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Friday November 28, 2014
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[Dettwork SouthEast] Speakin' with a SouthEast twang.

Blak Twang review

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MP3: Ariez Onasis f/ Rugged Rivera - "Gucci Gucci"

From Zack @ Dice Music:

MP3: Ariez Onasis f/ Rugged Rivera - "Gucci Gucci"

* *

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Video: Stereo Boyz - "Circus Act"

New Video: Stereo Boyz - Circus Act

The Song:

 "Circus Act" is the second video off the Stereo Boyz' latest EP "Live from the Ghettoblaster". As the chorus goes "Rap is a circus of clowns", the song describes todays rap game as a colorful, corrupted gathering of puppets, playing the roles of rappers for fame, success and money.

The video reflects that same idea. Shot in Detroit, the Stereo Boyz put together a creative and entertaining piece of art, reminiscent of energetic 90s hip hop videos, to show that rap can be performed in a unique way, not following the instructions of a ringmaster.


Video: "Circus Act"

Download "Circus Act"


Stream "Live from the Ghettoblaster" EP:


Free Download "Live from the Ghettoblaster" EP:

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Free Stereo Boyz Ringtones:



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About Stereo Boyz:


 The Stereo Boyz are currently looking for a label to release their upcoming LP "Radio Headz" on.

The Stereo Boyz consist of members Mixo (aka Applauze Beetz), Mic Audio (aka Perfect Hell) and Kid Boombox. Before becoming the super group Stereo Boyz the three were a part of the “Rhyme Asylum” (1999 - 2008), a group that claimed a reputation of being one of Detroit's most hardcore underground rap groups. Performing since a young age, the three have created an undeniable stage presence, they master the ceremony, and in countless freestyle competitions The Stereo Boyz have earned the respect of every emcee they came across. 

With Mixo and Kid Boombox coming from Detroit and Mic Audio from Chicago they have created a perfect fusion of the Midwest. Combining strong lyrics with catchy hooks, their sound merges the best of both worlds: clever rhymes andCre beats that any hip hop fan will nod their head or move their feet to.

The mixtape “Sound Check Vol 1” was their first group effort and has earned praises from rap fans worldwide, as well as Mic Audios recent solo project “Biblical Fearical”. The Stereo Boyz dropped their EP “Live from the Ghettoblaster” on January 22nd and their highly anticipated debut album “Radio Heads” is set to be released in the summer of 2011. Constantly in the studio recording and working on new beats and rhymes the group has several mixtapes from all group members coming out, making it impossible to be slept on.

The Stereo Boyz represent the past, present, & future of Detroit Hip-Hop. Their combination of Detroit Motown and Chicago's House & Electro Pop sound has created a midwest masterpiece. Now it's time to share that masterpiece with the world.


 Find more info on Stereo Boyz here:

Video: Magnum O f/ Wise Intelligent - "In the Streets"

From Intelligent Muzik:

Video: Magnum O f/ Wise Intelligent - "In the Streets" (prod. Illmind)

New HEAT from Philly's own Magnum O featuring Wise Intelligent produced by iLLmind! This street banger is off Magnum O's new incredible album "Masterpiece Theater."

PR: Lil' Kim Returns Spitting Fire at Club 57

From Big Machine Media:

Lil' Kim Returns Spitting Fire at Club 57

New York, NY - Lil' Kim was cold as ice this past winter at Rockit for her Nicki Minaj diss; now she has her sights set on Club 57's stage for a scorching summer kick-off.  Kim will invade FV's Saturday night sensation on June 11th, particularly eager to join forces with New York nightlife icon and FornabaioVoss regular, Amanda Lepore. A thoughtful pairing at the artist's request; it was in fact Amanda Lepore whose tracks inspired Lil' Kim most during her stint behind bars in 2005.

In addition to many of Kim's chart dominators, expect a special collaboration of Lepore's, "Champagne" for Tony and Brandon's devoted slew of night crawlers.

Information on the event below:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 PM

311 West 57th Street

(Between 8th and 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10019

For more information and to stay up to date on future events, please visit: .

Follow them on Twitter @FVEvents, and on Facebook .

MP3: Rockwell Knuckles - "Baking Soda"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Rockwell Knuckles - "Baking Soda"

St. Louis MC Celebrates Success With Second Single

Critical Praise for Rockwell Knuckles:

Rockwell Knuckles selected as the must-see artist out of all genres for The Riverfront Times annual "Best of St. Louis" Showcase.

