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Mixtape: @BIG_HUD - "The Long Way Home"

Mixtape: BIG HUD - "The Long Way Home"

Courtesy J.L.

Features: Curren$y,Yelawolf, CyHi The Prynce, Rittz, Gerald Walker, etc.

* *
Exodus Vs. Clique - Bob Marley, Kanye and Jay-Z (@ScottMelker)

Exodus Vs. Clique - Bob Marley, Kanye and Jay-Z

Courtesy Scott Melker.

I have been looking for an excuse to remix Exodus for a long time. Kanye and Jay-Z gave me one. But not Big Sean, I don't give him credit. He's just grasping at the coattails of giants. Giants in suits, that have coattails. Enjoy the remix!

JP Beats f/ George Clinton, Planet Asia, Boots Riley (@MacMediaPromo)

JP Beats f/ George Clinton, Planet Asia, Boots Riley

Courtesy Matt B.

“The Warning” will be released on 11-6-2012 and it marks the debut album from producer JP Beats whose past works include tracks with Dr. Dre, Jadakiss, Pete Rock, Kurupt, Canibus, and many more. JP Beats has teamed up with A&R Extraordinaire M-Eighty (Wu-Tang /Undergods/ Kurupt/Planet Asia etc) to bring fans the same level of lyrical intensity and diverse line-ups they have come to expect from “Wu-Tang Meets…” & “The Academy” backed with soundscapes of production impresario JP Beats.

@SmallPro - 'Cool Story, Pro' (Beat Tape)

Small Professor - 'Cool Story, Pro' (Beat Tape)

Courtesy DM360.

Philly beatsmith Small Professor is back with his latest offering in the form of a beat tape appropriately titled 'Cool Story, Pro' which is available for digital download via Bandcamp for the bargain bin rate of $8.00. The project, which maintains Small Pro's soulful knock throughout, shifts moods around the halfway marker in a way explained best by the man himself:

"This is actually my second 'official' instrumental album, the first being 2008's 'Slowbus,' released on Seclusiasis. The album is (supposed to be) a story about a fictional relationship that starts off wonderfully and ends in sad, painful loss; at the time of its conception (early or mid 2010), I was coping with a recent breakup (and still dealing with issues from other past relationship failures), and constructing most of the second half of the album was my therapy. The first half - the lighthearted part - was mostly inspired by my current relationship. The original title was simply 'Jawn,' and was supposed to be released in fall 2011, but between the making of 'Gigantic, Vol. 1' and the other Jawn' albums/beat tapes, it was delayed until now. Stylistically, it was modeled after J Dilla's 'Donuts' and 14KT's 'Nowalataz' (2009), as well as being inspired by the "Chipmunk Soul" era of 2001-2003."

Audio: Journalist 103 "Walk With Me" (produced by @Oddisee)

Audio: Journalist 103 "Walk With Me" (produced by Oddisee)

Courtesy Matt B.

Journalist 103 sounds at home over the abundant jazz instrumentations of Oddisee, as he invites listeners on a journey through his psyche on "Walk With Me." The track exemplifies Journalist's lyrical capabilities and demonstrates why refers to him as "a ground level street reporter with a message we need to hear."

Video: @Madchild57 f/ @Choclair - "Fire"

Video: Madchild f/ Choclair - "Fire"

Courtesy Well Dunn.

"You Might Remember In 1998 Canadian Hit Northern Touch. MadChild of (Swollen Members) teams up for this anthem with Choclair, Thrust & DaVe MaC Check Out the record/song (FIRE)."

Audio: Kool Keith - "Answer Phone" (@Junkadelic)

Audio: Kool Keith - "Answer Phone"

Courtesy Junkadelic Music.


New Video: Masta Killa x Kurupt (@NatureSounds)

New Video: Masta Killa x Kurupt

Courtesy Nature Sounds.

Wu-Tang Clan's Masta Killa just announced his new album Selling My Soul, and now he's debuting the first video off the project, "Cali Sun". Featuring The Dogg Pound's Kurupt, "Cali Sun" is an East/West collaboration uniting two of hip-hop's most storied crews. Selling My Soul is Masta Killa's first new studio album in six years, and hits stores everywhere on December 11th, 2012.

