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Free Music Friday: Back in Black Friday Edition

Back in Black! A-hit the sack! Well, before you do, here are some dope free music that are on a Black Friday sale for...nothing...just like any other week FMF occurs. Aw, well, at least you'll get more free music that you won't have to wait and camp outside of stores to cop!

Cyrana Sinatra x Dub MB :: Madicinal Libationz 2: B*tchless Brew

Here's an exclusive mixtape we share with KevinNottingham to present Cyrano Sinatra to ya!
This mixtape is a remix to Cyrano's 2009 album "Madicinal Libationz" mixed with all kinds of producers and appearances by Wordsmith, SILent Knight, and Junclassic to make it worth the d/l. Check this one out!

1. Friendly: The B*tchless Brew (Intro) (Produced By Sharpcuts)
2. Mongrels (Remix) (Produced By Don Wilson)
3. Da Boom (Remix) (Produced By Magic-Boy)
4. Delusions Of Slander (Remix) (feat. Naturel) (Produced By Cynergy Soundz)
5. SONAR (Remix) (Produced By Sharpcuts)
6. Forcefeel (Remix) (feat. SiLent Knight) (Produced By Magic-Boy)
7. Madagascar (Remix) (Produced By J. Slikk)
8. P.A.T.O.I.S. (Remix) (feat. Wordsmith & Junclassic) (Produced By Centric)
9. A Hard Drive (Remix) (Produced By Doc Verbz)
10. Aftershox (Remix) (feat. Zero Star) (Produced By Magic-Boy)
11. Bing Chaireez (Remix) (feat. Junclassic) (Produced By Magic-Boy)
12. Bolsheviks (Remix) (Produced By Magic-Boy)
13. C.Y.I.D.I.T.C. (Remix) (Produced By Crews)

Fred the Godson :: City of God

Fred the Godson's been called the NY's new Biggie, but I just call him for what he is: dope. Sure Biggie's influences may show towards him, but he's no Biggie clone. He's got a voice and a style of his own and this "City of God" mixtape gives it all to ya.

1.Intro (Prod. by F.R.E.A.K)
2.Runnin These Streets (Prod. by Street Fabulous)
3.More Than Enough (feat. Remo The Hitmaker) (Prod. by Remo The Hitmaker)
4.Turn It Up (feat. Fatman Scoop) (Prod. by Remo The Hitmaker)
5.Getting Money
6.Part II (feat. Diddy & Meek Mill & Cory Gunz) (Prod. by Street Fabulous)
7.Block On Fire (Prod. by Sarom)
8.Dove's Fly (feat. Pusha T) (Prod. by Charlemagne)
9.Long Way To Go (Prod. by Ebonikz)
10.Rain In The Water (feat. Remo The Hitmaker & K2) (Prod. by The Fr3shmen)
11.City Of God (feat. Raekwon) (Prod. by iLL-Iteracy)
12.Talkin Bout Money (Prod. by Remo The Hitmaker)
13.American Hustler (feat. Tyler Woods) (Prod. by Beat Butcha)
14.Monique(TM)s Room (I Don(TM)t Give A Fuck) (Prod. by Remo The Hitmaker)
15.We Gon Fly (Prod. by Buda Da Future & Grandz Muzik)
16.Let Me Be The One (feat. Mona L) (Prod.. by Tony Troubles)
17.Head Banger (feat. Vado) (Prod. by Remo The Hitmaker)
18.How You Don't Know Me? (feat. Maino) (Prod. by Hiroshima)
19.Hip-Hop (feat. The Mad Rapper) (Prod. by Mike Jerz & DDot)
20.Let It Go (Prod. by Sunny Heights)

Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic :: Mode 7: Instrumentals

I admit that I haven't heard the full version of this album, but after hearing these aptly jazzy instrumentals, I'm open towards it. F'real, check out these one.

1. Intro
2. The Mission
3. Bust Ya Melon
4. Stunnin'
5. Transition
6. The Essence
7. Blunts
8. Times
9. Outro

K-Major :: The Greatest Show on Earth

GSOE Cover

It's the "Greatest Show on Earth," it's the greatest show in the world! BET/MTV viewers may recognize K-Major on a few shows (w/ Darnell on the Sweet 16th, etc.), but here's an offering from the self-proclaimed producer/emcee/songwriter to show why he feels the show is the greatest.

