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Video: @QTheQuestion Talks w/ @TrelMack (SKE Records)

Video: Q The Question Talks w/ Trel Mack (SKE Records)

Q The Question co-founder of SKE Records recently did a interview with Hip-Hopvibe on starting SKE Records with up and coming artist Trel Mack. The video is below.

@ProlificTalks 2nd Single "Divien Direspect" From "Amor Fati"

PR: Prolific's Second Single "Divien Direspect" From "Amor Fati"

Genre-Bending Toronto Rapper Encourages Listeners to Defy Authority in Edgy New Hip-Hop Hybrid Release

North American society has been designed to remove power from our grasp. We are taught to prove ourselves to others instead of following our own path. We are taught to be meek, polite, and soft-spoken… and to respect authority. We are lead to believe that if we are truly deserving of power and influence – then some authority will decide our merit for us. Think universities, award societies, record labels… think the everyday fight to prove yourself in North American society.

In Prolific's new single "Divine Disrespect", he presents himself as a man at odds with this world. The bleak industrial tones of the song match his extreme disillusionment and isolation. However, despite the initial hopelessness presented, there soon emerges a tone of extreme resilience. This resilience is divine disrespect. A disrespect for the Gods, and in turn a disrespect for all authority. Divine disrespect is a rejection of any force that imposes itself on the human will - no matter how great. Divine disrespect is the chisel that shapes our fate, and the stake we must drive into the hearts of our greatest enemies.

Produced by Prolific and Toronto music-renegade James Pew at Euphonic Sound, “Divine Disrespect” captures the energy and artistic-ethos surrounding Prolific's long awaited sophomore release, “Amor Fati.” The music pushes traditional hip hop boundaries, and is a logical step in an era defined by ever an evolving hip hop sound – a sound shaped by hip hop innovators such as Kanye West and EL-P. Prolific and Pew offer their own form of divine disrespect in their creation of this radical and powerful song out of a purely indie platform.

Watch "Divine Disrespect" directly on Youtube with visuals by Toronto VJ Notaform: or download the FREE MP3 at .

Adventures of GrandMaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel Cover

Video: The Adventures of GrandMaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel Cover

Courtesy triplocarpiato.

EDITOR'S NOTE: "For those wondering, THIS SONG is the reason I'm called Flash."

Video: @LaRonBishop - "Cold Summer Nights"

Video: LaRon Bishop - "Cold Summer Nights"

Courtesy RMG.

LaRon Bishop teams up with Revo Media to release the visual preview for Cold Summer Nights. The project is released on September 18th so definitely make sure you listen to the project on Powered by Revo Media.

Parallel Thought: Bone Thugs N Harmony x 3:33

Parallel Thought: Bone Thugs N Harmony x 3:33

Courtesy Adam C.

3:33 - In The Middle Of Infinity
(October 30th, 2012 Parallel Thought LTD/Alpha Pup)
Download: Bone Thug N Harmony - E1999 (3:33 Mix) .
3:33 carry on tradition in presenting another one of their spell binding remakes this time the menacing remix of the Bone Thugs N Harmony classic E1999. Coming early October, 7 Sets of 7 the full set of 3:33's remixes and instrumentals for free DL & Cassette Tape to hold things over until the arrival of In The Middle Of Infinity.

* *

Video/MP3: DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia "WILL" (@DJPaulKOM)

Video/MP3: DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia "WILL"

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

Here is "What I Look Like (W.I.L.L.)" from DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, the new official video from his upcoming album and DVD A Person of Interest. The project will be in stores and on iTunes October 22, 2012 via Scale-A-Ton and Select-O-Hits!

* *

Video: Caskey Talks to @TheMaguire About Cash Money

Video: Caskey Talks to Jessie Maguire About Cash Money

Courtesy MP.

Caskey came through to The Backstage Pass for his first interview since signing with Cash Money. Caskey talks about his VMA experience, how life has changed, getting label support on his next project, and much more! Visit for all Caskey music and merchandise!

Audio: @JTheExodus - "From Darkness Came Light" EP

Audio: J The Exodus - "From Darkness Came Light" EP

Courtesy We Plug GOOD Music.

Two years after his seminal debut mixtape 360 Full Circle, emerging British vocalist/rapper J The Exodus returns in 2012 with his debut EP titled From Darkness Came Light to be released via Less Is More Music. With production from Nutty P (Stinkahbell) and Chemo to mention a couple and inspired guest appearances from the likes of Mikeel Ameen and Phoenix Da Icefire, From Darkness Came Light sees J The Ex coming into his own not only as an excellent rapper and vocalist but also as an artist with a conscience as he tackles the heavy issues - from social disposition to politics to black history and more - on this 9-track record which will stand as a strong coming of age for this bright and talented Londoner.

From the EP’s title track “From Darkness Came Light” where J The Ex boldly discusses black history and raps beautifully about being proud to be Black no matter what the history books say over an aptly dark and soulful Isyss production to the E.P’s latest single and very poignant opus “Sings Of The Last Days” which is already a fan-favourite at his live gigs, J The Ex completely stamps his authority and ownership over every musical milieu on this EP, showing not only his lyrical dexterities, clear vocal cadence and lush tenor - baritone vocals but also a wisdom, knowledge, conscience and insight that is a rarity in UK urban music.

J The Ex thoroughly and brilliantly pours his heart and soul out on every of the 41.31 minutes of From Darkness Came Light as he stakes a more than potent claim as one to be reckoned with in the UK Hip-Hop landscape. As he explains it, “the great thing about taking on this idea for the project (is that) it gives me the connection to every person on the planet as we experience different aspects of life every day. I address personal, societal, political, controversial and historical matters on this EP and display my views on these subjects within every song”.


Music: @Esohel - It's Yours (Produced by Ricky Dubs)

Music: Esohel - It's Yours (Produced by Ricky Dubs)

Courtesy SRNC.

For the 3rd single off the forthcoming LP "On Purpose With A Purpose" which will be released on October 9th, 2012, Esohel let's us know that nothing can get in our way; if we truly want it, it's ours. Over production by Ricky Dubs, who produced the entire LP, Esohel drops gems on the 3rd single, It's Yours.

Artwork: .
Soundcloud Link: .
iTunes Link: .

Video: @MuzicClass "Hamburgers" ft. Space High Pate (@BreakBread215)

Video Premier: Muzic Class "Hamburgers" ft. Space High Pate (Dirty Mix)

Courtesy Dave Ghet.

Muzic Class returns with the official video for "Hamburger" featuring one of's 10 emcees to look our for, Space High Pate. Those who had the pleasure of catching this track when it dropped earlier this summer, should expect nothing less than vivid visuals to accompany that knock that first caught your attention. Those who are new to The Class, well here's your late pass.  "Hamburger" is featured on Muzic Class' project Freebies and Fireworks slated to be released this fall via Break Bread Projects/ SoFlo Entertainment.

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