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Video: Lil Boosie and C-Murder Communicate in Angola Prison

Video: Lil Boosie and C-Murder Communicate in Angola Prison

Courtesy No Limit/TRU Records.

"On Nov 29, 2011 Lil Boosie was sentenced to 8 years in prison for drug smuggling, and today we found out he's Locked up with fellow Louisiana rapper C-Murder who is currently serving a life sentence in Angola Prison along with Lil Boosie. Futuristic Blogger finds out that Lil Boosie and C-Murder communicates regularly and keeps each other encouraged on their appeal processes. M-11 of TRU Records tells us, Master P has not talked to C-Murder in 5 years."

Video: L.E.P. Bogus Boys - Crooks & Castles In-Store

Video: L.E.P. Bogus Boys - Crooks & Castles In-Store

Courtesy Audible Treats.

On October 31st, L.E.P. Bogus Boys released Now Or Neva. Hosted by DJ Green Lantern, Now Or Neva was the Chicago duo's first full project since last year's highly acclaimed Don't Feed Da Killaz 3, and, with the year winding down, is a mixtape that will undoubtedly go down as one of 2011's finest. Count and Moonie have stayed active since, announcing plans for a non-DJ, deluxe edition re-release of the mixtape with more songs and special features, and also releasing the video for "Back 4 Da Summa," a song featuring buzzing Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz that will be included on the re-release.

L.E.P. has more official music videos on the way, but first, they're taking fans on a quick detour out to Los Angeles, recapping their recent album release party at the Crooks & Castles flagship store on Sunset Boulevard. The clothing brand helped present the tape along with L.E.P's label Infared Music Group, and for the in-store, L.E.P. take to the stage performing the tape's next single, "Rush Hour." The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced song, which also features Maybach Music Group recording artist Meek Mill, will receive official visual treatment in the coming weeks, and L.E.P. fans can look forward to catching the video in rotation on all major video networks soon.

L.E.P. Bogus Boys: Crooks & Castles In-Store "Now or Neva" from Crooks & Castles.

Free Music Friday: Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa Edition

This is a stylin' for an edition that sounds silly. But nothing silly 'bout these free music I have for all fo y'all this week! Check 'em out!

20/20 Music

This is no ordinary mixtape. This mixtape includes some of the dopest cuts of this year that folks may have slept on. Cuts from Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh, Oh No, Nottz, Ras Kass, DJ Revolution, and many others. So if you've been needing a musical eye doctor, prescribe to "20/20 Music" your vision'll be restored in no time.

1. Phonte - Eternally (ft. Median) [prod. 9th Wonder]
2. Exile - Klepto [prod. Exile]
3. Gold Chain Military - Black Spaceships [prod. FredWreck]
4. DJ Rhettmatic - Here Come the Live Ones (ft. Frank Nitt & Med) [prod. DJ Rhettmatic]
5. The Away Team - Terrorist Attack [prod. Khrysis]
6. Sick Jacken & Slaine - Slained Sick [prod. G. Rocka]
7. LMNO - The Obvious [prod. Theory Hazit, cuts by LD]
8. DJ Babu - Non-Fiction (ft. Trek Life) [prod. DJ Babu]
9. Rapper Big Pooh - They Say (Remix) (ft. Phife Dawg & T3) [prod. Focus…]
10. Oh No - The Guns (ft. Guilty Simpson, Med & Pok Dawg) [prod. Oh No]
11. Self Scientific - State of Man [prod. DJ Khalil]
12. Styliztik Jones - We Good [prod. Dawaun Parker]
13. Nottz - To Be Loved (ft. DMP) [prod. Nottz]
14. Thurz - Kids Story [prod. Ro Blvd]
15. Montage Øne - Find One [prod. Jake One]
16. DJ Revolution - Mr. International [prod. DJ Revolution]
17. Ras Kass - Holes in the Ozone [prod. Doc Hollywood]
18. Strong Arm Steady - Classic [prod. Statik Selektah]
19. Ron Artiste (Chali 2na & Roc C) - I Will [prod. G Koop]
20. DJ Nu-Mark - By My Side [prod. DJ Nu-Mark]

B.o.B :: EPIC (Every Play Is Crucial)

B.o.B stays on his mixtape hustle, even after all of his triple platinum-selling singles. It goes to show that B.o.B isn't in the music for the cash or fame, it's what he's made to do. And this new mixtape features Bobby Ray rapping over hottest and original beats, as well as many appearances from T.I., Mos Def, Meek Mill, Eminem, and many others! Now that's an EPIC WIN!

