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Saturday September 20, 2014
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[Dark Horse] Never coming in last.

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MP3/News: The Niceguys - "Ari Gold" Ft. Chevy Lauren

From Audible Treats:

MP3/News: The Niceguys - "Ari Gold" Ft. Chevy Lauren

The Niceguys Join Slim Thug, Trae Tha Truth As Only Rappers To Cover Houston Press

Critical Praise for The Niceguys:

"Meet The Niceguys; arguably Houston's best kept hip-hop secret."
- Houston Chronicle

"The Niceguys make it evident from the title-track opener of their full-length offering, The Show, that this is not going to be an exercise in frivolous nursery rhymes. There is something very genuine about The Niceguys, whose core aim is to entertain and have fun with energetic hip-hop." - URB

The Song:

Yves Saint, Cristolph, Free, and DJ Candlestick, otherwise known as The Niceguys, have been putting in work. You may have seen them "Toast" back in January, or maybe you've been keeping up with Yves' guest blogging for SLAM Magazine, but that hasn't stopped the Houston-based foursome from staying busy. With a string of SXSW performances around the corner, The Niceguys have been made the cover feature of leading alternative weekly, Houston Press. The feature, hitting newsstands citywide today, can be read online here: .

To celebrate the milestone, The Niceguys are now releasing "Ari Gold," the lead single from their forthcoming project, The James Kelly EP, which will be released for free download this Spring. As the title of the single might suggest, kicking things off is a fiery quote from everybody's favorite asshole, the song's namesake Ari Gold from Entourage. "It's about taking that Ari Gold mentality -- not only being an asshole, but embracing it," explains Free, who also produced the distorted, guitar-heavy track. "It's about using it to your advantage and not being apologetic for any of it."

Playing off the verses, which appropriately incorporate plenty of Yves' now patented, wordplay-heavy brashness, the chorus drives home the song's key sentiment: "Fuck around and get lost in it/ When I say something right, something's wrong with it/ What I need to say sorry for?/ I'm an asshole...Ari Gold!" For an added touch, Yves brings out his alter ego, Chevy Lauren, for Caribbean inflected and his Queens, NY-inspired second verse.

Download "Ari Gold" here: .

MP3: Travis Barker f/ E-40, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg - "Knockin"

From M3W:

MP3: Travis Barker f/ E-40, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg - "Knockin"

* *

MP3: Illin' P - "Ha Ha Slow Down P"

From Major Music:

MP3: Illin' P - "Ha Ha Slow Down P"

Illin' P returns for his 4th free download "Ha Ha Slow Down P. For the next 2 months, Illin' P will be releasing a few download every week leading up to the release of his newest mixtape "3 Lefts 2 Make A R1ght". The mixtape will be an appetizer for his fans who have been following Illin' P since his collaborations with Krs-One, Mr. Lif, The Snowgoons and Ripshop as he prepares to release his album "Gentleman Sings The Black And Blues" in Fall of 2011.

* *

Mixtape: Has-Lo - "Antelopes & Lions"

From Mello Music Group:

Mixtape: Has-Lo - "Antelopes & Lions"

Really proud to share this dope mixtape from Has-Lo mixed by Mr. Sonny James of the IllVibes Collective, both Philly representatives.
"Antelopes & Lions" is a great introduction to Has-Lo, which highlights his earlier work as well as some exclusive new music that will not be on his upcoming album "In Case I Don't Make It."  Furthermore, "Antelopes & Lions" showcases Has-Lo's production capabilities, as he produced his entire upcoming album, and features some great remixes on this mix of folks like Nas, Royce Da 5'9", Elzhi, and Supastition.

Has-Lo "In Case I Don't Make It" Out March 29th via Mello Music Group!! (Pre-Order Link Below)
Has-Lo "Antelopes & Lions" Mixtape Download Link: .

MP3: Noa James - "Yokozuna"

From Iconoclast Multimedia:

MP3: Noa James - "Yokozuna"

Westcoast emcee Noa James drops his first single “Yokozuna” from his forthcoming EP, The Intelligent, Elegent, Elephant: Humbled Power. The EP drops on March 30th which is also the 2 year anniversary of Noa’s first EP, In Blanka Mode.

* *

Noa will also be performing at this years Paid Dues Festival on the West Coast theme Dues Paid stage. Noa’s live performances are known to be as epic as his stature and what’s to come for Paid Dues promises to take the audience to another level.  Noa promises there will be no disappointments, “My shirt will be off and something will be broken!”

Follow Noa on Twitter: @NoaJames.

