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K-Rod's The Truth About... How to Stay in Love (@revo_media)

Courtesy RMG:

Video: K-Rod's The Truth About... How to Stay in Love

J-Rod's The Truth About series this week discusses how to people stay in love with each other. This week it actually features R&B artist, Ray Lavender, as he gives his input on what men and women need to do to make sure they stay in love.

MP3: @FullREBELJacket - "Purple Lights" Ft. B.J.

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Full |REBEL| Jacket - "Purple Lights" Ft. B.J. The Chicago Kid

Last week, Phoenix, Arizona - by way of Dallas, Texas and Anchorage, Alaska - duo Full |REBEL| Jacket released the video for "Stray Bullet," a song that features Dungeon Family legend Big Rube. The song serves as the lead single from their forthcoming free EP, the REBEL EP, which will be released on September 3rd, and today G and Q are excited to release the album's latest single, "Purple Lights," which features up-and-coming crooner B.J. The Chicago Kid.

For Full |REBEL| Jacket, they were inspired to write the song as testament to motivation - both as a document of where they've been and also a statement of purpose for all those striving for something more. "I was thinking about reaching the goals we'd set for ourselves," recalls Q of what inspired his writing process. "We wanted to create a powerful record," adds G, "that people can play when they accomplish something."

The song, as with all of the REBEL EP, is self-produced by Q and G, and while the group is very much a self-contained unit, just as with "Stray Bullet," Full |REBEL| Jacket felt that a third voice was just what they needed to round out the track. They reached out to B.J. The Chicago Kid, who delivers a haunting, urgent chorus, as he sings, "You never know what's gonna happen next/ So you know you gotta be ready/ Even when the ground shake/ Hold the wheel tight, strong, and steady/ The objective is to keep from going under/ And when you realize that you're okay/ That's when you fly away."

Download "Purple Lights" here: .

@Goonrock Gets Even Closer to a Record Breaking Summer

Courtesy Versa Manos:

Goonrock Gets Even Closer to a Record Breaking Summer

Goonrock continues to ride high on the popularity of the LMFAO’s multi-platinum “Party Rock Anthem”, the track which he co-wrote, produced and on which he is featured. The track has been on Billboard’s Top 100 Chart for a total of 68 weeks (29 of those weeks on the Top 10 Chart). It is only the third title to hold this spot, and needs only nine more weeks to take the record for most weeks (76 weeks) on the Top 100 Chart from Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”. 

“Party Rock Anthem” has won a slew of awards this year from a Kid’s Choice Award to multiple ASCAP and Billboard Awards. Featured in the film “21 Jump Street”, the track also won an MTV Movie Award. Additional honors include being named Workout Song of the Year by Men’s Health and Gold’s Gym.

The video for “Party Rock Anthem” is among the Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube with a staggering 462,719,458 views (and counting).

Goonrock’s latest projects include producing two tracks, “Goin’ In” and “Clothes Off” for Jennifer Lopez. She performed “Goin’ In”, which was also co-written by Goonrock, featuring Flo Rida, on the season finale of American Idol. The track is also featured in the upcoming film Step Up Revolution, the fourth installment of the hit dance film franchise. He’s also been working in the studio with YouTube sensation and breakout chart-topper Carly Rae Jepsen.

Goonrock Online:

* *
* *

MP3: Rick Ross f/ Dr. Dre & Jay-Z - "3 Kings"

MP3: Rick Ross f/ Dr. Dre & Jay-Z - "3 Kings"

Courtesy Papa Smirf.


Thank you for making "Self Made 2" #1!
July 31st - It's time to make #GFID #1!

* *

Video: Joy Deja King f/ Ca$h Out - "I'm the Bomb"

From FCA:

Video: Joy Deja King f/ Ca$h Out - "I'm the Bomb"

National Bestselling Author, Joy Deja King, also known as the Literary Sweetheart, is taking her writing skills and delving into the world of hip hop with new single "I'm The Bomb" featuring #2 Billboard artist and Epic Records Recording artist Ca$h Out.

