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Tuesday September 02, 2014
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[There Is Only Now] Returning from Montezuma with revenge on their minds!

Souls of Mischief Review

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PR: TonyAs 'Introducing TonyAs - The Mini EP'

From Park Street PR:

TonyAs 'Introducing TonyAs - The Mini EP'

Artist: TonyAs
Title: 'Introducing TonyAs - The Mini EP'


01 - Back Into My Groove
02 - Lovin It
03 - Real Money (Radio Version)

Download Link: .

TonyAs describes himself as an artist that has evolved over time, inspired by many and has now ultimately come into his own. The art started as a musician- Rapper turned Singer but TonyAs has also embraced his other passion- writing (as a song writing and feature writer). Formerly known as theSaint- TonyAs has taken it one step further opting to strip it bare, go back to basics, whereas theSaint was a straight talking hiphop artist, TonyAs the musician has embraced other influences and as well as rapping- also sings, adding another dimension to his works.

As a musician the style is charismatic, easy listening emotional type music, in his own words 'he wants people listening to be able to feel what he's saying- to empathise, whether having experienced it or witnessed the content of his verses'. Sound wise it's fundamentally hiphop- though his evolution as an artist has lead to incorporations of Reggae, Soul, Funk and other such genres. Lyrics are still his forte if you like, and he prides himself on being a vivid and lyricist.

2011 promises to be an interesting year, the SexDrugsPoetry brand grows from strength to strength, there's the music, the 'Y Is It' articles and videos that TonyAs himself produces. 2011 will see the release of his 'Introducing TonyAs' project. Singles to look out for 'Back into my groove', 'Real money' and 'Loving it'.

For more information/contact/updates .

PR: L.A. Magazine Seeks Producers For "Give Me a Beat" Issue

From Nancy B:

L.A. Magazine Seeks Producers For "Give Me a Beat" Issue

“GIVE ME A BEAT”, is the newest theme TRUE Magazine is assembling for their next issue due out 5/31/11. This theme is to showcase the hard work of all producers that makes those head nodding Hip Hop beats.

April 20th 2011 – TRUE Magazine’s creative team sat and came up with something that hasn’t been done before in Hip Hop in a long time since Scratch magazine shut down. What is that? Give the shining light to producers who works hard and long hours to assist the artists create those hits. Now-A-Days it’s all about the beat. If your beat is knocking 8 times out of 10 your song will be a hit. TRUE Magazine has will be sitting assembling this issue looking for the hottest producers in the business.

The direction of the stories is going to be about the creativity it takes to make new sounds, getting the beats to the right artists, and the business side every producer should know.

It is going to be hard choosing a cover for this issue because there are so many hot producers out there that deserve their light on their work but we have narrowed it down to a good 5 producers. To get in TRUE Magazine’s “Give Me A Beat” issue email with your bio and discography of who you did production for and your contact info.  Deadline for all inquires 5/20/11

About TRUE Magazine

TRUE Magazine has positioned itself as The Missing Link In Independent Hip Hop & Fashion. Making TRUE the Independent Hip Hop Lifestyle Bible of the streets. Focusing on giving Independent companies a voice that can be heard across the Hip Hop community. By being committed to the Independent Hip Hop community we get the chance to showcase tomorrow's mainstream stars first, giving our readers, their voice, image and story. Twelve Years in pushing Independent Hip Hop has put TRUE Magazine into its own orbit reaching more than just readers but a movement of Independent people that changes the way we listen to music, dress, speak and live. .

