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MP3: Troy'ce Sayles - "Over Rated"

MP3: Troy'ce Sayles - "Over Rated"

Courtesy M3W.

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/troyce/blast-page.html *

Video: DaVinci - "Paying For My Past" Ft. Tenille

Video: DaVinci - "Paying For My Past" Ft. Tenille

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Davinci, who regularly weaves hustling- and drug-filled narratives throughout his songs and verses, has never been one to shy away from detailing the ills that come from either, and "Paying For My Past," featuring Tenille and produced by Veterano, does just that, with bars that strike stark imagery for the listener. "The streets will mature you/ I'm sure you seen what happens if you would just take a taste/ Your teeth missing, now you're crater-faced," raps DaVinci. "This ain't just another place/ Kush blunts is probably laced with empty promises/ Liquor bottles is filled with honestness."

MP3: Millie Holidae - "White Boy Swurv"

MP3: Millie Holidae - "White Boy Swurv"

Courtesy Who Got Next.

* http://tinyurl.com/RapReviews-WhiteBoySwurv *

Video: Artists Show Dru Ha Support For Upcoming Marathon

Video: Artists Show Dru Ha Support For Upcoming Marathon

Courtesy Matt B.

Dru Ha stops by the Tony Touch show to discuss why he is running the NYC marathon this Sunday, raising over $12K in contributions towards the Alzheimer's Research Foundation, the "Run To Remember" theme song with Buckshot, Smif N Wessun, Promise, & Double-0. 9th Wonder, Mobb Deep, Alchemist, Eric & Jeff of ItsTheReal.com, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, & Rob Markman of MTV News also show their support & provides words of encouragement for Dru.

* http://ohhla.com/anonymous/buckshot/rm_bside/runtorem.bdi.txt *

Video: Fat Joe on Working With Popular Mainstream Artists

Video: Fat Joe on Working With Popular Mainstream Artists

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"Make sure you get that Darkside 2 mixtape!"

Video: Sway f/ Kano - "Still Speedin' Remix"

Video: Sway f/ Kano - "Still Speedin' Remix"

Courtesy 730Promo.

One of the most respected names in UK rap and music industry game changer, Sway, returns with the remix to his new single Still Speedin’, which is released on 4th December on 3beat Records.  Bringing two of the UK’s finest rap talents together, British rapper Kano jumps on the track and stars in the remix video.

Video: Young Wellz - "If I Die Today"

Video: Young Wellz - "If I Die Today"

Courtesy BF Blasts.


Video: Naughty By Nature Interview w/ Tim Westwood

Video: Naughty By Nature Interview w/ Tim Westwood

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

"Treach, Vin Rock & DJ Kay Gee talk about their success, O.P.P., Treach's friendship with 2-Pac, coming up with Queen Latifah, being on Tommy Boy & the new signle 'Perfect Party' featuring Joe."

OSD's critically acclaimed sneaker class is back for Winter 2011

OSDBrooklyn, NY. November 4th, 2011. “Registration for OSD's Winter 2011 session of The Class: Sneakers, Their Impact on Lifestyles, Culture, and People in the 21st Century” is now OPEN.

This past summer, the athletic footwear industry reached new heights when Dee Wells and Sean “Paper
Chasr” Williams conducted “The Class: Sneakers, Their Impact on Lifestyles, Culture and People in the 21st Century.” The course is designed for the “seasoned” sneaker-head as well as someone new to the lifestyle and culture. It is an 8-week, 2 hour educational seminar and career planning course. The curriculum is based on topics and issues discussed on the popular, live OSD podcast, along with current events, sneaker releases, and how to get your find your path to a career in the athletic footwear industry.

The 8 week program received rave reviews from students, sneaker lovers, various blogs, as well as the guest teachers such as legendary MC Milk Dee, and Black Moon's 5 ft, as well as quite a few sponsors. "The Winter 2011 session looks to add a couple of new wrinkles in the toe-box as we say on our talk show" said Sean. "That will include a field trip or two, but most importantly be prepared to have your love for kicks challenged" he added.

Classes for the winter 2011 session will again be held in a very famous location in Times Square in New York City and will be available online. Once registered, participants will be contacted with the date, time, and location for the course. Registration begins today, November 4th, 2011 and the cost of the 8 week course is $300. This will include printed materials, guest speakers, retailer discounts, and one lucky student will win a brand new pair of kicks.

To register for the course, please visit http://osdlive.com and click on the “Register NOW” button.

Note: This class is open to folks in the NYC area who can physically attend the class.

MP3: RUNDMCJ (Nappy Roots & More) - "Chris Johnson"

MP3: RUNDMCJ (Nappy Roots & More) - "Chris Johnson"

Courtesy J Melo.

We have the new single here from a new collective called RUNDMCJ which includes Nappy Roots - The single "Chris Johnson" is a dedication to Tennessee Titans NFL Star Running Back Chris Johnson!

Single: Chris Johnson
Artist: RUNDMCJ (Nappy Roots, Sabrina, Audio Stepchild & Tracy Tyler)
Label: Hoopla Worldwide

The single also features a vocal sample from Lil Wayne, one of Chris' Johnson's best friends.

RUNDMCJ was started as a dedication to the NFL's greatest Running Back, Chris Johnson. A new site was launched today for the single campaign and can be viewed at: www.rundmcj.com

The song was also released today on iTunes and can be purchased at:

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