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MP3: 4TWO7 - "Butta On Ya Muffintop"

MP3: 4TWO7 - "Butta On Ya Muffintop"

Courtesy G.A. of Bum Squad DJ's.

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MP3: Copywrite f/ Jakki Da Mota Mouth - "Swaggot Killaz"

MP3: Copywrite f/ Jakki Da Mota Mouth - "Swaggot Killaz"(Produced by !llmind)

Courtesy Matt B.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown! Over the course of his now decade long-career, Copywrite has been a lightning rod of controversy, engaged in numerous beefs (some of which have lived out in real time and not just on the microphone).  Yet, in life, lessons are learned, you grow and mature; and above all else life has a way of imparting upon you what’s truly important.

For Copywrite, the devastation he felt from the loss of close friends and family members has heavily impacted his view of the world and his place in it. Leaders are bestowed a great deal of responsibility and they can influence those around them to do the right things, or they can lead them astray; Copywrite has chosen the former as his path.

Following the successes of his debut LP (“The High Exhaulted”) and his most recent sophomore album (“The Life and Times of Peter Nelson”), Copywrite found himself at a crossroad. He had first become popular in the underground scene for his battle raps and witty punch lines. With the release of “Life and Times of Peter Nelson” Copywrite found critical success (XXL Magazine,,, etc) by being more honest and candid about his life. Some fans yearned for the Copywrite who ripped other rappers to shreds; while critics and newer fans appreciated the deeper more introspective side of Copywrite. Mix all of that in along with the deaths of a few close friends and family members that have taken place since “The Life and Times of Peter Nelson” was released a year ago emboldened Copywrite to strengthen himself in his faith to change his content moving forward.  What this offers the listener is a true look into the artist, who like many of us, starts something one way, but finishes it in a different manner.

With “God Save the King” Copywrite delivers another brutally honest record that reaches for new creative heights. “God Save The King” will be released on February 28th, 2012.

Tracklisting and credits for Copywrite’s God Save The King:

1.) “Post-Apocalyptic Request Box” (produced by Jason Rose)
2.) “Love” f/ Tage Future of MHz (produced by Bronze Nazareth)
3.) “Swaggot Killaz” f/ Jakki Da Motamouth
4.) “Mouth of MHz” (produced by !llmind)
5.) “Sorrow” f/ Illogic & Don Jaga (produced by Stu Bangas)
6.) “Man Made” f/ Rockness Monstah of Heltah Skeltah (produced by Jason Rose)
7.) “J.O.Y.” f/ Jason Rose & Torae (produced by Jason Rose)
8.) “Union Rights” f/ MHz (produced by Khrysis)
9.) “Yo! MTV Raps! (Money for Nothing)” f/ Jason Rose (produced by Jason Rose)
10.) “Blue Ribbon” (produced by Bronze Nazareth)
11.) “Miracle” (produced by S.G. on the Traxxx)
12.) “G$K” (produced by Stu Bangas)
13.) “Workahol” (produced by Stu Bangas)
14.) “White Democrats” f/ Mac Lethal (produced by Jason Rose)
15.) “Golden State (Of Mind)” f/ Evidence, Roc Marciano & Casual (produced by Vanderslice)
16.) “Synesthesia” (produced by RJD2)
17.) “Got to Make It” f/ Tage Future (produced by Stu Bangas)
18.) “Talk With Jesus” (produced by Poetiq Beetz)

Download link to Copywrite f/Jakki Da Mota Mouth “Swaggot Killaz” (produced by !llmind) MP3: .

MP3: EDubb f/ Jackie Chain - "Tops Drop"

MP3: EDubb f/ Jackie Chain - "Tops Drop"

Courtesy BF Blasts.


Video: Astro Says He Was Treated Unfairly on X-Factor

Video: Astro Says He Was Treated Unfairly on X-Factor

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"Rap phenom Astro clears up his reason for his emotional outburst on the talent show."

Video: Parable vs. DET x CHI (ft. One Be Lo, Grieves)

Video: Parable vs. DET x CHI (ft. One Be Lo, Grieves)

Courtesy Brittny H. Presents: MC Parable - Detroit vs Chicago
Warped Tour 2011
(Ft. One Be Lo, Grieves, Black Lung of Borgata Mob, & More)

MP3/Video: Fatal Lucciauno Announces New Album

MP3/Video: Fatal Lucciauno Announces New Album Respect For February 21 Release

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Brooklyn, NY - Fatal Lucciauno is excited to announce the release of his new album, Respect. A follow-up to his 2007 project, The Only Forgotten Son, Respect will be released on February 21st via Sportn' Life Records.

