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Tuesday September 02, 2014
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[There Is Only Now] Returning from Montezuma with revenge on their minds!

Souls of Mischief Review

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PR: FELA's Movement of the People (GET INVOLVED)

From Mitchell Dudley:

FELA's Movement of the People (GET INVOLVED)

There are Fela "Movement of the People" (M.O.P.) parties to celebrate the people of the world fighting for their rights – 

(See markets and dates below.)

Stand with the people across Africa and the Middle East and get inspired by Fela's music!

Party giveaways include Fela CDs, buttons and Posters.

May 12/Portland OR /Someday Lounge

May 25/Philadelphia/Warmdaddy's

May 28/Austin TX/Malverde

May 28/Indianapolis/Urban Element

June 1/Chicago/Global Soul

June 4/Burlington VT/Burlington's Discover Jazz Festival

June 6/Houston/The Fla

Here are some ways YOU can get involved:

·        Come to an M.O.P party and hear the new Fela Kuti re-releases, which include all recordings made with Fela's Egypt 80 band.

·        Upcoming events are listed here.

·        Create your own M.O.P. party by emailing us at We'll send you posters, buttons, and music to help support the cause.

·        Grab our M.O.P FB profile badge, banners, and the free M.O.P. SoundCloud widget, upload and tag them in Facebook, on other social networks, and on your website.

·        Download the free M.O.P. stencil, and stencil it around your nabe or city.

·        Help us spread the word! Click on the buttons below to share this page on Twitter and Facebook. To get updates, giveaways, and more, follow @felakuti on Twitter and like our official Facebook page.

Fela's Movement Of the People lives today.

Video: Game f/ Lil Wayne - "Red Nation"

From Greg Miller:

Video: Game f/ Lil Wayne - "Red Nation"

Video: Prince Aries & DaVinci - "Clean Ass Whip"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Prince Aries & DaVinci - "Clean Ass Whip" Feat. San Quinn And Matt Blaque

Following the recent release of his Clean Ass Whip mixtape, Prince Aries is excited to release a brand new video from the tape, this one for the mixtape's title track, "Clean Ass Whip," starring on the song, and making his production debut along with co-producer Big D, is Aries' SWTBRDS label mate DaVinci, who's currently putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming EP and LP, Feast Or Famine, and The MOEna Lisa. The tape is largely a collection of West Coast classics, and while "Clean Ass Whip" serves as one of the mixtape's new exclusives, you'll be hard pressed to find a song on the project – or anywhere, for that matter – that fits such a textbook definition for riding music.

All the way down to the first sampled note of the beat, the track begs to be played out of car speakers, windows down, on a nice spring day, and director Marcus Ubungen doesn't disappoint, featuring DaVinci and SF legend San Quinn, as well as chorus crooner Matt Blaque, alongside a classic Chevy Chevelle and sleek Corvette as they ride through the city showing off some of San Francisco's finer sights. "It's one of those good ol' cruising songs that the West Coast is known for," remarks Aries. "Basically, just hop in your whip, cruise around, and play this song. Loud."

MP3: Lightouts - "And It Comes and Goes"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Lightouts - "And It Comes and Goes"

A-Side To Second Single Delivers 'Straight Up Rocker'

The Song:

The Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York hasn't always been known as a hot bed for rising indie talent, but Lighouts, the duo consisting of guitarist/bassist/drum programmer Gavin Rhodes and vocalist/guitarist Greg Nelson, arrived on the scene earlier this year with plans to change all of that. They led with debut single, "See Clear," an A-Side, B-Side collection that also included a cover of The Stone Roses' "Here It Comes," and, as they continue to lay the finishing touches on their upcoming album, Want, are now releasing their latest single (which, like all of their singles, will also include an original B-side and a cover tune), "And It Comes And Goes." The single, which recently debuted as AOL Spinner's MP3 of the Day, does well in continuing to show off the duo's diversity, and so much so that Lightouts originally considered offering up this latest single as their first, before eventually opting to lead with previous single "See Clear." "Musically, this is our most raucous and climactic song," explains Rhodes. "We originally considered using it for our debut single but 'See Clear' won out because we thought it showed more range."

Upon listening to "And It Comes And Goes" two things quickly become clear: First, you likely haven't heard rhythm guitar work this enjoyable in some time, and, second, Lighouts have a knack for delivering catchy, sing-a-long choruses that still manage to do well in maintaining the group's edgy, distorted-guitar driven sound. As wailing guitar feedback fades into racing, thumping drums and an infectious quick-fire bass line, it's Rhodes' driving guitar and Nelson's lightly effected vocals and quips that truly grab the listener's ear as the song pushes forward, whipping into full frenzy as the chorus hits with Nelson belting the line, "Day light, all night, all night long." For Rhodes, who follows with his own dizzying guitar solo, the mission was clear. "'And It Comes and Goes' is a straight-up rocker," he remarks, before adding, "Play it loud."

Download "And It Comes And Goes" here: .

MP3: Swizz Beatz f/ Alicia Keys - "It's You"

From M3W:

MP3: Swizz Beatz f/ Alicia Keys - "It's You"

* *

Video: J Money - "Exclusive DJ Smallz Freestyle"

From DJ Smallz:

Video: J Money - "Exclusive DJ Smallz Freestyle"

J Money - Freestyle from DJ Smallz.

Video: Raekwon @ BB King 4-17-11

From CJM:

Video: Raekwon @ BB King 4-17-11

Download: TeV95 - "Crime Loops 2 (Beat Tape)"

From 95Labs:

Download: TeV95 - "Crime Loops 2 (Beat Tape)"

Crime Loops 2 is the sequel to the smash instrumental project by Brooklyn based producer TeV95.

Crime Loops 2 is a collage of beats, edits, and loops that exude a taste of urban culture with a hint of Brooklyn's art renaissance.

Influenced by everything from Roberta Flack to Ruby Andrews and more. Crime Loops 2 continues to explore many different methods of sampling and editing, from the classic to the obscure.

Many of today’s artistic masterpieces are nearly impossible to release for sale because of outdated intellectual property laws. It's arguable that some of today's most popular artists may find the need to break the law to create their art. Hence the name, Crime Loops.


PR: FREE Project Blowed Posse Cut + LP Pre-Order

From Uncommon Records:

FREE Project Blowed Posse Cut + LP Pre-Order

On May 17th, Uncommon Records will release Acid Reign's full length release, Diversity.  Today we present an early leak called Creme de la Blowed for FREE.  The track features Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Nga Fish, Myka 9, Rifle Man and Olmeca along with the guys from Acid Reign, Gajah & BeOnd.  It's a legendary banger produced by OoloO the Wize aka Nathaniel Eras.  Need we say more?  Classic material brought to you by the minds at Uncommon.

While you're grabbing the track for free, pre-order the full album (Digital & CD Release) which also features a remix of Creme de la Blowed, Graves, Express, Re4M, another track with Myka 9, beats from EQ, Nasa and more!

MP3: Feez f/ Norry B - "Get It In The Club"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Feez f/ Norry B - "Get It In The Club"

* *

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