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Mega Ran 10 Cover Art and Pre-Order Link + PAX

Mega Ran 10 Cover Art and Pre-Order Link + PAX

Courtesy: Random.


I  decided to do this one a little bit differently... if you've been to the Bandcamp page, you know that I've been working on this album for a long time now... in fact it wasn't even gonna BE an album... and kinda still isn't..totally.. more on that later.

So, if you preorder today, you get rewarded. You get 7 of the songs now, and the rest of the album (there will be 14) on the release date, which is 11/11/11 - SAVE THE DATE!

But wait, there's more. You get the most bang for your buck if you order one of the LIMITED (only 110) CDs, because you not only get the album in the mail, and 7 songs today, the album will have TWO Bonus tracks that aren't available anywhere. Bonus is good.


I never planned on doing this album, but I have to thank the fans who bugged..no..pestered..no.. REQUESTED that I complete it. Its a lot more of a song collection and less of a conceptual piece, but there are some really GREAT songs that I'm really proud of.. I wouldn't do it if I didn't feel it.. so THAT's why it's taken so long.

Wanna hear more? like 7 tracks isn't enough to convince you? okay, I'll release ANOTHER Mega Ran 10 song if we get to 4000 Likes on my Facebook page. A daunting challenge.

Click here and "Like" the page:


Yo,as much as I wish I could release the album in October like I planned (10 on 10), I can't because I'll be on the road, doing the TOUR OF A LIFETIME! woot! so make sure you come out and see a brother. all of you who haven't seen a live show have almost NO excuse.

(look out for this poster for sale soon)

get your tickets and email me, because I still have a mission for ya.

Pump it Up - The REMIXES!

The other day, I put up the Vocal track to PUMP IT UP and there are currently 2 nice remixes out there! check em out! 

Vince Vandal's Remix -


Felix the Feline's Remix:


let 'em know how ya feel.

Lastly, See you this weekend at PAX!

if you'll be in Seattle, catch me and K-Murdock in several different capacities:

panels @ PAX: Friday at 3, w/ @dannybstyle, Saturday at 6 w/ @mc_frontalot (show at 3p), and Sunday at 1 with @klopfenpopf

Check out Paxsite.com for more on that. 

Then on Monday, August 29, a full on set with MC Frontalot... And his new album just dropped, actually. go get that.

Get tickets here! 


see ya in Sea Town, or on the Road.

Get your Pre-Order in ASAP before they're all gone! 

Gotta go, I'm experimenting with honey mustard chicken and  I don't wanna burn it.

Peace, and 1 million thanks,






MP3: Rockie Fresh f/ Chamillionaire - "Breakthrough"

MP3: Rockie Fresh f/ Chamillionaire - "Breakthrough"

Courtesy of Nancy B.

LINK: http://t.opsp.in/147N9

Produced by Mike Daly

From his upcoming mixtape "No Fear"

Press Release for Virginia-Based Hip-Hop/Rock Fusion Duo CSJQ

Virginia-Based Hip-Hop/Rock Fusion Duo CSJQ Inks Deal With Veal-Steen Music Publishing

Courtesy of LUCK Media & Marketing.

Clayton Savage and JayQuan Release Their
First EP ‘The Life’ Featuring The Infectious,
Provocative First Single ‘F.U.N’

Virginia-based hip-hop/rock/funk fusion duo CSJQ (Clayton Savage and JayQuan) has signed a major deal with Veal-Steen Music Publishing to license their entire music catalogue for upcoming multi-media projects. The agreement will include film, television, video games, commercials and DVDs.

Veal-Steen Music Publishing, a premiere independent music publisher located in downtown Melbourne, Florida, currently manages an impressive portfolio of over 3,000 copyrights of all genres. Their eclectic roster boasts artists from around the world including Australian-born singer Mark Aberle, Brazilian singer/songwriter Ed Di Napoli and UK rock band Stonestreet.

Steve Lane, Chairman and CEO of Veal-Steen said: “We are pleased to be working with CSJQ, who is talented and well-versed in the industry. After speaking with Clayton [Savage], I knew this would be a great fit for our company.”

Clayton Savage, multi-talented vocalist, producer and instrumentalist of CSJQ, said: “We’re excited to have Veal-Steen handle our cutting edge hip-hop, R&B and rock. Our music crosses many demographics and is great for radio, film and television.”