1. Epic (f/ Playboy Tre and Meek Mill) [prod. by Lil C]
2. Wrong (f/ Spodee) [prod. Ryan Tedder]
3. Guest List (f/ Roscoe Dash) [prod. by B.o.B and Kutta]
4. What Are We Doing  [prod. by B.o.B and Jim Jonsin]
5. Perfect Symetry (f/ 2 Chainz) [prod. by 7 King]
6. New York New York [prod. by Mike Caren]
7. Boom Bap (f/ T.I. and Mos Def)
8. Welcome To The Jungle
9. 5 On The Kush (f/ Big K.R.I.T. and Bun B)
10. How Bout Dat (f/ Future and Trae The Truth)
11. Things Get Worse (f/ Eminem)
12. Fucked Up (f/ Playboy Tre) prod. by Davaughn
13. Strange Clouds (f/ Lil Wayne) [prod. by Dr. Luke]
14. Friday Night Star [prod. by Jim Jonsin]
15. High [prod. by The Aristrocrats]

The Godfathers (Kool G. Rap & Necro) :: The Pre-Kill

1. Kool G Rap – What’s More Realer Then That
2. Necro – Thugcore Cowboy
3. Kool G Rap – In Too Deep
4. Necro – F.U.B.A.R.
5. Kool G Rap – Typical N*gga
6. Necro – First Blood
7. Kool G Rap – The Life
8. Necro – Brutalized
9. Kool G Rap – Fight Club
10. Necro – Braaains
11. Kool G Rap – Wishful Thinking
12. Necro – Keep On Driving
13. Kool G Rap – Real Life
14. Necro – No Remorse
15. Kool G Rap – Let The Games Begin
16. Necro – Creepy Crawl
17. Kool G Rap – The Realest remix
18. Necro – Revenge
19. Kool G Rap – Foul Cats
20. Necro – South Of Heaven
21. Kool G Rap – Stick To Ya Gunz
22. Necro – Do It
23. Kool G Rap – No More Mister Nice Guy
24. Necro – Who’s Ya Daddy?
25. Kool G Rap – I Ain’t Trickin’
26. Necro – Edge Play
27. Kool G Rap – Hey Mister Mister
28. Necro – Who*e
29. Kool G Rap – Keep It Swingin’
30. Necro – You B**ches Love To Get Fucked In The Azz
31. Kool G Rap – Executioner Style
32. Necro – Beautiful Music For You To Die To
33. Kool G Rap – Take ‘Em to War
34. Necro – Death Rap
35. Kool G Rap – Blowin’ Up in the World
36. Necro – Watch Ya Toes
37. Kool G Rap – Ghetto Knows
38. Necro – Dead Body Disposal
39. Kool G Rap – Two 2 The Head
40. Necro – Poetry In The Streets
41. Kool G Rap – 4,5,6
42. Necro – 12 King Pimp Commandments
43. Kool G Rap – F**k U Man
44. Necro – I Need Drugs
45. Kool G Rap – Crime Pays
46. Necro – Your Fu**in’ Head Split
47. Kool G Rap – Ill Street Blues
48. Necro – I’m Sick Of You
49. Kool G Rap – On The Run
50. Necro – Underground

i-El :: The Book of Elijah

Last week, I gave y'all the new Tanya Morgan EP, this week I give y'all the new tape from a former Tanya Morganer formerly known as Ilyas (now known as i-El). i-El gives you the dope hip-hop you all would bob your head to, so download this one too!