New Audio: Alias & Fakts One - "Keep Moving"

From Matt B:

New Audio: Alias & Fakts One - "Keep Moving"

Taken from their forthcoming digital only album 'Second Chances' dropping on 8-7-2012 via JWay Media & Brick Records.

"Keep Moving" (Stream): .
"Keep Moving" (MP3 DJ Pack): .

New Audio: @SonRayMusic - "What You Sayin"

From Matt B:

New Audio: Son-Ray - "What You Sayin"

After dropping his first single "Music Is My Life" f/ Skyzoo, LOCAL-MU12 member Son-Ray is back with a new release, "What You Sayin" which serves as the second single from his upcoming EP "Face Value" which will be released on 7-31-2012.

Link: .

Video: @SirMichaelRocks - #SummerTimeChi - Episode 1

From Matt B:

Video: Sir Michael Rocks - #SummerTimeChi - Episode 1

Watch Sir Michael Rocks in a video series capturing his moves through Chicago and abroad. It gives you a glimpse of his travels, recording, photo shoots and attractive women - it embodies the Lap Of Lux!

Coming on the heels of a prolific 2011, where he dropped three solo mixtapes (The Rocks Report, Premier Politics, Premier Politics 1.5), and a 45-city tour with Mac Miller in the first half of 2012, Rocks displays an advanced and mature sound throughout Lap of Lux.  Producers on the collection include Cardo (Taylor Gang), Hit-Boy and J.Hill (Chief Keef) as well as his partner in The Cool Kids, Chuck Inglish while features include Casey Veggies, Mac Miller and more.

Sir Michael Rocks Lap Of Lux will be available Physically and Digitally on 8-2-2-012.

DL link to the first leak, “Now You Do,” from Sir Michael Rocks Lap Of Lux is included here: .

Tracklisting and credits for Sir Michael Rocks Lap Of Lux LP:

1.) “Now You Do” (produced by Flosstradamus)
2.) “GED” f/ Tris J (produced by J. Hill)
3.) “They Hate It” (produced by Papi Beats)
4.) “Take It To The Floor” (produced by Papi Beats)
5.) “Reservations” (produced by Cardo)
6.) “NWO” (produced by Flosstradamus)
7.) “Great” f Casey Veggies & Mac Miller (produced by Cardo)
8.) “Good Sushi” (produced by Chuck Inglish)
9.) “In The Loop” (produced by Polyester)
10.) “The Best” f/ Tris J & Shorty K (produced by Mano)
11.) “Connect”f/ Mano (produced by Cardo)
12.) “Can’t Hide It” f/ Rockie Fresh (produced by J. Hill & iamLpeezy)
13.) “If It Ain’t Foreign” (produced by Tye Hill)
14.) “You Know What” (produced by Hitboy)
15.) “The Clique” f/ Casey Veggies & Tris J (produced by The Freshman)

MP3: Warren G - "Still In Love"

MP3: Warren G - "Still In Love"

Courtesy Coast 2 Coast.

Here is the no tags version of the new Warren G single and title track from his upcoming project Still In Love, being released through Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and G Funk Music LLC! On this track, The Regulator reflects on the flaws in today’s music business as well as the history of the whole West Coast Hip Hop scene which he was the architect of. Be on the look out for more leaks from Warren G coming from Coast 2 Coast as we build up to the release of Still In Love.


PR: What Makes @RATheRuggedMan Cry?

From Nature Sounds:

PR: What Makes R.A. The Rugged Man Cry?

R.A. The Rugged Man lives up to his rap name most of the time, but every now and then he's not afraid to show a softer side.  In the latest episode of his web series Film School on MTV's, R.A. opens up about films that made him "cry like a f**cking b**tch", including one very surprising choice. R.A.'s new album Legends Never Die is due out later this year on Nature Sounds. *

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