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[We Got It From Here] Phife named the album.

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Video: Rick Ross f/ Usher - "Touch 'N You"

From Papa Smirf:

Video: Rick Ross f/ Usher - "Touch 'N You"


MP3: TP aka Truth and Power - "Caddy Ridin"

MP3: TP aka Truth and Power - "Caddy Ridin"

Courtesy BF Blasts.

Download Clean & Dirty

Video: @AbiadeMusic - "Hollywood"

From 730 Promo:

Video: Abiade - "Hollywood"

Having toured up and down the country tearing up shows with this image-driven song about aspiration, ABIADE has plunged deep into the history of Cinema (from Monroe to 3D Glasses) to illustrate the message, calling on some of Hollywood’s greats to create 4 minutes of pure energy and clever imagery.

@MegaRan (Random) Summer Tour - Shows in Different Area Codes!

Mega Ran (Random) Summer Tour Announcement - Shows in Different Area Codes!

first of all, I've got 3 AZ shows in the next 3 days with my crew Writers Guild, so be on the lookout:

-Today @ 5pm @ heroes and villains comic shop, Tucson AZ - FREE
-Tomorrow @ 9pm @ club red, Tempe AZ w/Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest! $15
-Saturday @ 8pm @ Speedway (Hot Import Nights Car Show), Phoenix AZ

BE THERE!! THe Guild hasn't performed together in a Looooong time!
Today, I'm here to announce my summer plans. I'll be on both coasts with DJ DN3, Open Mike Eagle and on later dates with Richie Branson, who's opening for mc chris.

get updates at .
NOTE: I may not be listed on the mc chris dates when you buy tickets BUT I WILL BE THERE, RAPPING. I'm doing a short set as well as DJing for Richie Branson. I WILL BE THERE, and THERE WILL BE RAPPING. don't worry.
Get Familiar with Open Mike Eagle with this amazing new track called "Cobra Commander" with Danny Brown.

* *

And Richie Branson? He's only the guy who singlehandedly brought Toonami back to Adult Swim.

* *

Richie and I are working on a project to commemorate should hear some stuff soon.

Oh, and don't think i'm too busy to be working on Language Arts. It's done :) In fact, Jason of J1 just sent me the sketch of the new cover for Volume 2. Let me know what ya think!
and add me on instagram, the latest social thingie that i swore i would never join.
instagram = randombeats


make sure to pre-order your copy of the Mega Ran Re-release... As you can see by the schedule, I won't actually be at Comic Con :-( but These will only be sold until the end of Comic Con week. once these run out, they're gone. All CD orders get a FREE Poster!


have you checked out the LANGUAGE ARTS video?

click to watch or share this URL: .


while on Youtube.. Make sure you check out my homie WAX, who just went viral with this ingenious vid for "Milk In My Sippy Cup." Amazing.

* *

Also, check out Ethel Cee and Dumhi's fresh vid for "One Fifty."

yeah. I keep talented friends around.

* *

ok this is getting long... I'm out!   New shirts and posters up in the MEGA RAN Merch Store!

get equipped. .

Thanks and have a great day!


Video: Young Roach - "Day to Day Episode 2" - Virginia Beach

From YR:

Video: Young Roach - "Day to Day Episode 2" - Virginia Beach

Young Roach in Virgina Beach, Virgina Talks about Upcoming Music, Plans and his Fans! I Love Young Roach Tour Follow Young Roach on Twitter @ILoveYoungRoach


From Park Street PR:

REDICULUS Remix Contest / REDICULUS Feat. CRAIG G & BIG DUTTY DEEZE 'More Than Ruff' (UK Remix)

Respected Hip-Hop producer and CEO of Knowledge Giving Birth Records Rediculus together with leading US Hip-Hop portal have teamed up to bring you this exciting new opportunity that every producer needs to take advantage of! This is a 'remix contest' that will give you the chance to for producers to do there own version of the underground classic 'Picture Perfect' which features rising star Sha Stimuli, the legendary Sadat X and the talented Emilio Rojas.