1. Intro – i-EL with Jai All Day (Produced by Mysterious)
2. I Saw God (Produced by Flying Lotus)
3. Elijah (Produced by Brick Beats)
4. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind (Produced by Sal Dali)
5. Fired Up (Produced by Brick Beats)
6. Interlude- i-El with Jai All Day (Produced by Sal Dali)
7. Be Bad (Produced by Sal Dali)
8. Real Talk (Produced by Wes Mapes)
9. Untitled (Produced by Sal Dali)
10. Outro i-El with Jai All Day (Produced by Zee Imports)
11. Illuminatus (Produced by Mysterious)

Mac Miller :: Black Friday

Although it isn't Black Friday anymore, I'll still give you this Mac Miller mixtape that was released to celebrate the occasion. It's still on a full sale of $free.99. This mixtape contains Miller rapping at the age of 16-17.

1. DJ Capcom Freestyle (f/ Beedie)
2. Stop Bitchin’ [prod. by Big Jerm] (Full Version)
3. What If? [prod. by James Moore]
4. No Hook
5. Girls In The Palm Of My Hand [prod. by Johnny Juliano]
6. La Familia (f/ Ghosty)
7. Born On Halloween (f/ Ghosty)
8. When The Money Come Slow [prod. by Rod Da Blizz]
9. The Stick Up
10. The Introduction
11. Successful
12. On My Grind (f/ Jimmie Hoffa) (Rare)
13. Cartel Gathering (f/ Beddie and Jimmie Hoffa) (Rare)
14. First Radio Freestyle Ever
15. U-Stream Word Game Freestyle (2008)

Riff Raff McGriff :: Because I'm Wack

I saw this curiously titled mixtape in my e-mail and I downloaded it to see if this Riff Raff rapper was right. Turns out, it's quite the contrary. This dude can spit! Or you can take my ironic word for it and download this yourself to see how "wack" he really is.

1. Introduction
2. Track Eater (f/ Kankick)
3. Blame One Voice Mail
4. It's Like That (f/ J Pro of Epsilon Project)
5. Lil Cappa Skit
6. Year of the OX
7. Verb Voice Mail
8. Super Bad (f/ C-Plus and Confidential)
9. Who is Riff Raff?
10. Sinister (f/ Roc C. and Pok Dogg)
11. Life of the Dreamer
12. Lil Cappa Interview 1
13. Grease by Lil Cappa

That's it for the "Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa Edition" of Free Music Friday. If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....
MP3: Has-Lo - "Reincarnate (Audible Doctor Remix)"

MP3: Has-Lo - "Reincarnate (Audible Doctor Remix)"

Courtesy Mello Music Group.

Has-Lo is giving away one final track off his recently released Conversation B before gearing up to release some visual support. The album has continued to gain critical praise, being called "Part of Philly's 2011 Hip-Hop Canon" by the Philadelphia Weekly.

Meanwhile fans have almost bought up all the special edition magenta vinyl (only 180 copies remain) and deluxe edition cds. For this one, Audible Doctor, who has had featured production on J-Live, Joell Ortiz, Trek Life, and Boog Brown's projects this year, reinvented the orignal Utero track from In Case I Don't Make It. So enjoy the new track: Has-Lo Reincarnate.
Audio: Free Download:
Has-Lo Reincarnate [Audible Doctor Remix] .

MP3: Streetz - "Yup Yup!!!"

MP3: Streetz - "Yup Yup!!!"

Courtesy BF Blasts.

* *

Mixtape: Jon Black - "I Am Jon Black"

Mixtape: Jon Black - "I Am Jon Black"

Courtesy J Melo.

Orkestra Ent. releases Jon Black's new mixtape for the holidays. I Am Jon Black features songs over popular instrumentals, as well as top notch production from himself. Look out for the debut album set to be released 1st Quarter of 2012.

"I AM JON BLACK" (Mixtape) .

* *
* *
* *

Video: Hollywood FLOSS - "So Much To Say" Ft. Brian Angel

Video: Hollywood FLOSS - "So Much To Say" Ft. Brian Angel

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Hollywood FLOSS is back with the video for "So Much To Say," a song that features crooner Brian Angel and serves as a recent single from his latest album, One Fan At A Time. The video, directed by Rob Jay and edited by Justin Morrow, is a dedication to his love for hip hop, complete with graffiti in the back drop and mimes acting out FLOSS' lyrics throughout.

