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New Audio: @Dezert_Eez f/ Killah Priest - "Mind Stormin"

New Audio: Dezert Eez f/ Killah Priest - "Mind Stormin"

Courtesy Matt B.

Dezert Eez (consisting of members O’Nill, 5-Star & Nivek) took shape at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI) and all three members have known each other for close to a decade now.  The name Dezert Eez (Desert Eagle) is symbolic of a weapon created in Israel and then later brought to the states to be manufactured; much like the “Original Man.”

In early 2005, Dezert Eez released its first mixtape, The Realness, which won widespread critical praise that focused especially on the group’s lyrics. The buzz leapt to a bigger stage in 2008 when 5-Star teamed up with C-Rayz Walz, Killah Priest (Wu-Tang) and Bronze Nazareth (Wu-Tang) to form The Almighty, which was released on Babygrande Records and featured collaborations with Canibus, Keith Murray, and Planet Asia.

In late 2010, Dezert Eez released their debut LP, Ghettobox, (Dezert Eez released a ‘Deluxe Edition’ of Ghettobox in early 2012) which featured appearances from Game and Killah Priest and production from Bronze Nazareth.  Since then, the group has released two mixtapes: First, "Call of Duty: The Black Ops" which featured the likes of Nas, Raekwon, Killah Priest, La the Darkman, Bronze Nazareth among others; it also found the group rocking beats from the likes of One Be Lo, Krohme and fellow member of the Almighty Bronze Nazareth. That was followed up by, "We Own The Summer," which featured appearances One Be Lo, Mike Posner, Mos Def and a remix of the 2011 summer jam by Miguel "Sure Thing". 

Both mixtapes continued to receive positive press and as a result Dezert Eez signed with Universal Records to release their forthcoming sophomore LP (and major label debut), Life Illustrated, (which will include production from Bronze Nazareth & INS Deck—who also appears on the LP) which is scheduled to be released in September 2012.

Link to Dezert Eez f/ Killah Priest “Mind Stormin” (produced by Krohme): .

Casual + J Rawls + Del The Funky Homosapien: Respect Game

Casual + J Rawls + Del The Funky Homosapien: Respect Game

Courtesy Nature Sounds.

Respect Game Or Expect Flames Free Download
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With only a week left before the release of the collabortive album Respect Game Or Expect Flames, Casual and J Rawls are giving fans one more taste before the main course. The title track features Casual trading lines with Hieroglyphics cohort Del The Funky Homosapien over thumping J Rawls production. Respect Game Or Expect Flames hits stores on August 28th, and features apperances from Del, Souls Of Mischief, Pep Love, Copywrite, Kurious, and more. Pre-order here: .

Audio: @DoeCigapom/CagedBirds - "Don'tULuvMe" (@MacMediaPromo)

New Audio: Doe Cigapom/CagedBirds - "Don'tULuvMe"

Courtesy Matt B.

Doe Cigapom ("Deliver On Emotions" & "Can I Get Peace Of Mind") acronym illustrates his mission to shed light on the very real healing powers of music. Throughout his own difficult life experiences, music has been the remedy for Doe's peace of mind.

Doe was born and raised in Washington D.C. at a time when our nation's capital was undergoing historic struggles. This undeniably had a direct impact on his upbringing, but as Doe emphasizes "there was always music" as his main source of solace.

As it often happens for many of our most cherished artists, as a child Doe became mesmerized by the music (particularly the drums) of the church services he attended as a child with his mother, prompting him to pursue teaching music and eventually becoming one of the most preeminent timbales and conga players in the effervescent "Go Go" music scene of D.C. while still only a teenager.

After college, Doe's interests gradually began shifting towards a more Hip-Hop related sound, which combined his rhythmic abilities with his love of poetry. Soon thereafter, he began rapping at local venues, using it as a therapeutic platform to confront the painful experiences of his past; and as Doe states "giving him a new lease of life."

On 9-25-2012, Doe Cigapom will release a collaborative EP entitled, CagedBirds, with producer Soulful via the upstart Indie Love Enterprises Company.

DL Link to Doe Cigapom/CagedBirds "Don'tULuvMe": .

MP3: @SwazyStyles @45thChrisent - "Party Bus"

MP3: Swazy Styles f/ 45th Chris - "Party Bus"

Courtesy Papa Smirf.



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Video: @Ariez_Onasis' Short Film "Victim" (@RapPublicist)

Video: Ariez Onasis' Short Film "Victim" (prod. J. Cardim)

Courtesy Nancy B.

presents a short film music video for his latest single
"VICTIM" (Prod. J. Cardim)

Free Download: DJ Dylemma & @DJ_Sav_One "FreeOfStyle Mixtape"

Free Download: DJ Dylemma & Sav One "FreeOfStyle Mixtape"

Courtesy DS1.

