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[Kindness for Weakness] Make no mistake.

Homeboy Sandman review

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Video: @KendrickLamar Live in Washington, D.C. @SYNLIFESTYLE

Video: Kendrick Lamar Live in Washington, D.C.

Courtesy RMG.

Performing with the rest of Black Hippy along his side, Kendrick Lamar performs "Swimming Pools (Drank)" and "Cartoons and Cereal" to a sold out crowd at the Howard Theatre in Washington D.C . Shot by @SYNLIFESTYLE.

Link: @C_Rayz_Walz x Grey Sky Appeal "Winter"

Link: C-Rayz Walz x Grey Sky Appeal "Winter"

Courtesy DubMD84.

Speaking of street... We shot (insert Raekwon "BLAW!" gunshot noise here) this video in the hood on the single ONE and ONLY day it snowed in NYC this year. I wonder how many other artist shot a video that day.

WINTER (Wonderland Glow Mix) from C-Rayz Walz on Vimeo.


Mixtape: Houston's @RobGOnline - "Back At It" (@RapPublicist)

Mixtape: Houston's Rob G - "Back At It"

Courtesy Nancy B.

Houston rap OG, ROB G is "BACK AT IT" on this current compilation of original songs & freestyles.


Next up is a collab with fellow OG, J DAWG on the upcoming "BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE 2." Coming soon!

Video: Grammy Award Winning Hip-Hop Violinist @MiriBenAri

Video: Grammy Award Winning Hip-Hop Violinist Miri Ben-Ari

Courtesy RRP.

Grammy award-winning violinist & producer Miri Ben-Ari is flying on her violin to premiere her new single and video “Dim The Lights”. Ben-Ari who produced the music for "Dim The Lights" collaborated with Director Eyal B in her native Israel to feature a concept written by Ben-Ari.

@SlightlyStoopid Takes Jimmy Kimmel to the "Top of the World"

Slightly Stoopid Takes Jimmy Kimmel to the "Top of the World"

Courtesy 'Stache Media.

Late night TV got Stoopid earlier this week, as Slightly Stoopid performed three songs on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Among the songs they performed was the album's title track, which is climbing the radio charts and was recently remixed by Marshall "Field Marshall" Goodman, who is best known for his work with legendary band Sublime.

Top of the World | Jimmy Kimmel performance

Video: @Quanstar's "Kna Know" Animated

Video: Quanstar's "Kna Know" Animated

Courtesy FTM.

Quanstar is a character, and now we have proof. "Kna Know" is the first in a series of animation music videos for Quanstar to support the release of his album Yo Soy La Mierda on November 6th.

@MegaRan: Fall Tour Announcement + New Music!

Mega Ran: Fall Tour Announcement + New Music!

Greetings peeps. I had a very inspiring weekend, from going to the Brother Ali and Homeboy Sandman show:

To hanging out with the homies in town and creating some new music. I'm really inspired these days. Break time is officially over.

So, I got some news.
1) Mirandom Mondays #2: It's The Joint .

the 2nd of a weekly series of tracks by me and Mr Miranda. This one samples the EPMD classic "Da Joint."


my homie Haj from Dumhi released a new track featuring me, Open Mike Eagle, Burke the Jurke and Cee Knowlege (formerly of Digable Planets) - little bit of a bucket list thing there.

But anyway--- the song is called "The Scene (You Don't Know)"

Peep it! .


You know the routine folks, I'm heading out west for a quick run with my homies DJ DN3, Mr Miranda and Mouse Powell. Dates: .

get tickets NOW

Now you know the deal, Team Mega. If you're in any of these areas, please EMAIL my Fanreach department with the subject "Street Team" and let Chris know where you are. We'll get you some help with promoting the event, and if you can help you'll get FREE stuff when I come to your town.

3). I'm releasing a secret VG album

in the next 2 weeks sometime.

That's Right. I guess if I told you, it's not a secret.. BUT it is. I won't tell you what video game it's about. You'll have to take a guess on my facebook page. .

If there's a correct guess, I'll tell you. But here's a hint. The Genre of the game is: BEAT-EM-UP.

4) cop LAV2 on iTunes w/bonus track!

Yup, if you get LAv2 on iTunes you get the hot bonus track "Super Move" feat. Has Lo, Zilla Rocca and Open Mike Eagle. Its the ONLY way to get it.

Link: .


It's at 14,000 views which is pretty awesome. Make sure you share it with your friends! .

Thanks and have a great week! Make mine Mega.


Video: @JBrooka - "Toast to Life"

Video: J. Brooka - "Toast to Life"

Courtesy RRP.

A celebration of life, lets make a toast! Produced by UrHighnez
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Video: DJ @LowCut f/ Fran-P - "It's A Party"

Video: DJ Low Cut f/ Fran-P - "It's A Party"

Courtesy DLC.

Extract from "NY Minute", first album of Dj Low Cut, also featuring: Ruste Juxx, Blaq Poet, Nutso, Guilty Simpson, Reef The Lost Cause, Journalist 103, Jojo Pellegrino, BAM, King Magnetic, GQ aka Nothin Pretty, Fran-P, Shaz Illyork, Praverb, Randam Luck, Dirt Platoon, The Opposition, Smiley The Ghetto Child, Banish, Dontique, Dj Nixon and Dj Djaz.

The Hip-Hop Shop #189 - More Meaning Than Making Money $$$

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. On today's new episode we look for More Meaning Than Making Money $$$ from hip-hop. Thankfully we have artists in hip-hop like Perfeck Strangers, Zion I, Random and Cee Knowledge who can PROVIDE that meaning!! Send feedback to @RapReviews on this episode! Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on! Don't forget to subscribe to our RSS newsfeed and follow us on Twitter so you never miss a new episode.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Perfeck Strangers f/ Naya Marie - True To You
* Zion I f/ Eligh, The Grouch - We Don't
* Pause Beats f/ Chaundon - Change That
* Dumhi f/ Random, Burke, Open Mike Eagle, Cee Knowledge - The Scene (You Don't Know)
* Dark Time Sunshine f/ P.O.S. - Overlordian
* V!rtu - Faded

Handles to follow including The Cancer of @RicAtari:

* Perfeck Strangers - @Daneo10 @PerfeckStranger
* Zion I - @ZionI @Zumbi808 @TheRealEligh @TheRealGrouch
* Pause Beats - @PauseBeats @Chaundon
* Dumhi - @AlwaysDumhi @MegaRan @BurkeTheJurke @Mike_Eagle @CeeKnowledge
* Dark Time Sunshine - @DrkTimeSunshine @YeahRightPOS
* V!rtu - @VirtuMusic

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