1. Intro (DJ NIna 9)
2. Comfortable (Prod By Closer)
3. Control + Delete (Prod By Black The Beast)
4. Dont Stop Me Now (Prod By Skyz)
5. World Of Deception (Prod By Beat Billionaire of Maybach Music)
6. King Of The Club Ft. Lil Scrappy and Chosen One (Prod By Nard and B)
7. Piece Of My Love ft. Issa (Prod By Kyle of The University)
8. Money Is The Mission (Prod By Skyz)
9. 1000 Times ft. Dat Guy
10. I Cant Take It
11. AntiSocial (Prod By Skyz)
12. Can We Talk ft. Gorilla Zoe and J-Marsh (Prod By K-Major)
13. I See You ft. Yung Tone (Prod By Kyle of The University)
14. Ray Bauns and Levis
15. Got It On Lock ft. New Boyz (Prod By K-Major)
16. Where My Money At ft. Lil Chuckee
17. Jump Around (Prod By J Kush)
18. Right Now ft. JBAR
19. Put It On Me ft. Lil Chuckee (Prod By VC Productions)
20. Rock and Roll (Party) (Prod By PressPlay)
21. Never Fall Down (Prod By J Kush)

Kepstar :: Shades of Gray (Hosted by Clinton Sparks)

One of Jersey's latest to make it in the music world, Kepstar takes to mix the black and white world to shades of gray that we can learn to love and appreciate. This mixtape is hosted by Clinton Sparks and features Joe Budden, Termanolgy, J. Cardim, Otis Clapp, Devo D. and introducing T.J. Fox.

1. Goodbye Yesterday
2. I've Been Dead
3. Not Like Me (f/ Otis Clap)
4. 1 Up (f/ Joe Budden)
5. Don't Walk Away (f/ Devo D.)
6. Do My Own Thing (f/ Termanology)
7. I Gotta Go (f/ T.J. Fox)
8. Must Be the Life (f/ Devo D.)
9. Dear John
10. 24 Hours Away
11. Dance With Me
12. Shades of Gray
13. What You Like
14. If I Die
15. Life I Coulda Of Had

Lupe Fiasco :: Friend of the People

Jesus was known as a friend of the people, so I guess Lupe decide to put the ultimate people's friend's name in the center of the cover. Yet this serves as a gift pre-Jesus birthday to all of the fans who's been there from him since his Da Pak days or his recent Lasers day. "Food & Liquor II" coming soon.

1. Introduction
2. Lupe Back
3. Friend of the People (f/ Dosage)
4. Double Burger with Cheese
5. Joaquin Phoenix (f/ Lil Ronnie)
6. WWJD He'd Prolly LOL Like WTF!!!
7. Lightwork
8. Life, Death & Love from San Francisco
9. SLR
10. SNDCLSH in Vegas
11. Super Cold
12. The End of the World

Kalae All Day: Pass Times & Crass Lines

Check out the productions if you need a convincing reason to download this. You'll know that this lady doesn't play around with her music or her mixtape. Check it out!

1. Aquarium [prod. by DJ H2]
2. Interlude 1
3. Stick Up Kids (f/ Baxter P. Wordsworth & Atlas) [prod. by DJ H2]
4. Melt (Love) [prod. by Flying Lotus]
5. MmmHmm (Go Home)  [prod. by Flying Lotus]
6. Interlude 2
7. Photon Beam (Yawns)  [prod. by Spills]
8. Astroplane (Origami)  [prod. by Flying Lotus]
9. Datura-Stramonium (f/ YC the Cynic)  [prod. by MF Doom]
10. Breathe (Perfect)  [prod. by Flying Lotus]
11. Comet Course (Damn That CHick)  [prod. by Flying Lotus]
12. Benn and Jerry
13. Interlude 3
14. Aunties Harp [prod. by Flying Lotus]
15. 20 Kit Kats 2 the Riff Raff [prod. by MF Doom]
16. Outro
17. BONUS TRACK: Ben and Jerry (Extended Mix)

Nitty Scott, MC :: Doobies x Popsicle Sticks

Many probably caught Nitty Scott, MC on this year's BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher and are curious about more of her works and styles. Well, here it is...

1. Doobsicles (Summer Re-Cap)
2. Tell Somebody f. Mike Maven (prod. 6th Sense)
3. Auntie Maria’s Crib (prod. The Good Reverend Dr.)
4. Bullsh_t Rap (prod. Super E)
5. Sun-Kissed f. Moe Isaac (prod. J57)
6. Walk Like A Duck
7. FeminiNITTY (Remixed by J.Period)
8. Down With The King 2011 (Mick Boogie Remix) f. Tanya Morgan & 6th Sense (prod. 6th Sense)

Tanya Morgan :: You & What Army EP

Good news and bad news (bad news first). This is a first Tanya offering without Ilyas (and the underground fans cry adult tears...), but good news is the Morgan is still going on and strong with this EP "You and What Army" for err'body to check out.

1. Intro
2. Do It Tanya (feat. Tiffany Paige)
3. Whatever That's Mine
4. Gotta Get Over It (feat. Napoleon & Che Grand)
5. Rock The Bells
6. In The City
7. Borrow That (feat. Jermiside)
8. We Rollin
9. Together (feat. Exile)

That's it for the "Back in Black Edition" of Free Music Friday. If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....
Video: Don Trip's "Help Is On the Way Webisode #6 - On the Road"

Video: Don Trip's "Help Is On the Way Webisode #6 - On the Road"

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

"Mr. Don Trip visits the bay area and drops in at KEML to discuss the release of the "Letter To My Son" video. Watch as he performs in front of a capacity crowd in San Francisco on the The Game's RED Tour. #FreeHIOTW."

