with Hip Hop today. From mainstream to independent, somewhere along the line, we stopped listening to each other.”

Initially released on the Sins of Your Forefathers Album, Stop Hatin’ in the Bay remix offers a new sound to those familiar with Sellassie. The beat, produced by one of the West Coast’s hottest music producers, Traxamillion is so unique, full of energy and sonically charged. Sellassie is defining as a voice of an independent artist, and as the underdog, consistently working to bridge gaps. Sellassie travels with his music and sees the same challenges across the country and plans to release additional remixes this fall for Stop Hatin’ in LA and Stop Hatin’ in the A (Atlanta).

Video: Sean Hines - "Rise to the Top"

Video: Sean Hines - "Rise to the Top"

Courtesy Major Music.


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