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The Hip-Hop Shop #168 - Saluting Game w/ California Love

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #168 is Saluting Game w/ California Love. In honor of his new California Republic mixtape, all of the podsafe featured artists this week are from Cali-for-ni-a. You'll hear from T.K. Other Realm, Playa Rae, Thoughtsarizen, Proe, and more! Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on! Don't forget to subscribe to our RSS newsfeed and follow us on Twitter so you never miss a new episode.

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Tracks featured this week:

* Noah Jones - What's My Name (prod. King Jaguar)
* Playa Rae & Trey C - California (prod. DJ Corbett)
* T.K. Other Realm (League510) - Heaven Flow (prod. Flying Lotus)
* Moe Green - Welcome to the Trap House (prod. Cache)
* MUMBLS - Spellbound (prod. Logan Foreal)
* Ariano & Thoughtsarizen f/ Rakaa Iriscience - Where You Can Find Me (prod. Ariano)
* Proe - Box Cutter Jonny (prod. Proe)
* Trafek & V!rtu - Done (prod. Trafek)

Video: Mick Boogie - "Where Are You Running to Next?"

Video: Mick Boogie - "Where Are You Running to Next?"

Courtesy DJ Mars.

With the final installment of New Balances "Where are you running to next" campaign, superstar DJ Mick Boogie is the focus of attention. Hailing originally from Ohio, Mick Boogie has made his current home Brooklyn, New York. With a cameo from the campaign's creator, DJ Mars, the cameras follow Mick as he returns from rocking parties in Japan.

Video: J-Rod Interview w/ DJ Holiday

Video: J-Rod Interview w/ DJ Holiday

Courtesy RMG.

J-Rod of Primetime Radio catches up with Brick Squad's DJ Holiday. DJ Holiday talks about how he created his buzz, relationships with artists, and being Turnt Up! Powered by Revo Media.

Video: Young Dapper - "Cry For Justice" #TrayvonMartin Tribute

Video: Young Dapper - "Cry For Justice" (Trayvon Martin Tribute)

Courtesy BF Blasts.

"Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin died after neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman reported him to police as suspicious and then followed him and shot him. This song is dedicated to his memory."

MP3: 2 Hungry Bros. - "The Weirding Way"

MP3: 2 Hungry Bros. - "The Weirding Way"

Courtesy Robert M.

The 2 Hungry Bros are spending every waking moment that is not dedicated to being Well Domesticated Kitchen Whizzing Men & Concerned Parents as well as outstanding employees, digging through the files, stacks, wax, and even movies to bring you a banging beat installment every #MusicMonday. Now while the #MusicMonday hashtag may have dissipated, we like to think maybe we can snag that fervor back by unleashing raw a$$ beats in a pretty unorthodox manner like we've been doing the past few years with our super fresh unorthodox artists. Except for the next few weeks only, the 2HB anonymity is gone and Deep is behind the MpC4000 this week. Enjoy-  "THE WEIRDING WAY"

* *

Video: Kero One - "What Am I Supposed to Do?"

Video: Kero One - "What Am I Supposed to Do?"

Courtesy Kero One.

What Am I Supposed to Do?, the lead single off Kero One's forthcoming album (coming this summer), is a song with a call to action. Composed, arranged, and performed by Kero One featuring the soulful vocals of Suhn (The Tones), this song, along with a self-directed music video, reminds us that there is something everyone can do against human injustices.

MP3: Famoso f/ Stage - "Gone So Far" @PRDEAN

MP3: Famoso f/ Stage - "Gone So Far"

Courtesy PR Dean.


* *

Video: Skrawberry Details Her Fight With Teyana Taylor

Video: Skrawberry Details Her Fight With Teyana Taylor

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

The famed dancer breaks down the events leading up to her brawl with Teyana, how Broncos running back Willis McGahee fits into the equation and how her entourage allegedly beat up Teyana after she left the club.

MP3: Wordburglar - "Rhyme O' Clock" (feat. More Or Les)

MP3: Wordburglar - "Rhyme O' Clock" (feat. More Or Les)

Courtesy URBNET.

Wordburglar is a Canadian hip hop artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, now based in Toronto. His style is best described as energetic and zany with an emphasis on wordplay and humour. He primarily works with his crews Backburner and Props Dept for all aspects of his music creation, including production, cuts, mixing, mastering and guest vocals. He is currently working on his third full length album. - 2012 marks the release of his third solo album "3RDBURGLAR" already recieving advance critical praise from the single "RHYME O'CLOCK"

Wordburglar - Rhyme O' Clock (feat. More Or Les) (Single)
Download Single (mp3/wav) (Radio Edited): .
Album Stream (Please post or embed): .

Diggy Simmons: "I'm Not Focused on the J. Cole Beef"

Video - Diggy Simmons: "I'm Not Focused on the J. Cole Beef"

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

The budding rapper speaks on why he made the J.Cole diss track, how he felt about J.Cole speaking about his sister and how Rev Run views the situation.

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