MP3: Ariez Onasis - "Party Crashing"

MP3: Ariez Onasis - "Party Crashing"

Courtesy Dice Music.


* *

MP3: I-20 - "Cocaine" (prod. by DJ Pain 1)

MP3: I-20 - "Cocaine" (prod. by DJ Pain 1)

Courtesy J. Melo.

I-20 continues rolling with a new leak off his upcoming "Celebrity Rehab" mixtape. This time around, the track is titled "Cocaine" and is once again produced by DJ Pain 1.

Artist: I-20
Song: Cocaine
Producer: DJ Pain 1
Mixtape: Celebrity Rehab
MP3: Swazy Styles f/ Rick Ross - "You Already Know"

MP3: Swazy Styles f/ Rick Ross - "You Already Know"

Courtesy Papa Smirf.

Miami rap juggernaut Swazy Styles has Officially released his urban smash Hit titled "YOU ALREADY KNOW" feat Hip hop Heavy weight RICK ROSS AKA RICKY ROZAY. This record also feat the melodic tunes of Miami's own K-parn and Super producer CP HOLLYWOOD. Swazy Styles, who is setting the city of Miami and the rest of the southern hemisphere on fire with his blazing and electrifying club hits & HIS Major feature by The Boss.

* *

Video: La Da Boomman Takes Over Alabama

Video: La Da Boomman Takes Over Alabama

Courtesy Rap Star Promo.

Follow @boomman_mmi."

MP3: Q6 f/ Lil Boosie & T-Strz - "Mouthpiece"

MP3: Q6 f/ Lil Boosie & T-Strz - "Mouthpiece"

Courtesy BF Blasts.

* *

MP3: Common - "Celebrate"

MP3: Common - "Celebrate"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Video/Album Release: Ol' Dirty Bastard - Return Re-Release

Video/Album Release: Ol' Dirty Bastard - Return To The 36 Chambers Re-Release

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Just in time for the start of your holiday shopping sprees, upstart label Get On Down is excited to finally release their very own, special re-issue version of Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Versions, the iconic debut from the late Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard.

The one-of-a-kind box deluxe box set, which retails for just under $25, comes equipped with remixes, a capellas, instrumentals, and other rarities. Joining those music essentials are a host of rare, limited edition, and value-added extras for fans, including a vintage "On Tour" poster, extended artwork, promotional sticker, detailed liner notes, and an exclusive billfold wallet, where you will be able to put your complimentary laminated Ol' Dirty Bastard food stamp card.

To celebrate the release, Get On Down has put together a special video for fans. The short clip helps break down the concept behind the album re-issue, while giving fans an opportunity to preview all of the special value-added items included, while also having the chance to check out some of the album's tracks as they stream in the background. The box set is available both in CD format and vinyl.

Watch the video here: .

Fans can buy the album re-issue here: .

MP3: Mike WiLL Made It - "European Shit" f/ Gucci Mane + More

MP3: Mike WiLL Made It - "European Shit" Ft. Yung Joey & Gucci Mane

Courtesy Audible Treats.

To say that 2011 has been a fruitful year for Mike WiLL Made It would be an understatement. The producer came out swinging with the Billboard-charting "Tupac Back" for Meek Mill & Rick Ross, and since has produced Ludacris' "I'm On Fire," a song that also features Big K.R.I.T., "Ain't No Way Around It" for Future (since remixed by Big Boi and Young Jeezy), "Got One" for 2 Chainz, and much more. But even before then, Mike WiLL has been grinding his teeth, working with artists such as Waka Flocka Flame, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, Busta Rhymes, Sean Garrett, Jeremih, and plenty more.

Now, before the end of the year, Mike WiLL is planning the release of his own mixtape, Est. In 1989. The project will recount Mike's run of previously released fan favorites, while offering fans a host of new and exclusive tracks, the first of which were "Itchin'," which features Future, and the Gucci Mane- and Yo Gotti-featuring "Animosity." The latest single is "European Shit," and the song features Gucci Mane and Yung Joey, the latest addition to the Brick Squad family - both figuratively and literally; Joey, from Jamaica, Queens, is Waka Flocka Flame's cousin - who will also be releasing his own mixtape, The Sixth Man, on December 19th.

And while most fans might hear 1017 Brick Squad and expect something rowdy, the song offers a refined feel, one inspired by the good life. "We were in the studio; Gucci shoes, Louie shoes," explains Mike WiLL. "Joey's BMW keys were laying on the desk - he looked around and instantly came up with the concept." Joey's melodic hook plays off Mike's airy instruments and heavy low-end, putting on display a chemistry that the two artists have been fostering for years. "I've been rocking with Yung Joey since I met him back in 2007," notes Mike, "and that allowed me to give Joey something different, a unique sound that's just now kicking off a whole new wave."

Download Mike WiLL's "European Shit" Ft. Yung Joey & Gucci Mane: .

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