"The 'So Much To Say' video," explains FLOSS "was me venting about all the sacrifices you make for the industry. And even with all those sacrifices, the industry is unkind, but we still love the craft and attempt to be successful at it." For FLOSS, however, the industry is finally – and rightly – starting to take plenty of notice, with FLOSS recently featured by the Houston Press and nominated by the alternative weekly's Music Awards for "Best Songwriter."

Watch "So Much To Say" here: .

MP3: Filip Filipi x Ariana Dvornik - "Dance On The World"

MP3: Filip Filipi x Ariana Dvornik - "Dance On The World"

Courtesy FMG.

I've been wanting to knock out a euro dance track for a while now and young singer/actress/model Ariana Dvornik has had a lot of buzz lately so it was only right we hooked up. Ariana's fam (she's the niece of legendary Croatian singer Dino Dvornik) is actually from Dalmatia like my pops so I'd go as far as calling this a 'homie collab.' The production is again handled by the brilliant Jonathan Lee who recorded me, mixed the track and got locked out of his house and car all in the last 3 hours. The cover art was whipped up the genius some know as Marko Šejat.


Follow me on Twitter, 'Like' my Facebook page and if you like Russian hats check out my official site!

Press Release: 360 Takes Off With Crucial Music

Press Release: 360 Takes Off With Crucial Music

Courtesy Crucial Music.

Crucial Music is very proud to announce that they are now working with Melbourne artist 360 - one of Australia’s most promising and talked about up and comers. Manager ‘Rae Harvey’s Melbourne based company (home of Children Collide, Daniel Lee Kendall, Gyroscope, Hunting Grounds & The Living End) will begin representation of 360 effective immediately.

Says 360 of the new relationship: "Feeling great about working with Crucial Music and having a strong team behind me to take my career to the next level. The most important thing was having like-minded people with the same aspirations and outlook on music as me. I’m fuckin’ stoked"

Sixty has come in swinging off the back of new album ‘Falling & Flying’, which was rocketed to a #4 debut by his army of loyal and vocal followers (courtesy of Sixty’s unique reign as the king of constant social networking.) ‘Falling & Flying’ transcends the sometimes-stuffy confines of conventional hip-hop, taking cues from indie, dubstep, pop and reggae. With this record the candid but downright affable twenty-something has on his hands one of the most diverse and confident releases of 2011.

Most recent cut from the record, ‘Boys Like You’ is ostensibly a song about being dumped, but parades an overcharged dub vibe tied up by a unique hook courtesy of indie-darling Gossling. This is the kind of addictive tune that defines a summer.  

Recently mobilising his army for a sold out fifteen date album tour, Sixty’s cheeky and contentious live show will command crowds at Homebake Festival, followed by the Falls Festival and on into the new year. Charging into 2012 with the same heavy-handed urgency as always, this summer is going to be a hot one for 360.  Get on board or get gone.


Sat Dec 03 – Homebake, Sydney NSW
Sat Dec 31 – Falls Festival, Lorne VIC
Wed Jan 18 – Telstra Icon Store (Competition winners only)
Thu Jan 19 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA
Fri Feb 10 – Ferntree Gully Hotel, Ferntree Gully VIC
Sat Feb 11 – Chelsea Heights Hotel, Chelsea VIC
Sun Mar 11 – Breath of Life Festival, Launceston TAS
Mon Mar 12 – Pushover, Melbourne VIC (All Ages)

360 – new album ‘Falling & Flying’ out now, featuring ‘Boys Like You’, ‘Killer’ & ‘Throw It Away’

* / *

Video: Perfeck Strangers - "Ghetto"

Video: Perfeck Strangers - "Ghetto"

Courtesy URBNET Records.

- Veteran Toronto emcees Dan-e-o and Promise team up as Perfeck Strangers.
- Video directed by Andre Rehal, the "Ghetto" music video captures Dan-e-o and Promise as a musical tag-team for the first time
- Debut album "Series Premiere" will be relased worldwide in 2012 with distribution via URBNET Records.

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