Video: @JarrenBenton ft. Aleon Craft & Dizzy Wright (@SMKA)

Video: Jarren Benton ft. Aleon Craft & Dizzy Wright

Courtesy SMKA.

Jarren Benton - Freebasing With Kevin Bacon

Video: "Ice Loves Coco" Season 3 Debut Trailer & Review

Video: "Ice Loves Coco" Season 3 Debut Trailer & Review

Press kit blurb: "The loving, successful couple, Ice T and Coco, are back for a third season of their beloved show, Ice Loves Coco, which premieres Sunday, October 28th at 10:30pm! The series moves to its regular 10pm ET/PT timeslot on Sunday, November 4th."

What follows is both a video and print review of the debut episode for season three, where Ice and Coco renovate their home while Coco works on her various entrepreneurial ideas, plus the official E! trailer.

As we start out, Coco is freaking out to her husband about a runway show that "the models aren't ready" while her hair is getting done. We flash back to two weeks ago on the set of Ice-T's hit "Law & Order SVU" where Coco revealed that her clothing line Licious was going to take part in the prestigious Fashion Week event held annually in New York City. She of course frets that she'll be outgunned by the big names like Gucci, and says that "because I make sexy clothes for curvy women, people don't take me seriously as a designer." And if you know ANYTHING about Coco, you know that she's all about having curves.

Next we go to Ice and Coco talking about the construction on their new home, and Coco is upset that Ice ordered a tub for their bathroom without consulting her. Ice smooths thing over in his naturally pimp way by telling her that he takes more baths, she takes more showers, and then gets her to smile by saying all she wants is "those toilets that spray your booty." She's only happy for a moment though because she goes to the people working on her fashion line and rants about Cosmo being "haters" and "bullies."

Ice and Coco are customizing their personal rooms in the house. Ice wants a wine room with a glass elevator and a six car garage - he needs a place to park his Bentley, Benz and Aston-Martin all at once - ALSO with an elevator. Unfortunately the latter idea is going to delay construction by five months, and Coco is LESS than thrilled about it. Once again Ice is trying to make everything cool for Coco, and says this will be "worse first but greater later." This time it's not working, so making a decision about whether or not to go ahead on the garage is postponed.

Coco models her line for a fashion magazine and discusses how the Fashion Week display is going to go. This jumps back to another debate about the garage, which a commercial teaser suggested would be more volatile due to a choice quip of Ice saying "AIN'T NO COMPROMISE" loudly. As it turns out this is just a set-up for jokes about whether or not they should eliminate a room for their dogs so that Coco has more room for her shoes. The next commercial teaser is of Coco freaking out at the runway when she doesn't have the model that she wants for the catwalk.

Coco is having a video chat when we come back on her blinged out laptop, and one of her girlfriends convinces her to go with Ice's plan because (paraphrasing) "we do things for our men that we wouldn't otherwise want to do." As it turns out she agrees and tells Ice that she's okay with the lift, and Ice explains that in true love there's no such thing as a FIGHT - there's just DISAGREEMENTS. He notes that above all their house is going to be fun, not some boring "colonial place" to "churn butter."

If you want to know how the Licious debut at Fashion Week went and if the runway show is a big success, there's only one thing to do - watch the rest of this episode on Sunday, October 28th at 10:30 ET on E! - because I'm not going to spoil it for you. All I can tell you if you've never watched the show before is that the chemistry of the relationship between Ice and Coco is very genuine. These days people are suspicious as to how much "reality" television is staged, and with good reason, but Ice and Coco are both celebrities with a lot of projects going on in their lives and that doesn't need to be staged or arranged.

In short this season three debut illustrates how they deal with all of the distractions (including cameras filming everything they do) and yet their happy marriage still triumphs over all obstacles. They're not traditional, but they make it work, because at the end of the day "Ice Loves Coco." The show moves to its regular timeslot of 10 PM ET/Pacific on Sunday, November 4th. Set your DVR!

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