The winning remix will be released online exclusively thru Knowledge Giving Birth Productions at all major digital retail portals and the KGB Bandcamp page. The winning producer will receive 50% of all monies generated from the sale of the winning remix from these digital portals and Bandcamp. The winning remix will also have a full promo campaign with Park Street PR and The Hip Hop Head will also be giving the winner a 25 dollar Amazon Gift Card and a The Hip Hop Head Tee-shirt.

For accapella download link & more info check out: .

Also to tie in with this remix, Rediculus and KGB have also just released the UK Remix of 'More Than Ruff' that sees Big Dutty Deeze tear up the mic alongside New York legend Craig G from The Juice Crew. This release is a taster of what to expect from UK emcee Big Dutty Deeze as he plans to release his debut album 'The English Gentleman' on KGB this July.

iTunes Direct links
UK .
US .

MP3: GLOVEZ - "I'm Wasted"

From Who Got Next:

MP3: GLOVEZ - "I'm Wasted"

Glovez is by no means your typical rapper. Ask most hip-hop artists taking their steps out onto the scene where they want to end up and you might hear them say they want to be the next Jay-Z or 50 Cent. But not this adopted New Yorker.

  “Personally,” he says, “I just want to be me.”


It’s an attitude that is strikingly different from the usual biters and copycats clogging up the scene from coast to coast. And it is no surprise that Glovez musical output is as unique as his personality. With the launch of his first official mixtape – ‘Corporate Grind – You’re Fired Vol. 1”, Glovez is about to take his new, exciting message to the widest audience yet. The mixtape is a throwback to the days when hip hop was innovative, exciting music. And, just as importantly, to when it had a message.

What Glovez is railing against in his incendiary, electrifying debut release is the creeping influence of corporate culture on all aspects of American life. Having briefly given up on spitting rhymes to work in the belly of the corporate beast, Glovez knows his subject matter inside out. But he also links the mainstream corporate world with the new way that hip hop – his first love – is sold and marketed. Wanting to provide an alternative to the mainstream labels, which are just as cold and calculating as the biggest banks or business, Glovez takes his music to the street. Ready to take the next step, Glovez has begun to start up his next mixtape Corporate Grind - Your Fired Vol. 2 dropping mid 2012, so be on the look out! In the mean time Glovez is heating up the streets with his first official single “I’m Wasted” off his upcoming EP, Corporate Grind – You’re Fired EP.

Video: @HieroImperium Announces Summer Tour (@AudibleTreats)

HieroglyphicsFrom Audible Treats:

Video: Hiero Imperium Announces Summer Tour

The legendary Hieroglyphics Imperium is excited to announce the Hiero Imperium Summer Tour 2012. The tour kicks off at the House Of Blues in San Diego, California, on July 19th and running a full month with 16 stops, including a number of festival performances, before winding down on August 18th at the Country Saloon in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tour will feature performances by Souls of Mischief, Pep Love and Casual plus some very special guests.

Already, 2012 has been one of Hiero's most active years in recent memory. Individually, Hiero has seen a steady string of solo releases from the crew, including Casual's He Still Think He Raw, Pep Love's Rigmarole, Phesto Dee's Background Check, Tajai's Machine Language, and Opio's Vulture's Wisdom Vol. 2, not to mention some new crew material.

And so, while Hiero is excited to perform all their fan-favorite classics, they're also looking forward to performing their new material. "I'm looking forward to doing the new material the most, with the new albums from Pep, Casual, Opio, Phesto, and me," notes Tajai, adding, "Plus, new Hiero material!"

The tour, which kicks off in July and runs through August, makes 16 stops along the way, including dates in California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, and more, including a special hometown performance for Souls Of Mischief. "I'm excited to rock the hometown Art And Soul Festival," remarks Tajai. "Oakland, USA!"

