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Video: Stylah f/ Lowkey - "The Light"

Video: Stylah f/ Lowkey - "The Light"

Courtesy 730Promo.

South London native Stylah is back with the long awaited sequel to classic UK mixtape Crash Course. Over soulful blends neatly selected by UKs finest DJ Snips, Stylah delivers intelligent and gritty narrative with the help of his chronies Lowkey, Smiler, Propane, Haze, Kidderachi, Exo and Mikill Pane. this is set to be another classic release from the heavyweight MC.

Video: DJ Deadeye f/ Cormega - "Intermission" Video

Video: DJ Deadeye f/ Cormega - "Intermission" Video

Courtesy of Matt B.

DJ Deadeye on tour with Slaine right now!


Oct 5, 2011

Spokane, WA
Knitting Factory

Oct 6, 2011

Boise, ID
Knitting Factory

Oct 7, 2011

Salt Lake City, UT

Oct 8, 2011

Grand, CO
Mesa Theatre

Oct 9, 2011

Casper, WY
Hall of Champions

Oct 11, 2011

Denver, CO
The Summit Music

Oct 12, 2011

Colorado City, CO
Black Sheep

Oct 13, 2011

Kansas City, KS
Beaumont Club

Oct 14, 2011

Omaha, NE
Waiting Room

Oct 15, 2011

Waterloo, IA

Oct 16, 2011

Sauget, IL

Oct 18, 2011

Minneapolis, MN

Oct 19, 2011

Milwaukee, WI
The Rave

Oct 20, 2011

Joliet, IL

Oct 21, 2011

Columbus, OH
Al Rosa Villa

Oct 22, 2011

Flint, MI
Machine Shop

Oct 23, 2011

Mount Clemens, MI
The Hayloft Liquor

Oct 26, 2011

Cleveland, OH

Oct 27, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA
Altar Bar

Oct 28, 2011

Lancaster, PA
The Chameleon Club

Oct 29, 2011

Worcester, MA
The Palladium

Oct 30, 2011

Manchester, NH
The Armory Ballroom

Nov 2, 2011

West Springfield, VA

Nov 3, 2011

Virginia Beach, VA
Jewish Mother

Nov 4, 2011

Jacksonville, FL

Nov 5, 2011

Fayetteville, NC
The Rock Shop

Nov 8, 2011

Saint Petersburg, FL
State Theater

Nov 9, 2011

Orlando, FL
The Social

Nov 10, 2011

West Palm Beach, FL

Nov 11, 2011

Daytona Beach, FL
Sickboyz Lounge

Nov 12, 2011

Jacksonville, FL
Brewsters Pit

Nov 16, 2011

Dallas, TX

Nov 18, 2011

Tempe, AZ
Marquee Theatre

Nov 19, 2011

Los Angeles, CA
Whisky A Go Go

Duck Down Vs Blacksmith CMJ Showcase Saturday, October 22nd

Duck Down Vs Blacksmith CMJ Showcase Saturday, October 22nd

Courtesy Matt B.

Saturday, October 22nd at the Music Hall of Williamsburg!!

Performances by:
Talib Kweli
Pharoahe Monch
Jean Grae
Smif N Wessun
Kidz In The Hall
Music by Statik Selektah with a special 'Population Control' set featuring artists on the album

Date: Saturday, October 22nd
Location: Music Hall of Williamsburg
Address: 66 N 6th St (between Kent & Wythe) Brooklyn, NY

Doors Open 8PM / Show Starts 9PM
This Is An 18 & Over Show

The First 150 CMJ Badge Holders Enter For Free
For Tickets, Visit: .

For Fans That Won't Be Able To Make The Show In Brooklyn, Watch The Live Webcast At

For More Information & The Latest Updates, Visit: & .
Follow us on Twitter: .
Like us on Facebook: .

Video: League510 - "Soul Of Synth" (Flying Lotus Redux)

Video: League510 - "Soul Of Synth" (Flying Lotus Redux)

From Audible Treats.