MP3: Cyrus Malachi f/ Bronze Nazareth - "Master Builders"

From No Cure Records:

MP3: Cyrus Malachi f/ Bronze Nazareth - "Master Builders"

The 2nd leak taken from Cyrus' forthcoming album "Ancent Future" - Master Builders features Wu Tang Lyrical assassin Bronze Nazareth & his Wisemen crew members Kevlaar 7 & June Megladon. This cut is produced by Endemic.

Download the song here

MP3: Lil B f/ Jean Grae & Phonte - "Base For Your Face"

From RMG:

MP3: Lil B f/ Jean Grae & Phonte - "Base For Your Face"

This is a very weird collab along the lines of Gucci Mane and Talib Kweli. But definitely check it out to see if 9th Wonder can get #Based. Also this is first track with Phonte and 9th since they got back together.

Lil B - Base For Your Face f. Jean Grae & Phonte (prod. 9th Wonder)
* *

MP3: Locke Kaushal - "Ninth Inning" (prod. Rad!cal)

From J.R.:

MP3: Locke Kaushal - "Ninth Inning" (prod. Rad!cal)

* *

It's about that time! "A Drunken Man's Words"will be dropping in less than a week!!

This one is called Ninth Inning and will be featured on the project.

Free Music Friday: The 3rd of the 11th Edition

It's the third of the 'leviiiiiiiiiin. Alright, that Bone Thugs rendition of the FMF title doesn't work, but the free music does!

Childish Gambino :: EP

Childish Gambino

This has gotten to be the simplest cover I have ever seen, let alone the simplest EP title known as simply "EP." Going with that bold move, I took an even bolder move of downloading this EP by Childish Gambino...and I like what I heard! This EP shows me why FMF continues to exist, nothing but dope free music in an era of folks throwing out scraps for folks who expect a full-course meal. Childish Gambino will give you plenty to feed here. Don't take my word for it, download this leafy mixtape for yourself.


The ILLZ :: :03 from Gold


Here's a latest EP from New Jersey's own The ILLZ. The mixtape istself is ill, no doubt. The music they put on this mixtape really matches the coldness of the winter, in my opinion. But you could play this EP in any weather, reagrdless. Get stuck on the realness with the ILLZ!


Lil' B :: Illusions of Grandeur

Lil' B

Anyone who's into collecting mixtapes probably knows by now that Lil B's place on FMF was overdue, consdiering the fact that he released numerious of mixtapes long before and it took me to this one to catch on. But it's here for you nonetheless. This one includes the much-talked-about "Base for Your Face," which is produced by 9th wonder and features Jean Grae and Phonte. There's no telling where Lil' B will go next. With or without a full album to give, the fans'll still follow him with any music B decides to drop as they holla, "Thank you, Based God!"


Oh yeah, if any of y'all want the infamous 600+ song-mixtape done by none other than Lil' B, you can check them all out here:

WARNING: Only download if you have enough space on your hard drive, seriously.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All :: The Odd Future Tape

Odd Future

[OFWGKTA. Heard that acronym yet? If you have, click this tape. If you haven't, click this tape. This is the very first mixtape of Odd Future just in case you would like to know how the future began. This group may be the biggest of this year, so this tape'll introuduce you to their style properly before the OFWGKTABANDWAGON becomes full. They're the ones to look out for nonetheless as Steve Rifkind is currently on th ehunt to get these guys signed post haste!]


Pac Div :: Mania

Pac Div

As (ahem) classy as this cover is, I'll much rather see this gal ripping off her Mania shirt than Hulk Hogan himself anyday. As much impact Pac Div made during the late 2000s', the Div has been quieter than a mouse lately. But quiet they are no more, as Pac Div gives you a mixtape to blast to the maximum and it's just in time for the upcoming WrestleMania 27! So whatcha gonna do when Pac Div runs wild on you, BROTHER!


Wiz Khalifa :: Cabin Fever

Wiz Khalifa

I admit that I slept on this new Wiz Khalifa mixtape a month from now. But ti's here for y'all to play freely nonetheless. Here's a mixtape from the Wiz that serves as a preview for his major label debut, "Rolling Papers." Shout out to for the link, as the site's name is rather fitting.


That's it for the "3rd of the 11th Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

Prayers and condolences goes out to those affected by the devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan. Our hearts go out to you all.

Video: 3 NGZ in the Kitchen - "Charlie Sheen"

From Johnny Nobody:

Video: 3 NGZ in the Kitchen - "Charlie Sheen"

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