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Tuesday September 02, 2014
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[There Is Only Now] Returning from Montezuma with revenge on their minds!

Souls of Mischief Review

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Audio: Pharoahe Monch f/ Jean Grae, Royce Da 5'9" - "Assassins"

From Duck Down Music:

Audio: Pharoahe Monch f/ Jean Grae, Royce Da 5'9" - "Assassins"

* *

PR: Brick City New Jersey's Own Medina Drops Mixtape

From Medina:

PR: Brick City New Jersey's Own Medina Drops Mixtape

Having lurked behind the scenes for years, MEDINA refused to fall prey to the trending role of the newly-signed, mogul-label emcee with star power-that likely ends up being stunted by the larger, more “seasoned” rap star veiled by a “CEO” title while secretly sabotaging burgeoning talent. Because of his unrelenting will to stay true to himself, MEDINA has walked away from big money deals that, in his own words, “weren’t worth his soul.” He, in fact, could be likened to the “needle in the haystack” because he will not be silenced with a check on a fishhook. While his fans have pinned him with the surname “The Six Million Dollar Man,” he can, just as soon, think of six million reasons why he would rather starve than flock like industry sheep.

Resisting the indulgence of showbiz lifestyle, this against-the-grain rapper stands stronger alone, so forget the slimy entourage of hype men, wads of cash and flashy image . . . no fluff. Being one of very few who stand firm on hip-hop’s original cruxes (story-telling) and not wanting to forget what keeps him grounded, MEDINA keeps his delivery organic. While most of the emcees who talk about a lot of the same get the radio play and video spotlight, this lyricist remains true to the struggle many rappers toss away like a bad dream once they’ve “made it.” Big chains, big cars and trendy clothes aren’t this up-and-coming artist’s symbols of success . . . neither are the half-naked, champagne drenched “video models.” He’s all about remaining true in an industry filled with self-indulgent illusions and fallacies. As hard as it may be to believe, so many of your “favorite rappers” have been committing theft by deception for quite some time. Through his career as a ghostwriter, the Newark, New Jersey native feels it’s time to share his own journey. His intent, however, is not to express his pain to the masses while trying to convince his fans that indispensable spending bread and “ice” have forever numbed his wounds. Why? Because it does nothing more than perpetuate the false ideals of success. The diamonds are in his smile that he continues to rock despite his bouts with extreme hardship and the wealth is in his knowledge - all of which cannot be taken away.

In the rapidly, morally deteriorating world called “hip-hop,” MEDINA has crafted several sheets of lyrics for some of the most recognized multi-platinum selling artists today. So much so, he’s casually referred to himself as “your favorite rapper’s rapper.”

Medina mixtape "Block 2 Da Boardroom"  featuring production from Timbaland, Polow Da Don, Dr. Dre, Mark Batson, T.A. (C.T.E.), Chyna Black and more available for free download @ and Medina's official blogsite .

Z Share Download link: .

Video: Fly Moon Royalty - "Betty's Kitchen (Jam)"

From Sportn' Life Records:

Video: Fly Moon Royalty - "Betty's Kitchen (Jam)"

MP3: Huey - "Dreamin"

From Chris at E1:

MP3: Huey - "Dreamin"

* *

MP3: Cormega and The Revelations - "Live and Learn"

From J-Ronin:

MP3: Cormega and The Revelations - "Live and Learn"


Follow Cormega on twitter -
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Cormega "Born and Raised" In Stores Now
MP3: Bobby V - "Words (Remix)" (prod. Big Dev & BJ Hackworth)

From Big Dev:

MP3: Bobby V - "Words (Remix)" (prod. Big Dev & BJ Hackworth)

* *

PR: Sean Slaughter - New Music, TV Show & More

From Life-Line Worldwide:

Sean Slaughter - New Music, TV Show & More

Slaughter Music CEO/Recording Artist, Sean Slaughter has been enjoying the success of his latest album, “The Prototype” everything from the music video and single, “Who We Are” to his most popular single “Survivor” featuring Canton Jones.  Sean Slaughter has a lot in store for 2011 releasing late this summer, “The Prototype” Limited Edition Packagewhich includes “The Prototype” cd with extra content,“The Prototype Live” album, and “The Prototype Live” DVD with music videos, behind the scenes footage and more!  Sean Slaughter has formed a new super group called,”The Burn Unit” which featuresSean Slaughter, CMO, and Pros.  Also, Sean Slaughter has been hard at work on a new television program for JC-TV and TBN titled, “Life Is…with Sean Slaughter” and is described as a magazine style show, focused on today’s hot topics, headlines, and urban/pop culture insight from a Christian perspective.  To be considered for an interview or performance please contact and emailSean Slaughter on the Contact Page.  All music videos can be sent to

In addition to everything else Sean Slaughter and his team atSlaughter Music have put in place the JPS Mentoring Media Arts Program which helps inner city youth to learn studio recording, video production, dance, and many other areas to transform their lives.  The media arts program is non-for-profit and is paid for by the local schools and the city.  When asked about the current events taking place, Sean Slaughter described it this manner, “God has truly opened doors with everything going on and even though this is an extremely busy season in my life; I am so humbled by what God does to convey His message in a relevant way to people.”  The Ham Sandwich Network program, “What In The Ham Sandwich?!” continues with hot discussions, blogs, and play relevant music videos to keep listeners in the know about the culture surrounding them today.

Be on the lookout for the “I Am The Prototype Tour”heading all across the country and around the globe this spring, summer, and fall as well as into 2012.