After the release of their most recent EP, Believe In The League, Oakland rappers TK, Monty, Mr. Knowitall, and DJ Blacksmith, otherwise known as The League510 are dropping a new video for the track "Soul Of Synth." The beat, which was originally produced by Flying Lotus, was discovered by Mr. Knowitall while watching an Adult Swim commercial on Cartoon Network late one night. "His (Mr. Knowitall) inner MC just had to find the beat and rap on it." Explains Monty. "The super swinging, heavy, soulful drum cadence and the layered 8 bit video game- like synthesizers were just begging to be rapped over."

MP3: Constant Deviants - "Gotta Get Paid (Remix)"

MP3: Constant Deviants - "Gotta Get Paid (Remix)"

From Audible Treats.

Constant Deviants, consisting of emcee M.I. and producer DJ Cutt, are excited to release "Gotta Get Paid (Remix)." The track serves as the lead single from their upcoming Platinum: The Mixtape, which will serve as a precursor to their forthcoming album, Diamond, and will be released via their Six2Six label and offered to fans for free download.

This part-Baltimore, part-NYC duo got their start in 1995, and five years later, M.I. was signed to Arista Records and brought Cutt on board as his sole producer. Since then, they've worked with the likes of N.O.R.E., Rick Ross, and Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records. Never ones to sit still, the Deviants decided to start their own record label, Six2Six Records, in 2009, with the intention of cultivating their signature sound. Enter Constant Deviants' new release, Platinum: The Mixtape. The seventeen-track project is stacked with a slew of freestyles from M.I as he raps over industry beats along with 2 original exclusives.

"Gotta Get Paid (Remix)," a flip of a song that will ultimately appear on Diamond, finds CDS teamed up with Spain's own D Cut Love, which resulted in a unique collaboration stemming from an artist-fan connection. "Being that we have such a personal relationship with our audience, we like to give them a chance to become a part of hip-hop history," says M.I. "D Cut Love is one of the dopest producers I've heard from overseas."

Despite the seemingly commonplace title, "Gotta Get Paid (Remix)" is more about CDS achieving financial enlightenment than about materialistic excess. "It explains the feeling of doing music your whole life, and making the decision to stop 'shopping for a deal' and finally selling your product," explains M.I. Almost unrecognizable from the original, the remix track features M.I.'s laid-back lyrical flows over a cushy and soulful synth chops, not to mention a well-placed KRS-One vocal sample on the hook.

Download "Gotta Get Paid (Remix)" here: .

MP3: Rick Ross - "I Love My B*tches" (prod. Just Blaze)

MP3: Rick Ross - "I Love My B*tches" (prod. Just Blaze)

Courtesy Big Dev.

Rick Ross - I Love My Bitches (prod by Just Blaze)

* *

Devo Spice Update: Last Minute Show Tomorrow in CT

Devo Spice Update: Last Minute Show Tomorrow in CT

Hey guys,

Just a quick note to let you know I've been invited to perform at ARtCADE, a celebration of video games, gamers and sonic and visual interactive arts, artists, and users!

There will also be performances by Minusbaby, Seed AI, Nina's Hair, XpunX, and Burnkit2600.

October 8th, Saturday 7:00pm
Heirloom Arts Theatre
155 Main Street; Suite 103 #103
Danbury, CT 06810
(203) 300-5270

Heirloom Arts Theatre web site:

Facebook event page:

Hope to see some of you there!


J-Zone's New Book Scheduled to Be Released November 11th


Yawn. Another book from another musician. Let's guess: He rose from the depths of hell with his talent and went big time. He changed the face of music and made millions. Yeah, a few drug addiction, arrest, and STD stories are sporadically sprinkled throughout for excitement and authenticity, but at the end of it all, he finished his ride a musical legend. He finally gave up dressing room groupies and nose candy; he currently resides with his wife and the children that aren't illegitimate in Calabasas, CA.

[Insert snoring]

Who can really relate to that shit besides other successful musicians?

My name is J-Zone. If you actually know who the hell I am, either you listen to way too much rap music, you're a Tim Dog fan, or you stood outside my distributor's warehouse the day my CDs and records were destroyed. I was on the hip-hop come-up, then I came down - hard. Splat. Some critical success, incessant praise from pop stars and hip-hop legends alike, and then...abysmal commercial failure. I did tours on Greyhound buses filled with wide-bodied, Jheri curled women and knife-wielding gang members. I witnessed my life-long passion for music dissolve in 12 hours and my final album sell a whopping 47 copies in its first month for sale. I left my little-known spot in a small, niche quadrant of the hip-hop world and joined my fellow overqualified stiffs with useless college degrees in the world of dead end jobs. For some sick reason, I find all of the above hilarious and have made an omelette out of any egg that wound up on my face.

