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The Hunger Games Remix & Our Rasta Tie-Dye Keffiyeh

From Shemspeed:

The Hunger Games Remix & Our Rasta Tie-Dye Keffiyeh


"Rules" is a song that won't soon get out of your head. Check this Hunger Games Remix by Diwon and Jayme Dee

* http://bancs.bandcamp.com/track/rules-the-hunger-games-remix *


The Rasta Tie-Dye Kef is definitely our favorite of the Keffiyeh line!

* http://www.ccnow.com/cgi-local/sc_cart.cgi?9957812997311472 *

Video: Sonnymoon - "Wild Rumpus"

From Nora Ritchie:

Video: Sonnymoon - "Wild Rumpus"

Pitchfork: "Sonnymoon, a duo from Boston, have an intuitive knack for merging a strong melody with loose grooves and sleek textures."

Los Angeles Times: "a swath of shimmering synth-laden brush strokes and sporadic low-end punches -- a gentle sound with a dash of psychedelic sultriness.

Today, electronic soul duo Sonnymoon release their video for "Wild Rumpus" from their forthcoming self-titled debut album. The video, a multi-layered suite of sounds and juxtaposed images, plants itself in the depths of a musical rainforest. Sonnymoon will be out on May 22nd via Plug Research.

MP3: Slaughterhouse f/ Cee-Lo - "My Life"

MP3: Slaughterhouse f/ Cee-Lo - "My Life"

Courtesy M3W.

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/slaughterhousemylife/blast-page.html *

Video: MC Khingz - "Godzilla Gatorade" @WWORX @religionbeats

From Wandering Worx:

Video: MC Khingz - "Godzilla Gatorade"

This is the official music video for the gritty "Godzilla Gatorade" off of  Liberation of the Monster, the new album from rising Seattle MC Khingz.  Khingz has gained a reputation in Seattle as a dope lyricist and recently opened for Blackalicious and Aceyalone. The song is produced by up and coming beatsmith Rel!g!on and the video is directed by Hayden Baptiste.

Video: Sean Born - "Lights On"

Courtesy Mello Music Group:

Video: Sean Born - "Lights On"

The track Lights On was produced by Kenn Wood, while the video was directed by Kaimbr, and edited by Roddy Rod.  The album continues to gain acclaim as Sean is preparing to tour the east coast.

Drastic Synth 'Deeper Than Rap' (Instrumental Mixtape)

From Park Street PR:

Drastic Synth 'Deeper Than Rap' (Instrumental Mixtape)

Drastic Synth is a music producer from Birmingham who started to appreciate all things musical from a very early age. In1999 Drastic Synth heard the track 'Freestyler' by Bomfunk MC's; this is a time he credits as a turning point in his musical journey. From this moment on, he started to become very interested in the world of audio music production. From going to various clubs and raves around the country he became associated with local emcees and DJ's, which increased his interest. While most of his friends where rapping and writing lyrics, Drastic Synth wanted to take the journey of a producer and a beat-maker rather then the path of a vocalist or performer. 

Drastic Synth admires the work of a wide range of musical genres and always claims to remain open-minded where music is involved. He credits the energy of rock music, the motivational power of gospel and the whole vibe of urban music as some of his influences. In 2005 Drastic Synth decided to step forward and began to invest money into his own studio. Starting off with a PC with basic software he began to start learning about how beats where created and indeed started sketching down rough ideas. Trying out various pieces of hardware such as the Akai MPC 1000, Roland SH201 synthesiser and a Juno keyboard he began to understand the principles of how a studio works and soon realised that what he was trying to achieve could be done by using various software.

After five years of working hard to create and develop a sound that was unique as well as relevant, Drastic Synth decided that it was time to start to focus on getting his music to a professional standard. He researched deeply into sound design, mastering, music theory and the language of music spending every spare minute in the studio trying to apply his increased knowledge into his already recognisable unique sound. For the next year he experimented with new ideas and different formulas always trying to creatively push musical boundaries drawn from his original inspirations.

Now in 2012 Drastic Synth is ready to unleash a barrage of brand new unheard material. First up is his debut release 'Deeper Than Rap', a twelve track free download release of instrumentals that showcase his diverse range of musical influences. Drastic Synth's production has already had the thumbs up from those few lucky enough to have heard it and already is making noise on the internet with a string of positive and complimentary reviews. With more of his own releases planned for the near future, as well as being commissioned to create beats for various other artists and labels the future looks bright for Drastic Synth. Drastic Synth has arrived, this is much deeper than rap...