"When I'm in a particularly good mood, I roll down the windows in my car, crank up either Choose Your Own Adventure or You're F*ckin' Out, I'm F*ckin' In and spaz out. I go into full Rockwell Knuckles mode: dramatic hand motions, drawn out syllables and what I consider to be a pitch-perfect live rendition of his music." - Smoking Section

The Song:

Blowing up faster than a kid's science fair volcano, Rockwell Knuckles is excited to release his latest single, "Baking Soda," into the atmosphere. The buzz surrounding the St. Louis MC has been steadily building since the critically-acclaimed release of his 2010 debut album, Choose Your Own Adventure, and continues to rise in anticipation of his two new projects, first You're Fucking Out, I'm Fucking In followed by Take Me To Your Leader.

Although being successful is typically determined by dollar signs and multiple zeros, "Baking Soda" is a reflection on personal triumphs. "I'm coming from a place where success is sometimes determined by money," says Rockwell. "The type of success I'm talking about is being true to yourself." Especially in a time when there are more people talking the talk instead of walking the walk, Mr. Knuckles' makes it known that "This is what it feel like/ When you rap about it and you do that shit in real life," right off the bat. The MPC heavy production by Trifeckta amplifies that victorious feeling that Rockwell raps about and fuels his fire. "I'm just being confident about my future endeavors," says Rockwell. "Nothing says success like a celebratory mission statement."

Download "Baking Soda" for free here: .

Fans can download the full You're Fucking Out, I'm Fucking In album here: .

MP3: Bad Meets Evil f/ Bruno Mars - "Lighters"

From M3W:

MP3: Bad Meets Evil f/ Bruno Mars - "Lighters"

* *

Video: Mike Posner x Karmaloop TV - "Sweat the World"

From Zack @ Dice Music:

Video: Mike Posner x Karmaloop TV - "Sweat the World"

Wahid spends a day in the life of Mike Posner from behind the scenes to his on stage performance alongside special guest Clinton Sparks as well as discussing about Dr Romanelli, G-Unit, and Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe.

Video: Has-Lo - "Limit"

From Mello Music Group:

Video: Has-Lo - "Limit"

Has-Lo 's debut album "In Case I Don't Make It " began garnering attention imediately upon release.  XXL Mag, The LA Weekly, eMusic Editor in Chief J. Edward Keyes, and Passion of the Weiss all selected the album as a standout.  Though not your typical party and grab ass record, ICIDMI turned heads because of it's gritty take on a life far too many of us know, one lived at the breaking point. 
Today, Has-Lo and director Antonio Battle present the video for the standout track "Limit" .  Shot against black brick with Wu-esque Chinese masks covering the wall and bare light bulbs, the stark atmosphere of the set is indelible.  Has takes on the camera to relay a tale of being fed up:
"They say a man only takes so much and then snaps / And they all seem shocked / When his ass pulls up and pulls out / On the room, when he’s pullin his tool back to cut / When there’s no where to move and he shoots / (rrrrat!) you’re done."
The beat, produced by Has-Lo, starts with a sample from a popular 80's film that belies the intensity about to come.  Hard drums and eeiry vibraphone ring out.  When asked Has-Lo states: "The song is about betrayal and how a person processes what's happening to them with that betrayal. It's loosely based on some things that happened to me, so the mood is very aggressive. I was angry! The beat is angry too. I think most of us can relate to a line or two if not the entire song."  Indeed.

PR: Reggae 4 Japan Strikes Humanitarian Accord in Reggae Artists

From VP Records:

Reggae 4 Japan Strikes Humanitarian Accord in Reggae Artists

Benefit Concert Happens on Sunday, June 5 at York College in Queens, New York

(VP RECORDS, NEW YORK)  - The countdown to "Reggae 4 Japan" has officially started.  Just days away, "Reggae 4 Japan" has struck a strong humanitarian sense among the Reggae music industry -- namely of the many artists who are dedicating their time and effort to perform in support of Japan on Sunday, June 5, 2011 at York College Performing Arts Center in Queens, New York. Profits from "Reggae 4 Japan" will be donated to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief effort of the American Red Cross.

"Reggae 4 Japan" is produced by Japanese sound system and ambassador of Reggae music Mighty Crown and their management team Irish and Chin with executive sponsorship from VP Records. Additional sponsorship for the concert is being provided by Irie Jam Radio (official media sponsor), Scion, Rocker's Island, 24x7 Records, Woofin', NRL, Far East Connection, Nesta Brand, Bennett Limo, Riddim Driven and Conkur Printing.  A number of top artists are confirmed to perform at "Reggae 4 Japan," including Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Maxi Priest, Freddie McGregor and the Big Ship family, Capleton, Tarrus Riley, Mr. Vegas, Gramps Morgan, Peter Morgan, Duane Stevenson, Alaine, Tanya Stephens,  Etana and New Kingston band. There will also likely be some surprise guests.