I pin my cross-hairs on everyday bullsh*t just as accurately as I do the dysfunctional ways of the music biz. I ask the public at large questions like “Are men the new women?” and “Is going out on Friday night worth it when you're a socially homeless man in a deceptively segregated New York City?” Chapters dedicated to cassette tapes, defunct record stores, the SP-1200 sampling drum machine, hip-hop recording studios of the 1990s, and overlooked rap artists like The Afros, Mob Style, and No Face all point to my fascination with the obscure. You may also enjoy this book if any of these eight statements speak to you:

1. You feel it's perfectly acceptable to wear a clip-on tie with Master P's face on it to a corporate job interview.

2. You have a college degree that got you two choices in the real world: the broom or the mop.

3. You had the opportunity to work with the legendary musical heroes of your childhood; then your broke ass got sued by one of them for copyright infringement.

4. You've stuck a fork in dating in America and are now looking into blow-up dolls due to their low maintenance, low noise level, and low cost (an air-body beats an airhead).

5. You're sick of "couple accounts" on Facebook (Fellas, if you allow your girl to create one page for the both of you, her dick is bigger than yours.)

6. You're sick of hearing all this bourgeois "Eat, Pray, Love" bullshit on dates. I want NYC's crime rate to return to the 1990 statistics for a week; then you'll really be praying to travel someplace expensive to "find yourself".

7. You've considered returning to using the pay phone because you're sick of 35-year-old women sending you “LOL”s and emoticons via text message.

8. You don't stand a chance in life doing anything that doesn't involve purchasing a Mister Softee ice cream truck, but truly believe that one day you will run for mayor and win.

So yeah, Root for the Villain is a book about the music biz and everyday bullshit, but it's anathema to books about the music biz and everyday bullshit.  A collection of memoirs and think pieces written by a curmudgeonly commercial failure who is somehow laughing hysterically at both himself and the stupidity of the world large probably won't become a New York Times best-seller, either. Be honest though, you need something to place drinks on when you have company; at worst, my book is a perfect cocktail coaster. 

****First Chapter excerpt from J-Zone’s “Root For The Villian: Rap, Bullsh*t and A Celebration Of Failure” is available here (Chapter is entitled “Go Go Gadget Ho”):

J-Zone’s “Root For The Villian: Rap, Bullsh*t and A Celebration Of Failure” will be released on 11-15-2011

Author blurb

J-ZONE is a connoisseur of humbling reality checks, lesser-known rap albums from the early ‘90s, self-deprecation, and full-fledged lampoonery. His primary hobby is assailing our daily acts of bullshit. Throughout his decade and change in the music business, he’s worked with the likes of Gnarls Barkley, The Lonely Island, Biz Markie, E-40, and Prince Paul, to name a few. As a writer, his work has been published in the Common Culture pop culture textbook series, SLAM Magazine, The Source, and London’s Hip-Hop Connection (HHC), among others. He’s a regular contributor for ego trip NYC and moonlights as a high school sports reporter in the New York Metropolitan area. J-Zone has also taught music classes in the SUNY (State University of New York) system. He’s an insubordinate curmudgeon and a New York native who will invoice you if you send him emoticon and acronym-laden text messages. He lives in Queens, New York with his beloved grandmother, “Evil E”.

Video: Naturi Naughton Talks About "The Playboy Club"

Video: Naturi Naughton Talks About "The Playboy Club"

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

Video: Yung Berg's "Road to Humble Greatness Part 10"

Video: Yung Berg's "Road to Humble Greatness Part 10"

Courtesy Nancy B.

Yung Berg has always been a studio rat but he really lives there since signing singer, Mia Rey and rap protege Driicky Graham to YFM. In this episode of "The Road to Humble Greatness" Berg shares a little behind the scenes magic during a studio session with Mia Rey. With Berg's production track record and Mia's undeniable voice and presence, surely greatness is just a song or two away.

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