Born in Chicago and raised in Seattle's Central District (a rough neighborhood nicknamed the Crime District), Fatal Lucciauno brings the perspective of his urban northwest upbringing to listeners, a unique style that weaves street tales while striving to remain spiritually honest. "With this record I wanted to show the musical integrity that drives me to be the best at what I do," says Fatal. "The music is a safe haven for my thoughts and fears. I finally feel free, spiritually, so my creative drive is scary. This album is a jump-start to a new frontier in 'gangsta rap.' I truly believe it will bring an uprising to my northwest hip-hop community."

For Lucciauno, Respect is also an album to show and prove, and the title draws directly from that goal. "I want people to respect my artistic value," Lucciauno explains, "as well as my ability to crush any beat handed to me." Tracks like "Adolf" do just that, "a modern-day twist on a regime change in street politics," according to Lucciauno, that puts on display his ability to bring together concepts and lyricism.

Elsewhere, the album's first single, "Amazing," continues to show off Fatal's diversity as an artist. Produced by Jake One and featuring a chorus from rapper J. Pinder, also both Seattleites, "Amazing" contains a filtered and chopped sample with airy keys and echoing, soulful vocals throughout. For Lucciauno, the song's inspiration came from the undying love bred by nostalgia. "I have love for my community, no matter what I've seen," he notes of his beloved Central District neighborhood. "It's cool to want nice things – that's what the struggle was for – but don't forget where you come from."

Download "Amazing" here: J_Pinder_Prod_Jake_One.mp3 .

MP3: Lewis Parker - "Game of Charades"

MP3: Lewis Parker - "Game of Charades"

Courtesy John Robinson.

This track is a remake of the 'Fake Charades' song that featured on Lewis Parker's debut full length LP 'Masquerades & Sillhouettes' back in 1998'. The beat has been reworked on the SP-1200 and the vocals have been Spit again! Also features the instrumental version too!


Video: Clement Marfo & The Frontline f/ Kano - "Mayhem"

Video: Clement Marfo & The Frontline f/ Kano - "Mayhem"

Courtesy Sian A.

Clement Marfo & The Frontline’s scintillating crossover sound is set to crash into the mainstream this year. Recently named as one of MTV’s Brand New for 2012 tips and one of T4’s Rising Stars of 2012, the genre-colliding septet will release their new single ‘Mayhem’ on March 12th on Warner Bros. Records.

Featuring a guest appearance from grime legend Kano, ‘Mayhem’ finds Clement Marfo & The Frontline twisting urban leanings with gargantuan pop hooks and a rush of energised rock dynamics. ‘Mayhem’ is indicative of the collective’s unique approach: they’re the sound of the city streets, the sound of aspirational youth rising above societal problems, the sound of a multi-cultural community uniting rather than dividing.

MP3/Video: Fly Moon Royalty Announce New Self-Titled Album

MP3/Video: Fly Moon Royalty Announce New Self-Titled Album

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Brooklyn, NY - Vocalist AdraBoo and DJ/MC/producer Action Jackson, collectively Fly Moon Royalty, are excited to announce the February 6th release of their new, self-titled album, Fly Moon Royalty. The duo, which has drawn early comparisons to acts like Janelle Monae and Gnarls Barkley, is also giving listeners an early taste of the album with lead single "Lemonade."

Though Fly Moon Royalty came together only two short years ago, the creative process behind their self-titled debut came naturally for the duo. "We both just kept meeting in the right headspaces – going through similar situations and wanting to make music that we felt and really liked," explains Fly Moon Royalty. "We only used one feature, and we knew what sound we wanted."

The result is a tightly knit album that drips of chemistry, showing up strongest on tracks like "Android Love" ("Such a visually written piece; it's got great textures") and "Action Speaks," which shows off the range of the duo's abilities, mixing hip-hop and harmonies while showing off the pair's unique personalities. Elsewhere, "In The Woods" is a situational song that comes to life during live performance.

But the true standout moment comes on lead single "Lemonade." The up-tempo song is driven forward with swinging drums, handclaps, and ear-catching piano, all of which ultimately lay the foundation for AdraBoo's vocals, as she sings about taking advantage of life's fortunes and misfortunes. "This one is pretty much like it says" remarks Fly Moon Royalty, "when life gives you lemons, not only make lemonade, 'go and build a lemonade stand,' make it work for you."

Download "Lemonade" here: .
MP3: T.I. f/ Dr. Dre - "Popped Off"

MP3: T.I. f/ Dr. Dre - "Popped Off"

Courtesy M3W.

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