I am very proud to share DJ Dyllemma & I's newest mixtape, "FreeOfStyle." The mixtape explores early meanings of the term 'freestyle' & offers a live mix of some of OUR favorite 90's 'freestyle' verses. Some of the stuff you may not have heard before as we dug mostly on vinyl, cassette tapes & CDs. The tracklist/artwork below will give you a glimpse of what to expect, but we hope the music & mixing will speak for itself. Share freely & thanks for your consideration! A 35-tracks version & a single track version (better for stream) are available for FREE download at FreeOfStyle.Com (powered by Bandcamp). #Salute - DJ Sav One.

* *

MP3: Kendrick Lamar f/ Young Jeezy - "Westside, Right On Time"

MP3: Kendrick Lamar f/ Young Jeezy - "Westside, Right On Time"

Courtesy M3W.

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New Preserving the Culture Mix #58 by @DJLordRon

New Preserving the Culture Mix #58 by DJ Lord Ron

Courtesy DLR.

Yoooooooo! Cali has been burning up for the last few weeks in a good way by way of Summertime. PTC iz back with hot NEW jointz for your ears! A-FS and I want all to enjoy your Summertime at best. Keep the fluids in ya body along with plenty of fruits. Aiight, let’z get into the musik. Sit back and parlay with the cool out. Turn ya speakers up!!  PEACE!

Download Links: or .

1) A-FS signs on
2) M.A.S.K. feat., Rhyme Fest
3) Lil Dap
4) Timeless Truth
5) P Stat & J Skrills
6) Montage One feat., Rass Kass & Guilty Simpson
7) The Black Opera
8) I.G. Culture feat., I.D. 4 Windz
9) Rebels To The Grain
10) Big Shug
11) I.G. Culture feat., John Robinson
12) Khaled feat., Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier
13) DJ Lord Ron & Wildelux
14) A-FS 201-973
15) A-FS signin’ off

The Adam B Experience #61 - Huge Show w/ World Debut!

Adam: "I have a HUGE podcast for you this month. Not only is it huge in size, with FIFTEEN songs, and clocking in at nearly 70 minutes, there's a world debut in this month's episode, as well! Big ups to Majestik Originality and SoSoon for hittin me with 'Simon Sez' before anyone else. With so much music there's literally something for everyone in this month's episode of The Adam B Experience. Wanna shake your ass? Done! Want a chilled out vibe? Done! Want killer lyricism? Done! Want to take up a hobby that may be a crime? You're gonna have to listen to the show to find out about that last one. Enjoy! Follow me on Twitter at @AdamsWorldBlog or hit me up with feedback at" The Adam B Experience is 100% PODSAFE and FREE so tell your friends to download ABX right here at!

Download Here (right click to save)


* Vinnie Scullo - SLOWHIO
* Toussaint Morrison - Coup De Grace
* Homeboy Sandman - Whatchu Want From Me?
* BS w/ Nyle - Booty
* Millionaires w/ Kreayshawn - Ratchet
* White Cheddar - Shut Up Cheddar
* Majestik Originality w/ SoSoon - Simon Sez (world debut!)
* ESH & DOX w/ KiKi - Alarm Clock
* CookBook w/ Chino XL - Musica Grande
* Crew54 w/ Carter Arrington - My Life
* Sav Killz - Take A Moment
* Vorheez w/ Tone, DJ Rob Swift & Roosta - Freaks & Weirdos
* Substantial - Check My Resume
* H.W. - Ghosts Of The Life I Never Lived
* Klokwize - Eye On You

The Hip-Hop Shop #187 - Yeah, And Ya Don't Stop

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. This is episode #187 - Yeah, And Ya Don't Stop. In honor of this historical hip-hop # we literally DON'T STOP once for a commercial break - enjoy 27 minutes from your host Steve 'Flash' Juon! Featured artists this week include Tom Chase, yU, Ground Up, Angry Nerdz and more! Send feedback to @RapReviews on this episode! Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on! Don't forget to subscribe to our RSS newsfeed and follow us on Twitter so you never miss a new episode.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Tom Chase f/ OGM - Bring the Pain
* yU f/ Danedra Rowell - Dreams
* V!rtu - Step to It
* Par-City f/ L.I. & Young Wit - Pop That Freestyle
* Ground Up f/ Action Bronson - Hold Me Down
* Angry Nerdz - Turnt Up
* Hus (Tha Connection) - Love Laws

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