CSJQ released their four-track debut EP titled The Life, featuring their infectious, provocative first single ‘F.U.N.,’ a bass-driven funk throwback track that conveys their attitude that they’re here to stay, not going to take any s*** and have zero tolerance for so-called friends that talk behind their backs.

Video: 30/30 of Gangster Chronicles - "Rock to the Beat"

Video: 30/30 of Gangster Chronicles - "Rock to the Beat"

Courtesy of BF Blasts.

Video: Phat Peazy - "Broken Dreams"

Video: Phat Peazy - "Broken Dreams"

Courtesy of Major Music.

@PhatPeazy returns this week with the lead video to his latest mixtape "Chicken & Cheeseburgers". The lead video for the mixtape wass directed by @theRYHMINAL and is a dedication track to the emcee's hometown of Brockton and is titled "Broken Dreams".

Video: Brianna - "Fly Kicks"

Video: Brianna - "Fly Kicks"

Courtesy: Poe Boy Music Group.

Video: French Montana Hits the Studio With Prodigy

Video: French Montana Hits the Studio With Prodigy

Courtesy of VladTV.

MP3/Video: Tona - "Burn"

MP3/Video: Tona - "Burn"

Courtesy: Audible Treats.

In the past years, Canada, and specifically Toronto, has birthed some pretty strong star talent. But bubbling below the surface is an equally powerful – and fast rising – underground scene, and it has become The Real Frequency collective's mission to shine a light on that talent, and it's something they've been doing exceptionally well with their recently released album, The New North.

The latest single from the album is "Burn" from Toronto rapper Tona, a track replete with slick talk and witty wordplay ("A lotta squares trying to form circles out here/ We was forced to try angles that you ain't never thought of or seen") that does well to put on for the city.

Lyve produced the beat, flipping a wobbly procession of bass-driven synth blips and ambient noise, and cleanly layers it all atop a staggered mix of pounding drum kicks and crackling claps. And the beat is a perfect fit for Tona; no surprise, considering their extensive history working together. "Lyve is like my brother so he understands what kind of sound I'm looking for without me even having to ask," says Tona. "He whipped up 'Burn' within a few hours. He's one of the most talented producers I know."

Joining the single is a video for fans to get a better feel for who Tona is as an artist as he touches on everything from where Canadian hip-hop stands in 2011 to what Real Frequency means to him, and more, including what he thinks The New North album represents. "The significance of The New North album," exclaims Tona, "is to provide that platform for real hip-hop artists, to expose it to the masses. Not just in Toronto, but to the masses now."

Download Tona's "Burn" here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Tona-Burn.mp3 .

Watch Tona speak on the album here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1wt52dS_Gw .

BandCamp: http://therealfrequency.bandcamp.com/ .

Video: West - "Life In London"

Video: West - "Life In London"

Courtesy of Park Street PR.

For those of you that may not have heard about this talented urban songwriter and performer, let us take this opportunity to tell you about the man they call West. After getting into music at a very early age, West started performing by the age of five winning talent competitions and being picked for star roles in his school plays. As he naturally matured he began to decipher what styles of music he liked getting into various urban music sounds such as R'n'B, Hip-Hop & Jungle. It was this influx of inspiration that led to West picking up the pen, writing rap verses and sung hooks. Before long West went onto record a mixtapes worth of material on well known beats which led to him being asked to perform at open mic nights and get his name out locally.

In 2003 West auditioned for a singer/songwriting competition in Reading where me met the keyboard player who played on D'Angelo's 'Voodoo' album. He started working with him and wrote his first commercial song 'Take My Life'. He came second in the competition and went on to perform the song in various UK clubs including London's 'Popshow Party' in Soho supporting a girl group called 'Clea'. After this triumph, he worked with a few local producers and learnt how to play a few chords on the guitar and taught himself how to use programs such as Cubase & Reason. West then entered the BBC's talent show 'Pop Idol' getting through to the second round before entering the X-Factor to be told by Louis Walsh he 'should and could be a star'.

Since then it's been non-stop for West as he joined local reggae band Mighty Upfront as a singer and gained valuable experience playing live, as well as having a massive local following. Now teamed up with brand new record label and management company Fam Records, as well as enlisting the production skills of 'David The Producer', West is set for big things. There is no doubting that West has the raw talent, the vision and the skills to make a real impact and the fact that his material is refreshingly uplifting and positive, makes this artist a man to watch.

MP3: Lil Wayne f/ John Legend - "So Special"

MP3: Lil Wayne f/ John Legend - "So Special"

Courtesy M3W.

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/lilwaynesospecial/blast-page.html *

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