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Video: Par-City Performs for Hot97's NYC Vote Rally (@GiFtheGreat @WillyDope)

Video: Par-City Performs for Hot97's NYC Vote Rally

Courtesy Legion Media Group.

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012, Par-City performed for Hot97's NYC Vote Rally hosted by Rosario Dawson at Lehman College. Watch as the Hip Hop duo perform "Hard Times" off their Civilized Sessions mixtape. After the performance, GiF and Willy Dope of Par-CIty address the Bronx college audience about the importance of getting involved in the voting process and communicating with the local elected officials in the community to spark change. Follow them on Twitter @GiFtheGreat @WillyDope.

Audio: Syndrome f/ CMG, Khavel-X, Sabotawj & DJ AK

Audio: Syndrome f/ CMG, Khavel-X, Sabotawj & DJ AK

Courtesy S.D.

Single taken from Daz Dillinger Presents Syndrome International Paperchaser Album. This that G-Funk Talkbox feel good summertime vibe record.

Video: @JBizness "Destination" (@MelloMusicGroup)

Video: J Bizness "Destination"

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

J. Bizness’ Flight Plan is well over 30,000 feet at this point. The instrumental album from the LA producer took off in August and has been exploring the skies since. Today, Mello Music Group and director Erick Lee share the visuals for “Destination,” one of the more introspective, almost somber cuts from the LP.

Video: @RealTitoLopez Gets With @QTheQuestion

Video: Tito Lopez Gets With Q The Question

Courtesy Q.

Q The Question interviews Tito Lopez for HHV as they link up in Philly at the Big Krit show. The Capitol Records artist talk about singing with Capitol and much more see video below.

Video: Chris Webby - "Bars on Me" (@ChrisWebby)

Video: Chris Webby - "Bars on Me"

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

Watch the "Bars on Me" video below.

Video: Confz - "Deadman Walking" (@SektionRed)

Video: Confz - "Deadman Walking"

Courtesy Confz Management.

"I'm a fairly new London underground rap artist and I am contacting you to Inquire about being on your website/blog I recently released this video from my upcoming mixtape."

Music Submission: Tru-Paz - Like Father Like Son (@URBNET)

Music Submission: Tru-Paz - Like Father Like Son

Courtesy URBNET.

After 10 years, 3 albums, 4 EPs, 7 videos, a 2005 MuchFact top video nod, a 2008 MMVA video award nomination (Best Rap Video), critical acclaim in The Source, NOW Magazine, Okay Player (amongst others) and proven #1 singles on the college radio circuit, Tru-Paz have established themselves as credible veterans in Canadian Hip Hop.

Stream (please share): .

Press Release for "No Face Mask" by Pinc Gator (@LexZyne)

Press Release for "No Face Mask" by Pinc Gator

Courtesy LexZyne.

About Pinc Gator

For over a decade, Pinc Gator has been inspired and motivated by music.  The ladder has always been a major part of his life, due to his father’s musical capabilities and involvement.  At anytime of the day the Bishop was sure to have a record serenading throughout the house, whether Gospel or Blues.  That kind of explains why there is a soulful sound to Gators voice whenever he briefly caters to his singing ability.

Gator realized rap was one of his niches when he was always able to hold an audiences attention whenever in a freestyle cipher.  Pinc always wanted to flow, but he never wanted to write his lyrics down.  His brother always reiterated “write your lyrics down” in Gator’s ear.  After a few years of being stubborn, Gator finally took his brothers advice.  Once writing became a part of his routine, his craft actually began to grow.  Although he began writing, many times throughout the years, Gator had tried to be naive to the fact that music, not just rap was his craft.  Family and close friends were always supportive, but it was the people he did not know that sort of solidified the potential factor.

Let it be music or just ordinary life, Gator has always had obstacles to deal with.  People’s procrastination has always been a hindering in part of Gators success.  Folks have a mind frame of tomorrow.  That tomorrow attitude has created a “Bitter Over Time” attitude for Pinc Gator.  Therefore he never gets too low or too high based on somebody’s words.  He just believes it when he sees it.

Gator has a unique raspy sound to his voice that makes him stand out when collaborating with anyone. He is not your ordinary down south representer.  Although, he is very aware and appreciative of the culture that Houston has created for itself.  He tends to focus on his personal experiences with women, deceit, childhood, etc.  Gator’s lyrical wordplay and distinctive metaphors will one day create a nice place for him in Hip Hop even though his genre can be viewed as extremely diverse at times.  He might be spotted in a public setting wearing his signature football helmet without a facemask, or one of his many turbines.  Electric and outlandish pretty much sums up his character. He is not out to harm anyone, he is just going to get what he feels is his.  Pinc keeps an humble mind frame in all his endeavors, knowing that nothing last forever.

Pinc Gator is a dedicated artist and is constantly striving to perfect his craft.  Success is part of believing and having faith, and that’s what facilitates his drive.  He is not your ordinary “rapper” , due to the fact he is an all out entertainer, and loves to capture an audience. No matter what country, city, or state you are in, keep your head on the swivel, Pinc Gator is probably near.

New Video: @Dezert_Eez "Egyptian Musk" (@MacMediaPromo)

New Video: Dezert Eez "Egyptian Musk"

Courtesy Matt B.

Dezert Eez (consisting of members O’Nill, 5-Star & Nivek) took shape at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI) and all three members have known each other for close to a decade now.  The name Dezert Eez (Desert Eagle) is symbolic of a weapon created in Israel and then later brought to the states to be manufactured; much like the “Original Man.”

MP3: @MistahFAB x Willie Joe - "Automatic" (Prod. @SMKA)

MP3: Mistah F.A.B. x Willie Joe - "Automatic" (Prod. By SMKA)

Courtesy Audible Treats.

With the October 4th release date fast approaching, Atlanta-based production group, SMKA, in conjunction with Thizzler On The Roof and environmentally-friendly lifestyle brand C4 Belts, is preparing the final elements for their mixtape, Darkest Before Dawn. The mixtape features some of the Bay Area's most talented up-and-coming artists, including IamSu!, Zumbi (of Zion I), Shady Blaze, Roach Gigz, DaVinci, DB Tha General, and more rapping over SMKA production. Following previous singles "Greatness" and "Ain't A Thing," Mistah F.A.B. and Willie Joe deliver on "Automatic," the final single before release date.

Rapping over a mellow, bubbling beat from SMKA, Mistah F.A.B. and Willie Joe, two of the most veteran artists featured on Darkest Before Dawn, recount their experiences of seeing people make it to the big stage and forgetting about the people who helped them along the way. "The message we hope to convey is for artists who get in a position to help out should do so," quips Mistah F.A.B. "Especially the ones who said they would,"

When asked about working with Willie Joe, F.A.B. responds: "Willie Joe came with a very nice hook – one that I think all cats in the position we're in can feel – and I just went with the topic because its something I've personally been through." An experience many rappers can relate to in the business, you can hear the frustration in their voices as the two express themselves, and for F.A.B., it was a relief to get the feelings off his chest. "The misconception of others' motives can be heartbreaking," laments F.A.B. "The elating moments come when addressing issues like this."

Listen to "Automatic" here: .

XXL premiered the single, and more info can be found here: .

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