Drastic Synth 'Deeper Than Rap' (Full Track-listing)

01 - Motivation
02 - Global
03 - Deeper Than Rap
04 - Rave
05 - Essence
06 - Mixtape
07 - Oxygen
08 - Encore
09 - Real Talk
10 - 5 a.m
11 - B Town
12 - Your Love

Download links: http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/fhexot and http://drasticsynth.bandcamp.com/ .

MP3: Zach89 "Theraflu" Z-Mix - from The Z Factor Mixtape

From Dove @ Tygereye:

MP3: Zach89 "Theraflu" Z-Mix - from The Z Factor Mixtape

Here Zach89's latest Z-Mix freestyle, takin on Kanye West's "Theraflu"!  Watch for Zach89's The Z Factor, coming May 8!

* http://soundcloud.com/zach89/zach89-theraflu-freestyle *

Potluck Announce Underground Rebels Tour With Kung Fu Vampire

From Kerosene Media:

Potluck Announce Underground Rebels Tour With Kung Fu Vampire, DGAF & The DRP

Suburban Noize Records is proud to bring together a collection of renegades from all over the underground for this summer's hottest ticket, The Underground Rebels Tour. The tour will be headlined by Humboldt County weed smokers/growers Potluck with support from horrorcore giant Kung Fu Vampire, punk hip-hop misfits DGAF and The DRP. The tour brings together the outcasts, rebels and misfits of the underground music scene onto one explosive bill for a full cross-country tour hitting 35 different cities. The tour kicks off on May 30th, 2012 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is scheduled to run throughout the entire summer.

"I love being an underground artist and being signed to an independent record label gives us a real hands on approach to everything we do. I am excited to get out on the road and party with people on this upcoming Underground Rebels tour.  When you come to a Potluck show it's like a family reunion with a lot of drinking, smoking, and partying," says 1Ton from Potluck. "This tour will bring together a collection of free thinkers and independent minds that know how to rock a stage with good music."
"I first met Potluck on the Slaughterhouse tour with Twiztid back in 2010. Since then we have become close friends and we have a mutual respect for one another and what we do musically, which goes a long way in this evil industry. I'm honored they asked to me be a part of the Underground Rebels tour," added Kung Fu Vampire. "I will be debuting new material off of my upcoming new album, 'Love Bites', on this tour and it's the best thing Kung Fung Vampire has ever done. We're going to be hanging out with the fans at every show and signing every boob and ass that I can get my sharpie on!"
Potluck has been turning heads with their new album "Rhymes & Resin", which debuted at No. 17 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart and at No. 28 on the Rap album charts. Potluck’s grinding blue collar work ethic, and unwavering perseverance to build a fan base is one of the most impressive stories in hip-hop. Over the years, the group has created some sticky musical chemistry touring the country with Tech N9ne, E-40, La Coka Nostra and D12. Potluck can be seen taking over the airwaves in their new video for the track “My Movie” online at http://bit.ly/ouVZ1y .
Kung Fu Vampire performs a style of live music fusing lyrical hip-hop, goth, horrorcore, and hardcore to create a completely original and insane live experience. Kung Fu Vampire has been featured in the pages of Fangoria Magazine and toured alongside Twiztid, Tech N9ne, and countless others. Kung Fu Vampire's new studio album "Love Bites" is scheduled for an October release through Mad Insanity Records.
Punk hip-hop misfits DGAF released their self-titled debut album through Suburban Noize Records, and have been described as a modern day mix of the Sex Pistols mashed with N.W.A.
The DRP has been tearing up stages for a decade mixing his blend of metal and hip-hop first with his bands SORE and Primer 55. Now a solo artist, The DRP has risen even farther up the ranks, working with such artists like Jahred from (Hed)pe, New York rap legend RA the Rugged Man, MARS, Critical Bill and more.
05/30 - Albuquerque, NM -  Evolution (18+)
06/01 - Tucson, AZ -  The Slaughterhouse
06/02 - Las Vegas, NV -  The Beauty Bar
06/03 - Hermosa Beach, CA  -  The Shore
06/06 - Spokane, WA -  The Hop
06/07 - Seattle, WA -  Studio 7
06/08 - Portland, OR -  Mt. Tabor
06/10 - Salt Lake City, UT -  The Complex
06/12 - Kansas City, MO - The Record Bar (18+)
06/13 - Wichita, KS -  The Scenery
06/14 - Sioux City,  IA -  El Ranchirito
06/15 - St. Paul, MN -  Station 4
06/16 - Milwaukee, WI -  The Rave Bar
06/17 - Chicago, IL -  Bobby McGee's
06/20 - Indianapolis, IN -  American Legion
06/21 - Columbus, OH -  Al Rosa Villa
06/22 - Nashville, TN -  The Limit
06/23 - Detroit, MI -  The Emerald
06/24 - Cleveland, OH -  Peabody's
06/27 - Pittsburgh, PA -  Rex Theatre
06/28 - Hampton Beach, NH -  Wally's
06/30 - Norfolk, VA -  Jewish Mother Backstage
07/05 - Orlando, FL -  Bombshells
07/07 - Tupelo, MS -  Good Time Charlies
07/08 - Dallas, TX -  The Green Elephant
07/12 - Sacramento, CA -  The Boardwalk
07/13 - Santa Cruz CA -  The Catalyst (The Atrium)
07/14 - Eureka, CA -  Jambalaya (21+)

