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@LegaC Takes On High School Bullies In "That Bitch" Video

Lega-C Takes On High School Bullies In "That Bitch" Video

Courtesy Yo! PR.

In light of high profile celebrities like multi-platinum pop star Lady Gaga and actress/singer Demi Lovato recently confessing their personal struggles with bulimia as teenagers to the media, Tulsa, Oklahoma rapper/producer/actress Lega-C, who burst onto the independent music scene last summer with her platinum YouTube video "White Girl Raps Fast", has decided to help raise awareness about the disease in a new music video for her song, "That Bitch".

Bulimia is the second most common eating disorder (behind anorexia) among teens and affects between 1 and 3 percent of teens and four percent of college-aged women in the United States each year. The scientific name for the disorder is bulimia nervosa -- meaning a disease of hunger affecting the nervous system. Bulimia involves binge consumption of food that is compensated for by dangerous unhealthy dietary habits, the most common of which is vomiting. Teens with bulimia will eat large and excessive amounts of food, but to make sure they stay thin, they will vomit, fast, use laxatives, or exercise vigorously to force all the food they consumed out of their system.

"That Bitch" is the first official single from Lega-C's much-anticipated Block Starz Music debut album, "Off My Medication", and deals with the devastating psychological effects of both teenage bulimia and high school bullying on young women.

While neither Lega-C nor her label would give specifics, the storyline for "That Bitch" will center around a high school girl, played by Lega-C (born Danielle McLean), who is mercilessly teased by two classmates about her weight and sexuality.

"I've struggled with weight issues myself in the past and I know how painful [that] can be for school girls, especially when you add in bullying from other students," says the budding actress, who recently posted Episode 3 of her reality web series "Lega-C Livin'". "This music video will present a worst case scenario that could happen if the issues are left unaddressed."

"Off My Medication" by Lega-C will be available at all major online retailers on October 31, 2012 (Halloween).

Tracklisting for "Off My Medication"

1. Off My Medication
2. That Bitch
3. New Sound ft. Siege
4. Who Got Tha Heater
5. 24
6. O'ren Ishii ft. Lady Remedy
7. Lady Wood
8. Speaking Sublimely ft. Wrekonize of ¡MAYDAY!
9. Stay ft. Dominique
10. Boss Bitch ft. Zig Zag
11. Fuck Em All
12. Blow You Away ft. KP
13. No Liquor Left
14. A.N.D.R.E.

Video: WMS the @Sultan617 - "Roll Call" f/ @JoeBudden

Video: WMS the Sultan - "Roll Call" f/ Joe Budden

Courtesy WMS.

twitter @sultan617

MP3: Slice - "Hands Up" (@KaosSteve)

MP3: Slice - "Hands Up" (@KaosSteve)

Courtesy Stefan L.

I want to send you my new song "Hands Up". I'd really appreciate it if you post it on your page.

My Facebook page:
My Twitter:

Video: Toby (of Inverse) - "Nowhere to Run" (@TobyInverse)

Video: Toby (of Inverse) - "Nowhere to Run"

Courtesy Toby G.

I will be releasing my Evolutionary 2 EP on October 10th, 2012.  This is the video for the first single from that record.

MP3: @NickNemesis f/ Mizz - "F**k All Y'all" (prod. Sub-Zero)

MP3: Nick Nemesis f/ Mizz - "F**k All Y'all" (prod. Sub-Zero)

Just giving everyone another dose of that is yet to come on my next mixtape!  This time i recruited the help of fellow Deific Ink member Mizz!  !Enjoy!

The Hip-Hop Shop #190 - Let's Bring Hip-Hop Back

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Today's new show is called Let's Bring Hip-Hop Back in honor of MC Shan. We also have new music from Famoso, Styles of Beyond and more! Send feedback to @RapReviews on this episode! Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on! Don't forget to subscribe to our RSS newsfeed and follow us on Twitter so you never miss a new episode. This show is co-sponsored by and can be found there every Thursday.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* MC Shan - Let's Bring Hip-Hop Back
* Famoso f/ Shabaam Sahdeeq, Whosane - Me, Myself & Music (Remix)
* B.U.C. (Ill Al Skratch) - An U Say NYC
* Zion I f/ Eligh & The Grouch - We Don't
* Madchild - Crazy Heart Print
* Styles of Beyond - Damn
* Dumhi - The Scene (You Don't Know) Instrumental

Video: @StandOutFT (Fuc That) - "The Strip" (@PRDean)

Video: F.T. (Fuc That) - "The Strip"

Courtesy PR Dean.


Video: @DJIronLyon - "Step Into the Night" (@PRDean)

Video: Iron Lyon - "Step Into the Night"

Courtesy PR Dean.

Iron Lyon "From The Ground Up" Album
The album features Edo G., Sean Price, Slim Kid Tre (of The Pharcyde),
Jen Dog Lonewolf & More... Retail CD also available @ .

MP3: @ArlisMichaels f/ NuMoney - "Bands Will Make Her Dance"

MP3: Arlis Michaels f/ NuMoney - "Bands Will Make Her Dance"

Courtesy Drank and Dank.

Arlis is joined by NuMoney of Rich Mafia for his take on Juicy J & Mike Will's hit Bands Will Make Her Dance.

* *

MP3: @RichieStacks - "Onion" (@DrankAndDank)

MP3: Richie Stacks - "Onion"

Courtesy Drank and Dank.

Please feel free to post and share.
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