For more information check out Sean Slaughter’s website: and .

PR: CSR Episode 87 w/ Punchline (EMC)

From DJ Toshi:

CSR Episode 87 w/ Punchline (EMC)

* *

    Eminem ft. Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf - 2.0 Boys
    Mohammad Dangerfield ft. Immortal Technique - Break Of A Star
    El Gant - Problems feat. J57 & Tek (Prod. by J57)
    Punchline - Dont Get Married
    Punchline - Time for Change
    M-Dot ft. Virtuoso, King Magnetic,V Knuckles, Singapore Kane,Red Eye E'Flash (Produced by Snowgoons)
    Raekwon ft. Rick Ross & Ghostface Killah - Molasses
    Reks ft. Termanology - Face Off
    Punchline - Freestyle
    Punchline & Fokis - That's How I'm Living
    Jojo Pellegrino - Flawless
    Fashawn, Buff 1 & Scheme - Theme Music (prod. DJ Babu)

Once again, DJ Toshi and Che Broadway are back with another episode of Classic Storm Radio on and Chambermusik Radio via This weeks special guest is New York City's own, Punchline.

Punchline made a name for himself at the now world famous Lyricist Lounge in New York City during the mid-90s, leading to being featured on The Lyricists Lounge Volume 1 and Volume 2 albums with longtime co-conspirator, Wordsworth. The two EmCees, known as Punch 'N Words, were approached by Q-Tip after tearing down the stage at a Lyricist Lounge showcase and invited them to be on the song Rock Rock Ya'll from The Love Movement, the last studio album from Hip-Hop's iconic group, A Tribe Called Quest. They also went on to make an appearance on the now classic Black Star album from Mos Def and Talib Kweli. In 2000, Punchline and Wordsworth finally appeased their fans by releasing the underground classic, the Punch 'N Words EP to critical acclaim. Around that time, they both became co-writers and featured performers on the famed MTV series, The Lyricist Lounge Show.

Punchline has toured the globe, spreading the gospel of hip hop, sharing the stage and studio with icons of the game. In 2005, he combined forces with Wordsworth, Stricklin and the legendary Masta Ace, of the infamous Juice Crew, to form the Super group eMC. They released their debut album, The Show, on M3 Records in March of 2008.

Punch chopped it up with us about his recently released project with Fokis called The Appetizer (FREE DOWNLOAD), their upcoming release, The Dessert, and when they plan to drop the main course aka The Reset Button LP. We also got to talking about whether there will be another eMC album, Punch's upcoming solo project and even tried to squeeze out a definite answer to the ever-present question... Will there be another Punch 'N Words project? Of course, before we wrapped it up (Pause), you know we opened up the world famous Classic Storm freestyle session where Punch proves, once again, why he is a world renown lyricist and true to the game E-M-C-E-E. Hip Hop Is Not Dead! It's just not on network radio!

DJ Toshi’s Classic Storm Radio - Hosted by Che Broadway - Thursdays, 9pm - 10pm EST on and Chambermusik Radio via

MP3: Camp Lo/Pete Rock - "Mic Check"

From Trackstar:

MP3: Camp Lo/Pete Rock - "Mic Check"

SXSW is one of my favorite weeks every year (my insane schedule is below), but this year it's extra nice, because I'm also dropping the Camp Lo/Pete Rock 80 Blocks from Tiffany's mixtape as soon as I get back. Thanks to everyone who posted last week's leak, Jimmy Page (Straighten It Out freestyle)...we've got another one for you. This is the first leak off the actual 80 Blocks from Tiffany's album, Mic Check. The mixtape drops next Tuesday, 3/22. 

80 Blocks from Tiffany's (Camp Lo & Pete Rock)-Mic Check on Soundcloud (Mediafire Link)

As a bonus, here's one of the blends I did for the tape, that we didn't end up using:

Camp Lo-Summer Love (Skinz blend) on Soundcloud (Mediafire link)

MP3: Mental Elastic Dynasty - "Where Did the Night Go"

From Who Got Next:

MP3: Mental Elastic Dynasty - "Where Did the Night Go"

* *

HipHop derives its very essence from expression. For the last thirty years, there have been attempts to curtail that vital element of the culture, from early radio neglect to government bans in the 90's to protests and sanctions on individual artists in the modern era. Today, though, hip-hop has prevailed and finds a home on Top 40 Radio with relative ease, but the new dialog is whether hip-hop music now overshadows hip-hop culture, with the messages in the music becoming more representative of the culture than the people actually consuming the music. Lines have been drawn, but regardless of position, expression remains at the center of the argument. And straddling that very line in the heartland of America, Kalamazoo, Michigan Mental Elastic Dynasty are waiting for their turn to explain why they fit into the conversation.

Mental Elastic Dynasty is poised to make 2010 a breakout year. Having recently inked a deal with heavy-hitters Mobb North Records in Detroit and signing on to a management deal with well-respected Focal Point Media, the group are ready to bring their brand of music to the world. Inspired by diverse artists like Outkast and E-40, pop mainstays like Kanye West and Eminem and wordsmiths like Lupe Fiasco and Kool G Rap, Mental Elastic Dynasty members L-C.I.D., Anagram and The Mic Smith (formerly Philosophy) know its an uphill battle. But armed with local support in Kalamazoo, a bubbling presence in Detroit, and love from press outlets like, OnSmash, HoodHype and much of the Michigan local press, Mental Elastic Dynasty's humor, insight and perspective has them primed to bring a new element to a changing hip-hop culture.

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