Chicago Police Department Bans @LEPBOGUSBOYS From HOB

From Audible Treats:

News/MP3: Chicago Police Department Bans L.E.P. Bogus Boys From House Of Blues Show

On Thursday, May 3rd, A$AP Rocky is scheduled to perform at the House Of Blues in Chicago. Chicago's L.E.P. Bogus Boys had been confirmed to perform alongside A$AP Rocky, but have since found out that the Chicago Police Department has intervened and threatened to shut down the entire show if L.E.P. takes the stage. 

Already, the news has taken the Windy City by storm. All day yesterday, L.E.P. Trended on Twitter in Chicago, and the story has caught the attention of the Chicago Tribune and Time Out Chicago, in addition to local Chicago television station WGN-TV. Yesterday, L.E.P.'s manager, E, took to Chicago radio, appearing as a guest on WGCI's Tony Sculfield & The Morning Riot show to discuss the situation.

L.E.P., according to E, were initially informed of the ban via email correspondence from the show's promoter. E went on to say that the ban has come down despite the fact that L.E.P. has already performed at the House Of Blues three times this year without incident, and he attributes the situation to the nervousness of the Chicago Police Department surrounding the recent rise of a number of Chicago street rappers.

The L.E.P. Bogus Boys are searching for more clarity, themselves, but while they continue to spread word of the situation, they don't expect much cooperation or explanation from the Police Department. When asked if he thought the Police Department would be open to a sit-down with Chicago's hip-hop community, E replied, "I'm almost sure they'll try to blow us off," and continued by saying, "They're sending emails and envelopes, and by the time we get [to the venue] there's 100 police officers saying that we can't come out."

For continued updates on the situation, follow the L.E.P. Bogus Boys on Twitter @LEPBOGUSBOYS.

Listen to the audio of the WGCI interview: http://soundcloud.com/morning-riot/lep-on-the-morning-riot .

Video: @Chloe_xcrush - "Bitch in the Back" (New Slip-N-Slide MC)

From Papa Smirf:

Video: Chloe - "Bitch in the Back" (New Slip-N-Slide MC)

Miami, FL – Known for some of the hardest hitting rappers in the game and not one to shy away from the female emcee (i.e. Trina), Slip-N-Slide records has officially announced the signing of their newest artist, San Diego rapper/wild child/surfer girl Chloe. 

Chloe started building a buzz last year when she dropped a video of herself walking down the streets of LA in nothing but a bikini and followed that quickly with her debut mixtape Free PXXXY. As shocking as the p-word can be, it actually stands for (in this case) “Parties Unlimited Single Sexy Youth”, which is how Chloe would describe herself. It’s not a sex movement but a youth movement of individuality, fun and confidence. The slim-built singer/rapper is already coming in with her own tailor-made sound that is one part crafted from her days as a go-go dancer in San Diego’s club scene, and one part built off her YOLO production team. 

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