For few select dates on the tour, a secial VIP ticket option is available which will include a VIP Meet and Greet, a tour T-Shirt, CD and Poster, and a Sticker Pack. Check back later for those specific dates to be revealed

Hiero Summer Tour 2012 Dates:
7/19 - House Of Blues (San Diego, CA): .
7/20 – Fulton 55 (Fresno, CA): .
7/21 – Harlows (Sacramento, CA): .
8/2 – The Alley (Reno, NV): .
8/3 – El Rey (Chico, CA): .
8/4 – Art And Soul Festival (Oakland, CA): .
8/7 – Humbrews (Arcata, CA): .
8/8 – WOW Hall (Eugene, OR): .
8/9 – Wild Buffalo (Bellingham, WA): .
8/10 – A Club (Spokane, WA): .
8/11 – Top Hat (Missoula, MT): .
8/12 – The Reef (Boise, ID): .
8/15 – Park City Live (Park City, UT): .
8/16 – Cervantes (Denver, CO): .
8/17 – Find Your Way Festival (State Bridge, CO): .
8/18 – Country Saloon (Las Vegas, NV): .

Please contact Michelle or Dan if interested in talking with any Hiero Imperium artists.

About Hiero Imperium Records:

Founded in 1997 in Oakland, CA, Hiero Imperium Records is Del The Funky Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, Domino, and the Souls of Mischief, made up of A-Plus, Opio, Phesto and Tajai. Coming off waves of success from earlier releases like Souls' '93 Til Infinity, the Hiero crew had already established themselves as a name in mainstream and underground hip-hop, and soon released their first collective project Third Eye Vision. Since then the Hiero team has been thriving in the hip-hop world, releasing a number of projects within the label as well as branching out for collaborations with the likes of Jurassic 5, George Clinton, Dilated Peoples, Q-Tip, Xzibit and Gorillaz.

Marcus Manchild - "Live Fast (Die Young)" prod. @MaximusBeats

From Nancy B:

Audio: Marcus Manchild - "Live Fast (Die Young)" prod. @MaximusBeats

Right or wrong, Houston's upstart Marcus Manchild embraces the YOLO mentality of his generation on this banger from @MaximusBeats

"Free Yo Mind Music" coming soon!

TWITTER: @MarcusManchild

* *

Free Cookbook Download: "Even If" - Album July 31st

From Trevor @ Score:

Free Cookbook Download: "Even If" - Album July 31st

RapReviews coverage: Cookbook: The Smell of Success.

Cookbook (born Jason P. Soto) is an entertainer; it runs in his blood. Since birth, Cookbook sang, and played piano, but it wasn’t until his late school years that he began to delve into the hip-hop scene. Early in his career he gained a respectable level of success with his super group L.A. Symphony.  He went on to release multiple albums with his group, as well as several albums with long time friend, and other half of the dynamic duo, Cookbook, and UNO Mas. 

The Smell of Success has an uplifting vibe that will also be rolled out a spoofy video series that is sure to help millions achieve success with Cookbook at the helm channeling the self help universe.

Cookbook released the critically acclaimed I Love The 80’s in 2009, including a re-released deluxe edition later in December of that year.  In 2010, Cookbook released the single “When You Rock & Roll” with UNO Mas, which featured Evidence of Dilated Peoples. The video went on to win the Freshman contest on with 78% of the votes. In 2011, Cookbook released his long awaited mixtape, Original Recipes which features a collection of some of Cookbook’s best work to date, mixed, chopped, cut, and blended by one of hip-hop’s most talented turntablists, DJ Revolution of The World Famous Wake Up Show.

Original Recipes is a prelude to Cookbook’s upcoming album for 2012, The Smell of Success, which is set to be his realest album to date. This LP signifies Cookbook’s feeling that he is finally reaching the level of success that he has set for himself. The first single, “The Party’s Still Jumpin’” is featured in a national Suzuki commercial, setting up this album to be his most successful yet.

As an accomplished producer, and emcee, Cookbook has worked with some of the best artists, and producers the industry has to offer. He has toured the world, sharing the stage with many greats in Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rock.  His passion for Hip-Hop shines through his music, delivering that sound that gets the audience amped.

His music is fun, upbeat, & thought-provoking.  His stage show is exciting and engaging.  He leaves the crowd cheering for more everywhere he goes…

Cookbook is not just an emcee, or a producer; he’s an Entertainer.

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