As "Reggae 4 Japan" quickly approaches, the excitement surrounding the benefit concert is blossoming.  Many Reggae music fans are buying tickets to the event and expressing a desire to support Japan relief efforts in any way possible.  Meanwhile, "Reggae 4 Japan's" fanfare has attracted a wealth of attention from national and international media, who are confirmed to cover the highly anticipated benefit concert.  Over the past few months, many Reggae artists and industry professionals have expressed a sincere commitment to aiding Japan. The overwhelming support of the Reggae industry is visible by "Reggae 4 Japan's" extensive line up -- so much so that the concert's producers Mighty Crown and Irish and Chin had to get creative with fitting so many artists into a 4-hour concert. However, there were no complaints on behalf of Mighty Crown and Irish and Chin, who are overjoyed by the huge response.

The interest of the Reggae music industry expands beyond Japan, as it reflects an overall dedication to humanitarian issues. While the mission of "Reggae 4 Japan" is to support relief efforts in Japan, it will also shed a positive light on Reggae music, which has been ill-characterized at times.  "Reggae 4 Japan" boldly shows that Reggae artists can come together under on accord to support their brothers and sisters in Japan. And it shows that now more than ever before -- Reggae music is a universal music and force that brings all people together.

Newly confirmed singer and songwriter Duane Stephenson (VP Records) is anxious for his performance at "Reggae 4 Japan." In fact, Stephenson's interest in "Reggae 4 Japan" is directly alligned with his ongoing humanitarian efforts.  "I am an advocate for the United Nations World Food Programme, not only do they feed millions of people, they are  involved on the ground in disaster stricken areas to provide logistical support to organizations such as the Red Cross," Stephenson says.  "Its an honor for me to participate in 'Reggae 4 Japan' which will directly benefit the victims of this disaster and give back to those in need."

Reggae singer Tanya Stephens says "The disaster which hit Japan geographically affects us all socially...the Jamaican music industry has benefited enormously from the patronage of the Japanese reggae community, and we are too intertwined for the recent events to not be seen as a shared experience to grow from."  "I am proud to be a part of this re-growth as the affected areas regain their footing and Japan becomes an even greater nation than before," Stephens adds with enthusiasm.

Following the earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, Japan suffered great devastation.  Japan's recovery from this catastrophe will take years.  International support is critical to Japan's recovery efforts.  The American Red Cross will continue to direct funds to help meet the survivors' unprecedented and evolving needs by making another $30 million donation to the Japanese Red Cross, bringing its contributions to date to more than $160 million.  The Japanese Red Cross announced a $350 million long-term recovery plan support by donations from its international partners, including the American Red Cross.

Many of the donations that Japanese Red Cross has received  from the American Red Cross and other international partners are being utilized to improve the living conditions for people in evacuation centers and temporary homes being constructed by the government. The Japanese Red Cross is supplying water, shower and kitchen facilities in evacuation centers.  Donations are also being used to outfit the 72,000 pre-fabricated houses with six electrical appliances each, which will help help an estimated 280,000 people resume normal activities and jump start their recovery. The Japanese Red Cross has many efforts planned including social welfare programs for the elderly and children; improvements to the Japanese Red Cross disaster response capacity;  emergency healthcare, psychological counseling and emotional support services; and procurement and distribution of relief items, such as blankets and clothes.

"I have been to the beautiful country of Japan - it's one of my most memorable tours with Morgan Heritage, and when my long time friend 'Chin' called and asked me if I was available I was naturally inclined to participate in this benefit concert...I believe it is critical that we as entertainers give when we can give, whether it is our time, money or talent," says singer Gramps Morgan. "I am looking forward to working with all the great Artists on the 'Reggae 4 Japan' event to raise funds that will go towards assisting Japan in its rebuilding efforts."  

"Reggae 4 Japan" will be an unparalleled event, which will shine on Japan as a topic of great importance.  Although it has been nearly three month's since the eartquake and tsunami, Japan has continued needs during this critical recovery period.  It is a pleasure to see members of the Reggae music fraternity and fans stand tall to support Japan in a monumental away. Reggae music fans and anyone that wants to come out to enjoy great music, while supporting an important cause, can still purchase tickets online and at select retail outlets.

For more information about the American Red Cross in Greater New York, please call 212-875-2617 or visit them online at .

Video: Freestyle on All Elements Radio w/ DJ J-Ronin

From J-Ronin:

Video: Freestyle on All Elements Radio w/ DJ J-Ronin

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