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Video: SDSC (Amsterdam & Detroit - Soul Daad & Stereo Crew) - Ooh La La

Video: SDSC (Amsterdam & Detroit - Soul Daad & Stereo Crew) - Ooh La La

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Stereo Boyz & Stereo Crew teamed up with Amsterdam's Soul Daad recently to produce and record their EP "Amstertroit". The two teams of MCs and Producers first met on Twitter, exchanging beats and ideas. Amazed by the undeniable talent coming from overseas, the Stereo Boyz picked 3 beats by Soul Daad members Gianski & Bolle for their upcoming album "Carz, Clubz & Theaterz".

DJ Lord Ron: Rest In Peace Guru + More!!!

DJ Lord Ron: Rest In Peace Guru + More!!!

Courtesy DLR.

April 19th 2013 marks 3 years since Gang Starr's Guru passed away. Strictly Cassette honors Guru with their 2nd cassette label release of a rare recorded joint with Guru & DJ Lord Ron from 2003. This collectors item will be yours, come May 28th!!! Rest In Peace Guru!! Respects to the Elam family. A portion of the proceeds will go to Guru's son, K.C. Big up to Strictly Cassette & Bad Fame!!!

Audio: Mojo Green - "The Makings of You"

Audio: Mojo Green - "The Makings of You"

Courtesy Max B.

released 19 April 2013
originally written/produced by Curtis Mayfield
performed by Mojo Green
recorded at Little Africa studios by Hezekiah
Cover art by Marcellous Lovelace

Audio: Young Tech - "Just Stretchin"

Audio: Young Tech - "Just Stretchin"

Courtesy John Greene.

Young Tech! Hailing from Chicago, Hip Hop new comer's latest Single "Just Stretchin" Available now on iTunes.

Video: Physha P - "Do What You Do"

Video: Physha P - "Do What You Do"

Courtesy Big Lou.

How are you? It's b.i.g. Lou of Physha P (fish-uh-p). As you know, our club banger "Do What You Do (2013 Rmx)" is featured on MTV. I'm very proud to announce the release of it's Official Lyric Video. Not only is the video really creative, but is hilariously funny; "money shot" at 1:03.

Audio: @LosGwop @KendrickLamar "Don't Kill My Vibe Freestyle"

Audio: Los Gwop f/ Kendrick Lamar "Don't Kill My Vibe Freestyle"

Courtesy L.G.

Once he got to Georgia thatís when he really found he style of music sharing he emotions and life of what he experienced growing up in Bronx,N.Y. Los later went out and bought top of the line studio equipment and built his own studio. When he got pro tools and thatís when he started to produce hit records. To this day he is still writing and producing his own music and getting better and better as time goes on.

Press Release: @AntoineTheFresh - Victoria's Secret

Press Release: Antoine Banks - Victoria's Secret

Courtesy Travis V.

This is the 2nd song released from Antoine Banks upcoming mixtape ĎFame and Other Drugsí

Antoine Banks on what Victoria's Secret is:

ďThe song is a incredibly true story that Iíve shared with very few people of a relationship I shared with a girl by the name of Victoria. We both were in a relationship with someone else which is where the title "Victorias Secret" comes from because her name was victoria and I was always her secret. The song is about how two people can share something so beautiful without truly being together. Even though our relationship lasted roughly 5 years without us ever being truly committed to each other and even tho we had a bad ending, the memories we made were those that are meant to be shared. I really hope you guys love the song as much as I love the memories.Ē

Antoine Banks is a talented man with a dream, a plan, and hope. Born in Hobbs, New Mexico but spent majority of his life in Dallas, Texas and rapping since he could pick up a microphone. It wasnít until he turned 18 and realizing that he truly had a talent, a gift, a blessing and he was going to take advantage of every bit of it. His catchy, lyrical punchlines and the way he finds a way to relate his life and lyrics to your life story, proves that there are great things for his future.

ďIt's so much more than music. Itís about the stories I tell, itís about taking you back to that moment you'd never forget or the ones that you wish you could , itís about making you fall in love all over again, its about you realizing how passionate I am about my life. It's so much more than music....and I'm just getting started.Ē

-Antoine Banks

Key career accomplishments: Opened for MGK, Kirko Bangz, Waka Flocka, Ace Hood, Lil Keke, & more. His music received coverage on the radio in several states across the US. Many blogs and journalists have wrote about his lyrical talent and latest projects. For more information: email
Video: DJ Paul "No Panties" (@DJPaulKOM)

Video: DJ Paul - "No Panties"

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

Here is "No Panties", DJ Paul's latest video from the album A Person of Interest! This version is PG, so most likely work safe! Drop it low, and enjoy!

Audio: DiVance Walker - "Rocks on Pavement" (@HedaSpeaks)

Audio: DiVance Walker - "Rocks on Pavement"

Courtesy DW.

DiVance Walker hopes to follow up his first single Good luck with some more quality hip hop.

@PeeterBilt "Trappin Night & Day" (@rRAPpromo @BehindthaSeen)

Audio: Peete Baker - Trappin Night And Day

Courtesy RRP.


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