Out Reach –

40,000 printed copies / 7,320 print subscribers

167,580 Monthly Digital & Mobile Views / 200,000 E- mail Listed Subscribers

* Last report taken from Adobe Sitecatalyst on April 20st 2011

* *
* *

Video: iLLmind Speaks On New Album, Sampling

From Nature Sounds:

Video: iLLmind Speaks On New Album, Sampling

MP3: Project Pat - "Money Mane"

Video: Gorilla Zoe f/ Lil Jon - "Twisted (Official Video)"

From Chris at E1 Music:

Video: Gorilla Zoe f/ Lil Jon - "Twisted (Official Video)"

Download: Shane Eli "I Can Do Better" (Free Album)

From The Manager to Urbangrigo:

Download: Shane Eli "I Can Do Better" (Free Album)

In addition to being a pretty dope emcee, L.A. based fast riser Shane Eli is the best young producer alive. Sure, we're obviously biased, but that doesn't mean it's less true. Don't believe us? Take a listen to his new free album "I Can Do Better" and judge for yourself.

Free Stream & Direct Download:

From the Southern banger "Let's Ride" to underground hip-hop cut "When We Were Kings" to the radio ready "The Night Is Young"

"I Can Do Better" is presented by and Flud Watches and hosted by west coast tastemaker DJ Skee. All tracks are produced by Shane Eli. Guest appearance come courtesy of Rittz, Payboy Tre, Aleon Craft, Jason Caesar, Ahmad, DJ Critical Hype and more.

Enjoy, debate, post, whatever moves you. Thanks.

(Previous posts: DJBooth, 2DopeBoyz, KevinNottingham, etc.)


CookBook (of LA Symphony) Serves Up Original Recipes Mixtape

From Ballin' PR:

CookBook (of LA Symphony) Serves Up Original Recipes Mixtape

CookBook, who is one of the founding members of the legendary independent hip-hop group L.A. Symphony, will be releasing his latest solo album, Original Recipes, July 12th on ASB Records. In anticipation of Original Recipes he’s teamed up with DJ Revolution of The World Famous Wake Up Show to create the Original Recipes Mixtape, which he’ll be hitting listeners with on May 10th. The mixtape features a collection of some of CookBook’s best work to date mixed, chopped, cut, and blended by one of hip-hop’s most talented turntablists.
There’s a certain musical excellence fans have grown to expect from the artists who are under the L.A. Symphony umbrella. The group produced the likes of Pigeon John, and CookBook’s solo work, including 2009’s I Love The 80’s, and his work with UNO Mas, including last year’s Cook & UNO release C+U Music Factory, has shown CookBook to be the next in line from the crew to make an impact worldwide.
CookBook’s style features top notch lyricism, mixed with wit and personality, over his own production. The results of this are songs that can be appreciated by underground hip-hop heads while still being accessible to mainstream fans. This is one of the reasons DJ Revolution wanted to team up with him for the Original Recipes Mixtape. “CookBook's music is needed in this time,” he explains, “it's a breath of fresh air in hip-hop. He can do all the hard, tough guy raps, but chooses to make the music fun for the listener and relatable at the same time.”
Fans of CookBook’s music know that no topic is ever off the table. He explores a broad range of emotions, touching on everything from relationships, to success, to vision, to enduring the ups and downs of the industry, and he does so with an energy that is unmatched in today’s music scene.
California hip-hop heads have loved what CookBook’s served up to them for the past decade-plus. Now it’s time for everyone to get a taste of his Original Recipes.
Download Original Recipes Mixtape HERE!
MP3: Nametag Exclusive - "Auto-Pilot" (prod. Black Beethoven)

From DubMD84:

MP3: Nametag Exclusive - "Auto-Pilot" (prod. Black Beethoven)

An "Easter Monday" exclusive for you! Leak #2 taken from the forthcoming Nametag mixtape "Classic Cadence 3: End Credits" entitled "Auto-Pilot" produced by his older sibling Black Bethoven.
* *
"Classic Cadence Vol. 3" is the final instalment of the acclaimed mixtape series from Nametag x Dub MD as they roll in the end credits. Expect to hear bangers from Black Milk, Black Bethoven, Nameless and more...nothing but classics top to bottom!

Video: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - "The Golden Age"

Video: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - "The Golden Age"

Video: Drums & Ammo Feat. C-Plus "Go In"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Drums & Ammo Feat. C-Plus "Go In"

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