Friday June 22, 2018
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Adam Bernard Experience #69 - The Imaginary Notion of Complete Realness

Adam: "Recorded on an especially hot and steamy day (weather-wise, not love life-wise), this edition of The Adam B Experience has a few tricks up its sleeve. Don't worry, you're still getting all the high quality underground hip-hop goodness you've come to expect from the show, but you're also getting a little something extra. There's at least one artist featured in this month's podcast that you wouldn't expect to hear on The Adam B Experience, and a full explanation as to why I decided to play his music. I also go off on a tangent about music and the borderline imaginary notion of complete realness. Check it out! Follow me on Twitter at @AdamsWorldBlog or hit me up with feedback at" The Adam B Experience is 100% PODSAFE and FREE so tell your friends to download ABX right here at!

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* Skiggy Rapz - Follow
* Rabbi Darkside - Animal Farm
* Likwuid - Circle of Life
* Riff Raff - I Can Tell Stories
* Rich Quick - Salt
* Duzzo Dave w/ Granata - Ice Phi$hing
* Tah Phrum Duh Bush - Semi-Reserved Closet Maniac
* Division X - Greatness
* VerseAll w/ Core Rhythm - Beautifully Connected

The Hip-Hop Shop #223 - A GOOD Vision of Love

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #223 is entitled A GOOD Vision of Love. Loosely speaking there's a theme but generally speaking you'll just love music by Sir Michael Rocks, Binary Star, Dan Status and Gene Walter among others. Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on!

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Tracks featured this week:

* Sir Michael Rocks - Don't Forget
* Binary Star - Love Is Love
* Dan Status - Visions of Beauty
* Fokis f/ Asha, Maffew Ragazino - Girl
* Bone Crusher - Know That
* Gene Walter - GOOD Anthem
* Mazzi - Weight
* Substantial - Umoja (Instrumental)

Audio: Lefty's New Song Called "Katy Perry Song" @mlmkareem

Audio: Lefty's New Song Called "Katy Perry Song"

Courtesy K.W.

Many hip-hop artists claim titles like Entrepreneur, Hustler, or Go-Getter, but none exemplify this title better than Lefty. Born Kareem Williams in South Philadelphia, PA, Lefty, the son of The Late Doo Wop singer Charles Williams From "The Turbans", began his quest to hip-hop stardom in 1998, rapping his heart out on the set of Philly Most Wanted video shoot for legendary producer Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, heavily influenced by 2Pac, E-40, Eightball and MJG and more, as part of a South Philly rap group named Plead Da Fifth, including Takedown Records star Daytona, among others.

Video: Akbar - "Good Food" (dir. FredOnes) @akbarthemc

Video: Akbar - "Good Food" (dir. FredOnes)

Courtesy AA.

We want to share with you Akbar's NEW Music Video 'Good Food' Directed by FredOnes. Enjoy!!

Audio: Ekzo f/ Zoey Ka$h - "The Presentation" (@_ezko @TheZoeyKash)

Audio: Ekzo f/ Zoey Ka$h - "The Presentation"

Courtesy LVL UPP.

Ezko is back with new music, and "The Presentation" serves as a reintroduction to his music and who he is as an artist with a very Boom Bap-esque sounding production from Mr. Carmack featuring Zoey Ka$h who recently featured on Vibe with her hit single "UHr Love Song". Ezko hopes to catch new listeners as well as regaining the interest of old listeners. Enjoy the track and get ready for his new album "Coming Of Age".

Video: .KOM - "Pawn $hops, Gun $tores, & Liquor $tores" (@Kingzofthemic)

Video: .KOM - "Pawn $hops, Gun $tores, & Liquor $tores"

Courtesy TSL.

A hard hitting ominous track entitled "Pawn $hops, Gun $tores & Liquor $tores". Inspired by scenes of the cult classic "Boyz N the hood", the song is an expansion on the idea of gentrification & the history of violence practiced against african americans post slavery that became practices within those same communities.

Video: Jay Griffy "Prayer" (@GriffyOnline @QtheQuestion)

Video: Jay Griffy "Prayer" (@GriffyOnline @QtheQuestion)

Courtesy Q.

Jay Griffy is back with a new music video for his hit single "Prayer". In this cinematic experience, Griffy transports himself into a different dimension. Watch as Griffy battles his demons brought to life in the backdrop of a deserted insane asylum deep in the woods. From eerie spirits to confusion and fear, this video is a visual journey through the mind of the insane.

Video: Kai Dezzy - "Lean" (@DopeIsJuan)

Video: Kai Dezzy - "Lean"

Courtesy Dope Ish.

Short Bio: Born and raised in Uptown Washington D.C. I've wanted to be a rapper since the age of 13. I started taking my career seriously during Nov 2012. I can't really say who influenced me but rap is my passion and I live to do this. I'm currently a senior at UDC and I'm majoring in Business.

Audio: @CresOne @Skyzoo "Stop Me" (Produced by !llmind)

Audio: Cres f/ Skyzoo "Stop Me" (Produced by !llmind)

Courtesy Matt B.

“Stop Me” is taken from Spanish emcee Cres and super-producer !llmind’s upcoming collaborative LP Hybr!d. It also features one of BK´s finest lyricists Skyzoo.

Video: @StatikSelekt will outsell Kanye West, Mac Miller & J. Cole on June 18th

Video: Statik Selektah will outsell Kanye West, Mac Miller & J. Cole on June 18th

Courtesy Matt B.

After learning that Kanye West, Mac Miller & J. Cole will also be dropping albums on June 18th, Statik Selektah heads to the Duck Down office to discuss his concerns with Dru Ha & Noah. Statik's worries are alleviated after hearing Duck Down's marketing plan to assure that his 'Extended Play' album, also dropping June 18th, will reach #1.

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